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SPRING 2004 

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Handing Down the Mission 

Reflections on the Example 
of the Christian Brothers 

the first word 

Leading through Affirmation 
and Challenge 

Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D., >o, President, La Salle University 

brings back memories for me 
of watching President John F. 
Kennedy deliver his first 
inaugural address in 1961. 
Along with many members of 
my generation, I found him 
and what he had to say on that 
bitter cold winter's day 
inspiring and challenging. Ever since, Fve 
expected that leaders, in whatever area of life, 
have a like capacity for rhetorical eloquence and 
moral vision. 

The 40-plus years since JFK's speech have 
added other qualities to my understanding of 
leadership. In tact, today I'd say that leadership 
has less to do with giving that one inspiring 
speech (though speech-making is vitally 
important to my work as a university president) 
and more to do with everyday things, some 
tangible and some not — how one relates to other 
people, how much integrity one has, the depth 
of one's convictions, especiallv one's faith in 
God. Two people, both Christian Brothers, 
taught me these lessons by the quality of their 
lives and the example of their leadership. 

The late Brother David Ryan, F.S.C., was in 
charge of the Brothers' house of studies in which 
I lived during my four years as a La Salle College 
undergraduate, 1966 to 1970. Current hindsight 
makes those years out to be at best "turbulent," 
but I found them exhilarating. Change was all 
around — in the Church after Vatican II, in the 
Brothers' Rule, in politics and social mores. But 
David's faith in God, in the value of being a 
Christian Brother, and in the potential of each 
very young student Brother provided solid 
ground when all around us the foundations 
seemed to be shaking. David did that bv being a 
good listener (even to very confused student 

Brothers), by being patient, by his sense of 
humor about himself and us, by his love of the 
Brotherhood, and by his very evident faith. And, 
yes, he often spoke very eloquently in his regular 
conferences to the community of student 
Brothers. I have David to thank for introducing 
me to Paul Tillich, the great theologian who has 
so influenced my academic career and work. 

Brother Colman Coogan, F.S.C., twice served 
multiple terms as Visitor of the Baltimore 
District during my 39 years as a Brother. I have 
heard more than one of my confreres describe 
him as the most influential member of our 
District over the past five decades. In my 
experience of him, Colman exercised that 
influence by his unique capacity to combine 
affirmation and challenge — of the District of 
Brothers, of smaller community groupings, and 
above all, of individuals. Colman always 
communicated that he loved and accepted us as 
Brothers as we were, while also believing and 
reminding us that we could be better, more 
faithful to our mission, closer to God. Like 
almost all of the current members of the District, 
I heard Colman give speeches and reflections 
that were eloquent, but my most powerful 
experiences of his leadership came in private 
conversations. When I was a grad student at 
Notre Dame, Colman often visited me for a 
couple of days at a time. I would go off to class 
during the day, and he would hide out in what is 
now called Hesburgh Library, taking the 
opportunity to catch up on his reading. Each 
evening, we'd have dinner and talk — about 
theology, about the Brothers, about me. I felt 
that gift of affirmation and challenge firsthand, 
and I'm a better person and Christian Brother 
for it. 

SPRING 2004 



Volume 48 I Number 1 


Maureen A. Piche 

Assistant Editor 

Caitlm Murray, M.A. '04 

Staff Writers 
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Francine Loftier, '01 

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cover story 

Handing Down the Mission 


Through Tragedy, A Vocation 

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La Salle's Lesser-Known History 


A Shrine for Local Legends 
Making Healthcare a Family Affair 



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the Mission 

Reflections on the Example 
of the Christian Brothers 

On the next few pages, several Brothers and laypeople write about the 
always-reverberating impact other generations of Brothers had on 
their minds, hearts, and career paths. They also delve into what the 
Brotherhood means to them as a vocation and an institution. The 
common thread connecting each of these stories is the unwavering 
dedication, unconditional love, and vast knowledge these men have 
shared with their students. In the past, present, and future, the 
Christian Brothers always teach best through their example. 

SPRING 2004 

Changing the Lives of Individual 

Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer, F.S.C., Ph.D., L.H.D., Associate Professor of English, 
La Salle administrator 

vocation dates from pre-Yatican II 
days, my world before becoming a 
Brother was located amid an 
i Irish | Catholic ethos, a happy but 
culturally rather cloistered 
community where vocations were 
plentiful. Though memories of my 
many years as a Christian Brother 
remain part of a precious, 
incommunicable past, the survey which follows may 
lack gritty immediacy for some and may seem almost 
mythic to the MTV™ generation. 

At West Philadelphia Catholic High School, then 
staffed by a community of well over 60 Christian 
Brothers, we had Brothers for all courses for all four 
vears. What we now speak of as Lasallian values were 
conveyed quite effectively through the presence and 
lives of the Brothers. Students sensed and saw a 
refreshing spirit of acceptance, a pervasive fairness, an 
honest respect for the individual person, a 
responsiveness to others' needs, a commonsensical 
approach to the whole educational enterprise, and an 
environment of shared mission. Moreover, the lack of 
any clerical distinctions reflected and made appealing 
the reality of Brotherhood. 

The great majority of students admired and liked 
the Brothers as teachers and, especially when associated 
with the Brothers in extracurricular activities, grew to 
be aficionados of the Brothers and their charism. In my 
own case, having been editor-in-chief of the newspaper 
had much to do with my appreciation of the Brothers" 
vocation. Immediately after high school, I joined the 
Brothers and went through our five-year religious 
formation program of a novitiate and then, along with 
130 like-minded young men, a four-year scholasticate 
at the Catholic University of America. 

In the immediately following vears, I gave my vouth 
to Pittsburgh, where I had rewarding and memorable 
years teaching, pursuing graduate degrees, and 
moderating school publications and student 
government. I also had the privilege of sponsoring a 
few young men who became Brothers. Following a 

year of study and reflection in our Motherhouse in 
Rome 1 960 . I was assigned to teach at the then 
La Salle College. Early in the second semester of my 
first year at La Salle, our provincial appointed me Dean 
of our Evening Division. During my eight years as 
dean, as well as in subsequent years i 1969-1991 as 
Academic Vice President and Provost. I tried to keep 
in touch with students and the professional life by 
regularly teaching one course each semester. 

After resigning from administration, I returned 
happilv to the apostolate that attracted me to the 
Brothers in the first place: full-time teaching. 
Currentlv, I enjoy the demanding but rewarding 
experience of meeting well over 90 students each 
semester, and, as far as I can ascertain, teaching and 
rapport with students have progressed well enough. 

Early this semester, I called a neighboring sLx pack 
of students at 3:30 on a Monday morning to complain 
about their noisiness. When I opened with a clearly 
gruff "hello." a student responded jauntily, "What's 
upr" I retorted, "For starters, it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm 
up." Less amusing is the reality that in recent years 
some students address me I respectfully as "Mr." or 
"Dr." or "Professor" or "Father." Such mild tremors 
to our sense of significance subside, however, in the 
presence of the strong support we Brothers receive 
from our colleagues, the rapport most Brothers enjoy 
with their students, especially those who have come 
from our own high schools, the exhilaration that 
follows an especially successful class session, and the 
occasional report of how we unwittingly changed the 
liv es of individual students signiticandy. 


Andrew Pinkham Photography 

Fellow Workers in the Vineyard 

Sid MacLeod, Assistant Professor of Communication 
2000 recipient of the rarely awarded 
Affiliate Christian Brother designation 

Christian Brother? I guess that I 
am one of the "fellow workers in 
the vineyard." 

Many years ago. La Salle had an 
incredible teacher. Dr. Roland 
Holroyd. He was also an Affiliate 
Christian Brother. Once, in the 
introduction to a talk, after 
recognizing clergy, administrators, etc., he recognized 
his colleagues. He called us — the faculty — "fellow 
workers in the vineyard." I have been a partner with 
the Brothers at La Salle for more than four decades. 
We teach, we counsel, we advise, and most of all, we 
hope to touch the hearts and minds of our students. 

When I came to La Salle in 1959, there was no 
manual on how to teach, how to treat the students, or 
how to be a colleague. You learned by example — the 
example of the Brothers and the teachers who had 
been influenced, or taught, by the Brothers. It's 
interesting that the experience has finally been labeled, 
although the concept has been around for a long time. 
The current word is "Lasallian." 

I'm not really sure diat my designation as Affiliate 
Christian Brother entails anything specific. I think it is 

a humbling honor rather than a litany of duties and 
benefits. I must confess that I have parked my car in 
the "Brothers Reserved" spaces on campus a few times. 
Some of my most meaningful "Brothers" experiences 
have been holiday celebrations at the Roncalli Center, 
a Brothers residence, and doing a video on the 
Brothers' ministries in the Baltimore Province. 

I first met the Brothers at St. Mary's College in 
Winona, Minn. It is now St. Mary's University of 
Minnesota. Before that, I was educated in high school 
bv the Irish Christian Brothers. I have always been 
impressed by men and women of the cloth, non- 
clerics, who dedicated their lives to teaching. 

Today, more than ever, the involvement of lay 
people in the ministry of the Christian Brothers is very 
important. As a lay person and an Honorary Brother, I 
imagine that I am an example of that. The Brothers 
and I have the same ministry. More and more, the 
Brothers are honoring those who participate with 
them — their partners. In all of the Brothers' schools 
and ministries, lav people are partners in the missions 
and goals that were established by St. John Baptist de 
La Salle. We all are workers in the same vineyard. 

SPRING 2004 

Teaching with 

"Passion and 

Brother Ed Sheehy, F.S.C., '68 
Associate Professor of History 

School, Cumberland, Md. The 
Time: early 1960s. Plans: attend 
La Salle College (then), major in 
history or political science, and 
then teach, work, for the 
government, or become a lawyer. 
At that point, the principal of the 
school, Brother Jeremy 
McNamara, asked this 16-year-old to consider the 
Christian Brothers. 

Reluctance, then a yes. Why? Because people like 
Brother Gerry Molyncaux, '58, of our Communication 
Department ( even though he was the only Brother to 
give me detention — April 1963, not that I remember 
that stuff) were teachers, advisers, moderators, and 
authentic Brothers. 

Fast forward to now. What do we teach? One 
wonders if the content is as important as teaching who 
we are: Brothers. The key remains — respect for self, 
respect for others, respect for life at all ages, and 
responsibility for actions. Respect for the students. 
There are no "dumb" questions in a lively, interactive 
classroom experience. Well, okay, maybe one or two. 
Example: last semester's classic — "How many letters in 
the alphabet?" response from student: "27." 27?! "Yes, 
X, Y, 'N,' Z!" 

It was no coincidence that St. La Salle spoke to his 

Order's members as "Brothers." For well over 300 
years, and during our 141 here at this University, the 
Brothers have been just that for students — "older 
adults" working with "younger adults." Brothers have 
an extended family. Last semester, speaking with a 
group of students, one mentioned that I didn't have 
any children. I said, "You are all my children." Hokey 
as that sounds, they laughed, and remembered it. 
Hopefully, our students see us as mentors — not 
without warts, of course (ray interest in trivia and 
Spongebob Squarepants intrigues some). 

Throughout the turmoil of the past 40 years, the 
key to the "success" of the Brothers has been two-fold, 
I think. First, education in the broadest sense remains 
our mantra. Secondly, the Brothers have begun more 
and more to share this charism of teaching, and the 
twin signs of the Institute — faith and zeal — with our 
colleagues in the educational mission. 

We still remain an involved group because we 
believe that education is a seamless garment — that the 
classroom only provides part of the process of mutual 
learning. For we learn and grow and are energized by 
the younger adults, too. Whether it's insight in the 
formal academic setting, or conversing in the Food 
Court or offices, I continue to marvel at how much 
there is to learn from today's generation. Their 
commitment to community service, ability to roll with 
the punches, and to bond in a time of community 
tragedy can teach us a lot. 

The Brothers in Cumberland, Md., taught with 
"passion and compassion." Our mission we have 
chosen is to continue that calling. We do so in step 
with other committed teachers who desire, in St. 
La Salle's words, "to touch hearts" through "faith" 
and "zeal," for as the prophet wrote in the Old 
Testament, "those who instruct others unto justice 
shall shine as stars for all eternity." 

Andrew Pinkham Photography 

Applying Values to the 
Gyms and Playing Fields 

Brother John Kane, F.S.C., 'So, M.A. '87 

Director of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes 

was growing up. I was the type of kid who sat next to 
the coaches on the bench. Initially, I believed that if 
the head coach saw me first, then I would get more 
playing time. Once I realized that the coach usually 
knew whom he wanted to put in, I still sat near the 
coaches. I then enjoyed watching them and seeing how 
thev coached and made decisions. You could learn a 
good deal sitting next to the coach. I thought I would 
like to do this some day as well. 

My father was a La Salle graduate, class of 1952, so 
growing up, I was a La Salle fan. I remember going to 
the Palestra to see Kenny Durrett play. I think back 
dien that I knew I would also go to La Salle. I had no 
real idea what a Christian Brother was at the time. Like 
many others, I initially thought La Salle was named 
after the explorer. 

My first real contact with the Brothers came at 
La Salle High School. I was immediately impressed 
with them as teachers, but more so for whom they 
were. The Brothers got to know you outside the 
classroom. They were moderators and ran activities. 
They came to games and supported students in 
whatever activities they were involved with. It was clear 
that the Brothers cared for their students. By my senior 
year, I had become friendly with a number of Brothers, 
and one asked me if I ever thought about becoming a 
Brother. I told him that I actually had. A few years 
after that, I entered the Community. 

My love of athletics never left, and as a Brother, 
I discovered many opportunities to be involved with 
sports. During my first 20 years as Brother, I was in 
high school working as a teacher and administrator. 
I always was connected to athletics as a moderator 
or coach. I also spent eight years as athletic director 
at West Catholic, here in Philadelphia. Like the 
Brothers who had an impact on me in high school, 
I knew it was important to get to know students 
outside the classroom. For me, athletics was a good 
means to do so. 

I came to La Salle University five years ago, when 
there was an opening for Director of Athletic 
Operations. Eventually, I was made Assistant Athletic 

Director. I remember when I was 10 or 11, I was with 
my father driving past La Salle; we pulled over to look 
at Hayman Hall, which was under construction. Later, 
during my undergraduate days, I spent almost every 
afternoon in Hayman playing basketball. Little did I 
realize that I would be running the building some day. 
Just recently, I switched jobs to become the Director of 
Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes. I 
value the level of interaction with our student-athletes 
this new position affords me. 

There is a lot of warranted criticism of athletics 
todav, especiallv at the collegiate level. However, I am 
still convinced that, done the right way, athletics is a 
wonderful tool to help young people grow into the 
best they can be. As a high school athletic director, I 
used to make sure my coaches knew that I considered 
them all educators, whether they were teachers or not. 
I believe it is the same at this level. Working in a 
Lasallian school demands this of our coaches and staff. 
I am uplifted on a daily basis as I watch La Salle's 
coaches interact with student-athletes. Our coaches get 
it. As a Christian Brother in adiletics, I can serve as a 
reminder of the values that have been ours for over 
300 vears, and that they do apply to the gyms and 
playing fields. It gives me joy to see the willingness of 
our coaches, staff, and most especially, our student- 
athletes, to embrace these values as their own. Athletics 
has been a big part of my life. I realize that, at this 
time, it is a blessing to be able to carry out my 
vocation as a Christian Brother working with the 
student- athletes at La Salle University. 

The Silent Example 
of Their Lives 

Brother James Butler, F.S.C., '82, La Salle Board of Trustees, 

liary Provincial and Director of Education for the Baltimore District 
of the Brothers of the Christian Schools 

is Emery: I've never met an 
Emery in my life." I can clearly 
remember that reaction when, 
early in 1978, I opened my letter 
of acceptance to La Salle College 
as it then was I. A high school 
student of the free and easy '70s, 
I certainly knew that there was 
some group called the Christian 
Brothers who made wine — nondescript domestic table 
wines and something exotic called "Mcloso Cream 
Sherry." I had seen the name Brother Timothy, 
Cellarmaster, on the back of the bottles but never 
knew these guys had anything to do with education. 
I was to learn better. 

I also have a second recollection associated with 
receiving that "fat envelope" of acceptance that was 
eventuallv to set the direction for my life in so many 
unexpected ways. I remember looking at that signature 
and wondering, "Why doesn't he sign his last name?" 
I could see it was a little long, but, nevertheless, I had 
received other acceptances from lesuit colleges and 
universities, and they were always signed something 
like, "Rev. John P. McGowan, S.J." Here was an 
acceptance from an academic vice president who 
seemed to want to be on a first-name basis. 

Puzzling to a 17-year-old, but also a taste of what 
w as to follow. .Although I had never met a Christian 
Brother in my life before coming to La Salle, I was 
quickly to learn that it was this "first-name basis," this 
"l.asallian personalism," if you want to get fancy about 
it, that was to be characteristic of my relationship with 
the Brothers. 

It was years later that I was to learn to say, "the 
heart of a Lasallian school is relationships." It was 
probably a number of years after that that I truly came 
to understand what it was about. The Brothers, 
competent scholars and educators though they might 
have been, were first and foremost about people. 

I got taught that lesson as early as my first 
registration day at La Salle. While the imperturbable 
Brother John Owens, F.S.C. directed events on these 

hectic days with preternatural authority, he was assisted 
by an elderly Brother in the traditional habits. Rosary 
beads in one hand, he handed out registration cards 
with the other. But Brother E. James Conaghan, 
F.S.C., never simply performed the function. He 
looked at each card, saw the individual's address, and 
made some comment to each student who approached 
his desk. He might ask about the parish, the high 
school, a local luminary, but the effect was the same — 
you were an individual, somebody it was worthwhile 
knowing. That's a lesson the Brothers have always 
taught, each in his own way. 

A later lesson I came to learn at La Salle was that 
the Brothers respected individuals perhaps at least 
partiallv because they were such rich individuals 
themselves. There was little evidence of the "batch 
mentality" sociologists tell us affect those who live in 
structured groups. Each one brought something 
unique — and delightful — to his classroom or social 
interaction with us. There was the whispered insight of 
Brother Daniel Burke, F.S.C. as he taught us to walk 
through the walls of a poem. Contrast this with the 
rollicking enthusiasm of Brother Patrick Ellis, F.S.C.. 
singing whole numbers from a Gilbert and Sullivan 
operetta in his Satire class. I recall the sight of the 
erstwhile elegant Brother Jack Dondero, F.S.C., "45. 
laughing so hard at lunch that he sprayed chocolate 
milk all over his white shirt and silk tie. There was 
Brother Joseph Keenan, F.S.C., '56, the master 
raconteur, illustrating abstruse theological points with 
stories of his North Philadelphia boyhood, bantering 
with the man we knew was his best friend, the 
pricelesslv ironical Brother Edward Davis, F.S.C. We 
had our working class scholars, too — Brother Claude 
Demitras, F.S.C. "53, and Brother James Muldoon, 
F.S.C, '55 — approachable and unpretentious whatev er 
their administrative positions. 

There were those who still possessed a youthful 
enthusiasm. We had Brother Gerry Molyneaux, F.S.C, 
"5S. with his fraternity. Brother Jerry Fitzgerald, F.S.C, 
'70, anvw here and everywhere, and Brother Richard 
Havvley, F.S.C, in the biology lab. I still remember 
one major who was a floor-mate on Bernard's coming 


home and commenting on anatomy class: "I had a 
pregnant cat. Br. Rich was so excited. He was like a 
sixth grader about it." 

Then there were those who had nothing of the pre- 
adolescent about them. Though I only saw them at a 
distance and in their senior citizen mode. Brothers 
David Cassian Prendergast, F.S.C., Gilbert Jude 
Sapone, F.S.C., and Giles Raymond Wilson, F.S.C., still 
had "icy Lasallian stares" that could strip the paint off 
walls. In their black robes, they resembled the then- 
contemporary Darth Vader, In demeanor, they made 
Darth Vader look like Mr. Rogers. It was an article of 
faith among many of my generation that Br. Giles 
Raymond carried a gun. It seemed obvious to me from 
looking at him that he wouldn't hesitate to use it. All in 
all it was a parade of human characters as rich as that in 
TIk Canterbury Talcs. And generally every bit as funny. 

"Why'd you become a Brother?" It's a question 
many students have asked me over the years. And I 
never had a very good answer. Certainly none of these 
guys ever asked me (they were probably also good 
judges of character I. But it was the silent example of 
their lives that worked the trick. It wasn't "I can be 
like them" — because they clearly weren't any one 
particular way. It was the example of the way they lived 
their individual lives, and the interest they took in 
ours, that inspired so convincingly. I could be myself 
and still be one of a greater "us." It's not only the 
stuff of a religious vocation. I think this is a principle 
that any "Brothers' boy" (from years gone by) or 
graduate of a Lasallian school (as we say today) would 
understand. It's simply how we do business. 

And do magic. 

"You Are an Important Part of 
Something Much Bigger Than 

Brother Joseph Grabenstein, F.S.C., '73 

Archivist for the Baltimore Province and La Salle University 

that will never end!" 
Not long ago, a student uttered 
those words to me as we 
concluded a 30-minute tour of the 
Archives. His sentiments match 
mine perfectly. In a sentence, I 
preserve the long-term memory of 
the legacy of La Salle University 
and of the Christian Brothers. But that job has evolved 
into a vocation-within-a-vocation which is more 
stimulating and rewarding than I ever expected. 

We all have our interests, hobbies, and passions. 
Mine is history. I was born in a small Maryland city 
with no shortage of history markers and landmarks 
from various eras. I grew up on a busy street which 
had borne (150 years earlier! ) a much slower traffic of 
westward bound covered wagons and stage coaches. 
(Perhaps you have heard of the old Cumberland 
Road.) I studied and read history with pleasure. After 
graduating from La Salle in 1973, I taught it for 18 
years. During that time, I accumulated boxes and 
boxes of souvenirs, newspaper articles, graphics, 
anecdotes — anything which could be held, displayed, 
or related in a classroom in order to catch a 
youngster's eye and ear. History definitely has a vibrant 
dimension, and I have always tried to find it. I've been 
a military reenactor (would you believe a Redcoat?) in 
a TV rniniseries about George Washington. I've given 
informal tours of Gettysburg and Harper's Ferry. I've 
been asked to do much research and writing of history 
for the Christian Brothers. And I've been archiving 
history here at La Salle since 1992. Approximately 90 
percent of my clientele can't believe how many 
materials I have about their selected topic. My best 
advertisement is satisfied customers, and I'm blessed to 
count them in the hundreds. 

Because the Archives is in College Hall's lower level, 
some have dubbed it "the Batcave," or "the land down 
under," or even "the Dungeon." No problem. I prefer 

to think of our Archives, however, as a walk-in time 
tunnel. It's fascinating to watch the faces of my clients 
and guests when thev visit. They always enjoy seeing 
the most recent La Salle beer stein or vintage Explorer 
basketball game program which I purchased on eBay. 
Their eyes and smiles express sufficient gratitude when 
they behold the old black-and-white photographs 
which match their needs perfectly, or when I provide a 
document or news clipping which boosts their term 
paper or augments their research on a La Salle 

No, the Archives is not a classroom. But the old 
maps, handwritten student roll books, videotapes, 
scrapbooks, and other sources are "power-point" 
enough for me. After all, it's our story we're 
preserving — and sharing. We have a rich legacy to tell 
and re-tell. Since the mid-'90s, I have given about 30 
presentations per year to La Salle students, mostly 
freshmen. (This doesn't include numerous 
presentations to some high schoolers as well.) Virtually 
every talk utilizes the same title, namely, "You are an 
important part of something much bigger than 
yourselves." And it works. Young people get a kick out 
of seeing our 1996 yearbook, with one quintessential 
word ("La Sallle") misspelled on the cover and on key 
pages within the book. They're amused by the "cow in 
the dormitory" story of May 1968. They're shown 
pictures of our three campuses before our arrival at 
20th and Olnev. They learn how we got the nickname 
"Explorers," and what our coat-of-arms signifies, and 
why blue and gold are our colors. (Kinda wish 
someone had told me such things when I was a 
freshman at La Salle myself! ) 

I remind the students that they can change their 
major (most of them will! ) or their address, or their 
future career. Some people even opt to change their 
name. But the one thing which they — and we — can 
never, ever change... is our roots. And for true 
Lasallians, who would want to? 

Yes, archiving is indeed a job which will never end. 



An Enduring Legacy of 

Michael Boyle, '98, doctoral candidate at the Centre of International Studies, 
Cambridge University, and a Hamburg Fellow in Conflict Prevention at the 
Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford University 

Andrew Pmkham Photography 

United States, the Christian 
Brothers have had an impact not 
just on the institutions in which 
they taught, but on generations 
of families that have benefited 
from their service. My family 
undoubtedly belongs in the 
category of those who have 
benefited enormously from their 
ties with Christian Brothers. While there are many 
graduates of La Salle and other Christian Brothers 
institutions in my family, it is my grandfather, who 
never had the opportunity to go to college, whose 
story best portrays what the Christian Brothers mean 
to me. 

My grandfather, John McArdle, was born in 1899 
in Philadelphia. He attended Cathedral Grade School 
in Center City, a small primary school at which girls 
were taught by an order of nuns and the boys by the 
Christian Brothers. Though he remained in school 
only until the age of 13, my grandfather was 
profoundly influenced bv his experience there, and 
spoke fondly of the Brothers for the rest of his life. 
He would pepper his conversations with the phrase, 
"The Brothers in school used to tell us...," and 

remind his family of their lessons on the importance 
of education and charity. To my grandfather, these 
were not the lessons of an education long-forgotten, 
but guidelines for his life. Among the many 
relationships he developed with the Christian 
Brothers, one stands out for not only its impact on 
his life, but its longevity. In 1912, my grandfather 
met Brother Eugene, a newly minted Christian 
Brother who, at 18 years old, was only six years older 
than his pupils. Br. Eugene was his eighth grade 
teacher and, for the next 70 years of his life, his 
friend. Thev corresponded regularly, shared stories of 
their lives and families, and had a friendship that 
spanned nearly the course of their entire lives. 

To me, this relationship exemplifies the best of 
what the Christian Brothers can be. While the 
Christian Brothers have a social mission — to 
encourage a value-based education and to train 
students for public and community service — their 
enduring legacy may lie just as much in the personal 
relationships that they have built with their students. 
That they have had such an impact on a family across 
generations is a testament to the power of the values 
they represent and their ability to realize those values 
in their daily relationships with others. 

SPRING 2004 

The Best Possible Versions 
of Ourselves 

Marianne Salmon Gauss, '74, M.B.A. 's- 
Assistant Professor of Management 

cover story for this edition of 
La Salic Magazine was about the 
Christian Brothers, so many faces 
came to mind. 

In my first class, on a 
Wednesday morning in 
September of 1970, Brother 
Claude Demitras, F.S.C., '53, boomed a "Good 
morning," and started to change my life. Br. Claude 
also was my academic adviser as I struggled my way 
through school. He taunted me when I had to drop 
out of day school and switch to night classes, saying 
that I would never finish. When I graduated, he took 
me and a classmate to dinner. During dinner, I asked 
why he had teased me, rather than support me. His 
answer was that he thought I was already feeling too 
sorry for myself, and that sympathy would have given 
me permission to fail. With maturity and self- 
knowledge, I would have to agree. I would have used 
sympathy as a crutch, but imagine his knowing that! 
Well, of course, that's the secret. The Brothers care 
about the individual student. This caring attitude has 
spread to the faculty and staff of La Salle, as we strive 
to emulate the Brothers, and help them carry out 
their mission. 

My most intense period of learning about the 
Brothers, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and the 
charism happened to me as a member of the Lasallian 
Leadership Institute (LLI). The Institute is a program 
divided into three years — spirituality, leadership, and 
management. Designed to help us learn the basic 
tenets of living a Lasallian life, the Institute 
introduced us to the writings of St. La Salle and 

others. We were given lectures by the best thinkers of 
the present day. Most importantly, we were 
introduced to colleagues from a wide variety of 
ministries, all sharing in the Lasallian charism. These 
colleagues gave empirical evidence that the Brothers 
have communicated who and what they are, clearly, if 
subtly, in each of these ministries. The speakers were 
also inspiring. Brother Malachy Broderick, F.S.C., 
told us a story on the nature of commitment; it is still 
amazingly poignant and memorable for me. Brother 
Miguel Campos, F.S.C., taught us that the Brothers 
believe their path to heaven is built by saving the 
souls of their students. What an incredible call to 
teach the whole student, so that the future adult can 
have a "whole, holistic, and holy" life. 

The goals were many, including simply providing 
us with a community of like-minded educators with 
whom to share and from whom we could draw 
inspiration. However, the Brothers are confronting 
two challenging realities. Throughout the American 
Catholic Church, there are fewer and fewer people 
entering religious life. This is coupled with an ever- 
increasing need to help children, especially poor 
children, through education. There is excitement and 
hope when I think of the special opportunities that 
are being provided to inner-city children through the 
San Miguel School in Camden, N.J., and La Salle 
Academy in Philadelphia. The Brothers do not want 
to abandon the ministries in which they are already 
engaged, but these new ventures need leadership. 
Also, die Brothers are increasingly recognizing the 
level of commitment among the many lay and 
religious partners with whom they work. The LLI is a 
wonderful way to address all of these needs. So far, 


there are nine people here at the University who have 
finished the Lasallian Leadership Institute. Currendy, 
six more members of the faculty and administration 
are participadng. 

I am luckier than many La Salle alums in that I 
have been able to continue to interact with the 
Brothers. As an adult, it is even clearer that there is a 
special brilliance here. So often, I see how these men 
work, dav after day, long into the night, to help our 
students find the best possible versions of themselves. 

The Brothers who taught me were always men of 
quiet humility, passionate about teaching, but without 
ego. They taught me Lasallian values, long before 

there was a term for it, through their simple example. 
What is remarkable about the 60 or so individuals 
with whom I participated in LLI 2, is the 
commonality of qualities. These people are also 
passionate about teaching, caring for the whole 
student. They work hard, caring, praying, and 
nagging, to help the young people in their classrooms 
find a full and satisfying life. 

So many Brothers have had an influence on me. 
Each one has special gifts to share, and I am richer for 
each Brother I've met. I am working by their side 
now, and their inspiration, faith, and support still 
mean everything to me. 

What a Privilege to Share in 
That Wealth 

Brother Thomas McPhillips, F.S.C., Ph.D., '72 
Professor of Biology 


of a careful re-reading of the De 
La Salic Brothers' Rule. Maybe it 
was a response to a nagging desire- 
to be of greater service. Or maybe 
it was just the thought of 
experiencing an adventure. 
Whatever the reason, my decision 
to teach at Bethlehem University 
was one of the best of my life. 
When I first set out for the Holy Land in 1994, I 
had little idea what I would find there. I certainly had 
an awareness that the place suffered from great political 
turmoil; however, I had no sense of what that might 
mean for the people I would be working with. One 
thing was clear though: No matter to whom I spoke, 
no matter what I read, I sensed that the Brothers and 
staff at Bethlehem University were making a significant 
difference to people who really needed them. Why 
wouldn't you want to be part of that? 

Teaching biologv to an all-Palestinian student body 
presented serious challenges to this dyed-in-the-wool 
Philadelphian. For the first time in my life, I was 
experiencing in a big way the meaning of "cultural 
differences." I quickly came to understand that, in 
Palestinian culture, almost everything is perceived to 
be negotiable. More importantly, however, I also 
prompdv figured out how central family and friends 
were in the lives of these people who had little else. 

Toward the end of my tenure in Bethlehem, I 
approached a group of students I had been teaching in 
a seminar. "You and your friends obviously have very 
little to spend on clothing and school materials. 
(Textbooks were so expensive as to be out of the 
question.! Yet, every day, I see piles of sweaters and 
notebooks around campus that are unattended for 
hours. Why is it that they are never stolen?" They 
looked at me as if I had two heads. "Brother, why 
would we steal from our friends?" Once more, these 
beautiful people illustrated to me that thev might have 
been materially poor, but their spirits were rich beyond 
belief. What a privilege it was to share in that wealth. 
Language presented a whole different kind of 


challenge. Imagine teaching the complexities of 
biology in English to a group of students, none of 
whom speak English as a first language. Early in my 
stint at Bethlehem L T niversity, I was teaching a class on 
the biochemistrv of cellular respiration. Suddenly, these 
heretofore most respectful students erupted into 
animated conversation with each other. Had I 
completely lost my ability to control a class? Hardly. 
My rapid-fire delivery of the material simply 
overwhelmed those whose English skills were marginal. 
On some sort of cue that I never figured out, the 
better students took over and re-explained in .Arabic to 
the rest what I had tailed to communicate. Within 30 
seconds, all settled down and I was back in charge — 
this time, speaking more slowly and using simpler 
vocabulary. I learned to welcome these interruptions, 
for it was then that true learning occurred. 

As I try to put my own fast-paced, chaotic world 
into some sort of perspective, I often think back to the 
students at Bethlehem LTniversity, with their simple 
lifestyles and their focus on family and friends. I am 
confident that these students have taught me more 
than I taught them. So, in their honor, I take every 
opportunity to share those priceless lessons with my 
students at La Salle. 

A Worldwide 
Educational Mission 

Brother Francis Tri Nguyen, F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Director of the Sociology Program, native of Vietnam 

in 1975 as a refugee from 
Communist Vietnam, I have 
refoeused my energies and adapted 
myself to new surroundings. This 
necessitates much reflection, 
detachment, and patience: neither 
complete inaction nor insurance 
against all risks, but rather a search 
for new ways to live my Lasallian vocation in a new 
sociocultural environment. I may thus continue to live 
for God and do His will with whatever talents and 
ministry circumstances He has entrusted to me. My bi- 
directional adaptation to American culture has engaged 
me, not in assimilation nor integration, but synthesis, 
blending the best of the East and the West. 

I had been a La Salle Christian Brother in Vietnam 
for 20 years. I had taught either in French or in 
Vietnamese at the Brothers schools in Vietnam, and in 
Cambodia at the secondary and college levels. The 
Confucian tradition in Vietnamese society had elevated 
the teacher's social status to a rank above that of the 
parents 1 . Thus, thanks to my teacher status and also to 
the black robe I was wearing, I gained "automatic" 
respect and authority in the classroom. Over the years, 
I've had the privilege of meeting Asian Brothers from 
Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, India, 
Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore. Unlike the latter 
countries, the socio-political environment in war-torn 
Vietnam had brought constraints and tensions in the 
educational sphere in general, and in the Brothers 
schools in particular. I am therefore thankful to the 
Divine Providence for the blessings of liberty and 
peace in America. 

I was appointed assistant professor at La Salle 
University in 1987, promoted to associate professor in 
1993, and conferred tenure in 1994. I have been 
director of the sociology program since 1995. 

My educational ministry at La Salle LTniversity has 
brought both challenges and rewards. Students' 
written evaluations at the end of each semester 

prevented me from becoming complacent and 
uncritical: I have learned to relate to students in a 
more egalitarian and respectful manner, and to shift 
from the teaching to the learning paradigm. At the 
same time, I have been blessed unexpectedly with 
many students' kindness, trust, and friendship. Many 
have confided in me, asked me to write letters of 
recommendation for graduate schools, law schools, 
medical schools, and even a Navy School for Officers. I 
have been invited to their weddings and to their homes 
to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with 
their families. Moreover, colleagues from the schools of 
Arts and Sciences, Business, and Nursing have 
heartened and sustained me with their support and 
friendship overall these years. It has been particularly 
gratifving to receive the following note from the 
director of graduate psychology on Dec. 12, 2003: 
"Dear Br. Tri, I want to express my appreciation for 
the excellent responses the students gave to your 
teaching. It is good to see that students value the 
enthusiasm and the preparation you brought to this 
course. Students are coming to recognize the 
importance of preparing to work with a diverse group 
of clients." 

Students seem to appreciate the international flavor 
I bring. Currently, I am conducting research on the 
identity of Lasallian universities in the 21st century, 
thereby giving the students a glance into the 65 
Lasallian colleges and universities and into the Lasallian 
communitv worldwide, which is composed of 6,000 
Brothers and 73,000 lay colleagues collaborating in the 
shared educational mission of touching the minds and 
hearts of 900,000 students in 80 countries. 

SPRING 2004 



Through Tragedy, 
a Vocation 

helps you find out what direction you'll take 
in life. 

This was the case for Mary Brownsbcrger, 
who is pursuing a doctoral degree in 
psychology at La Salle University. Her stepson 
was in a car accident that left him disabled. 
But out of that tragedy came a positive: "It 
opened the door to what I really wanted to do 
with my life," she said. Her goal is to be 
actively involved in the empowering of those 
with disabilities. She is concentrating her 
degree in rehabilitation and neuropsychology. 

One of Brownsberger's many volunteer 
activities is with Special Equestrians, a 
therapeutic riding facility in Warrington, Pa. 
The program uses horses to facilitate 
therapeutic activity for people with disabilities. 

Brownsberg said, "What I enjoy the most is 
being at the barn and interacting with the 
instructors, students, and horses. The students 
have diverse disabilities. I've worked with 

Mary Brownsberger (left), a doctoral psychology student at La Salle, is also a volunteer with Special 
Equestrians. She is helping Nathan Zelesko on the horse. 


children with autism, adults who are blind 
and/or deaf, teens with cerebral palsy, and 
adults who have suffered brain injury." 

"In 30 minutes, a person's physical and 
emotional state can become totally 
transformed," she said. "The students are 
amazing. I've seen some who were really 
acting out before their lesson started, even 
self-harming. But most of the time, as soon as 
they're on the horse, a transformation occurs. 
Their attention shifts, and they're able to have 
a good, productive lesson. Most don't want 
the lesson to end after 30 minutes!" 

Brownsberger recently received the Bob 
Eigenbrode Memorial Award, given by the 
Pennsvlvania Psychological Association to a 
graduate psychology student. Among the 
criteria for the award are "potential for service 
to the field and involvement in activities." 

"Even though she is being educated to be a 
professional psvchologist, her desire to reach 
out to those in true need really sets her 
apart," said Frank Gardner, Ph.D., Director of 
La Salle's Psy.D. Program, who encouraged 
Brownsberger to apply for the award. 

The Psy.D. Program at La Salle is incredibly 
challenging, yet Brownsberger maintains a 
3.98 grade point average. Gardner said, "She 
works really hard and is involved in so many 
things. She's a true picture of compassion, 
motivation, and energy." 

In addition to teaching an undergraduate 
course in psychology at La Salle, 
Brownsberger is a member of two honor 
societies, has been elected as student 
representative to speak for her fellow doctoral 
students, and is a member of the Student 
Affiliates of American Psychology. 

With all of these experiences and activities 
under her belt, Brownsberger doesn't show 
any signs of stopping. She hopes to teach 
people interested in rehabilitation careers. And 
she plans to keep following her goal: "To 
empower the disabled and their families to be 
as healthy and self-sufficient as possible." 



book notes 

Street Kid 

by Nicholas Cianci, '58 

Xlibris Corporation, 2003 
136 pp., $20.99 

These days, it is hard to find a good, clear representation of 
the Italian-American situation of the past century. We are 
bombarded today by the typical "mafia/gangster" stereotype of 
Italian men and, thus, it seems like all Italian men of the 
20th century exhibited this ultimate lack of respect for human life and 
integrity. However, in Cianci's simple and genuine autobiography, which tells the 
story of his early days on the street and his gradual emergence from destitution, we 
get a different look at this group and the men who define its existence. We are 
presented with a man, who, through his experiences and his interactions with 
others, brings back the long-lost dignity and integrity of the represented Italian- 
American persona and its way of life. (Excerpted from a review on 

Nicholas Cianci, '58, grew up in the streets of South Philadelphia during the 
Depression. He attended public schools in Philadelphia before serving in the Army 
during the Korean War. He attended La Salle on the G.I. Bill and received his 
degree in education and English. He has worked as an English teacher, a guidance 
counselor, assistant principal, and principal in both junior and senior high schools. 
Now retired, he lives in Southport, N.C. 

Chapter One: The Story of Vic Charles 

by Bob Staranowicz, '83, M.A. '92 

Bookman Marketing, 2003 
308 pp., $14.95 

Vic Charles has returned from his tour, but his sub-conscious 
has been left behind in Vietnam. He is a successful writer and 
is prepared to begin his second work. For reasons 
unbeknownst to him, he is stuck in "Chapter One." The 
flashbacks, the twitching, and nightly sweats have once again reared their ugly 
head. Vic tries not to let these re-occurrences bother him, but they take their toll 
on what could be a very successful writing career. He does his best to keep the 
latest "terrors" from his wife, Molly, and his two sons, Spence and Mark. All is well 
until he feels the need to travel to the "Wall." This could be his last trip anywhere, 
as he discovers that he has brought something back from the war with him that has 
been inside of him for more than 20 years. As his life may be slowly slipping away, 
he discovers the foreign substance that he has been harboring for many years. As 
Vic lays in his hospital bed, only he knows whether he will survive or not. (from 
bookmanmarketing. com) 

Bob Staranowicz, '83, M.A. '92, served with the 101st Airborne in Northern I Corps, 
Vietnam. He was awarded an Army Commendation Medal and a Bronze Star. 
Chapter One is his first effort at novel writing. He co-wrote the play "Etchings: The 
Stories Behind the Wall," which was initially performed at West Columbus High 
School in Cerro Gordo, N.C, and Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, N.C. 
He resides in Bucks County, Pa. 

"Book Notes" will be featured periodically in upcoming issues of this magazine and its 
companion piece, the Alumni News. We invite you to let us know if there's a book written 
by an alum within the last year that should be highlighted by e-mailing Caitlin Murray at 

with Isabel 

Edited by John 
Rodden, 78 
Foreword by Isabel 

University of Texas 

Press, 2004 (revised edition) 

304 pp., $29.95 

Allende seems to get more and more 
popular all over the world. That's a 
good reason for libraries with active 
fiction collections — specifically, 
whose copies of Allende's books rarely 
sit idle on the shelves — to invest in 
this collection of 34 interviews 
Allende has given in the 1980s and 
1990s, some not previously 
published, others published in 
languages other than English. Allende 
isn't a reticent interviewee; she has 
lots to say, and frequent topics in 
these interviews include Latin 
American politics, feminism, her 
family history, the difference between 
writing novels and short stories, and 
her deceased daughter, Paula (subject 
of one of her most recent and 
certainly most poignant books, Paula, 
1995). Her responses to similar 
questions by different interviewers do 
not always add up to a consistent 
picture of events in her life, but that's 
just fine; what fiction writer doesn't 
embroider and manipulate the truth, 
even about himself or herself, for the 
narrative needs of the moment? Her 
fans will love the Isabel who comes 
across so well spoken here, (from 

Since graduating from La Salle, John 
Rodden, 78, has taught at the 
University of Virginia and the 
University of Texas at Austin. He is 
the author and editor of eight books, 
including Performing the Literary 
Interview, Lionel Trilling and the 
Critics, and The Worlds of Irving 
Howe. He lives in Austin, Texas. 

SPRING 2004 


line*. -«>-*** 

La Salle's Lesser- 


TOPIX was a comic book published for Catholic 
school students in the 1940s, which included a 
feature about St. John Baptist de La Salle's 
mission to educate underprivileged children 
(above) and the story of how Joe Verdeur, '50, 
overcame his fear of water to later go on to 
become an Olympic Gold Medal winner. 


(Lett) Current Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell gavt 
speech at La Salle, officially launching his political career, o 
time, he was seeking the office of Philadelphia District Attor 
of Philadelphia, Rendell returned in 1996 to participate in a 



Two of the most prominent recipients of the La Salle Collegian Award, presented for public service 
in the communication field, were Walter Cronkite, who received the award in I960, and David 
Brinkley, who was honored in 1961. (left: Cronkite: right: La Salle President Brother Daniel 
Bernian, F.S.C., Brinkley, and former Collegian Editor Robert Lyons, '61). 

Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts (shown at center of picture 
Tom Kennedy, left, and Bill Winning, right) leads a baseball clinic at La J 
(Right) Dennis Lehman, '73, poses with the Phillie Phanatic. As a membt 
public relations department, Lehman was the person who came up with 
lovable green mascot. 

Shown above are the front and back covers of Hind Quarters, a spoof of La Salle's 
prestigious Four Quarters literary magazine, along with the cover oflhe Horse's Mouth. 
Both were published in 1967. Other unusual publications include The Sackcloth Circus 
(1968) and Phantasmagoria (1978). 


La Salle hosted two of America's favorite comedians in the early days ofthi 
careers. Bill Cosby (left) appeared at La Salle in 1965. At the time, students 
paid 25 cents for admission to Cosby's stand-up performance. The current 
of "The Tonight Show, " Jay Leno (right), entertained at La Salle in 1983. 

tCnown History 

U you knew Brother Patn<*EU*. s 

if vou knew diw>~ — 

heard this story before and 
miss hearing it. read on... 

May 31. 1968. 
nttappeneddunng^ ^ 

.hc Wister Farm. £££,*,„ offi 

first campaign 
1.4, 1977. At the 
flight: As Mayor 
;ty basketball 

It's not uncommon for students to keep goldfish or a hamster in 
their dorm rooms, but during the early morning hours of May 
31. 19B8, the residents of St. Bernard Hall awoke to the sound 
of stamping feet and mooing. As part of a prank, a cow 
i had been led from Wister Farm, up 20th Street, and 
into the dorm. According to former President 
Brother Patrick Ellis. F.S.C., getting the cow OUT 
proved to be more difficult than getting it into the 

*"* St.. above aiart) Hrc 


t, between 
in 1969. 
'.he Phillies 
1ea for the 


but did you know that Peter Boyle, '57. was also a Christian Brother in his 
younger days, going by the name of Brother Francis de Sales? Another 
interesting piece of trivia is that John Lennon served as the best man at 
Boyle s wedding. 

®hr Centennial 3BalI 


A gala event was to be held in celebration of La Salle's Centennial Anniversary on 
Nov. 23. 1963. The event was canceled because of the death of President 
John F Kennedy the previous day. 

Kennedy (right), while serving as the Junior Senator from Massachusetts, received 
an honorary degree from La Salle and addressed a special college assembly five 
years earlier. 





College students 
have a reputation 
for engaging in 

some bizarre activities. Among 
those that have occurred at 
La Salle include the publicity 
photo featuring La Salle 's 
gymnasts creating a "human 
pyramid" (above, c. 1901). In 
1939, at the encouragement 
ot members of the sophomore 
class, freshmen competed in 
races in which the 
participants pushed peanuts 
with their noses (above 
right). "Knicker Soccer Bay" 
(right) began in 1957 as a 
zany halftime pep rally 
during soccer games to 
help bring visibility to the 
soccer team. 


Heavyweight champion Muhammed Ah (left) and entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. 
(right) were special guests at a week-long festival held at La Salle College in 
March 1969. 

alumni profiles 

A Shrine for Local Legends 

Alum Establishes Philadelphia's First Sports Hall of Fame 


of hours of work, and hundreds of phone 
ealls, Ken Avallon, '83, just 48 hours before 
the event, was trying to figure out where 270 
people would be seated. 

Avallon felt as though he was planning a 
wedding, but in February, he saw a dream 
come true when his idea, a Philadelphia Sports 
Hall of Fame, inducted its first class. 

"I felt like a bride," said Avallon, President 
of the hall. Two days before the ceremony to 
induct its first 19 members, he and the hall's 
vice president were working on a seating 

Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street was at 
the induction, and so was Pennsylvania 
Governor Fdward G. Rendell. Some of 
Philadelphia's greatest sports figures where 
there, too. La Salle basketball legend Tom 
Gola, '55, was among the initial 19 figures 
inducted, but is recovering from a stroke and 
was unable to attend. 

Avallon, who works as a technology 
consultant, got the idea for the institution 
when he read a May 2002 newspaper story, 
lamenting how Philadelphia didn't have a 
sports hall of fame. 

"I did some research and couldn't track 
down anything," Avallon said. "There was [no 
sports hall of fame] that I could find. I spent 
the better part of three or four days talking to 
friends, my brother, and dad, and I put a plan 
in place to see what I could come up with." 

The hall became a family project of sorts. 
Avallon's brother, Alex, '81, and lather, 
Alexander, '54, were involved until his father's 
health prevented him from working on the 
project. Alex is the hall's treasurer. 

Once the hall was established with a 
constitution, bylaws, and federal 501(c)(3) 
status, the group began assembling the first 
class of sports figures. (In addition to athletes, 
coaches and managers are eligible.) Initially, 
35 people were nominated for the hall's 

(From left) Alex Avallon, '81; Alexander Lowell Avallon, 
'54; and Ken Avallon, S3. 

charter class; then, 48 Philadelphia-area sports 
figures — including sportswriters, broadcasters, 
athletic directors, coaches, and athletes — voted 
to choose the first class of 19 to be inducted. 

On Feb. 9, at a Philadelphia hotel, Avallon 
saw his work come to fruition. 

One of the highlights for him, he said, was 
presenting a Legacy of Excellence Award to 
Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas. 
"Many of the athletes and figures inducted 
played before I was born," Avallon said. "But 
I've grown up listening to Kalas, and it was 
nice to see him there." 

One other person Avallon would have 
loved to see at the event was Gola. 

"My father was at La Salle when the school 
won the NCAA championship," Avallon said. 
"I met Gola a number of different times when 
I was a kid. Dad knew him pretty well, and I 
met him when he was coaching in 1969. We 
were living in Pittsburgh, and Dad took us to 
a basketball game between La Salle and 
Duquesne (when Gola was coach). Once we 
moved back to Philly, we went to his house to 
visit him a few times. It really would have 
been nice to be able to shake his hand, and 
ask if he remembered me." 



Making Healthcare 
a Family Affair 


the Burgoyne family that attorney Paul J. 
Burgoyne, '70, serves as Chair of La Salle 
University's Nursing Advisory Board, a 
predominately female group. 

To his family members, Burgoyne's serving 
on the nursing board is normal. Nurses 
surround this Cherry Hill, N.J., resident, 
whose wife, sister, brother, and sister-in-law 
are members of the profession. His daughter 
Madelyn is a third-year nursing student at 
La Salle. 

Burgoyne wanted Madelyn to enroll at 
La Salle three vears ago. "The nursing staff 
assists students in the classroom and in clinical 
settings," he said. "This sort of attention is 
important in all fields, but even more so in 

"La Salle's School of Nursing has been an 
ongoing contribution to the LJniversity, die 
surrounding community, and the city ot 
Philadelphia," Burgoyne said. 

The University's Nursing Advisory Board — 
made up of alumni, community leaders, 
healthcare directors, and other academics — 
meets five times a year to increase awareness of 
the School of Nursing and to ensure it 
addresses the needs of students in healthcare. 
Burgoyne has served on the board for five 
years. His sister-in-law, Janice Beitz, R.N., 
Ph.D., '83, La Salle Associate Professor of 
Nursing and Co-Director of the Wound, 
Ostomy, Continence Nursing Education 
Program, said, "He graciously agreed to chair 
the board despite a brutally busy schedule. 
Even though he is a lawyer, he is also 
committed to the idea of quality healthcare 
and quality healthcare education. I believe this 
is due to his being married to my sister, 
Margaret, who is a certified registered nurse 

"Paul has always wanted to serve La Salle. 
It's unusual in that he's not in any of the 
fields the School of Nursing teaches — nursing, 

speech-language-hearing science, or 
nutrition — and the field is predominately 
female. But he's very moral, very principled; 
so I asked him to join the board. He's been a 
very good chair," said Zane Wolf, R.N., 
Ph.D., Dean of the School of Nursing. 

Paul and Madelyn are not the only 
Burgoynes connected to La Salle: 15 relatives 
including brothers, cousins, in-laws, and his 
father, who graduated in 1933, are all 
La Salle alumni. 

For 22 years, Burgoyne has worked on the 
Pennsvlvania Supreme Court's Attorney 
Disciplinary Board, investigating complaints 
against lawyers. Prior to that, he was a 
criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia. He 
received his bachelor's degree in political 
science at La Salle and later graduated from 
Rutgers University School of Law. 


Brother Michael J. 
McGinniss, F.S.C., 
Unanimously Elected to 
Second Term as 
La Salle's President 

Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., 
Ph.D., '70, was unanimously elected to 
a second five-year term as President of 
La Salle University by the school's 
Board of Trustees. Br. Michael, a former 
professor at La Salle, became the 
University's 28th President on July 1, 

"I'm very proud of what we've 
accomplished in the past five years, and 
very excited about meeting the 
challenges that face us," Br. Michael 
said. "On a personal note, it's great to 
see so many wonderful things happening 
at my alma mater." His second term will 
begin on July 1, 2004. 

"The Board of Trustees displayed an 
overwhelming show of support for Br. 
Michael's leadership," said James J. 
Lynch, '71, Chair of La Salle's Board of 
Trustees. "After a formal review process 
that concluded with a remarkable 
consensus, the Committee on 
Trusteeship strongly recommended 
reelecting Br. Michael, and the entire 
Board of Trustees voted unanimously to 
reelect him to another term. We feel very 
confident that Br.Michael is providing 
the direction the University needs." 

Giving to the University has increased 
dramatically during Br. Michael's tenure 
as President. Total gifts and grants made 
annually to the University from fiscal 
year 1999 to the end of fiscal year 
2003 grew 33 percent with unrestricted 
annual giving growing by 23.4 percent. 
In addition, during that time, 12 alumni 
clubs or chapters have either been 
revived or launched. 

Under Br. Michael's direction, a 
strategic plan was developed and 

continues to be implemented. The plan 
focuses on five themes: enhancing the 
intellectual and spiritual life of the 
University; communicating La Salle's 
distinct identity; investing in the future; 
enhancing the quality of life in the 
University's neighborhood; and 
strengthening partnerships with alumni. 

Several dignitaries and distinguished alumni participated in an official 
groundbreaking ceremony lor La Salle's new student housing and dining 
facility on south campus in March. Those digging in included (from left) Mayor 
of Philadelphia, John F. Street; James J. Lynch, 11. Chair of La Salle s Board of 
Trustees, and Chair and CEO. of Sovereign Bank MidAtlantiC; City 
Councilwoman Donna Peed Miller; and Brother Michael J. McGinniss. F.S.C., 
Ph.D.. 10. President of La Salle. 

Ground is Broken for 
New $26 Million 
Residence Hall and 
Dining Facility 

La Salle University held a ceremonial 
groundbreaking for the construction of 
its new $26 million residence hall and 
dining facility. The hall will house more 
than 430 students and is expected to be 
completed in June 2005. 

With increasing demand for on- 
campus housing, University officials 
have decided to add new facilities. 
When the new hall is completed, all 
resident students will live in University- 
owned housing. 

Since 1998, the University has 
leased units from the Ogontz Manor 

Apartments at Ogontz and Olney avenues 
to accommodate the demand for on- 
campus housing. University officials only 
wanted this to be a temporary solution 
for the enrollment surge. 

"The high water mark was the fall of 
2002. We had 2,143 students living in 
University housing. That's 65 percent of 
all full-time day 
undergraduates and 81 
percent of the freshman 
class," said Raymond 
Ricci, '67, La Salle's 
Vice President for 
Enrollment Services. 
"We purposely reduced 
the size of the freshman 
class in 2003 because 
of housing limits." 

The 102,921-square- 
foot residence hall will 
be a three-story complex 
consisting of a central 
entrance with four wings 
containing rooms. Three 
wings will feature suites 
of two bedrooms for four 
students with a 
connected bath. The fourth wing will 
feature double occupancy rooms with 
communal bath facilities. It will also 
have lounges and study rooms for 
student use. 

It will be located on the school's 
south campus, a largely undeveloped 
area, and is the first new residence hall 
constructed since 1989. 

The dining hall will seat 300 and can 
accommodate up to 700 meals per day. It 
will feature a design that allows for meals 
cooked-to-order for each person. There 
will also be a convenience store and a 
community mailroom in the dining hall. 

Construction will be done by Nason 
and Cullen, Inc., of King of Prussia and 
Philadelphia-based Artis T. Ore, Inc., 
who teamed up to form a joint venture 
and were the successful bidders on the 



Alumni Hand Out 
Highest Honors 

Stars illuminated the Union Ballroom at 
La Salle University's Alumni Association 
Awards on Nov. 14, 2003. Anthony 
Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop 
Emeritus of Philadelphia, and Elmer F. 
"Bud" Hansen Jr., '58, President and 
C.E.O. of Hansen Properties, Inc., were 
honored with the night's two major 
awards. Cardinal Bevilacqua received 
the Signum Fidei Medal, which derives 
its name from the motto of the Christian 
Brothers, "Sign of Faith." The award is 
given annually to an individual who 
makes noteworthy contributions to the 
advancement of humanitarian principles 
in keeping with the Christian/Judeo 
tradition. Hansen was honored with the 
John J. Finley, '24, Award, given to 
recognize alumni who have exhibited 
outstanding service to La Salle or the 
Alumni Association. The award's 
namesake was known as "Mr. La Salle" 
for his devotion to the University. 

Anthony Cardinal 
Emeritus of 
Philadelphia, and 
Elmer F. "Bud" 
Hansen Jr., '58. 
President and 
CEO. of Hansen 
Properties. Inc. 

New Athletics Logo 
Makes Its Debut 

After 10 months in the making, La Salle 
University's new athletics logo was 
enthusiastically received at its unveiling 
on Feb. 25 at the Explorer Men's 
Basketball game against Temple. 

According to Peter D'Orazio, '81, 
Assistant Athletics Director for 
Advancement at La Salle and the 
Athletics Department's point person 
managing the creation of the new mark, 
the new logo captures a piece of the 
past while at the same time pushes 
La Salle forward. 

The new logo depicts the profile of a 
17th century French explorer looking 
through a telescope with the words, 
"La Salle Explorers," below. The 
University's colors of dark blue and gold 
are used. 

"The new athletics logo combines the 
historical icon of the explorer along with 
a modern image for the department," 
D'Orazio said. "Since the unveiling, we 
have received nothing but positive 
feedback from alumni and Explorer Club 

The extensive research to create the 
new logo included gathering input from 
coaches and staff, and other segments 
of the University community. 

"The process was very detailed, but it 
was necessary to review all samples and 
revisions with a wide variety of 
personnel to ensure that the new mark 
would be widely accepted," D'Orazio 

The athletics logo is one element 
of La Salle's new graphic identity 

program that was announced in 
December. The new graphic identity was 
developed by 160over90, a full-service 
marketing and communications agency 
headquartered in Philadelphia. 

Sounds of the Ocean 

La Salle junior Justin R. Morace, a 
Digital Arts and Multimedia Design 
(DArt) major, won first place in 
La Salle's fourth annual Digital Art 
Competition for his original work, 
"Sounds of the Ocean" (shown above). 
He created the piece, which displays a 
conch shell protruding from a human 
ear, for a "Sound Project" in his 
Electronic Visual Communication class, 
taught by Sandra Camomile. In it, he 
attempts to illustrate the sound of water. 
Since all entries for the contest had to 
be created through digital techniques, 
Morace had someone take a digital 
photo of his ear and then digitally 
superimposed a conch shell over it. 

SPRING 2004 


Leon Ellerson, '56, Computer Software Pioneer, 
Receives Leadership Award 

Rosa Lee Smith (right), widow of Warren I. Smith, M.D, 
'54, congratulates Robert E. Wyatt Sr., 78, the recipient 
of the 2003 Warren E. Smith, M.D., '54, Award. 

African American 
Alumni Association 
Awards Bestowed 

This year's Warren E. Smith, M.D., '54, 
Award was presented at the African 
American Alumni Association Dinner 
held on Nov. 7, 2003. Dr. Smith was 
one of the first African Americans to 
graduate from La Salle's pre-med 
program. He served as La Salle's 
psychiatrist for 15 years. The award is 
presented each year to an African 
American who has achieved success in 
his or her profession, has demonstrated 
a commitment to traditional Lasallian 
values, has made significant 
contributions to the community, and 
serves as an outstanding example to all 
La Salle students. In addition to Wyatt, 
Lasella Hall, '06, received the 2003 
Warren E. Smith, M.D., '54, 
Scholarship, established to support full- 
time African American students who 
meet academic requirements, make 
significant contributions to the 
community, and serve as an example to 
all La Salle students. Louise Jackson 
Billups, '83, was also honored with the 
Presidential Award in recognition of her 
outstanding service to the African 
American Alumni Association. 

Leon Ellerson, '56, President of 
Keystone Computer Associates, is the 
recipient of La Salle University's 12th 
annual Leadership Award, presented at 
the University's Charter Dinner this 

The award honors individuals who 
have demonstrated outstanding 
leadership in corporate, civic, 
governmental, and religious affairs. 

Ellerson says giving back to 
La Salle is quite simple. 

"My admission to La Salle happened 
to occur at a critical time in my life 
when another university had closed its 
doors to me," he said. "It is also worth 
nothing that La Salle 
had welcomed me in 
the 1950s, during 
an era when 
attitudes toward 
people of color were 
a lot different than 
what they are today. 
In addition to its 
stellar academics, I 
might add that 
La Salle's track 
record has also been 
enlightened by its 
traditional, eminently 
worthy philosophy of 
helping those less 
advantaged by 

1965 inception. He has been the firm's 
president since 1975. 

In addition to the Leadership Award, 
Ellerson has received the Warren E. 
Smith, M.D., '54, Award from La Salle's 
African American Alumni Association for 
his professional achievements, and the 
University's John J. Finley, '24, Award 
for his outstanding contributions to the 
La Salle community. 

The Charter Dinner commemorates 
the founding of La Salle as an institution 
of higher learning when it was 
incorporated in 1863. Money raised at 
the black-tie event goes toward student 

Ellerson is a 
member of the 
University's Board of 
Trustees and a 
founding partner of 
Keystone Computer 
Associates, a Fort 
Washington, Pa., firm 
at the forefront of 
computer software 
development since its 

The 12th annual Charter Dinner/La Salle University Leadership Award 
Ceremony was celebrated at Normandy Farm in Blue Bell, Pa, on March 20. 
Longtime La Salle supporter and University Trustee Leon Ellerson, '56, was 
presented with the Leadership Award in front of 340 of Ellerson 's and 
La Salle 's friends, corporate partners, and alumni. Proceeds from the annual 
Charter Dinner enhance the University's Scholarship Fund, thereby benefiting 
future generations of La Salle students. This year's Charter Dinner raised 
over $230,000 for students. This is the first year that the Charter Dinner was 
held at Normandy Farm. Elmer F 'Bud' Hansen Jr., '58, and Elmer F. Bud' 
Hansen III, '90, M.B.A. '96, hosted the event. The Leo Niessen Jr. Charitable 
Foundation and its trustee, William R. Sasso, Esq., '69, also a member of 
La Salle University's Board of Trustees, were the presenting sponsors. (From 
left) John Buernaccini, CEO. of Keystone Computer Associates Incorporated 
and the evening's master of ceremonies; Brother Michael J. McCinniss, F.S.C., 
Ph.D., 10, La Salle President; Sandra Lee Curry, of Keystone Computer 
Associates; Ellerson; and Patrick E. Hanraty, of Boenning & Scattergood, Inc., 
and Chair of the 2004 Charter Dinner. 



ESL Certification: La Salle at the Forefront 

Beginning September 2004, the state of 
Pennsylvania will require educators 
teaching English as a Second Language 
(ESL) in public schools to be 
specifically certified in that content 
area. La Salle's Bilingual/Bicultural 
program understands the need for a 
specialized curriculum regarding this 
topic and is now an approved provider 
for ESL certification in Pennsylvania. 

Luis Gomez, Ph.D., Director of 
La Salle's Bilingual/Bicultural program, 
says teaching English as a Second 
Language requires well-defined and 
unique skills because the teacher is 
dealing with a multitude of cultures and 
languages in one classroom. 

"Teachers must be able to deliver the 
material in a way that is comprehensible 
to all cultures," Gomez said. "They must 
also be aware of the different cultures in 
their classes and be able to rise to a 
certain level of cultural sensitivity." 

The ESL 
consists of five 
courses that 
will address in 
depth the 
areas of 
expertise that 
are required 
by the 

Department of 
Education. These 
areas include: 
English usage 
and the 

development of 

awareness; support services for English 
language learners; English as a Second 
Language approaches, methods, and 
techniques; and cultural awareness and 

"Dynamics of cross-cultural 
communication is a key element to the 
coursework," Gomez said. "All cultures 
are different, and ESL teachers must be 
able to clarify these nuances and use 
them in their pedagogical approach to 
the classroom." 

Keyes' View of Current 
Events at Economic 
Outlook 2004 

Political commentator and Ambassador 
Alan Keyes shared his views on current 
events as the guest speaker at the 
La Salle School of Business' Economic 
Outlook 2004, held Jan. 27, at The 
Union League of Philadelphia. 

Over 450 alumni and friends of the 
University attended Keyes' discussion of 
the election year, the health of the world 
economy, and the United States' impact 
on worldwide issues, 
including the War on 
Iraq. The School of 
Business is a host of 
this event with the 
Business Network at 
The Union League of 
Philadelphia and 

In 1983, 
President Ronald 
Reagan appointed 
Keyes to the 
United Nations 
Economic and 
Social Council. He 
is a former 
candidate and 
frequent commentator on national radio 
and television programs. 

Business On Campus — Now in its 12th year, the Executive 
On Campus Program (EOC), sponsored by the School of 
Business Advisory Board, brought together over BO business 
professionals, mostly La Salle alumni, to speak to 
undergraduate classes about career paths, industry 
highlights, and current business trends. 
Bob Truitt, Business Advisory Board member and President 
of the Beverage Can Division of Crown Cork & Seal Co. Inc. 
addresses students in a Business Perspectives (BUS 100) 

The School of Business held Economic Outlook 2004 
featuring Ambassador Alan keyes, former Presidential 
Candidate and Ambassador to the United Nations 
Economic and Social Council. This annual event, co- 
sponsored by The Union League of Philadelphia, was 
completely sold out with over 450 attendees, including 
alumni and business leaders from the tri-state area. 
Economic Outlook 2005 will be held next January. 

SPRING 2004 


Retired Faculty, Staff Gather to Remember 

More than 30 retired faculty and staff 
members held the first (of what they 
hope will be many) reunion luncheon at 
the Lulu Country Club near Glenside, 
Pa., in November. 

The event was organized by Charles 
Halpin, '44, formerly a faculty member 
of the Management Department, and 
Thomas McCarthy, Emeritus Professor of 

Thomas M. Ridington (left), former faculty member of the 
Fine Arts Department; Charles Halpin, '44 (center), former 
faculty member of the Management Department: and Peter 
Sweeney, '47, former faculty member of the Accounting 

Psychology and former Vice 
President of Student Affairs. 

Guest of honor at the function 
was 90-year-old "Pete the Barber" 
Paranzino, who has cut the hair of 
many faculty and staff members 
since he became La Salle's 
resident barber in 1939. 

Back-slapping was the order of the 
day; many of the guests had not seen 
each other in years. 

There were few speeches — which 
was deliberate. But Halpin did 
offer one observation. Addressing 
the group, he said that when they 
worked at La Salle, the University 
was much smaller, and that 
allowed for faculty to become 
more acquainted with one 
another, both professionally 
and personally. 

Everyone had such a good 
time that Halpin and McCarthy 
plan to make it an annual event, 
on the second Wednesday of 
November, and they hope more 
retired faculty and staff can attend 
next year. 

lohn Rooney, '46 (left), Emeritus Professor of 
Psychology; his wife, Marion (center); and Peter 
Fillicetti, a former faculty member of the Psychology 
Department and Director of the University's Counseling 

"Pete the Barber" Paranzino (left! and Joseph O'Erady, 
'56, former faculty member of the History Department. 

(From left) Robert Lyons, '61, retired Director of News and 
Public Affairs; Raymond Ksiazek, '53, retired faculty member 
of the Biology Department; Ralph Tekel, retired faculty 
member of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department; his 
wife, Lillian; and Thomas McCarthy, Emeritus Professor of 
Psychology and former Vice President of Student Affairs. 

save the date 


September 17-19, 2004 



The Explorer Club is the official fund 
development and booster organization 
for La Salle Athletics. It provides 
financial support for La Salle's 23 
intercollegiate sports programs. 
Explorer Club members receive 
benefits at various levels, including 
priority for purchasing the best seats 
in the house for ticketed events. Gifts 
can be designated for the sport of 
your choice or the general athletic 

Program Areas Supported 
by the Explorer Club 

• Athletic Recruitment Program 

• Academic and Student Support 

• Degree Completion Assistance 

• Athletic Publications and 
Promotional Materials 

• Radio and TV Production 

Explorer Club Vice President of Membership 
and Auction Event Chair, Kevin Davis, '80, 
addresses the attendees of the 2003 Autumn 
Auction and Reception held in September in 
the Tom Gola Arena. 

2004 Explorer Club Fund Drive 

The Explorer Club is looking for individuals who are interested in taking a leadership role 
with the athletic program and willing to participate in the Spring Fund Drive. For additional 
information, please contact Peter D'Orazio, Executive Director of the Explorer Club, at 

To receive an Explorer Club membership application, please call the Athletic Advancement 
Office at 215/951-1606 or e-mail us at 

Save the Date! 

September 25, 2004 
Tom Gola Arena 

SPRING 2004 





houses, certain programs come to mind. Duke 
basketball, Michigan football, and Miami 
baseball all certainly qualify as the dominant 
schools in each sport. 

Although La Salle University cross country 
and track may have never won a national 
championship, let alone the four that Duke 
has won, to be mentioned among the likes of 
those programs is exactly where Coach 
Charles Torpey is trying to take the program. 
A modest start though it may be, the recent 
national rankings in cross country have 

Coach Charles Torpey (center) accepts one of his eight A-10 Coach of the Year awards at the indoor 
track championships from University of Rhode Island Associate Athletic Director Lauren Anderson (left) 
and Associate Athletic Director at University of Massachusetts Al Rife (right). 

established a new benchmark for the program 
and are the starting block from which die 
talented mentor of La Salle athletes can launch 
such a drive. 

Since arriving at La Salle in the mid-90s 
from Springbrook High School in Silver 
Spring, Md., Torpey has taken a program that 
was merely competitive and molded it into a 
program that has produced two All -Americans 
(Brian Gallagher, '98, and Theresa Carroll, 
'98) and 10 Academic All-Americans, the 
most recent winners being current seniors 
Todd Witzleben and Jenna Darcy. 

Torpey has led his team to six A-10 tides, 
the most recent coming this past tall as the 
La Salle men's team won its third straight 
A-10 championship. He also received his sixth 
Coach of the Year honor this fall for his teams' 
success. He attributes all this success to one 
ideal: Never be satisfied. 

"It's never enough; despite a lot of the 
things they've attained, they still aren't happy 
with it," he said. "We have a lot of goals and 
objectives here, and we haven't attained a 
bunch of them. We don't want to be just one 
of the best teams in the A-10, we want to be 
the best team in the A-10. We want to be one 
of the best teams in the East; we want to be a 
national type of team." 

Most outsiders might diink that such 
success would have spoiled him or softened his 
approach, when, in actuality, success like this is 
old news to him. 

Before his days as a high school coach (he 
led the Springbrook boy's team to the 
Maryland 4A state title in 1992), Torpey was 
the head coach at the University of Maryland 
during most of the 1980s, a time when the 
Terrapins had one of the most dominant 




Men's Team 


1999, 2001 
2002, 2003 

Women's Team 

Championships 2001, 2002 

programs in the entire eastern United 
States. It seems as if that is Torpey's M.O.: 
arrive at a school and quickly turn it into a 
dominating, award-winning machine. 

Torpey is also known for something tiiat 
cannot be reflected in place-standings, stop- 
watches, or national rankings. He continues 
his dealings — his relationships — with his 
runners beyond the athletic arena and beyond 
college life. To him, it is only part of the 

"I still talk to a lot of them (former 
runners). It's my own thing; it's always been a 
lifetime commitment. It's not just four years 
and you're out or five years and you're out. 
There's more to it than that. Most people 
aren't going to attain their physical or mental 
capabilities in four or five years; it's 
impossible," he said. 

This kinship with former athletes is not 
exclusive to those he has mentored either. The 
coach has nurtured great relationships, and 
holds in high regard, program alumni that 
predate his leadership, such as Explorer 
Olympian and current Naval Academy cross 
country coach Al Cantello, '55, and others. 
He was able to nurture those relationships 
even further last season when the Athletics 
Department invited the three La Salle 
Olympians (Cantello, Ira Davis, '58, and John 
Uelses, '65 ) back to campus to be honored 
during festivities at a men's basketball game. 

Whedier a runner is as talented as senior 
Sheila Klick or a relative newcomer who might 
not win award after award, he still takes die 

same approach widi each of them. 
Torpey derives great satisfaction from 
n helping his student-athletes in attaining their 
I own personal goals, whether it be running a 
four-minute mile or a six-minute mile. 

His life, though, doesn't stop at the 
Wetzler Track or in his office under 
McCarthy Stadium. He is a dedicated family 
man, with his wife Janice and three children: 
* Christopher, Brian, 
and Jenna. He can 
also be seen around 
campus with 
Director of Campus 
Recreation Ed 
Lawless. In fact, it is 
rare that you ever 
see them apart. 

"Torp and I are 
best buddies, and we 
rarely talk (about) 
work," Lawless said. 
"It seems that 
everything we see, 
we think die same on. 

"I like hanging around him and his team 
because of the energv and the passion. He's 
just so uplifting to be around." 

It is rare to see such dedication to 
something that does not receive the attention 
or publicity as some of its counterparts. 
Basketball gets all the glitz; football garners all 
the glorv, and baseball wraps itself in nostalgia. 
But Torpey exemplifies selfless dedication not 
only to his sport, but to his school and to his 
student-athletes. He has taken a small sport, at 
a small Catholic university in Northwest 
Philadelphia, and turned it into a program 
that annually sends representatives to NCAA 
championship meets. All this without a 
massive school or the booster program 
funding that usually comes with a larger-scale 
program. Aid all of this happened, 
surprisingly enough, improbably enough, 
under the watch of one person — one uniquely 
talented and dedicated coach. 

From left: Coach Charles Torpey with La Salle Olympians Al 
Cantello, '55; John Uelses, '65; and Ira Davis, '58. 

SPRING 2004 


Championship Squad Members 
Reunite for 50th Anniversary 

Recreating the 1954 NCAA championship team picture are.- 
(seated, from left) Frank Blatcher, '56; lean O'Hara (wife of 
the late Frank O'Hara, '54); Tom Sola Jr. (son of Tom Gola, 
'55); Kevin Ames (son of the late Bob Ames, '56); (standing, 
from left) Frank Finegan, '57; Charles Greenberg, '56; Fran 
O'Malley, '56; Manny Gomez, '56; and former manager John 

Coach Billy Hahn (left) greets champions Charles Greenberg, 
'56 (center), and Frank Blatcher, '56 (right), at a private 
reception for the 1954 championship team held at The Union 
League of Philadelphia. 

La Salle President Brother Michael 1. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D., 
10 (left), and La Salle Athletic Director Thomas Brennan, 
Ed.D. (right), presented a commemorative plaque of the 1954 
championship team to Tom Gola Jr. (center) in honor of his 
father, Tom Gola, '55. 





It was 50 years ago when a plane 
from Kansas City, Mo., touched 
down at Philadelphia's airport and 
taxied up to a heaving throng of 
people awaiting the arrival of the 
passengers inside. 

That date was March 21, and the 
day before, those passengers — the 
La Salle men's basketball team — 
had conquered the world. Led by All- 
American and National Player of the Year Tom Gola, '55, the 1954 Explorers 
routed Bradley University 90-76 to seal their championship run at Kansas City's 
Municipal Auditorium. That date was March 20, 1954. 

Almost 50 years to the day, the planes, cars, and trains once again arrived in 
Philadelphia; this time, they came from all directions, and they carried those 
same passengers back to 20th and Olney for a reunion of La Salle's champions. 
Some made the trek from as far as Fort Myers, Fla., (Manny Gomez, '56) others 
were as close as Abington, Pa., (Charles Greenberg, '56). In total, 10 
teammates and their family members were represented for the weekend of 
festivities that celebrated one of Philadelphia's greatest sports feats and 
certainly the University's top team athletic accomplishment. 

The players and their families were treated to a private reception at The 
Union League of Philadelphia on Friday night as well as an open reception at 
La Salle's Blue and Gold Commons dining facility on Saturday before the 
current Explorers tipped off against George Washington. At half-time of the 
game, the players or representatives were presented ceremonial plaques and 
received a standing ovation during the stirring presentation. 

A half-century later, La Salle remembers its champions. 

Coach Billy Hahn spoke to members, representatives, and 
guests of the 1954 championship team at the private 





19 4 9 Thomas V. MacNamara (B.S.) of 

Holland, Pa., has been named a World War 
II registry honoree. A memorial will be 
dedicated on May 29, 2004. 


19 5 Thomas F. Kehoe (B.A.) of San 

Francisco, Calif., was featured in the June 
29, 2003, issue of Wine Spectator 
Magazine. A picture of his winery is 
included in the article. 

19 51 James Phelan (B.S.) of Emmitsburg, 
Md., was the guest of honor at the Marine 
Barracks, Washington, D.C., Evening 
Parade on July 25, 2003. 

19 5 7 John (Jack) C. McDevitt (B.A.) of 

Brunswick, Ga., is looking forward to his 
11th novel, Polaris, to be published in 
November under his pen name, Jack 


19 6 4 Alan Brown (B.A.) of Cape Charles, 
Va., has a recurring role in HBO's The Wire 
as Police Major Stanislaus Valcheck. He 
also has a supporting role in the HBO film 
Something the Lord Made. 

William T. Cannon, Esq. (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., was appointed to the 
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and 
Delinquency by Governor Edward Rendell. 
He formerly chaired the Philadelphia 
Policy Advisory Commission. 

19 6 8 Michael DeFino (B.A.) received the 
Widener University President's Award upon 
retirement for his five-year service as chair 
of the law school's Board of Overseers. He 

Former Wilmin 


on Mayor 

Maloney, '64, 



Thomas C. Maloney, Esq., '64, former Mayor 

doors. He was also in office when the Market 

of Wilmington, Del., is being remembered h\ 

Street Mall opened to the public; therefore, the 

his friends and constituents with a 7-foot, 


ocation of the sculpture is a fitting tribute. 

5-inch, 750-pound bronze statue that will ^B 

The statue, ptoduced by Charles C. 

be placed next to the Grand Opera fl 

Parks, a celebrated Wilmington artist, took 

House on the Market Street Mall in ^B 

13 months and $120,000 to create. 

Wilmington. ^^k 

Maloney 's friends raised much of the 

Maloney, who died of cancer in July ; 

Bok funding through private sources. 

of 2000, was Wilmington's youngest iflj 

IO The sculpture is modeled after a 

mayor. He was elected to office at 

PL well-known picture dt Maloney 

just 50 years old and served from JBJ < 

taken in August 1975 as he walked 

1973 to 1977. /f^. 

^P' the Market Street Mall with his 
' jacket slung over his shoulder. 

"Tom brought a youth and \ isic in ^BV ■■ 

to government that was truly- 

At the time of his death, Maloney 

unique," said J. Brian Murphy, who ^Bt BJ 

| was the Executive Director of the 

interned for Maloney during his ^^1 ^ 

I Service to Overcome Drug Abuse 

time as mayor. The two became 

B Among Teenagers. 

close friends. 

Maloney's wife, Lynda, and their two 

"He was one of the most dynamic mayors in 

1 children, Samantha Maloney-Gracie and 

the country," continued Murphy, currently an 

■ T Christopher Maloney Jr., say the 

Economic Development Consultant tor they 

I statue is a beautiful acknowledgement. 

city of Wilmington. 

The dedication ceremony is scheduled 

According to Murphy, Maloney was 

1 tor June 2004. 

instrumental in organizing rundraising that 

saved the Grand Opera House from closing its 

will continue to serve on the Board of 
Overseers and on the university's Board of 

Robert T. Moran (B.S.) retired from AT. 
Kearney (Electronic Data Services) after 
16 years of service. He also spent 15 
years with Johnson & Johnson as Vice 
President of Human Resources. He formed 
his own company, Robert T Moran, 
Executive Search and Organizational 

19 6 9 Richard J. Smith (B.A.) is Assistant 
Principal at the Westampton Campus of 
the Burlington County Institute of 
Technology. The New Jersey Principals and 
Supervisors Association selected him 
Assistant Principal of the Year. The 
McDonalds Corporation and the National 

Association of Secondary School Principals 
sponsor this program. 

19 70s 

1970 Ralph "Skip" Hamel (B.A.) of 

Windsor Locks, Conn., received a Master 
of Science in Communication and 
Information Management from Bay Path 

Edward Hofmann, F.S.C. (B.A.) finished his 
assignment as Assistant Administrator of 
the Christian Brothers' Headquarters in 
Rome, Italy, and is now assigned as 
Director of Vocation Ministry for the 
Baltimore District. 

19 71 Salvatore L. D'Amico (B.S.) is a 

United States Air Force and Korean War 

SPRING 2004 


veteran. A former accountant, he is now 
retired and lives in Aston, Pa. 

Lewis M. Sudul (B.A.) of Lancaster, Pa., is a 
computer science teacher for the School 
District of Philadelphia. He married Linda 
Price in April 2003. 

19 7 2 Stephen M. Hoffman Jr. (B.S.) of 

Herndon, Va., was promoted to Deputy 
Director of the Federal Reserve System's 
Division of Banking Supervision and 

19 7 4 Andrew E. DiPiero Jr., Esq. (B.A.) of 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa., has been re- 
elected to a three-year term to the Board 
of Trustees of Quaint Oak Savings Bank. 

LTC (R) John S. Wargo (B.A.) of Gurnie, III., 
coached his drill team to its third district 
title in four years. He has also been 
nominated for the Golden Apple Teaching 
Award and, for the second time, is 
included in Who's Who of Teachers. 

19 7 5 Patrick J. Hogan (B.S.) of 

Crownsville, Md., has been named 
Associate Director for Safety and Security 
of the Peace Corps. 

19 7 8 Francis J. Domzalski, M.D. (B.A.) 

has left his position as Medical Director of 
the emergency room at Lima Memorial 
Hospital in Lima, Ohio, and has accepted 
a position in the emergency room at 
Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho 
Mirage, Calif. 

Peter B. Dulniawka (B.A.) is a military plans 
specialist with the United States Army in 

Pamela (Tipton) Gamel (B.A.) of Elmer, N.J., 
is a network engineer with Sungard 
Availability Services. She has three 
daughters ranging in age from 8 to 14 
years old. 


19 8 Mark R. Goodwin (B.A.) secured the 
patent "Intraosteal Vitrasound for Surgical 

Navigation during Surgical Implantation." 
He is the founder and managing partner of 
Start Up, Biospinex, LLC. 

Mitchell Katz (B.S.) of Indianapolis, Ind., 
was appointed C.F.O. of Lee & Ryan 
Environmental Consulting, Inc. 

Joseph A. Spadaro (B.S.) of Levittown, Pa., 
is C.F.O. with ALC Environmental, Inc. 

198 2 Mary (Fanelli) Ayala (B.A.) of 

Portales, N.M., was promoted from Chair 
of the Languages & Literature Department 
to Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal 
Arts & Sciences at Eastern New Mexico 
University. She was also promoted to full 
Professor of Modern Languages. 

19 8 3 Joseph Sobczak (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., was mobilized with the 
Army Reserve for Operation Enduring 
Freedom. He is an information systems 
warrant officer whose unit's mission is 
information assurance. 

Lesa (Slifer) Williams (B.S.) relocated to 
Florida to become Facility Manager for 
New Jacksonville Equestrian Center. The 
center is being built by the city of 
Jacksonville as part of the Better 
Jacksonville Plan. 

19 8 4 John R. Gimpel, D.O. (M.A.) received 
The Golden Apple Teaching Award (teacher 
of the year) at Georgetown University 
School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. 

19 8 5 Robert Crawford (B.A.) of 

Franklinville, N.J., was awarded the 
Bishop's Medal by the Most Rev. DiMarzio, 
Bishop of Camden, N.J., for serving on both 
the Committee for the Protection of 
Children and the Diocese's Clinical Advisory 
Panel. He is a therapist in private practice. 

Elaine (Volk) Flynn (B.S.N., M.S.N. '91) is 

President of the Greater Philadelphia 
Chapter of the Association of 
Rehabilitation Nurses. She has also been 
appointed to serve as a member on their 
Budget and Finance Committee for the 
2003-2004 term. In the last six months, 
Flynn has presented a workshop and two 

posters at conferences in Dublin, Ireland; 
New Orleans, La.; and San Antonio, Texas. 

19 8 7 Mia Labunka (B.A.) of New York, 
N.Y., is in her first year of law school in 
Eastern Europe. 

1988 Kenneth Bullock (B.S.) of 

Norristown, Pa., received a Master of 
Science in Contract Management from the 
Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, 
Calif. He is a senior contract specialist 
and contracting officer with the U.S. Navy. 

Aaron J. Poller (B.S.N.) of Winston-Salem, 
N.C., is a nurse at Wake Forest 
University's Baptist Medical Center. 

19 8 9 David E. Greed (B.S.) of Yardley, 
Pa., has been elected into the partnership 
of KPMG LLP. He provides assurance 
services to technology clients with a focus 
on software. Greed is a member of the 
American Institute of Certified Public 
Accountants and the Pennsylvania 
Institute of Certified Public Accountants. 


19 9 Richard Devlin (B.S.) of Warrington, 
Pa., is married with two children. He is 
currently a supervisor with Fairbanks 
Capital Corporation. 

James J. Horan (B.S., M.B.A. '97) of 

Doylestown, Pa., is Chief Financial Officer 
for LScan Technologies, Inc. in 
Conshohocken. He has been teaching in 
La Salle's M.B.A. Progam for the past six 

Michael Nuzzolo (B.A.) of Yardley, Pa., was 
promoted to Microbiology Manager in a 
laboratory technical support group at 
Merck & Co., Inc. 

1991 Michael Higgins (B.A.) of 

Norristown, Pa., is Director of Learning 
and Development with the Radian Group 
in Philadelphia. 

19 9 2 Brian P. Gerrard (B.A.) recently 
celebrated six years with the Montgomery 



Touchton, ' 


74, Receives L o n g - v e r d u e 
Medal Recognition 

On December 2, 2003, during a small ceremony near Atlanta, Ga., 
John E. Touchton Sr., Ph.D., 74, received four medals he earned over 
20 years ago during his sen-ice in the First Cavalry Division ot the 

United States Army. 

" I didn't go into the 
Army to get medals. I just 
wanted to do a good job," 
said Touchton. 

He did a good eni itigh 
job to earn him an Army 
Achievement Medal 
(AAM), a Meritorious 
Service Medal (MSM), 
and two Army 
* Commendation Medals 

(ARCOMs), one of 
which is being reviewed for a 
possible upgrade to the 
Soldier's Medal. 
It wasn't until the fall of 2002, when Touchton met then- 
Congressman Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.), who was running tor Senate 
in Georgia, that it even seemed possible he would ever receive the 
medals he earned. 

Dr. Touchton provided Senator Chambliss' team with the 
necessary documentation, and they went to work. It took eight 
months to get the medals approved; but in August 2003, it became 

John f. Touchton Sr. Ph.D., 14, (right) is 
congratulated by Congressman Saxby 
Chambliss (R-Ga.). 

official that Touchton would receive his long overdue awards. 

Currently, Touchton has teceived the AAM for his work at Fort 
Benning in Research and Development on the Sniper Rifle Project 
and the Btadley Infantry Fighting Vehicle Projecr; and the MSM 
which is the Peace-Time Equivalent of a Bron:e Star, for his two years 
as the Commanding Officer of the last active duty Horse Cavalry 
Unit left in the U.S. Army. 

Dr. Touchton earned his first ARCOM for saving a man's right arm 
at the Atlanta Forrest Festival held in Atlanta, Texas, in 1981. 
During an arm wrestling contest, one of the contestant's arms 
snapped, severing the brachial artery. Touchton's quick response to 
stabilize the man not only saved the victim's arm, but also his life. 

His second ARCOM nomination is currently under review to be 
upgraded to the prestigious honor of the Soldier's Medal which is the 
Peace-Time Equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is 
awarded when a soldier risks his lite in order to save the lives of 
others. In May 1981, Touchton, at great personal risk, and with total 
disregard for his own safety, entered an overturned horse trailer filled 
with eight 1,200-pound horses. The trailer had slid off a muddy toad 
into a ditch knocking all the horses oft their feet. He managed to 
coordinate and execute the evacuation ot all hotses and personel from 
the trailer with only minimal injuries to all. His quick response and 
calm command ot the situation saved many lives that day. 

Touchton was honored to receive the medals bestowed upon him 
in December. He is still waiting for the decision of the Army Awards 
and Decoration Board tor his Soldier's Medal. 

Township Police Department. 

Paul M. Hogate (M.A.) recently opened a 
private psychotherapy practice in 
Pennsville, N.J. 

Heather Johnson-Mullisky (B.A.) was 

recently named the English Department 
Chair at James M. Coughlin High School 
in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She also received a 
2003 Educator of Distinction Award from 
the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation. She 
was nominated to Who's Who Among 
American Educators by one of her 

Frederick Schwarzenbach (B.A.) of 

Manahaukin, N.J., is a product specialist 
with Johnson & Johnson/Ortho-Biotech. 

Leslie (Blanchard) Stapleford (B.A.) of 

Townsend, Del., was promoted to Assistant 
Vice President in the Acquisition Operations 
Department of Bank One Card Services. 

19 9 3 Larry Berran (B.S.) of Dowmngtown, 
Pa., was appointed President and C.E.O. 

of Pipeline, a software company servicing 
the insurance industry. 

Matthew D. Melinson (B.S.) of Ivyland, Pa., 
was appointed to the executive board of 
the Philadelphia Chapter of the 
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public 
Accountants. He is the State and Local 
Tax Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers 

19 9 5 Pauline (Dowling) Hedrick (B.A.) of 

Colchester, Conn., received a Master of 
Education from Penn State University. 
She is currently a training development 
manager for Danaher Corporation. She and 
her husband Tyrone had a daughter, Grace 
Rebecca, in 2002. 

19 9 6 Patrick Denzer (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., is the Producer for 
season three of Trading Spaces on The 
Learning Channel. 

Jennifer (Dunphy) Murray (B.A.) of Perkasie, 
Pa., received a Master of Education from 
Holy Family University in Reading in May 

2001. She had a daughter, Jamieson, in 
December 2002. 

19 9 7 Colleen M. Caputo, R.N. (B.S.N.) of 

Bensalem, Pa., is a clinical consultant 
with Alans Medical Systems. 

Yvonne M. Downey (M.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., was promoted to Center Director at 
Haddington Multi Services for Older 
Adults, Inc. She also received the Eli Lilly 
Award for Community Health Programs for 

19 9 8 Christopher Magliozzo (B.A.) of 

Lawrenceville, N.J., is an editor for Crew 
Cuts Film in New York. 

Annette McCloskey (B.S.N.) of Waipahu, 
Hawaii, completed a Master of Education 
in Organization and Adult Development at 
Temple University. She is currently working 
in Hawaii with children and reconnecting 
with family and her roots. 

Brian Mills (B.A.) of Newtown, Pa., 
graduated from Rutgers Camden Law 

SPRING 2004 


School. He passed Pennsylvania and New 
Jersey bar exams and is employed with 
Masell: Warren P.C. in Princeton, N.J. 

19 9 9 Bonnie Errico (B.A.) of Bronx, NY., 
earned a Master of Social Work from 
Fordham University in May 2003. She has 
been promoted to managing the 
Alzheimer's program for people living on 
the lower east side of Manhattan. 

Frank J. Grosso (B.S.) of Warrington, Pa., 
joined the staff of Automotive Careers in 
Blue Bell, Pa., as General Manager. 

Thomas M. Lannen (B.A.) recently 
completed U.S. Navy basic training at 
Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, 

Danielle (Penko) Magliozzo (B.A.) of 

Lawrenceville, N.J., is teaching at Central 
Bucks School District and is currently 
working towards a Master Degree in 

Jamie M. Sanko, C.P.A. (B.A.) of Wilmington, 
Del., passed all four parts of the May 
2003 C.P.A. exam. He scored in the top 
10 in the state of Pennsylvania. Sanko 
accepted a position at Ernst & Young. 


2 Cheryl Giannattasio-Knauer (B.A.) of 

the Maryland Institute College of Art was 
named Treasurer for the Baltimore Public 
Relations Council for a one-year term. 

Eileen P. Golden (B.S.) accepted a new 
position in the accounting department of 
the law firm Duane Morris LLP in October 

Jason Y. Hill (B.S.) of Flourtown, Pa., 
received an M.B.A. from La Salle 
University in May 2003. He and his 
fiance, Lauren Richmond (B.A. '01), are 

planning a July 2004 wedding. 

Sean McDevitt (B.A.) of Brighton, Mass., 
helped organize 100 hours of national 
service testimony on Capitol Hill. The 

weeklong effort, "Voices for AmeriCorps," 
mobilized over 700 champions and alumni 
who spoke on behalf of AmeriCorps to urge 
congress to pass $100 million in 
supplemental funding. 

Rikki (Quinn) James (B.A.) of Willow Grove, 
Pa., is a redemption specialist for Daimler 
Chrysler Services in Horsham. She is 
pursuing an M.B.A. in technology 
management at the University of Phoenix. 
Her son, Aiden James, recently celebrated 
his first birthday. 

Oavid Stanoch (B.A.) of Williamsport, Pa., is 
a judicial clerk for the Federal Judiciary. 
He is a graduate of Temple Law School 
and will complete a federal clerkship with 
the Hon. James F. McClure Jr. (M.D. Pa.) 
before going to work in the Philadelphia 
office of Dechert LLP. He is engaged to 
Monica Fahey (B.A. '01). 

Kelly R. Tierney (B.S.) completed her third 
year of medical school at Drexel University 
School of Medicine with honors. She was 
awarded a fellowship for one year to the 
University of Texas Southwestern Medical 
Center in Dallas. Tierney will be doing 
clinical research in the field of nutrition 
and metabolic diseases in HIV patients. 
She will return to Pennsylvania in October 
and finish her fourth year of medical 

Victoria A. West (B.A.) of Sharon Hill, Pa., 
received a Master of Education of the 
Visually Impaired from Pennsylvania 
College of Optometry in May 2003. She is 
currently teaching in the early childhood 
program at Overbrook School for the Blind. 

2 01 Duwan L. Lang (B.S.) was recently 
promoted to Logistics Management 
Specialist at the Naval Inventory Control 
Point in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Lauren Richmond (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., is in her second year of Villanova Law 
School. She and her fiance, Jason Y. Hill 
(B.S. '00), are planning a July 2004 

2 00 2 Jonathan S. Miller (B.S.) of 

Washington, D.C., is a graduate student at 
Georgetown University studying bio- 

Rosalind Wilson (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
welcomed her new foster son, Matthew 
Tangrad, 1 1, into her life and has plans to 
adopt again in the future. 

2 3 Elizabeth Smith (B.A.) of Atco, N.J., 
accepted a position in Oahu-Leeward 
School District as a special education 


19 8 8 A daughter, Audrey Mary, to Jerry 
and Karen Cantello-O'Kane (B.A.) 

1989 A daughter, Brigit Mary, to Gus 
and Victoria (Ambolino) Kane (B.S.). 

A daughter, Kelly Ann, to Lisa and Martin 
McKenzie (B.S.). 

19 9 A son, Alexander James, to Lee 
and Suzanne (Lardear) Dotson (B.S.). 

A son, Andrew Michael, to David 
Espenshade (B.A.) and Lisa (Baum) 
Espenshade (B.S.). 

A son, Daniel Richard, to Ken and 
Kathleen (Ryan) Hackman (B.A.). 

A daughter, Emily Rose, to Debbie and 
James J. Horan (B.S., M.B.A. '97). 

Twins, Matthew and Steven, to Tracy and 
Michael Nuzzolo (B.A.). 

1991 A daughter, Halle Louise, to 
Jessica and Scott R.S. Besler (B.S.). 

19 9 2 A son, David, to David and Donna 
(Gilbride) Green (B.S.). 

A daughter, Ruth Elizabeth, to John and 
Heather Johnson-Mullisky (B.A.). 

A son, Jack, to Drew and Maryrose 
(McGovern) Ruggieri (B.A.). 

19 9 3 A daughter, Amelia Rose, to Peggy 
and Larry Berran (B.S.). 

A son, Gabriel John, to John P. Cipollone 



For Tim M u n s o n , '80, Perseverance Leads 
to Personal and Professional Success 

Tim Munson, '80, has an ace up his sleeve when he talks to young 
people at schools about their futures. Yes, he's a special agent in 

charge of the FBI's Mobile, Ala., 
office. Yes, he worked full-time as a 
police officer while earning his 
degree at La Salle's evening 
division. Yes, he has persevered. But 
more importantly, he has prevailed. 

Munson never knew his father 
and was placed in foster care as a 
child. For years, he never saw his 
mom or his siblings. He was 
literally passed from foster home to 
foster home. One was so bad, he 
had to run away. 

Then two things happened for 
his benefit. 

An older brother wanted him to assist in a crime. Munson was so 
nervous, he was shaking, but decided not to take that fork in the 
road. The other moment is when a college professor took him in as a 
ward and showed somebody cared. Then, he came home from high 

Tim Munson, '80 

school to find this professor dead of natural causes. He was back in 
foster homes — and he dropped out of high school. 

Munson joined the Army and saw a tour of duty in Vietnam. 
Upon returning, he married and began a family. Looking for some 
stability, he joined the Philadelphia Police Department. In the 
1970s, he joined a number of Philadelphia residents who took 
advantage of the GI Bill to pursue college. (Munson had earned a 
GED by this time.) 

"That was a Godsend," says Munson, who attended La Salle's 
evening division. "1 would never have been able to be in the 
position where I am today if not for that." 

He walked a police beat during the day and took classes at night 
tor six years with many other officers who were attending the 
evening school. 

He graduated with a degree in criminal justice, and a few years 
later, he joined the FBI, working his way up the ranks to his cutrent 
position; he oversees more than 100 officers and civilians. 

Munson gets requests from schools to speak with students about 
his experiences — about overcoming obstacles and making a 

His message is simple: "If I could make it, you can make it, too." 

(B.A.) and Jennifer (Quigley) Cipollone (B.A., 
MA '98). 

A son, Nathan Henry, to Taryn (McDermott) 
DeVincent (B.A.) and Richard DeVincent. 

A son, Aidan Paul, to David and Betsy 
(Santos) Dutwin (B.S.). 

A son, Jack Christopher, to Lori (Manzo) 
Ferko (B.S.) and Brian Ferko (B.S.) 

1994 A son, Aidan Mattingly Ham- 
Flood, to Jain P. Flood (B.A.). 

A son, Owen Thomas, to Jennifer (Ord) 
McLoone (B.A.) and Chris McLoone (B.A. '95). 

A daughter, Grace Kathleen, to Marc and 
Maribeth (Inverso) Pierlott (B.A.). 

19 9 5 A daughter, Molly Rose, to 
Rosemarie Jagielo-Manion (B.A.) and John 
Manion (B.A.). 

A son, James Robert, to Kristen 
(Spielberger) Giordano (B.S.N.) and Lance J. 
Giordano (B.S.). 

199 6 A son, Dominic Albert, to Rose 
Marie Morelli (B.S., M.B.A. '02) and Albert 

A daughter, Francesca, to Danielle and 
Joseph Sulock III (B.A.). 

1997 A daughter, Olivia Anne, to Anne 
(Smart) Chiavegato (B.A.) and David 
Chiavegato (B.A.) 

A daughter, Julia, to JoAnn (Foy) Roth (B.A.) 
and Robert Roth (B.A.) 

19 9 8 Twins, Rocco Anthony and Vincent 
Charles, to Rocco and Linda (Warner) Wack 

A daughter, Hannah Faye, to Rachel C. 
Kaufman (M.A.). 


19 66 Walter J. Plagens (B.A.) to Mary 

Ann Manno. 

19 9 Stephanie Colello (B.S.) to Walter 
James Derrig. 

19 9 4 Sophia Delva (B.S.) to Carlos 

Brian Flynn (B.A.) to Katherine Raguckas, 

19 9 5 Tonya Ellis (B.A., M.A. '02) to Peter 

19 9 6 Jon P. Frey (B.S.) to Amy E. Guyger. 

Melissa Solt (B.A.) to Phil Williams. 

19 9 8 Christopher Magliozzo (B.A.) to 
Danielle Penko (B.A. '99). 

Sadig Nickelson (B.A.) to Alberto Angel 

19 99 Brian Martin (B.A.) to Kimberly 
Kessler (B.S.N. '00). 

Jaime Lynn Longo (B.A.) to Michael Gallagher 

2 01 Melissa Sue Bennett (B.A.) to 

Gregory Harper. 

Alicia Sestito (B.A.) to Eric Stonesifer (B.A.). 

2 2 Jennifer A. Luke (B.S.N.) to Joel E. 

In M e m o r i a m 

193 9 G. Harold Metz (B.A.) on Jan. 11, 


19 4 Joseph Reagan, F.S.C. (B.A.) on 

Sept. 28, 2003. 

194 7 Hugh J. Caven, D.D.S. (B.S.) of 

Wallingford, Pa. 

SPRING 2004 


19 4 8 Joseph C. Sabato (B.S.) of Crown 
Point, Ind., on June 14, 2003. 

19 5 Walter G. Boehm (B.A.) of Sun City 
Center, Fla., on June 27, 2003. 

Francis N. McCabe (B.S.) of Center Valley, 
Pa., on May 8, 2003. 

19 5 3 Francis A. Florio (B.A.) of Drexel 
Hill, Pa., on Jan. 13, 2004. 

19 5 4 James McGettigan Sr. (B.A.) of 

Marlton, N.J., on Nov. 20, 2003. He was a 
former special education professor, and 
state Department of Education consultant. 

19 5 6 William Gershanick, D.D.S. (B.S.) of 

Hatboro, Pa. 

19 5 8 John J. Brady, F.S.C. (B.A.) on Nov. 

12, 2003. 

19 5 9 William H. McCaffrey (B.A.) on Oct. 

13, 2003. 

1961 John Paul Sharp (B.S.) of 

Warrington, Pa., on Oct. 22, 2003. He 
was a longtime coach and athletic director 
at Archbishop Wood High School in 
Warminster. He also taught biology there 
for 37 years. 

196 3 Michael J. Walsh (B.S.) of Mount 

Wolf, Pa., on Dec. 14, 2003. 

196 6 Joseph Gordon (B.S.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., on Feb. 21, 2003. 

196 7 Bruno J. Bromke, Ph.D. (B.S.) of 

Bellmawr, N.J., on July 25, 2003. 

Terry P. Crawford (B.A.) of Pittsburgh, Pa. 

19 7 1 Robert P. Denver Jr. (B.S.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., on July 17, 2003. 

19 7 3 Franklin Higgins (B.S.) of Newport 
Beach, Calif., on July 21, 2003. 

19 7 7 Stephen F. Mitchell (B.S., M.B.A. 
'85) of Lancaster, Pa. 

19 81 Carl Edward Scarpa Jr. (B.S.) of 

New Castle, Del., on Oct. 10, 2003. 

19 8 6 Eric Paul Bristow (B.A.) of Rocky 
Mount, Va., formerly of Bucks County, Pa., 
on Nov. 15, 2003. 


Miroslav Labunka, Ph.D., Equitus OSGM, a 

retired Professor of History. Dr. Labunka 
joined La Salle's faculty in 1965 and 
remained until his retirement in 1993. He 

is survived by three children: Alex (B.A. 
75, M.B.A. '81), Irene (B.A. '81), and lllia 
(B.A. '87). He was also a professor at the 
Pope Clement Ukrainian Catholic 
University, a research fellow of the 
Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard 
University, and a former rector of the Free 
Ukrainian University in Munich, Germany. 


Eduardo Cangiano, of Bayonne, N.J., a 
sophomore business major, on Jan. 29, 

Ross Davies, of Holland, Pa., a graduate 
student in the Professional Communication 
program, on Oct. 5, 2003. 

Vivian Figueroa, of Philadelphia, Pa., 
formerly of Puerto Rico, a student in the 
Bilingual Undergraduate Studies for 
Collegiate Advancement (BUSCA) program, 
on Dec. 29, 2003. 

Daniel Hewitt, of Warminster, Pa., a 
freshman history major, on Nov. 12, 2003. 

Alexis Santiago, of Philadelphia, Pa., a 
freshman in the Bilingual Undergraduate 
Studies for Collegiate Advancement 
(BUSCA) program, on Dec. 1, 2003. 


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Amanda Hartman, '04 
Age: 20 
Major: Biology 

Kathryn Hartman, '07 

Age: 1 8 

Major: Integrated Science, 

Business, and Technology 

La Salle Activities and Awards: 
La Salle Swim Team 
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La Salle Activities and Awards: 

La Salle Swim Team 

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to continue the Hartman legacy at La Salle." 

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Did You Know 

The abbreviation F.S.C., which follows every Christian Brother's 
name, stands for "Fratres Scholarum Christianarum" (Brothers of 
the Christian Schools). 

The world headquarters or "Generalate" of the Christian Brothers 
is located in Rome. 

About 5,700 Christian Brothers, together with their 75,000 
colleagues, operate just over 1,000 Lasallian schools in 80 
countries, serving the educational needs of 913,000 students 

The United States is one of the few places in the world where the 
Brothers are commonly known as the Christian Brothers. They are 
known in most nations as the De La Salle Brothers. 

The Christian Brothers first came to Philadelphia in 1853 to 
teach in the grammar schools of St. Peter's and Assumption 

Though further research is needed, many believe that a Christian 
Brother (Brother Jasper) originated baseball's seventh inning 
stretch in New York in 1882. The sports nickname of Manhattan 
College, a fellow Lasallian institution — "the Jaspers" — is a salute 
to his interest in athletics there. 

Christian Brothers founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, was 
not related to the French explorer of the same surname (Robert 
Cavalier, Sieur de La Salle) who claimed the Mississippi River for 
France. However, another French explorer, Father Marquette, was 
a cousin of St. La Salle. 

Special thanks to Brother Joseph Grabenstein, F.S.C., '73, Archivist for the 
Baltimore Province and La Salle University, for researching and compiling this information. 


Philadelphia, PA 19141 


r m 




CO " 





the first word 

Relationships, Community, Involvement, Learning 


lie — the central concern of La Salle University or any other 
institution of higher education. 

Nonsense, you say? Please consider this alternative. 
Learning is — or, more precisely, should L>e — the central 
concern of every institution of higher education, including 
La Salle University. 

Feel better now? I thought you might. 
The stories you'll read in the pages that follow blend to 
form a larger picture which strongly suggests that learning 
is alive and well in our university community and, further, 
that its impacts stretch far beyond the curriculum, the co- 
curriculum, the extra-curriculum, and the boundaries of 
the campus itself. 

Learning is not a spectator sport nor, I believe, is it a 
direct result of teaching, no matter how good the teacher. 
Lessons culled from contemporary scholarship and practice, 
as well as our Lasallian traditions, convince me that the 
work of our university should be characterized by four 
words: relationships, community, involvement, and 
learning. Here's why. 

In higher education circles, modern definitions of 
learning encompass all facets of human development 
through which a student is likely to progress during the 
course of enrollment. If learning is our goal, we must 
consider how learning occurs. 

Our professional literature leads us to 
lielieve that learning is a direct function 
of what has come to be called 
involvement, defined by leading 
scholar Alexander Astin as the quality 
and quantity of physical and 
psychological energy the 


learner devotes to the academic enterprise. Simply put, the 
more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. 

If involvement leads to learning, we have to think about 
how involvement is most likely to be engendered. Again, 
contemporary scholarship leads us to a conclusion: 
Involvement is fostered in atmospheres of community, in 
which people perceive themselves to be — and, to the 
greatest extent possible, actually are — working together in 
common purpose toward the achievement of ends greater 
than their own. 

If community fosters involvement, we need to determine 
how community may be achieved. Common sense will lead 
you to the same conclusion as that reached by prominent 
scholars: Community begins with relationships. In a 
university setting, that means relationships between and 
among students, faculty, and staff. The major theories of 
premature student departure (theories of student retention 
and success if you turn them around) are in agreement 
about one thing: A student's social integration into the 
university community is integral to the student's learning 
and success. 

Interestingly and not at all coincidentally, the lessons of 
contemporary scholarship and practice mirror the legacy of 
St. John Baptist de La Salle. For more than three centuries, 
Lasallians have endeavored to touch the hearts of students 
(relationships) and to do so together and by association 
(community). The model of simultaneous classroom 
instruction, taken for granted today but pioneered by the 
early Christian Brothers, was designed in large measure to 
foster association among students and, by so doing, to 
promote involvement, with the greater learning of all as 
the goal. 

The stories you'll read in the pages that follow 
demonstrate what may be accomplished in an 
institution of higher education that is committed to 
student learning and, moreover, to the promotion of 
student learning in accordance with the principles 
described above. These stories form a remarkable 
mosaic that reflects the impact of relationships, 
community, involvement, and learning on students' 
lives during their enrollment and, ultimately, as 
they employ and deepen their learning as citizens 
and leaders of the world they rejoin as graduates of 
La Salle University. 

Joseph J. Cicala, Ph.D., 19, a member of The Masque, on stage with EMMr Award Winning TV producer 
Eileen Matthews, '81, in the Fall 1978 production ofThe Man Who Came to Dinner. 

SUMMER 2004 



Volume 48 I Number 2 


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Jim Roese 

Alumni Association Officers 

William W. Matthews, Esq., '90, President 
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cover story 
Lives Changed Forever 


La Salle's Boys-and Girls- 
of Summer 



Making Rounds Worldwide 


Living a Golfer's Dream 


Cooking Up Success 


A Different Kind of Hero Comes 

Home from Iraq 

special feature 


Commencement 2004 



Book Notes 






Alumni Notes 


cover story 

Lives Changed Forever 

By Learning Beyond the Curriculum 


some, learning is life. And it's not just a matter of going to 
classes; it's a case of living to the fullest. The Lasallian 
traditions of educating the whole person, purposeful 
education, and active engagement in the life of the 
community and the life of the mind have proved formative 
for thousands of La Salle graduates all around the world 
and over many years. Many have gone on to achieve 
extraordinary things, both great and small. 

We talked to nine alumni about their lives, their 
memories of La Salle, and the paths they have chosen. 
Their stories reach back to different times and into the 
heart of what it means to be an Explorer. Each is as 
different as it is inspiring. In their words, we discover a 
sampling of the many paths laid before La Salle graduates 
by the care of those around them, and we discover just a 
few of the ways the Lasallian tradition lives on. 

Father Eric Augenstein, 00 


"I started thinking about the priesthood before," admits 
Father Eric Augenstein, '00, "But at La Salle, it was 

nourished." A double major 
with a BA. in religion and 
philosophy and a minor in 
English, Rev. Augenstein 
received his MA. in Catholic 
thought and life in 2002 and his 
master's in divinity two years 
later, both from St. Meinrad 
School of Theology in southern 

A native Hoosier, Rev. 
Augenstein has just been 
named Associate Pastor and 
assigned a parish that serves "a cluster of three churches 
with one staff," in the Richmond, Ind., area. "I will also be 
teaching religion to freshmen and sophomores at nearby 
Seaton High School," he says. 

There could hardly have been a more appropriate 
training ground for Rev. Augenstein than La Salle. After 

all, where else could this aspiring priest with a passion for 
music and community involvement have found so many 
opportunities to, well, practice what he would later go on 
to preach? 

"While I was at La Salle, I became very involved in 
campus ministry. I was on the liturgy planning team, and I 
also selected music for services." In addition to fine-tuning 
and planning liturgy and setting the musical tone for 
worship on campus, Rev. Augenstein, who is an 
accomplished pianist and organist, also sang as part of the 
La Salle Singers. He also served for two years as president 
of the 25-member mixed chorus. 

"It was a club," he explains. "We met once a week and 
did a Christmas and spring concert on campus that was 
open to the public. While I was there, we organized 
Christmas caroling in the neighborhoods around La Salle 
and at nursing homes that were open to everyone in the 
La Salle community." 
Determined to spread the 

music as widely as possible, Really, I learned more 

Rev. Augenstein heavily outside of the 

recruited in "all the clubs , , 

, e ,. v „ classroom than in — 

and fraternities on 

campus, he says. Each and I learned a lot in 

would send representatives the classroom." 

to add their voices to the 

joyous noise. "We would 

break up into groups of 10 or 12 to go singing in a nearby 

neighborhood or nursing home," he remembers. "One 

year we recruited 100 students!" 

Rev. Augenstein's other activities while at La Salle come 
in handy on the job as well. In his new position. Rev. 
Augenstein will serve as counselor, administrator, mentor, 
and mediator. "While I was at La Salle," he says, "I also 
served as chair of the Judicial Board, hearing student policy 
violation cases. The neat thing about the board was that, 
while students chaired it, faculty member were always 

Really, I learned more outside of the classroom than 
in — and I learned a lot in the classroom," he explains. 


Megan Barnett, 01 


Megan Barnett, '01, is a political animal. A political 
science major with minors in 
Spanish and business 
administration, she served as 
president of the Students' 
Government Association 
(S.G.A. ) for two years, and 
helped the College Republicans 
organize and launch Political 
Awareness Month on campus. 
She was a member of the 
GAELS Irish Society, and a 
founding member of the 
La Salle Ambassadors. In her junior 

year, she joined Alpha Sigma Tail Sorority. As an alumna, 
she was elected to the Alumni Association Board of 
Directors in 2002, and is currently a member of the D.C. 
Metro Area Alumni Chapter, the Homecoming Planning 
Committee, and the Class Programs Committee. She's 

The Plymouth Meeting, Pa., native is also the first 
daughter of two La Salle alums, George Barnett, '72, and 
Mary Hopper, '79, who still lives in Plymouth Meeting. 

Always interested in 
politics, Meg Barnett 
worked on campaigns for 
candidates, and on the 
Republican National 
Convention in 
Philadelphia in 2000, a full-time student all the while. As a 
senior, she joined the Bush/Cheney 2000 presidential 
campaign, and traveled around the country working with 
former Secretary Dick Cheney. As a press advance lead for 
Vice President Cheney on the Bush/Cheney '04 
presidential campaign, Barnett is fully immersed in the 
world of politics — and she wouldn't have it any other way. 

"I was president of my high school class each year at 
Gwynedd Mercy Academy," she says, "so I decided to pull 
some dedicated and hard-working friends together at 
La Salle, and run for student government. I met [then 
S.G.A. president] Trey Ulrich, '99, M.B.A. '02, during 
freshman orientation. He gave me an overview of what 
S.G.A. entailed. I thought being president would be a 

"At La Salle, when you 
show initiative, doors 
fly open for you." 

great opportunity to get to know how La Salle operated 
and to make the voice of my class known. 

"At La Salle, when you show initiative, doors fly open 
for you," she says. "For example, in my first political 
science class, American Government, I was given the 
option of writing a long paper or keeping a journal from a 
three-hour-a-week internship with a political campaign." 
She and a friend joined the campaign of Republican 
candidate for District Attorney Jack McMahon. The 
internship fed her appetite for politics. "I ended up 
working for independent political fundraisers and event 
planners for three years through college," she says. 

Then, in 2000, with just eight weeks to go before the 
presidential election, Barnett was invited to join the 
Bush/Chenev campaign. "I had just turned 21, and was 
working with and learning from seasoned campaigners. It 
was incredible!" she says. 

"I attribute the person that I have become today very 
much to my experiences during college," she says. "At 
La Salle, I learned to approach every situation with a 'can 
do' attitude." 

Shannon Bauer, 03 


Shannon Bauer, '03, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 
loves the water. "My sister, brother, and I started taking 
swimming lessons as 
kids," she explains. 
And when she was 
10, she joined her 
first swim team. 
What started out as a 
"summer thing" 
soon developed into 
a "year-round thing," 
she says. By the time 
she was on the high 
school swim team, 
swimming was part 
of her identity. 

"Ever since I was 
12,1 wanted to go to La Salle," she says. Aquatic Club 
championship meets at La Salle had introduced her to the 
facilities — and to Philadelphia. "I loved it all," she says. 
"When it came time to apply, I was excited to see that 

Stephanie Cahill, '05, Shannon Bauer, '03, and Kimmy 
Evanilla, '05 at a 2003 swim meet. 

SUMMER 2004 

La Salle had my program." 

"I wanted to go somewhere where I could win as a 
swimmer, a place where I wouldn't be lost in the crowd," 
she says. "I got a good [athletic scholarship] offer from 
La Salle, and my parents recommended that I take it." 
There were other motivations, as well. "I'm Catholic," she 
savs. "La Salle has a spiritual community that appealed to 

As a student athlete and nursing student, the demands 
on her time were enormous. "I was always up at five in the 
morning," she recalls. "I had daily required clinical nursing 
hours. Plus, I was in the swimming pool at least four hours 
a day." Through it all, the La Salle community sustained 
this distance swimmer who competed in the 200-yard, 
500-vard, and one-mile competitions. "My teachers and 
coaches were flexible," she savs. "As long as they knew that 
I wanted to do well, they wanted to work with me." 

As important as swimming was to Sharon during her 
La Salle years, she somehow found time for other kinds of 
involvement, the fruits of which stay with her still. She 

"I wanted to go somewhere where I 
could win as a swimmer, a place where 
I wouldn't be lost in the crowd." 

participated in La Salle's annual Branch Out Day, when 
students gather on the quad in the morning and are 
dispersed to tackle neighborhood projects. "One vear, we 
joined with members of a community church congregation 
on a big clean-up project," she says. 

As part of nursing training, she taught nutrition, dental 
health, and other health-related topics in nearby 
neighborhoods. In a place like Philadelphia, says this self- 
described suburban girl from die small town of 
Harleysville, Pa. (population 8,795), "you gain perspective. 
Cultural awareness is valuable to me as a nurse serving 
diverse patients and communities. Those experiences 
helped me become more culturally aware, more sensitive to 
the differences between people." 

So, what is this swimmer/nurse doing todav? "I'm 
working on my Master of Science in Nursing at La Salle," 
she laughs. "I liked it so much, I came back!" 

Al Cantello, 55 

Al Cantello, '55, throws the javelin in a 1954 
Explorer Yearbook photo. 


According to Al 
Cantello, '55, La Salle 
track star, former world 
record holder in the 
javelin, and Olympic 
athlete, "When I 
graduated from high 
school, my oldest brother 
had just gotten back 
from World War II, and 
he wanted to get 
married. My lather had 
died when I was 1 2 . 
Ours being a typical 
second generation 
Italian family, it fell to 
me to become the 
breadwinner. So, as mv 
peers all went off to 
college that fall, I went 

to work in the asbestos factory" in his hometown of 
Norristown, Pa. But something happened that would 
change everything for him. That something was La Salle. 

Obviously, Cantello had already made an impression on 
college coaches, because, as he tells it, "Through some 
divine intervention, I staved in shape" while working shifts 
at the factory. 
Then, after two 
years of lunch 
boxes and swing 
shifts, "the La 
Salle track coach 
offered me one of 
the few athletic 

scholarships available at the time," he says 
whole life." 

La Salle in the early 1950s was a very different place 
than it is today. "There were no dorms and no women," 
explains. "The guys wore overcoats, ties, and hats. One 
thing that made me unique was that I was not from 
Philadelphia. Another thing was the fact that I had a car, 
which also made me popular." Among Cantello's fond 
memories of those davs: road trips to Madison Square 
Garden to see nationally ranked Explorers basketball. 

"The thing about La Salle 
is, they took this broken 
branch and fixed it." 

'It changed mv 


"We'd pile in my ear and drive up to the citv to the game," 
he recalls. "Those were the days." 

Earning a B.A. in English education while throwing 
javelin all four years as an undergraduate, Cantello kept in 
shape and continued improving. Soon after he graduated, 
he was tapped as an American Olympic hopeful. And, 
though he set the world record for javelin throw in 1959, 
and qualified for and competed in the 1960 Olympics in 
Rome, Italy, "the biggest thrill I ever had as an athlete was 
being awarded the Perm Relay watch in 1953 as part the 
La Salle team," he says. "I still have that watch." 

In Cantello's mind, his years at La Salle "were the best 
of times. The mantra of the school was always to give the 
blue collar second generation American a chance; that is 
what La Salle was about," he explains. "When I was there, 
we had a nationally-ranked swim team and basketball team. 
The war had just ended. There was optimism and 
innocence and a purity of purpose among people. That's 
what made it such a great time for me." 

And then there were individuals, specifically Brother 
Christopher, then-Dean of Admissions. "He wrote the 
letter to the draft board that kept me out of the Korean 
War, which was very unusual in those days. You see, I came 
from the 'wrong side of the tracks.'" 

"The thing about La Salle is, they took this broken 
branch and fixed it," he savs, warming to his point. "I've 
been coaching over 40 years — cross country, indoor, and 
outdoor track — 75 athletes on a team, three seasons of the 
year [at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.]. Why? 
Because La Salle took a chance on me. For that, I'm 
forever loval to the school." 

Dave Carberry. 74 


"Whenever you work on setting 
policy," says Dave Carberry, '74, 
B.A. in accounting, and Vice 
President of Finance for Johnson 
& Johnson Healthcare Svstems, 
"you need to be able to stand up 
and articulate your point of view." 
At which executive seminar did the 
51-year-old Yardley, Pa., resident, who also holds an 
M.B.A. and is a certified management accountant, learn 
this valuable lesson? The La Salle Student Advisory Council 

"I stayed pretty busy 
at La Salle, and had a 
lot of fun doing it." 

to the Dean of Students. 

"I felt it was important to get involved and help out on 
campus," he says. And Carberry's interests ranged wide. "I 
stayed pretty busy at La Salle, and had a lot of fun doing 
it." He served as a resident assistant, helping keep the 
peace at close quarters where Jimi Hendrix devotees 
sometimes clashed with the more scholarly set. At one time 
or another, he participated in Stage Crew, served as 
treasurer for numerous campus projects, was on the 
residence council, and, as already mentioned, worked with 
the dean as a student advisor. 

One reason Carberry felt comfortable getting involved 
on so many levels was that, for him, "La Salle was always a 
safe community. It's small enough that you don't get lost." 
Like many alumni, he was 
the first generation in his 
family to attend college. "I 
knew little about the 
selection process, and I had 
very little money," he says. 
The Philadelphia native says 
he wanted to "stay close to 
home and to the work opportunities in the city." 

As a resident assistant, Carberry came to enjoy the 
"camaraderie of the Brothers," who played a central role in 
student life. "As a head resident, I managed other resident 
assistants in other halls. I learned to manage and resolve 
conflicts from that experience, and the Brothers helped me 
so much." 

And Carberrv gives back. "I've always felt grateful for 
what I got at La Salle," he says. "Helping students 
understand what a career in business is all about — I enjoy 

So, today, he serves on the business advisory board that 
helps the School of Business strengthen connections with 
the world of business by focusing curriculum, marketing, 
and internship opportunities. "This helps the business 
school tailor its product," he explains, "not just to meet 
needs of the business community, but to also help students 
be more successful when they hit the job market." 

As a La Salle University team leader for Johnson & 
Johnson, Carberrv helps attract rising generations of 
La Salle business graduates to Johnson & Johnson. "We're 
very successful at attracting graduates from La Salle," he 
says, obviously glad for the graduates and his company. "I 
am very proud of that, and I plan to continue." 

SUMMER 2004 

Andrew Jannett, M.D., '43 


Not all lessons reveal themselves 
right away. Sometimes, they surface 
much later to enrich life anew. For 
Andrew F. Jannett, M.D., '43, 
who earned his B.A. at La Salle by 
the time he was 20, saw action as 
a young Na\y officer in the 
Philippines campaigns of World 
War II, earned a medical degree 
from The Johns Hopkins 
University School of Medicine, 
and served as a surgeon in the 
U.S. Air Force in Bitburg, Germany, during 
the 1970s, life must have always seemed rich. Aid now, 
rich with memories, Jannett has begun to write, a love first 
nurtured in his undergraduate years at La Salle. 

He was born in south central New Jersey in 1923. 
"Hammondton, N.J.," he writes in his memoir, A 
Twentieth-Century American 1923-2000, "lies in the south 
central part of the state and was founded sometime after 
the Civil War. Its flat-surface sandy soil lent itself to the 
successful growing of almost every berry, fruit, and 
vegetable. In size the town at my birth numbered about 
five thousand people." With characteristic attention to 
detail, Jannett begins his memoir, one of three books — 
including one of stories and another of poems — that are the 
latest expression of his passion for life and his love of 

"One of the most important things is to be able to 
communicate," says this doctor-turned-writer. "And I 
credit La Salle with helping me improve mv skills. I was 
always a nut about English classes. But, it wasn't until 
much later I actually got a chance to sit down and write.'" 

"Having the background I had at 

La Salle, I have been able to lead a moral 


In addition to English classes, Jannett also honed his 
writing talent as a reporter for the campus paper, the 
Colle/jinn. The careful distillation of a point down to its 
journalistic essence is recognizable many years later in his 
memoir. Noting the credentials of his premed classmates at 

La Salle, he notes, "I was fearful of the competition." But 
in his studies, as in so much of his life, he need not have 

Looking back to those tumultuous years of the Great 
Depression and World War II, Jannett reflects on the 
abiding moral strength and security he found at La Salle. 

"Having the background I had at La Salle, I have been 
able to lead a moral existence. I'll give you an example," he 
says. He celebrated his 21st birthday aboard a Navy ship in 
Colon, Panama (where he cast his first vote for president, 
by absentee ballot). As he tells the story, "I was surprised 
when the skipper wished me a happy birthday, and ordered 
me to go ashore and 'enjoy myself" Realizing that he had 
wandered into the red light district, Jannett quickly 
returned to ship, leaving the "enjoyment" on shore. 

Captain Smiley said, 'Andy, did you have a good time?' 

'Yes,' I replied. 

He said, 'It's only 9:30/ 

I made no reply. 

Moral character, clean living: Andrew Jannett credits 
La Salle with fostering both. "Who you are by the time you 
are 2 1 is who vou are going to be," he says. "My formative 
years were spent at La Salle, and those experiences helped 
to form me. I owe La Salle a lot." 

James Kirschke. Ph.D., '64 


James Kirschke, Ph.D., '64, 
B.A. in English, author and 
professor of English at Villanova 
University, is a true American 
hero. This decorated Vietnam 
War veteran earned his Purple 
Heart the hard way. By 1967, 
Kirschke had served in the 
steaming jungles of Vietnam as 
commander of mortar and rifle 
platoons. He was no stranger to 
the perils of combat as he led his platoon on yet another 
patrol. As he tells it, "This last area we were in was really 
mined and booby-trapped. It was my job to lead my men 
through it. I had done it before," he says. "But if you are 
really doing this job, you can't always be lucky." 

The explosion came without warning, instantly blowing 


off his left leg at the hip and taking with it half of his right 
leg, the remainder of which sustained extensive nerve 
damage. "It was a box mine filled with rusty nails," he 
explains calmly. "I was really creamed by it." 

Rewind six years to 1961, when Kirschke first arrived on 
campus at La Salle, "I came from a lower-class 
background," he explains. "I had no father, and mv mom 
was a waitress." At that time, Vietnam meant nothing more 
to most Americans than a "place on the map," he savs. 

"I learned things about being successful 
and honed my leadership skills, which 
I've called upon as a Marine officer, a 
faculty member, and as a professional. 
La Salle gave me the environment to do 
this kind of work." 

Rather than face mandatory draft, he had joined a 
marine training program that offered a speedy route up the 
pay scale and regular paychecks. He also made time to get 
involved in campus life. In addition to the work he put into 
writing the first constitution for the Student Court, which, 
for years, served as the judicial body overseeing student 
policy violations and other offenses on campus, he also 
served as its first justice. 

"I was pretty active," he says, with characteristic 
modesty. He served as vice president of his freshman and 
junior classes, president of his sophomore and senior 
classes, and vice president of the student council during his 
senior year, all as he continued working to pay for school. 
And he was writing. 

"My teachers did everything to encourage me," he 
explains. "Four English professors in particular opened the 
doors for me. Claude Koch, who would look at anything I 
wrote; Brother Emery Mollenhaucr, my first composition 
teacher; Brother Patrick Sheekey, department head and 
editor of the [now-defunct] Four Quarters literary 
magazine; and John Keenan ['52, Professor Emeritus of 
English]. These men devoted more time to me than lots of 
students get in their entire college careers." 

That attention paid off. In addition to his memoir of 
Vietnam, titled Not Going Home Alone, A Marine's Story, 
he is the author of Henry James and Impressionism, Willa 
Gather and Six Writers from the Great War, and the 

forthcoming biography, Gouverneitr Morris (1~52-1S16): 
Author, Statesman, and Man of the World. 

At La Salle, he says, "I learned things about being 
successful and honed my leadership skills, which I've called 
upon as a Marine officer, a faculty member, and as a 
professional. La Salle gave me the environment to do this 
kind of work." 

Colleen McGeehan, 



Good deeds, like ripples 
spreading outward in a pond, can 
resonate through generations. 
Maybe that's the way the idea 
came to Colleen McGeehan, '93, 
B.A. in secondary education and 
mathematics, and a teacher at the 
Young Women's Leadership 
School in East Harlem, N.Y. Her 
idea was that, like her, her 
students should have the chance 
to experience volunteer work. 
After all, during her years at 

La Salle as part of Campus Ministry, McGeehan had seen 
for herself the joys of volunteering, of doing "something 
that was beyond ourselves." 

While an undergraduate, her volunteer work had taken 
her twice to Appalachia during spring breaks. One vear, 
they went "to a work camp for families and kids" in rural 
Kentucky, she says. "It was a farm cooperative that families 
used to help cut costs." Another year, she and fellow 
volunteers worked in West Virginia on a home repair 
project. "Many coal mining towns had put up ramshackle 
homes in the 1930s and '40s," she explains. "People still 
live in them." 

So it only seemed natural to McGeehan that, as a 
teacher, she should help her students get involved, too. 
"Volunteering in Appalachia was a seminal experience for 
me. I said to my colleagues, 'we should do this, too.'" 
Soon, they were taking groups of high school students to 
Appalachia to work on the same kind of projects 
McGeehan had experienced while in college. When driving 
became an issue, "we switched to doing local Habitat for 
Humanity projects," she says. "Volunteering really enriched 
my life and my students'. It helped us see each other 

SUMMER 2004 

As it turns out, much of what McGeehan sees is through 
the eves of a volunteer. In fact, it was through the Lasallian 
Volunteers, a program that places graduates in volunteer 
programs, that she first came to New York, where she now 
lives and works. "The people in that program are very 
interested in social justice," she says. "They opened my eyes 
to volunteering as a graduate." 

People often talk about how Campus Ministry was 
always a place that allowed people to be themselves," she 
vi\ s, remembering fondly how working with others could 
hasten achievement of a common goal of helping those in 
need. "It was a place where you'd meet people you might 
not get to meet," she explains. "Even though we might 
have different reasons for volunteering, in the end. 
everyone was contributing to the same thing." 

"I would call myself' Lasallian,'" she savs proudly. At its 
best, "the Lasallian community means being connected and 
aware of the world in which you live. It might mean 
service; it might mean supporting those in service. For 
me," she explains, "it has meant education." 

Daniel Tann, Esq., '82 


Baseball can be a great teacher. 
Ask Philadelphia native Daniel 
Tann. Esq., '82, B.S. in accounting 
with a concentration in 
organizational behavior 
management. "When I was 9 or 10 
years old growing up in West Phillv 
next to a park, the city was 
segregated." he says. "But we 
never had enough kids for two full 
baseball teams." Solution: Go to 
the other side of the park, and 
invite the Italian kids to join in and 
"bridge the gap." 

One day, he says, "the police 
were called. They told us — the 
black kids — that we couldn't play 
there. That was my first exposure to discrimination. That's 
when I decided to become a lawver." 

During his undergraduate years at La Salle, Tann w asted 
no time helping create new institutions on campus, leading 
the student body through elected office in student 
government, and bolstering campus awareness of 

Daniel Tann. Esq.. '82. from a 1981 
Explorer Yearbook photograph with 
Students' Government Association 

others, you are 
obligated to help." 

His student government career began "as chair of the 
Food Service Committee," he explains. Next, he was 
elected sophomore class senator. In his junior vear, he 
served as Vice President of Business Affairs. In his senior 
vear, vice president of Student Affairs and President of the 
student senate. 

"I was also a founder of 
the Mu Upsilon chapter of 

Phi Beta Sigma fraternity at "I was always taught 
La Salle," he adds. Tann first that if t tQ a 

learned about PBS, one of . ,. _ 

the historically African P lace m Y our llf e 

American fraternities where VOU Can help 

founded at Howard 
University in 1914, when he 
spotted some unfamiliar 
African American students 

on campus "handing out information on sickle cell anemia. 
I had known someone who died of it," he savs, "so I 
stopped to talk to them." They were PBS fraternity 
brothers from another school, out on a community-based 
activity. "What they were doing was very hands-on," he 
says. "That intrigued me." 

Elected as the chapter's First President in 1981, he 
coordinated a comprehensive "Black History Month" 
program with the Black Students of La Salle (B.S.L.) 
organization. It would be the first of many social, cultural, 
and political programs aimed specifically at black students. 
"The fraternity," he says, "was a great outlet." He also 
worked with the La Salle Urban Center to interlace with 
community groups to "put an .African American face on the 
L'niversity in dealing with community issues," he explains. 

"I think today the L T niversity tries very hard to work 
with the community,'' he says. That's at least partially due 
to his groundbreaking efforts. And Tann continues to work 
hard for his alma mater. 

A member of the La Salle Alumni Association Board of 
Directors since he graduated in 1982, he more recently 
founded the African American Alumni Association. "My 
major goal is to work for more scholarships for African 
American students at La Salle," he says. To that end, in 
2000, "we formally endowed the Warren E. Smith, M.D., 
'54, Scholarship, which is named for one of the first African 
American graduates of La Salle's pre-med program." 

"I was always taught that if you get to a place in your 
life where you can help others," he says, "you are obligated 
to help." La Salle's founder couldn't have put it better. 



make-up courses, and, of course, baseball. 

Several La Salle University alums are involved with 
baseball, doing just about everything but swinging a bat. 

When, once upon a time, a TV professional asked Leigh 
McDonald Tobin, '87, to name her dream job, she didn't 

"PR director for the Phillies," she said. 

Dreams do come true. 


Since 1990, Tobin has been a Phillies employee, and is 
now in charge of the team's media relations. But being a 
fan and an employee are different experiences. 

"Once you start, you'' re awed (being around players). It 
was the weirdest feeling. Mike Schmidt was my hero 
growing up, and there he was. In the hallways, I'd hear 
(announcer) Harrv Kalas' voice behind me. It all becomes 
realitv instead of a fantasy," she says. Working in the team's 
new stadium this season "has been awesome." 

In 1997, for the 50th 
anniversary of Jackie 
Robinson's charge through 
baseball's race barrier, his 
widow, Rachel, attended the 
unveiling of a Philadelphia 
mural of her husband by 
David McShane, '88. 

The three-story work on 
North Broad Street, a few 
miles south of La Salle, 
depicts Robinson stealing 
home in the 1955 World 

"So often, I've seen 
images and likenesses of my / -*Ml«rf^PTri , *'~ at 

husband," Mrs. Robinson said at the unveiling. "When I 
look up at this mural, that's him." 

McShane was a biology major, but always dabbled in 
painting. Later, he studied and pursued art full time, and 
when the director of Philadelphia's mural program asked if 
he would do one on Robinson, he accepted. 

June 2001 was not going to be easy for Dennis 
Lehman, '73, Executive Vice President for Business Affairs 
of the Cleveland Indians. He got his start in baseball 
working for the Philadelphia Phillies, and thanks to inter- 
league play, the two teams faced each other in Cleveland. 

"I certainly had mixed feelings about it," he says. 

Lehman started working for the Phillies on summer 
vacations in high school. When the club moved to Veterans 
Stadium in 1971, he ran the scoreboard for the Phillies and 
the Eagles. 

Because most games were at night, Lehman finished his 
education at La Salle during the day, obtaining a degree in 
political science. He was also moving up the Phillies ladder, 
working on the financial side. In 1988, the Indians offered 
him a position in which he'd be responsible for all revenue 

Even though he's only 25, Kevin 
Ibach, '00, has been a baseball lifer. 
His father was a sports writer and 
worked for the Chicago Cubs. Ibach 
played baseball at La Salle, got an 
internship with the Baltimore Orioles, 
and is now the club's Baseball 
Operations Assistant, in which he 
works with major league and minor 
league players in a variety of roles. 

"I would love to eventually get 
into coaching. I always tell people 
when and if the Orioles win the World Series, and I have 
that ring on my finger, I'll be more than happy to hang it 
up no matter what position I have. Having a World Series 
ring would be the ultimate goal. I don't know if I could 
beat that, so why not give something back to the game?" 

SUMMER 2004 

a lack of modern equipment, miracles are performed and 
people's lives are forever changed. 

Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, Roger Bucs, 
M.D., '64, and a team of other volunteers from the World 
Surgical Foundation, Inc., work at a frantic pace correcting 
cleft lips, accessing and removing lumps and bumps the size 
of grapefruits, performing mastectomies, hysterectomies, 
thyroidectomies, and whatever else they can handle in a 
week's time. 

On average, Bucs and his team complete 200 surgeries 
on their missions to some of the poorest countries in the 

"We go wild and work like mad while we are there," 
Bucs said. 

The World Surgical Foundation, Inc., formerly known as 
the World Mission of Central Pennsylvania, strives to 
provide health care for the underprivileged in Third World 

"For me, this is the ultimate," said Bucs, an 
anesthesiologist with Riverside Anesthesiology Associates in 
Harrisburg, Pa. "I always thought missionary work would 

be the most satisfying thing you could do in the field of 
medicine. It is pure patient care and the only reason to go 
on these missions is because vou care about people. And 
these people truly appreciate our being there." 

Despite his several missions, which have included trips to 
the Philippines, Honduras, India, and Thailand, Bucs is 
always overwhelmed by the reception his group receives. 

"Hundreds of people are lined up waiting for us to 
arrive. Many have traveled for days to get there," he said. 

According to Bucs, the foundation does perform some 
difficult surgeries, but because of the conditions, none of 
extreme risk. "A few lives are saved, and the quality of life 
for many is improved," he said. "For example, our patients 
with cleft lips are outcasts, but with corrective surgery, their 
lives are completely changed." 

Bucs became involved with the former World Mission of 
Central Pennsvlvania in 1997 shordv after it was organized. 
The foundation's goal is to perform one major mission per 
year. Upcoming missions include Bangladesh and a trip 
back to the Philippines. The foundation also supplies 
equipment to other organizations performing similar 
missionary work. 

"Many countries don't have adequate public health 



systems," said Bucs, who is on the Board of Directors for 
the World Surgical Foundation, Inc. "In the Philippines, 
for example, if a patient has an emergency, it's taken care 
of. But once the emergency is over, if that patient can't pay 
for care, that is the end of it. We've closed colostomies for 
people that have had them for 20 years." 

Preparing for a mission is just as much work as 
participating in it. Funds need to be raised to pay for 
expenses such as shipping equipment and medication. The 
40 or so volunteers who go on each mission pay for their 
own expenses. Participants include anesthesiologists, 
surgeons, recovery room and operating room nurses, and 
non-medical volunteers. The volunteers not specifically 
trained in medicine help coordinate the trip, and while on 
missions, they assist in sterilizing equipment and 
maintaining records. 

In addition to raising money, the organization also 
needs to coordinate with the host country the shipping and 
receiving of supplies. 

The World Surgical Foundation, Inc., has a warehouse 
that stores older equipment such as x-ray and anesthesia 
machines, TV poles, and operating beds donated by 
hospitals and doctors' offices. Prior to leaving on a mission, 
the host count)' is asked to fill out an equipment wish list. 

"We find out what our next location will need, and we 
go to our warehouse and try to fill their requests with what 
we collected," Bucs said. 

Regardless of how much equipment the foundation can 
supply, the team of volunteers is still working under 
poverty-stricken conditions, which often call for some 

"We do the best we can with what we have, but we 
often lack basic equipment we take for granted in the 
United States. So, at times, we do things very 
primitively," Bucs said. "I once put together a self-made 
anesthesia machine. The wonders of duct tape — I felt 

like MacGyver." 

Perhaps one of the most essential and basic of supplies 
that doctors lack is blood. Bucs recalls an incident where a 
patient had lost 30 percent of her blood volume and was in 
desperate need of a transfusion. Volunteers went out and 
asked anyone they came across to donate blood because 
there was literally not a drop in the hospital. 

"The blood bank consisted of an empty refrigerator," 
Bucs said. "Police officers donated, and, luckily, they were 
the right blood type — she made it." 

In spite of- — or perhaps because of — the health care 
environment existing in the host countries, Bucs 
understands the impact he is making. 

"We are absolutely needed," he said. "We bring surgical 
expertise and care to underserved areas and people where 
no one else would — or perhaps could." 

According to Bucs, the need for more missions of this 
nature is widespread. 

"We are always looking for more volunteers to help 
meet our goals. There is so much need out there, we don't 
even put a dent in it," he said. 

Next year, Bucs and his team are planning a trip back to 
the Philippines. "There is never a shortage of people to 
help," he said. 

Elaine Bucs has joined her husband on his trips abroad; 
she sterilizes equipment and assists patients as needed. The 
Bucs resides in Hershey, Pa. They have four children, and 
recently welcomed their first grandchild. 

For information on how to become a volunteer for the 
World Surgical Foundation, Inc., visit their Web site at 

Paying Honor 

Roger Bucs, M.D., '64, grew up in the small town of Roebling, N.J., where his father, 

George, worked in a steel miil. Despite the fact that George Bucs did not go further than 

sixth grade in school, he was a strong believer that a good education would take a person places in life. 

He was adamant that his son and daughter go on to college and earn higher education degrees, and both did. After his father 

died in 1991, Roger Bucs and his brother-in-law Thomas Burke, '60, wanted to find a way to honor him. The two came up 

with the perfect plan: a scholarship in his name. The George J. Bucs Scholarship originated in 1993, and provides financial 

assistance to a La Salle student from Florence Township, N.J., where Roebling is located. The scholarship follows the student 

throughout the course of his or her four years at La Salle, provided the student maintains or exceeds a specified grade point 


SUMMER 2004 





casually says, "Oh, I play only on days that end in a 'yV 

No one would expect less from the man who is revered as the foremost 
American authority on golf in Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. He makes 
sure to play nine holes with two golf balls; that way, he gets in his full 18-hole 
game every day at Philadelphia Country Club. 

Finegan has been an avid golfer since he was a boy. He started playing die 
game when he was 9 years old. Two years later, he began to caddie. Growing up, 
if he wasn't in school or doing homework, he could be found on the 
golf course. 

After graduating from La Salle in 1951, where he made a name 
for himself through his academic achievements as well as his golf 
ability, Finegan spent three and a half years in the Navy. In 
September of 1956, he started out as a copywriter for Gray & 
Rogers, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency. With his 
enthusiasm and creativity, Finegan worked his way up the ranks 
and was named Chairman and C.E.O. of the company in 1972. In 
1977, Finegan became the only golfer inducted into La Salle's 
Hall of Athletes. ^^^^^_ 

Prior to his retirement from Gray & Rogers in 1990, Finegan began writing 
pieces for national golf magazines. After he retired and could devote full time to 
the game he loved, he started writing books. 

In all, Finegan has written five books and is currently working on his sixth. His 
first book is a comprehensive history of golf in Philadelphia, titled, A Centennial 


Tribute to Golf in Philadelphia. A lifetime member of Pine 
Valley, he wrote the club history, which was published in 

But, perhaps he is best known for his trilogy of travel 
books, published by Simon &; Schuster, that follow Finegan 
as he lives a golfer's dream of playing the most highly 
regarded courses in the British Isles. Though he has played 
virtually all of the American "shrines," such as Merion, 
Oakmont, Augusta National, and Pebble Beach, he has not 
played as widely in the United States as in the United 
Kingdom and Ireland. 

"While many of the greatest courses within the British 
Isles are already well-known," Finegan said, "it 
<i HeatKs is mv pleasure from time to time to discover an 
e5! eJ G;e» ns unheralded gem, like Crudcn Bay in Scotland 
" or Narin & Portnoo in Ireland, 
and bring it to the attention of 
the American goiter." ^^m 

"T.'c» ■■■■ 
("iVoti.nj" were published in 1996. Blasted 

Heath and Blessed Greens covers 

the courses of Scotland; 

Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas 

embraces golfing in Ireland. Finegan said 

the last book in the series, All Courses 

Great and Small: A Golfer's Pilgrimage to 

England and Wales, took seven years to get 

published because Simon & Schuster 

believed that, of the hundreds of 

thousands of annual American visitors to 

England and Wales, relatively few were 

there for golf. 

Still, Finegan found a host of 
marvelous courses while researching the 
England/Wales book, and is optimistic 
that they will draw American golfers to 
these two lands. 

"The Addington, just outside 
London, is a great parkland course that 
the world has very little knowledge of," 
Finegan said. "And Pennard, in South 
Wales, is a majestic links course routed 
through spectacular sand hills." 

His current book remains untitled, 
but it finds him back in Scotland and 
Ireland writing about many of the 
courses he has already covered. ^^^^^^^^ 

Instead of a travel guide that one takes on a trip, his 

new volume is going to be an oversized coffee table book 
with "breathtaking" photography to correspond with his 

So, according to this golf historian, what makes a great 
golf course? 

"Great holes," Finegan said. "There 
are many courses that can generate 
considerable tension, but some of them | 
turn out to be obstacle courses rather 
than golf courses. A golfer wants 
challenge and excitement, but the 
degree of difficulty should be 
reasonable, not ruinous." 

IER 21 





"hot dog stand" with his brother as a young child in the 

basement of his family's Chicago home. 

"That's the earliest memory I have of anything that 
would give me the impression that maybe owning a 
restaurant is what I wanted to do," said the 32 -year-old 
head chef who co-owns two popular Conshohocken, Pa., 

Now, instead of plastic hot dogs and relish, Chef 
Pallarino is cooking up innovative dishes of balsamic 
marinated baby lamb chops with a shallot demi-glaze and, 
one of his signature creations, lobster macaroni and cheese 
which won "Best of Philly" in 2002. 

He and two friends, Kim Strengari 
and Marianne Gere, went into business 
together four years ago. 

"I would always cook dinner for my 
friends on the weekends," said Pallarino, 
who has had no professional culinary 
training. "They thought I was good, but 
I didn't know if I was good enough on 
that level." After he cooked for a friend's 
birthday party in 1999, party guest 
Strengari approached him about opening 
up a small Italian BYOB with Pallarino as the chef. 

Their first venture, Bella Luna, was an upscale Italian 
eatery on the Main Line. In the wake of its success, the trio 
opened Stella Blu in Conshohocken two years later — the 
more casual of the sibling restaurants. Though Bella Luna 
has since closed, Stella Blu has done so well that they 
decided to open another place a few months ago to 
accommodate the overflow of reservations. At their newest 
establishment, the Gypsy Saloon, located across the street 
from Stella Blu, a variety of fare from ribs and burgers to 
lobster risotto appear on the menu. 

Without having set foot in a culinary school in his life, 
where does Pallarino get it? 

"Growing up in a big Italian family, you can't help but 
get involved in the cooking that's alwavs going on. My 
grandma was the one who really got me interested. She 
and my mom always invited me into the kitchen," recalled 
the chef, who began cooking at age 10. "I don't put a ton 
of thought into it; it just comes naturally to me." 

"If I hadn't learned 
what I did at La Salle, 
I would have never 
been able to start my 
own business or do 
any of this." 

restaurateurs doubt his "natural" ability in the 
kitchen? If so, Pallarino doesn't blame them. "It's like an 
actor who doesn't pay his dues and then gets a gig on The 
Sopranos. I'm sure people get mad — wouldn't you? But 
once they taste mv food, they can decide for themselves." 

In addition to his restaurants' success, Pallarino has 
developed quite a reputation for himself in the culinary 
world. In fact, he appeared on NBC's reality show, The 
Restaurant, starring celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. 
He was recruited by DiSpirito's business partner, 
restaurant financier Jeffrey Chodorow, to try out as 
DiSpirito's potential replacement in light of recent turmoil 
between the two. 

"He said he heard about me and 
wanted to taste my food. So he came into 
my restaurant, and I did a tasting for him 
and his family," said Pallarino, who is a big 
fan of the show. "A month later, I got a 
call from a mutual friend who said Jeffrey 
was having problems with Rocco, and 
asked if I'd be interested in trying out." 
In an episode that aired on May 10, 
Pallarino, who was described as a "wonder 
kid," was shown preparing a multi-course 
tasting for Chodorow and his associates. 

He also starred on the Food Network's Date Plate, a 
reality dating series in which two eligible bachelors or 
bachelorettes cook a romantic meal within a fixed budget 
in the hopes of winning over a blind date. Pallarino's role 
was to help the not-so-food-sawy contestants prepare a 
creative menu and meal. 

Having created such a name for himself in the industry, 
it seems ironic that the restaurateur — a former accounting 
and finance major — had no intention of following such a 
career path. "I never had my heart set on being a chef," he 
said. Instead, he wanted to go into insurance or finance, 
which he did after he graduated from La Salle in 1994. 
Though he cooks at one of his restaurants just about 
every night, he never quit his "day job" as an insurance 
broker, which, he said, has afforded him the luxury of 
owning his own business and investing in other tilings. "If 
I hadn't learned what I did at La Salle, I would have never 
been able to start mv own business or do anv of this." 



A Different Kind of Hero 
Comes Home from Iraq 


The following story is reprinted from Tlie Philadelphia 
Inquirer with permission. 

herself to dream of the future. Her husband, Tom ['89], a 
former Upper Moreland Township commissioner, had been 
plucked from her life to fight in Iraq. 

Until she had him safely back home, the future would 
stay on hold. 

She soldiered on, day by day, in her new role as single 
parent to three children, avoiding news programs and 
cringing each time the doorbell rang, afraid of the message 
that might arrive. 

Recentlv, the Upper Moreland woman finally allowed 
herself to exhale. Standing in Philadelphia International 
Airport, she saw her soldier husband making his way 
toward her through the crowd. 

"Tom!" she screamed. And they fell into each other's 
arms, neither able to say a word. Their three children — 
Katie, 11, Daniel, 9, and Patrick, 6 — swarmed around. 
Murt's father, James, a World War II veteran, was there, 
too, and so was a color guard from the Willow Grove post 
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

"We were all just so emotional," Tom Murt said from 
home this week. "We were all crying." 

The entire time Murt had been overseas, he was able to 
speak on die phone with the children just three times. On 
his first night home, Murt read bedtime stories to them, 
and the next morning, he helped make their lunches and 

walked them to the bus stop. "That's what I missed 
| the most," he said, "the simple, everyday parent 

The hardest part of his deployment was not 
the scorpions or the pit 

toilets or the constant threat of attack. "The really, really 
hardest part is being away from your loved ones," he said. 

As I reported Feb. 23, Staff Sgt. Murt coped with the 
loneliness and boredom by launching a personal crusade to 
help the impoverished Iraqi children in the villages around 
his base. He sent e-mails home to friends and colleagues, 
asking them to donate whatever they could, and the local 
community responded in force. By the time he left, Murt 
had received and distributed more than 200 large boxes of 
clothing, toys and school supplies. In the process, he 
befriended hundreds of Iraqi children and built inestimable 

He could not wait to return to his own family, but part 
of his heart remains behind with the children he will never 
forget. "Once you see that kind of poverty," he said, "it's 
really very hard to stop thinking about it." 

But now he is home, and home is where he plans to 
stay. He [planned to] start back at his job as an instructor 
and academic adviser at Pennsylvania State University's 
Abington campus [in the fall]. He said he had no plans to 
try to regain his seat on the Upper Moreland Board of 
Commissioners, which he resigned when he was deployed. 

"We never expected it to be this long," Maria Murt said 
of their separation. "But we're together again. We're back 
as a unit. I just feel so lucky to have him home again." 

She has seen the flag-draped coffins, and knows how 
differently their story could have ended. 

On his first morning home, right after putting the 
children on the bus to school, Tom and Maria Murt 
attended 9 a.m. Mass at St. David's Catholic Church in 
Willow Grove, where they are parishioners. They both had 
a few things for which to give thanks. 

For Murt, the adjustment to civilian life will take time. 
His appetite is spotty, he continues to sleep fitfully, and 
loud noises bother him. His wife hopes her home cooking 
will help him regain some of the 40 pounds he lost in the 
Iraq desert. 

On a recent afternoon, Murt stepped out onto the front 
porch of the family home to greet yet another well-wisher. 
His children were clutched around him, not about to let 
him out of their sight again. It was an American portrait — a 
soldier home from war, a family made whole again. 

Beside him, a large, white banner flapped in the breeze. 
It read: "Welcome home, Tom. We love you and we are 
proud of you." 

SUMMER 2004 


Drowning i» 
dx Clear Pool 

* Kw^te^j fi 

book notes 

Drowning in the Clear Pool: Cultural Narcissism, Technology, 

and Character Education by Francis J. Ryan, '69; John J. Sweeder, 71; and Maryanne R. Bednar 

Peter Lang Publishing, 2002; 198 pp., $29.95 

With marked increases in school violence, educators have again been called upon to emphasize character 
education in their classrooms. While diversity of community values has rendered such efforts increasingly 
problematic, a more fundamental impasse to character education is cultural narcissism. Adolescents influenced 
by an inflated sense of grandiosity, entitlement, devaluation of others, and self-absorption often dismiss 
character education as irrelevant or constraining to their "me-centered" lifestyles. To counter cultural narcissism, 
teachers need to foster character education by developing the moral system (self-understanding, social cognition, 
moral sentiments, and moral judgment) in each of their students. A creative use of educational technology can help teachers raise 
moral sensitivity, while simultaneously diluting the negative influences of cultural narcissism that pervades much of contemporary 
American life, (from the book jacket) 

Francis J. Ryan, Ed.D., '69, is the director of La Salle University's American Studies Program. He is also a professor in the 
program and teaches courses in American studies and American history. John J. Sweeder, Ed.D., '71, is a professor in La Salle's 
Education Department. He teaches educational technology, adolescent development, and methods courses in secondary education. 
They co-wrote the book with their colleague, a professor of education at La Salle, Maryanne Bednar, Ph.D. 

Through Ashley's Eyes by JoAnna Robinson, '81, Xlibris Corporation, 2003; 119 pp.. $20.99 

Ashley reveals the abuse and womanizing affairs of Granddad George, which caused her Grandma Susan to 
leave her hometown of Greenville, S.C., and secretly flee North with her four girls: Lillian, Mary Ann, Sarah, 
Eva, and two granddaughters. 

Lillian is Grandma Susan's oldest daughter. She is an unwed mother of two small girls, Jennifer and Dolores. 
She was glad to move up North because she knew that it was the only way she was ever going to separate 
from her first love, William Brooks. Once the family moved, Lillian's life changed, (excerpted from the book 

JoAnna Robinson, '81, is new to the writing world. She is currently working on her second book, Whispers from 
Small Voice. She and her husband live in Philadelphia. 

God: That Still. 

The Deafening Silence: A Memoir by Rosemarie Manes, M.A. '87, LMFT 

1st Books. 2003; 256 pp., $12.50 

Eleven-year old Rosemary lives in South Philadelphia. She plays hop-scotch, jacks, and ball, and visits her 
father's produce store, called Mike's. Rosemary loves to watch him tease women, argue with men, and give 
produce to nuns. 

His store bustles with the force of his personality — except when the gangster-looking men arrive. They register as 
unimportant until Rosemary's father plunges a knife into his chest. 

He dies leaving Rosemary's mother with 12 children, the youngest at age three. As word spreads of his suicide in 
the neighborhood, even Blind Man Joe betrays Rosemary, saying they can no longer be friends. 

The family moves to an Irish Catholic neighborhood where the name Pasquarello becomes another obstacle to overcome. Against 
this background is rage at her father and her mother demanding The Deafening Silence surrounding his suicide. Rosemary 
navigates realities such as going to bed hungry and being a teenager who was forced out to work. 

As the young woman's heart emerges and with the encouragement of her fiance, she challenges The Deafening Silence. On 
Rosemary's wedding day, her mother reveals her family's secrets. 

The Deafening Silence is a book about a father's suicide, a mother's indomitable strength, and a daughter's odyssey through the 
mire of rage and abandonment into a young woman's triumph of love, (from the publisher) 

Rosemarie Manes, M.A. '87, LMFT, is an executive/personal coach and a licensed marriage and family therapist. Her work with 
families in private practice has taught her that love is not always enough to ward off the horrors that can beset a family. She lives 
in the Philadelphia area with her husband, John. Their children, Audrey and John Jr., and grandchildren live nearby. 

If you know of a book written by an alum that you 'd like us to highlight in a future issue, e-mail Caitlin Murray at murrayc@lasalle. edu. 



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It was unlikely that Jason Ager, '04, and 
Joanne Holmes, '04, would have met at 
La Salle. She was a working grandmother from 
New Jersey going part-time, usually at night, 
and he was a young honors student who lived 
off campus with friends. 

Holmes, who is 41, started and stopped her 
college career several times, taking 17 years to 
earn her degree in social work. Ager, 21, who 
says he had things easy, finished in four years, 
received the senior award for best foreign 
language student at La Salle, and won a 
Fulbright Scholarship to study in Austria. 

Being a social work major, Holmes was 
required to do two internships. Being a single 
parent, spending time at an unpaid internship 
was not possible, so she found employment at 
social service agencies and worked her school 
requirements around her job. 

A double major in English and German, Ager 
wrote a 55-page paper about the late Austrian 
Jewish writer Leo Perutz's influence on 
contemporary Viennese writer Doron Rabinovici, 
which he submitted for the Fulbright. He will 
continue to study these writers and will teach 
English for one to two years. (Ager is the 52nd 
La Salle student to receive a Fulbright since 

The two met for the first time on a sunny 
afternoon in April to tape a TV show on 
La Salle's Channel 56. They chatted non-stop 
for almost two hours, impressing each other 
with what they had accomplished. 

"She's awesome; I don't know if I could 
have persevered the way she did," Ager said of 
Holmes. Ager described the support he got 
from his parents and his teachers, saying, "The 
universe was in place for me to succeed." 

"He's incredible," said Holmes. "He did 
what he did because he wanted to do it; no one 
was pushing him. I work with young people, 
and you don't often see someone like that as 
focused as Jason was." 

Both found what they needed at La Salle: 
supportive friends and faculty, and challenges 
to overcome. They also found a friend in one 
another that day in April. 

SUMMER 2004 




I am 41 years old, and I am from the Republic of Kazakhstan in 
Central Asia. I have been living and working in one of Europe's 
most beautiful cities, Prague, since 1995. So, I am a Kazakh, 
living in the Czech Republic, working for the U.S. Broadcasting 
Company, and now I can add one more clause — I am a member 
of La Salle University's alumni. 

The world is really shrinking. Who would have thought you 
could earn a master's degree at a United States university 
without being in the U.S.A.? Ten years ago, if someone said to 
me I would be able to do this, I would have been more than 

But it's a reality. May 9, 2004, will remain as one of the most 
unforgettable days in my life. At La Salle's Commencement in 
Philadelphia, my name was mentioned at the opening of the 
ceremony. I stood among my fellow graduates — my classmates — 
that I have never met. Isn't it amazing? Oh, yes, it is. 

Sitting in my row in McCarthy Stadium during the graduation 
ceremony, I could not believe that I was a part of all of this. My 

thoughts brought me back to 1996 — the year 
thinking of enrolling in the Communication and Public Relations 
Program. All the universities in Prague only offered M.B.A. 
courses in the evenings. I was not interested in earning an 
M.B.A., but there were no other courses offered by any of the 
schools in Prague. 

I work for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, as Director of the 
Kazakh Broadcasting Service. So, among dozens of target 
countries, we broadcast to Kazakhstan, a very controversial 
former Communist Central Asian country of 15 million. 
Corruption and dictatorship are major characteristics of the 
country's current regime. Every day at work is a fight for 
democracy and human rights. Current Kazakh youth and their 
orientation in the drastically changing world is another issue to 
be taken under consideration in our everyday work. 

Taking all that into account, one can easily suggest that the 
mission of the 51-year-old company I work for is crucial. In such 
circumstances, one of the most important challenges faced by my 
service is the changing media market in the target country of 

In 2002, I was lucky to learn that the University of New York 



As Cathy Carchidi, '04, stood in a foot of water in her basement, 
she looked up and said, "God, I have been through the fire and 
the flood, but I will not do the locusts." 

The flood, caused by Hurricane Floyd, is one of three major 
tragedies Carchidi has endured, including a devastating fire, and 
the unexpected death of her mother. 

But through it all, Carchidi fought back. She relied on her 
family, her faith, and her fortitude to stay focused and never lose 
sight of her goals — which included earning her bachelor's 
degree — after 38 years in the making. 

"There were a lot of obstacles, and, at times, I felt like I would 
never make it," Carchidi said "But through tragedy, you can 
become a tower of strength that you never thought possible." 

Carchidi's quest began when, as a senior in high school, she 
volunteered to fill a teacher shortage in the city's Catholic school 
system. She began taking required elementary education classes 
at a local college. 

But in 1970, when she was only 22, Carchidi's mother died 
suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 45. One of seven 
children, Carchidi and her sister Joan took on the responsibility of 
raising their younger brothers and sisters who ranged in age from 
five to 13 years old. 

"I had to center on my family," Carchidi said. "They needed 
me and I needed them." 

By 1976, her siblings were a little older, and Carchidi was 

able to enroll at La Salle, changing her 
major to religion. She continued for two 
years, and completed 16 courses while 
working full-time and tending to her 
brothers and sisters. 

Carchidi had her first child in 1979, 
and, as a single mother, money was tight; 
once again, she had to take time off from 
school. After marrying in 1984 and having 
a second child, Carchidi took courses at 
La Salle when she could. But tragedy 
struck again. 

On January 31, 1996, at 1:40 a.m., Carchidi's family was 
awakened by the sound of smoke alarms. She and her husband 
rescued their three children from their beds and safely evacuated 
the house. A faulty gas fireplace installed just 21 days earlier 
caused the fire. 

"We literally lost everything including our family dog, Princess. 
I never thought we would get past it, but as a family, we pulled 
through. We prayed, we went to counseling, and we somehow 
moved on with the overwhelming support that we received from so 
many people," she said. 

Carchidi resumed classes at St. Charles Seminary in 2000. It 
was then that Hurricane Floyd hit, and her home was flooded. 

"We were left picking up the pieces once again," she said. 

Carchidi did pick up the pieces and continued on. She 
enrolled at La Salle in the fall of 2002. 

"I wanted to graduate from La Salle. I had a tremendous 
experience there. The faculty always stood by me and I am forever 



in Prague had started a new graduate program in Professional 
Communication and Public Relations. Life consists of 
coincidences. I learned about the program from my colleague 
about two months after officials of the U.S. Broadcasting Board 
of Governors, the U.S. official body working with U.S. 
Broadcasting Abroad, introduced us to their new concept called: 
"Marrying Mission to the Market." In other words, not only our 
programs' contents, but also the competitive environment in the 
target countries turned to become of great importance. Needless 
to say, I decided to jump into the University of New York in 

Prague's program immediately. 

Later, I learned that the program was through La Salle 
University. From the very first module at the University, I have 
never regretted that I decided to enroll. It was not an easy year, 
though: late Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays; my two daughters 
protesting my absence on weekends; my precious wife's hard 
work to help me with my studies. All of that is behind me now. 

Two months before the graduation ceremony at La Salle, I 
spent one month in Kazakhstan. The knowledge I have received 
at La Salle was very useful. I applied as much as I could while 
there. Five television shows, press conferences, and special 
programs with local newspapers surely raised the awareness 
about our programs among the population of Kazakhstan. 

We are moving forward with the rapidly changing world. 
Surely, La Salle helped me to make my move forward more 
dynamic and more successful. Thank you, La Salle! Thank you, 
University of New York in Prague! 

Front Merkhat Sharipzhan, '04: Rear, from left: Patrice Oppliger, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 
of Communication: Iwona Kusztal. Ph.D.. Assistant Professor of Communication: Lynne 
Texter, Ph.D.. Chair of the Communication Department: Michael Smith. Ph.D., Director of the 
Graduate Program in Professional Communication: and Brother Berry Molyneaux, F.S.C., 
Ph.D., '58, Director. M.A. in Professional Communication and Public Relations, Prague. 

grateful for all of their support," she said. 

On her graduation day, Carchidi 's husband, three children, and 
the brothers and sisters she helped raise were there to celebrate 
with her. 

"Oh, I cried," she said. "But they were happy tears this time." 

Carchidi has two more years left before retiring as Supervisor at 
Lawncrest Recreation Center, where she has worked for the past 18 

"I get paid to help people recreate their minds, hearts, and 
spirits. But now with my degree, after I retire, I may be able to go 
back to the other job that sparked my heart — teaching," she said. 



"With this degree, I have the potential to 
touch someone's life and change it for the 
better every day," said Megan Rafferty, '04, 
who earned her Bachelor of Science in 
Nursing at this May's Commencement. 

Ever since she was a little girl, Rafferty 
said she wanted to be a nurse. But she 
never had her own reasons for wanting to 

pursue the profession, until she entered La Salle and started 

getting first-hand experience. 

'My mom worked in a hospital as an x-ray technician. When I 

was little, I thought that was nursing, and I wanted to do what my 
mom was doing," Rafferty said. 

As she got older, Rafferty understood that her mom wasn't a 
nurse, but she decided to go with her instincts. "I had been saying 
I wanted to be a nurse for so long; I just stuck with it," she said. 

Rafferty persevered and earned the academic nursing award for 
having the highest G.P.A. in the day school's Nursing Program. On 
top of excelling academically, she also discovered the answer to the 
question she was often asked. 

"I never fully understood why I wanted to be a nurse until I 
started working with patients," she said. "It is easy to say that you 
want to be a nurse so you can help people, but nurses don't just 
help people — they touch and affect their lives — and patients do the 
same for nurses." 

Since graduation, Rafferty is working at Abington Hospital in the 
orthopedic unit. She deals with a variety of patients, from those 
suffering bone trauma due to car accidents or falls, to those who 
voluntarily elect for surgery such as knee and hip replacements. 

"My patients are in pain, and it is my job to make them 
comfortable," she said. "Every little thing you do for a patient is to 
make their stay in the hospital a little more bearable." 

While at La Salle, Rafferty participated in community service 
activities such as Project Appalachia, where instead of soaking up 
the sun on Spring Break, students travel to Kentucky and build 
homes for the poor. "It was an amazing experience that helped with 
my career because it enhanced my compassion for others," she 

"La Salle's Nursing Program gave me the intense training I need 
to succeed in this field, and I am excited to be out working and 
putting my skills to the test," she said. 

SUMMER 2004 




Like his La Salie University classmates, senior accounting major 
Timothy Duffy, '04, read the instructor's comments on the 
blackboard during class. He just used a monocular, which looks 
like a tiny telescope. 

The Levittown, Pa., resident is legally blind but driven enough 
to pursue his passion for accounting. 

"I have strong prescription glasses, and I use the monocular to 
see the blackboard. For the computer, I use larger fonts," says 
Duffy. "I am legally blind, but I can see. My vision is hard to 
explain to people, because I don't know what 20/20 really is. I 
will never know, but everything is clear." 

La Salle 
classmates have 
helped him take 
notes, but he also 
has the excellent 
support of the 

"[Being an 
accounting major] 
was a fun 
experience. The 
teachers made it 
even better because 
they willingly 
worked one-on-one 
with the students," 
Duffy said. "The 
entire department 

basically would bend over backwards to make sure that I could 

understand everything." 

"Tim did the things that every student should do, whether 
they're vision impaired or not," says Mary Jeanne Welsh, Ph.D., 
chair of the La Salle Accounting Department, who had Duffy for 
two courses. "If he was reviewing for an examination and didn't 

Timothy Duffy lr. '04 (left), celebrated his graduation from 
La Salle with his parents, rimothy Sr. and Patricia. Duffy is 
legally blind, but driven to pursue a degree in accounting. 
He graduated with 3.69 6.P.A. (magna cum laude) and was a 
member of the crew team for three years. He is now 
employed with PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

understand something, he came in and asked me about it. We 
went over the material." 

"Tim is very focused," she said. 

Since attending high school, Duffy has enjoyed accounting; he 
finally decided to pursue it as a career. He will cash in on years 
of schooling and hard work after he graduates and begins a job at 
PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international accounting firm with its 
local office at 20th and Market streets in Philadelphia. 

"I worked as an intern last summer in the tax department 
there, and after the internship ended, they extended me an offer 
for full-time employment once I graduated" recalls Duffy. 

"I fit in great with the people at PwC," he says. "I felt I had a 
good connection with all of the people in the firm. I really sensed 
that I fit well with PwC's culture." 

Duffy is also an athlete, and since freshman year, he has 
rowed for La Salle's crew team. Although he was admittedly not 
the greatest at the sport, Duffy enjoyed the exercise and 
challenge of crew. 

But in order to maintain his high grades, Duffy reluctantly left 
the team this past year to concentrate on schoolwork. 

"It was a hard decision," he explains, "because I had started 
since freshman year, so it became a big part of my life. I really 
enjoy the sport though, and I would like to row for a club team 
for fun after I graduate." 

Duffy has many goals, including learning more about his 

"Hopefully, with working at PwC, my knowledge of accounting 
will increase so that I can move up the ranks. My ultimate goal is 
to one day become a partner in the firm," says Duffy. 

Great expectations. But his passion to achieve does not end 
with his professional life. 

"As of right now, I am unable to drive," Duffy says. "But I feel 
that one day I will be able to. With ail of the new technology 
continually developing, anything is possible." 

It took her eight years, but La Salle employee 
Wanda Mayhugh, '04 (right), earned her degree 
in social work from La Salle in January and 
"walked" at this May's Commencement 
ceremony. Sharing the moment with her are her 
daughter, Shereese Pearsall, '02 (center), who 
traveled from Atlanta to see her mom in cap 
and gown, and Joanne Holmes, '04 (left), a 
good friend who also graduated with a degree 
in social work. 



By The Numbers: 

|_ 256 The number of graduates who received their 
degrees at La Salle University's 141st 
Commencement Exercises on May 9. 2004 

Q_ 4 T ne number "f graduates who were accepted to 
health professional schools, including 12 to 
medical school, one to podiatry school, and one 
to dental school 

98 ^ ne percentage rate of acceptance of La Salle 
alumni into medical school over the past 20 

Chair of La Salle University's Board of Trustees James J. Lynch, '71 (left), and La Salle President Brother Michael J. 
McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D., 70 (right), confer an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters upon Brother Armin Altamirano Luistro 
F.S.C. Br. Armin was recently appointed President of De La Salle University in Manila and is the former Provincial of the 
Brothers' District of the Philippines. He is noted for his work creating education ministries that serve the poor in the 
Philippines, focusing especially on the needs of at-risk street children. He also helped to lead the expansion of the 
Brothers' missionary presence in the Pacific-Southeast Asia region and is founding co-chair of the De La Salle Catholic 
University of Manado in Indonesia. 

Peter Terpeluk Jr., 70, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at La Salle's 
Commencement. Ambassador Terpeluk began his career in public service as a town manager in two southeastern 
Pennsylvania townships and later joined the U.S. Small Business Administration, where he led trade missions to the 
United Kingdom, Russia, and China, and rose to the position of Acting Deputy Administrator. Prior to his diplomatic 
appointment in April 2002, he served as Executive Director of the Greater Philadelphia Economic Corporation, where 
he worked closely with government and business leaders to spur economic growth in the Philadelphia region. 


Tom McAllister Accepted into Prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop 

John Irving. Flannery O'Connor. Raymond Carver. Tom McAllister. 
Tom McAllister? What do they have in common? The first three 
are well-known writers who graduated from the University of 
Iowa's Writers' Workshop. McAllister, a 2004 graduate, was 
recently accepted into the prestigious Iowa program. 

"After I got accepted, a professor [who also graduated from 
Iowa's writing program] told me that statistically, the Iowa 
Writers' Workshop is harder to get into than M.I.T.," McAllister 
said. "It was a huge relief. After being rejected by three other 
schools, I was losing confidence. I guess I was relieved at first, 
followed by a rush of excitement." 

"The only reason I applied to Iowa was because Dr. [Vincent] 
Kling ['68] made me, and I figured it was worth a shot," he 

"Admission to a highly coveted place in the Iowa Writers' 
Workshop is based mainly on a writing sample, so it's obvious 
that Tom's ability is what won him this distinction," says Kling, a 
professor of English at La Salle. "Having worked with Tom on the 
writing project that earned him his admission, I can testify — as a 
reader only, but a very avid one — to the skill that brought 
content and form to such a level of mature artistry." 

This past semester at La Salle, McAllister worked with Kling 
to complete an honors project that included five short stories. 
He sent in three of those stories, "The Burial," "Sleeping 
Troubles," and "Cooking the Sacred Cow," with his application 
to Iowa. 

McAllister's stories are set in Roxborough in different time 
periods. He says that nothing really extraordinary ever happens, 
nothing really shocking. 

"I try to get a picture for real life and show it to the reader," 
he says. "Then I just leave the judgments up to the reader." 

"Sleeping Troubles," for example, is about a female oncology 
nurse who is forced to deal with the death of her husband when 
he is diagnosed with cancer. 


(From left) Tom McAllister, '04, and 
Stephen Smith, Ph.D., Associate 
Professor of English 

McAllister says he has been writing 
since high school, but not seriously. He 
began to focus more on his creative 
writing during his junior year of college, 
and switched his major to the English 
Department's writing program. 

"I like the feeling I get right after I 
finish writing something I think is 
good," McAllister says. "My family 
always says it's good. But it's an even better feeling when an 
unbiased reader thinks it's really good. That's a great feeling." 

McAllister says that his writing is greatly influenced by the 
novelist Chris Offutt. Justin Cronin, a former professor of creative 
writing at La Salle University, recommended Offutt to him. 

"You can definitely see Offutt's influence in the dialogue of 
my writing," McAllister said. 

McAllister's family has also encouraged his writing. 

"My dad used to read a lot, like five or six books a week," 
McAllister remembers. "He would get me reading them after he 
was finished, and then I started writing on my own. I guess I 
realized I might be pretty good and went from there." 

The support of the La Salle faculty has greatly helped 

"Dr. Kling is just great for encouragement," McAllister said. 
"He keeps you focused and working hard. He also had some 
really great ideas to improve my stories. Most importantly, 
though, he is an educated friend who really helps me out." 

McAllister begins school at Iowa this fall. He has many goals 
for the future. 

"Ultimately, I would like to write," he says, "but I plan to 
teach creative writing in college so that I can have free time to 
continue my writing and also financial security. I have to pay the 

SUMMER 2004 



President's Cup 2004: 
A Hit Once Again 

More than 230 alumni, parents, and 
friends of La Salle turned out for the 
sixth annual President's Cup Golf 
Tournament at the Blue Bell Country 
Club on April 19. All proceeds from the 
event— which totaled $222,000— 
benefit scholarship and financial aid 
resources for La Salle students. Hosted 
and sponsored by Elmer F. (Bud) Hansen 
Jr., '58, and Bud Hansen III, '90, 
M.B.A. '96, the day's events included 
golf, team prizes, individual skills 
awards, live and silent auctions, and a 
raffle drawing. Nicholas A. Giordano, 
'65, served as master of ceremonies. 

La Salle's Newest Graduate Program: History 

Courtney Altemus, '90, 
M.B.A. '96, lines up a 
putt during the tournament. 

La Salle University's History Department 
will offer a brand new master's degree 
program beginning this fall. The 
program has two tracks: the traditional 
M.A. in History and an M.A. in History 
for Educators. 

"The timing was 
right," said Charles 
Desnoyers, Ph.D., Chair 
of the History 
Department. "Plus, 
many of our history 
students have told us 
they love La Salle, and 
they want to stay here. 
Now, with this degree, 
they can." 

George Stow, Ph.D., 
will direct the program. 
The curriculum was 
designed by Desnoyers, Stow, and 
Francis Ryan, '69, Ed.D., Director of 
La Salle's American Studies Program. 

"What makes this program unique is 
that we're blending traditional readings 
courses with primary-source-based, 
historical analysis courses," Ryan said. 
"And the track for educators is not just 

1111 '■ ■ ■ ■ m " ■ «»»■ '■ n.wii. 1 * 
Brother Michael]. McBinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D.. 10, La Salle 
President, poses with the winning foursome. (From left) 
Pat Murray, '99, PatKillian, TedFriel, and Kirk Brinton. 

for teachers. The degree can be used by 
museum specialists, archivists, and 
those planning careers in public 

Desnoyers, Stow, and Ryan say that 
the La Salle program is one of the first 
graduate history 
programs in the 
nation that has 
core requirements 
in oral history, 
visual history, 
material culture, 
and archival 
analysis, in 
addition to 
traditional readings 

The education 
track is also 
innovative, combining the content of 
history — the historical works 
themselves — with methods of how to 
teach history. The track will help middle 
and secondary school teachers maintain 
active certification status and reach the 
"highly qualified teacher" category. 

The program offers concentrations in 
American history, European 
history, and world history. 

Tom McSowan, 76 (center, holding paddle), bids for an 
item during the live auction. 



SLHS Receives Foundation Support, Other Grants Awarded 

A local charitable foundation has 
awarded La Salle University's Speech- 
Language-Hearing Science (SLHS) 
Program a three-year grant of 
approximately $300,000 to educate 
speech-language pathology graduate 
students to work with the region's oral- 
deaf community and to establish a link 
between the La Salle and the Clarke 
Pennsylvania Auditory/Oral Center in 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. An oral-deaf person is 
someone who uses speech rather than 
sign language as his or her major mode 
of communication. 

"Few programs in Speech-Language 
Pathology in the nation and none in this 
area educate Speech-Language 
Pathology students specifically to care 
for the needs of the oral-deaf 
community," says Barbara Amster, 
Ph.D., Director of La Salle's SLHS 

The grant will be used to provide 
partial scholarships for SLHS students; 
fund a full-time faculty member who will 
have a joint appointment at the Clarke 
Pennsylvania Auditory/Oral Center and 
La Salle; provide teaching and laboratory 
equipment; design and implement a 
course to educate students on meeting 
the needs of the oral-deaf community; 
and transform existing undergraduate 
Speech-Language-Hearing Science 
courses into a Web-based, distributive 
learning format. 

One aim of the grant is to educate 
more Speech-Language Pathology 
students on how to facilitate speech in 
deaf individuals using a process called 
the auditory-oral approach. "It's a 
wonderful method, but Speech- 
Language Pathologists usually aren't 
trained in this technique, so we want to 
increase the number of persons who can 
serve the needs of the oral-deaf 
community," Amster said. "Given the 
appropriate educational opportunities, 
Speech-Language Pathologists who are 
trained in the auditory-oral method can 

make a huge difference in the speech 
communication capabilities of oral-deaf 


In addition, The Charlotte W. Newcombe 
Foundation has awarded La Salle 
University a $29,000 grant to provide 
financial assistance for non-traditional 
women students over the age of 25 who 
are halfway through their college 
education. Five thousand dollars of the 
grant is intended as a challenge to the 
University to seek an equal amount in 
matching funds from other donors to 
build the existing Newcombe Endowed 
Scholarship Fund. 

Elizabeth Heenan, Director of 
La Salle's Continuing Studies Program, 
said, "Through my personal experience, 
I know that this grant has made a 
significant difference in the lives of our 
women students. It enables them to 
continue on with their goal of obtaining 
a college degree." 

"This grant is more than just being 
recognized for academic achievement. It 
really makes a difference as to whether 
or not these students are able to 
continue their education," Heenan 

Each year, about 20 women students 
at La Salle receive aid from the 
Newcombe Foundation. Since 1981, the 
foundation has provided nearly 
$500,000 in grants to La Salle students. 


The University also received a $20,000 
grant from The Sail ie Mae Fund of the 
Community Foundation for the National 
Capital Region to provide scholarship 
assistance to students in La Salle's 
Bilingual Undergraduate Studies for 
Collegiate Advancement (BUSCA) 
Program during the 2004-05 academic 

BUSCA (which means "to search for" 

in Spanish) is designed to provide 
students who primarily speak Spanish 
with the opportunity to pursue a 
university education while gradually 
learning English. Students take their 
"content" courses for the first two years 
in Spanish, while they take (for credit) 
English as a Second Language. They are 
then able to begin taking other regular 
university courses in English. Students 
will receive an associate's degree and 
are automatically accepted at La Salle 
to continue for their bachelor's degree. 

La Salie to Offer 
Graduate Psychology 
Classes at Gwynedd- 
Mercy College 

La Salle University and Gwynedd-Mercy College 
officials recently signed an agreement to offer 
La Salle's Master of Arts in Clinical-Counseling 
Psychology program at Gwynedd-Mercy College 
beginning in Fall 2004. Gwynedd-Mercy already 
offers La Salle's M.B.A. Program on its campus. 
From left (front row): Dr. Denise Wilbur. Vice 
President for Academic Affairs, Gwynedd-Mercy 
College; and Thomas Keagy. Dean of the School of 
Arts and Sciences. La Salle University; (back row) 
Walter Griffin. Vice President for Finance. 
Gwynedd-Mercy College; and Dr. John Rooney '46, 
Director of the Master of Arts program in Clinical- 
Counseling Psychology. La Salle University and 

SUMMER 2004 


La Salle Student Government Lauded 
as Nationwide Model 

The La Salle University Students' 
Government Association (S.G.A.) 
received top honors as Student Leader 
magazine's Spring 2004 cover story. The 
magazine called the association a model 
for other student governments 

"La Salle's S.G.A. has made 
extraordinary progress in building 
relationships with their administration 
this year," the magazine's editors said in 
a statement. "With a population of only 
5,500, the strength of La Salle's 
community depends on students having 
close, personal bonds with faculty and 
staff members. Joseph J. Cicala [Ph.D., 
79, Dean of Students and S.G.A. 
advisor] has worked together with S.G.A. 
officials to strengthen the relationships 
between the students and the 

The magazine's statement also 
quoted Bill Wiegman, '04, S.G.A. 
president for the 2003-04 school year: 
"Students come to La Salle because 
they see that they can build these sorts 
of relationships with the faculty," 

Wiegman said. "We just take those 
relationships to another level with staff 
and administration." 

Student Leader also noted that 
La Salle's S.G.A. "realized that the 
majority of La Salle's population didn't 
grasp how much work administrators 
were doing on the students' behalf. In 
response, S.G.A. helped create a weekly 
newsletter of meeting minutes and 
announcements to keep students 
informed about what's going on in the 

Frank Ciaburn, '04, who was an 
executive S.G.A. senator, was quoted as 
saying, "Many students recognize that 
the people running their school are 
working for them and not against them." 

Students Support Rape 
Kit Awareness 

Sometimes all it takes is a little 
exposure to get people involved in a 
cause. Mary Ellen Balchunis-Harris, 
Assistant Professor of Political Science 
at La Salle University, showed her 
Women In Politics class a segment of 
The Oprah Winfrey Show that depicted a 
national problem: unexamined rape kits 
sitting on police department shelves 
while rape suspects continued to prey 
upon new victims. Rape kits contain 
DNA and other potential material 
evidence gathered from a rape victim. 


r' ,: if 




^^^*' i^H 





Philadelphia District Attorney tynn Abraham 

Moved by what they saw, the class 
took it upon themselves to organize an 
event to create awareness and raise 
funds to analyze rape kits more 
efficiently and effectively. On April 16, 
2004, in conjunction with Women 
Organized Against Rape, Balchunis- 
Harris' class hosted a conference 
entitled Saving Women's Lives: Support 
Funding to Process Rape Kits, on 

Speakers included Lt. Michael Boyle 
of the Philadelphia Police Department's 
Special Victims Unit, and Lynn 
Abraham, District Attorney of 
Philadelphia, who explained the power 
of DNA evidence and the importance of 
quickly processing rape kits so that 
suspects are apprehended before they 
attack again. The conference raised 
awareness on campus, and the profits 
went to various organizations and the 
Office of the District Attorney to support 
rape kit analysis. 




George Isajiw, M.D., '86 

2004 Holroyd Award Recipient 

Mark R. Stein, M.D., '64 

"Legacy of the Good Doctor" 


Friday, October 15 

7:00 p.m. Award and Lecture 

Dan Rodden Theatre 

Sponsored by Independence Blue Cross, Keystone Mercy Health Plan, and 
Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehab. Assoc, P.C. 



La Salle Fraternity Helps Family in Need 

A comedy show held by La Salle 
University's Sigma Phi Lambda fraternity 
raised nearly $2,000 for the family of 
Alexis Santiago, a La Salle student from 
the Olney neighborhood who died from 
injuries sustained in a house fire last 

According to the police, the fire was 
caused by arson. Santiago and several 
relatives perished, and the home was 
destroyed. For a short while, the 
surviving family members were living in 
a church basement. 

Santiago, a freshman in La Salle's 
Bilingual Undergraduate Studies for 
Collegiate Advancement (BUSCA) 
Program at the time, died three days 
after the fire. The BUSCA program is 
designed for Spanish-speaking students 

who want to gradually learn English 
while earning their bachelor's degrees. 

"Since 1935, Sigma Phi Lambda has 
been a La Salle fraternity," said 
fraternity member Adam Voisard. 
"Alexis Santiago was a student in the 
La Salle BUSCA Program, and, thus, a 
member of the Lasallian community. 
When we became aware that the 
Santiago family, members of the 
Lasallian community, were in need, we 
decided to provide whatever help we 
could to the family." 

Three comedians — Chris Morris, Eric 
Roth, and David Kayle — performed at 
the University's Dan Rodden Theatre. In 
addition to ticket sales, the fraternity 
accepted contributions to help the 

<— j - 


» - • Mfc 


Hi ■ 



La Salle's new athletics logo was 
recently added to the Tom Gola Arena 
floor in Hayman Hall. The center-court 
version, which carries on the tradition of 
blue and gold, features the Explorer 
mascot along with the University name. 

Band concert ■ Lunch under the big tenl 

ident's Reception ■ Dancing through the 

des ■ Family Mass and brunch ■ Honors 

ocation ■ Student group performana 

W - 



Alumni Celebrate at Reunion Weekend 2004 

Over 525 alumni and guests gathered on 
May 14 and 15 for Reunion 2004. The 
weekend's festivities, which included 
campus tours, class dinners, live music, 
and a simulated Night in Vegas, kept all 
generations entertained. 

Reunion Weekend kicked off on 
Friday night with a concert on the main 
quad featuring the band Speed. It was a 
hit with the young alumni crowd. Then, 
the casual atmosphere of Saturday's 
family picnic and kids' carnival was a 
main attraction for the many alumni who 
brought their families back to campus. 

Themed class dinners enabled alumni 
to catch up with old friends while sitting 
down to a beautifully prepared meal. 
The 50th, 45th, 40th, and 25th reunion 
classes enjoyed fine dining at the 
elegant plated dinners selected for 
them, while the rest of the classes 
celebrated New Orleans-style with a 
festive Mardi Gras buffet, complete with 
Baton Rouge rib eye and bourbon 
chocolate pecan tarts. 

"Our class had a great turnout," said 

Jim Morris, '79, Senior Vice President at 
SEI Investments, who celebrated his 
25th reunion. "I saw a lot of old friends, 
and thought everything was really well 

It was the first time Chris Bentz, '89, 
teacher and coach at Lancaster Catholic 
High School, who celebrated his 
15th year reunion, attended reunion 
festivities. He and his wife arrived 
just in time for Saturday's family 
picnic and took advantage of the 
overnight accommodations provided 
by the University. 

"It was a great 24-hour 
experience. The food and activitie 
were excellent," Bentz said. 

"My wife and I loved the Night 
in Vegas. We had a great time, and we 
aren't going to wait as long to come 

Plans are already underway for 
Reunion 2005. Please contact the 
Alumni Office at 215.951.1535 to get 


Renowned Professor of Philosophy, John Caputo, '62, 
Accepts Prestigious Appointment at Syracuse University 

After 36 years as a professor of 

philosophy at Villanova University, 

renowned philosopher John Caputo, '62, 

will join the faculty 

at Syracuse 

University as the 

Thomas J. Watson 

Professor of 

Religion and 


Caputo's work in 
the field of 
philosophy has 
earned him national 
recognition. In all, 
he has authored or 
edited 14 books 
and published more 
than 100 articles 
and book chapters. 

his thought have appeared. 

According to Richard B. Pilgrim, 
Associate Professor and Chair of the 
Department at 
Syracuse, "This is a 
real coup for 
Syracuse University 
and the Department 
of Religion. Jack 
works at the 
intersection of 
religion and 
philosophy. His 
name and notoriety 
will attract students 
in both 

After earnmg'his 
bachelor's degree 
from La Salle, 
Caputo went on to 

In the past three years, two books about earn his master . s degree from v ,|| a nova 

and his doctorate from Bryn Mawr 
College. He has spent his entire 
professional career at Villanova, and is 
responsible for starting its doctoral 
program in philosophy in 1993. 

Although he taught in Villanova's 
philosophy department, Caputo always 
had a special interest in the tradition of 
religious theory and the philosophy of 

"It is difficult to pull up roots after 
36 years," Caputo said. "But I am 
looking forward to teaching a new 
audience at Syracuse. Rather than only 
teaching students earning philosophy 
degrees, I will be teaching students 
earning doctorates in religion as well." 

"It should be a nice adventure," 
Caputo added. 

"I have a good six or seven teaching 
years left in me," Caputo said. "My 
appointment at Syracuse is a wonderful 
thing to do at the end of my career." 

140 VeWX #rui StAUe&ting ... with VW" StApport 

Amanda Hartman, '04 

Age: 20 Major: Biology 

La Salle Awards: 

President of La Salle Ambassadors 

Academic and Athletic Scholarships 

Kathryn Hartman '07 

Age: 18 Major: Integrated 

Science, Business, 
and Technology 

La Salle Awards: 

Academic Scholarship 

Swimming Scholarship 

Paris L. McLean, '04 

Age: 22 Major: Elementary and 

Special Education 
La Salle Awards: 

Warren E. Smith Scholarship Recipient 
Alpha Epsilon Alumni Honor Society 
2003 Good Works Team by AFCA for 
his dedication and commitment to 
community service 

Thank yen* to all these- who C0ntrH?t*te4 fe 
hie- look- -forward fo everyone's Support for 

Serena Kaschak, '04 

Age: 28 Major: Psychology 

Full-time Mental Health Counselor at 

Friends Hospital 

La Salle Award: 

Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Honor 


the- ZOOZ-ZOOQ- Annual fund, 
the 7-00^-2005 Annual Fvxnd. 

SUMMER 2004 




Please complete as much of the following 
information as possible about a student you 
would like to encourage to attend La Salle 
University. You can complete the form and 
return it to: 

La Salle University 
Office of Admission 
1900 West Olney Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

or fax it to 215.951.1656. We appreciate 
your support — the University needs your 
involvement to reach our enrollment goals! 

Student Information 



City, State, Zip 
Date of Birth _ 


High School 

Year of Graduation 

SAT/ACT score 

Gender: Male Female 
Academic Interest(s) 

Alumnus Information 

Name of Alumnus 

Year of Graduation 


City, State, Zip 



Relationship to Student 



On April 4, 2004, the English 
Department hosted a get-together 
for alumni and past and present 
faculty to reconnect. The 
department's first reunion was held 
five years ago. Based on the 
success of these two events, the 
department intends to continue 
hosting reunions in five-year 
increments. This year, an estimated 
150 guests attended the event held 
in La Salle's Ballroom. Top left: 
Kevin J. Harty, Ph.D., Chair of the 
English Department; Tom Keagy, 
Ph.D., Dean of Arts and Sciences; 
and Carmella laria, '00, get 
reacquainted. Bottom: The event 
drew alums from five decades. 



Flubacher Award 

In April, the Economics Department 
presented its annual Flubacher 
Scholarship, which was established in 
1996 by alumni, faculty, and staff who 
were inspired by the example of the late 
Dr. Joseph Flubacher, '35, a former 
La Salle professor of economics. Besides 
high scholastic achievement, the winner 
of this award must demonstrate a 
commitment to social peace and justice. 

This year two recipients were 
honored: Army Sgt. Sean Berk, '04, the 
2003 honoree, and Thomas DiCamillo, 
'05, this year's honoree, both economics 
majors. Berk was unable to attend last 
year's ceremony because he was serving 
his tour of duty in the Middle East. 

DiCamillo worked this past summer 
as an intern for the U.S. Department of 
Commerce in Washington, D.C. At 
La Salle, among numerous other 
activities, he has been a member of 
Peer Educators, an organization run by 

the Division of Student Affairs, since his 
freshman year. 

"I know that no matter what career 
awaits me after college, I will bring to 
the job my Catholic values, which have 
always brought with them a 
responsibility to speak up or act on 
social issues," DiCamillo said. 

Berk's deployment to Iraq gave him a 
unique perspective on his commitment 
to social justice. 

"To go to Iraq, I had to delay my 
studies by two years, but there I got an 
education that cannot be replicated in a 
classroom," Berk said. "During my 
'study abroad,' my thoughts frequently 
turned to Dr. Flubacher, his life, and 
what being the recipient of his 
scholarship meant to me. And what it 
means to me is that one person can ' 
make a difference in the world." 

Honors Bestowed on Alumni at Annual 
Accounting Awards Dinner 


Mary Jeanne Welsh, Ph.D. (left). Chair of the 
Accounting Department, and Jack Rear don. 
Ed.D. '59 (right). Emeritus Professor of 
Accounting, pose with Sara Chiappa O'Brien, 
C.P.A.. '98, the recipient of this year's Jack 
Reardon Young Alumnus/a Award, at the 
University's 38th annual Beta Alpha Accounting 
Honors Society and the Accounting 
Association 's Awards Dinner on April 22. 


At the same event, fellow accounting 
graduates (from left) Ralph J. Mauro, Esq., '84, 
a partner at Kleinbard, Bell & Brecker, LLP; 
James V. Morris, 19, Senior Vice President at 
SEI Investments; and Kyle V Maryanski. C.P.A., 
'91, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, 
were honored this year with the Michael A. 
DeAngelis Award for outstanding achievement 
in their professions. 



At La Salle's Beta Gamma Sigma induction ceremony 
on April I. three distinguished alumni were honored for 
their achievements in business. Their 
accomplishments exemplify honor, wisdom, and 
earnestness as signified in Beta Gamma Sigma. (From 
left) John W. Turner Jr., '89. President and Chief 
Executive Officer ofJ.W. Turner Industries; David P. 
Carherry, 14. Vice President of Finance, Health and 
Fitness at Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Inc.; 
Gregory 0. Bruce. M.B.A. '81. Dean of the School of 
Business; and Thomas J. (Tim) Fitzpatrick, 12, M.B.A. 
'81, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sallie 
Mae, Inc. Turner was a 2003 chapter honoree. but was 
unable to attend last year's event. 

Beta Gamma Sigma 
Named Outstanding 

La Salle's chapter of Beta Gamma 
Sigma was named the outstanding 
chapter in the United States and the 
world for 2004 out of nearly 400 
chapters internationally. The honor 
society recognizes the highest-ranking 
students from AACSB International- 
accredited business programs. 

For this recognition, the society 
provides a $1,500 scholarship to a 
La Salle student in the School of 

"Beta Gamma Sigma requires only 
academic performance to be inducted, 
but we want our students to give back to 
the University community," said Susan 
Borkowski, Ph.D., a La Salle professor of 
accounting and the faculty advisor for 
the La Salle chapter. "We ask inductees 
to mentor freshman students, and we 
ask graduate students to participate in 
our annual Banker's Day event to judge 
freshman teams' business plans. Our 
students deserve it, because it requires 
so much beyond studying." 

SUMMER 2004 



From Student-Athletes to Professional Coaches 


Many La Salle University alumni who participated in athletics during their college days have gone on to be successful in 
their professional lives. A good number of these alums have used their experiences as student-athletes at La Salle to get 
them to where they are today. 

Explorers are represented all over the world in athletics. From swimming to basketball, broadcasting to coaching, La Salle 
has had success in aiding student-athletes to pursue careers in the athletic world. The following are just two success stories: 

Cheryl Reeve, '88 

"If I hadn't played collegiate basketball, I would not 
have been turned on to coaching the sport, and be where I 
am today," said Cheryl Reeve, when asked how playing 
basketball at La Salle has influenced her professional life. 
Reeve is the assistant coach of the Charlotte Sting in the 
Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). 

While at La Salle, Reeve played basketball for four years, 
and had a one-year stint as a Softball player. She left her 
mark on the Explorer women's basketball program, 
recording 420 total assists, making her fifth all-time in 
La Salle history. She is seventh all-time in La Salle historv 
in career steals with 171. In her four- year career, Reeve 
started in 110 games, which des her for second all-time. 
She is fourth in games played with 116. 

"The NCAA mandates that you can only plav four years 
of college basketball, or I would have plaved forever," said 
Reeve. "Luckily, Coach [John] Miller kept me on board as 
his graduate assistant, which was the first step in getting me 
to where I am today in coaching." 

Reeve is in her fourth season in the WNBA. Prior to 
coaching professionally, she was the head coach for the 
Indiana State Sycamores from 1995-99, and was an 
assistant at George Washington University for five seasons. 
"Coaching is a means to continue being a part of what I 
love," Reeve said. 

Jami Wilus, '02 

Jami Wilus holds five of the six 
career records in the La Salle 
women's lacrosse history books. 
She played the most games (60), 
accumulated the most points 
(231 ), tallied 230 goals and 78 
assists, and leads the school in draw 
controls with 90. Wilus not only holds these records, but 
she dominates the categories with gaps of over 100 in 
points, 135 in goals, 48 in assists, and 42 in draw controls. 

Wilus is just finishing up her second year as the head 
women's lacrosse coach at North Penn High School, her 
alma mater. She feels, "The combination of academics and 
athletics at La Salle taught me so much about myself and 
prepared me for the future. Lacrosse has helped me in 
manv ways professionally; the discipline, time management, 
and determination that I used for lacrosse has prepared me 
for coaching and teaching, while opening a window of 
opportunity for me in my professional life." 



19 4 6 Rev. Sidney C. Burgoyne (B.A.), Pastor 
Emeritus at St. John Fisher, Boothwyn, Pa., 
celebrated his 50th year in the priesthood. 

194 9 Dr. Joseph P. Mooney (B.A.), Professor 
Emeritus of Economics at La Salle, 
celebrated 50 years of marriage to Maria 
Elena Mooney on May 22, 2004. Five of 
their seven children are also graduates of 
La Salle. 

19 51 Richard J. Daisley, C.P.A. (B.S.) of 

Drexel Hill, Pa., co-judged a regional 
accounting competition hosted by Beta 
Alpha Psi, the national scholastic and 
professional fraternity for financial 
information students. 

19 5 3 Br. Kevin Strong, F.S.C. (B.A.) was 

appointed President of Cardinal Gibbons 
High School, Baltimore, Md. 

Br. Philip Whitman, F.S.C. (B.A.) was 

appointed Managing Editor of the Beltsville 
News, an all-volunteer monthly community 
newspaper in Beltsville, Md. 

19 5 8 Br. Malachy Broderick, F.S.C. (B.A.) 

celebrated his golden jubilee in religious life 
at the Church of St. Bartholomew, 
Bethesda, Md. 

Robert Lydon (B.S.) of Lansdale, Pa., a 
retired federal acting regional inspector 
general, does part-time investigations for 
federal agencies such as the National 
Security Agency. He is a freelance writer 
whose most recent article on Bing Crosby 
was published in the October-November 
edition of Irish American Magazine. 

19 5 9 Daniel J. Colombi (B.A.) received the 
Outstanding District Service Award from the 
American College of Obstetricians & 
Gynecologists in May 2004. He is an 
ordained deacon, Elder-Trustee of First 
Presbyterian Church of Haddonfield, and is 
married to the mayor of Haddonfield, N.J. 

Br. Hugh Maguire, F.S.C. (B.A.) received the 
Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice medal in 
recognition of his long service in the port of 

Lt. Col. Anthony "Tony" L Sherman, '81. of Pottstown, Pa., was honored 
posthumously on June 12, 2004 at the Philadelphia Memorial Armed 
Forces Reserve Center located in Northeast Philadelphia, where a hall 
was dedicated in his name. A graduate of La Salle s ROTC program. 
Sherman was a U.S. Army reservist with the 304th Civil Affairs Brigade, 
based in Philadelphia, Pa. In February 2003, his brigade, known as 
"Task Force Warrior, " was deployed to Iraq. On Aug. 21, 2003. he died 
fulfilling his duty at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. He is survived by his wife, 
Lisa; his 9-year-old son. Brant; and his mother, Joan C. Meyer, IB. John 
McSrail, 'B9. also a graduate of the ROTC program at La Salle, 
represented the University at the dedication ceremony. (From left) 
Brig. Ben. Steven 1. Hashem, Commander of the 353rd Civil Affairs 
Command; Lisa Ann Sherman, widow of Lt. Col. Sherman; and Col. 
William Beard. Commander of the 304th Civil Affairs Brigade at the 
dedication of Sherman Hall on June 12. 
Photo credits; © John McCrail/ 

Above is the plaque that hangs in the 
hall dedicated to the late Lt. Col. 
Sherman at the Philadelphia Memorial 
Armed Forces Reserve Center. 

Hon. Jerome A. Zaleski (B.S.) retired from the 
Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia in 
December 2003. He became the 
Administrative Judge of the Family Court, 
distinguishing himself in the domestic 
relations and juvenile branches of family 

19 6 2 John Caputo (B.A.), a renowned 
philosopher, will join the College of Arts and 
Sciences at Syracuse University as the 
Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and 
Humanities this fall. 

Hugh A. Gilmore (B.A.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
owns and operates Gilmore's Book Shop in 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

196 3 Harry A. Connelly (B.S.) was 

appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board in 
Buckingham Township. He is a retired vice 
president for Philadelphia Gas Works. 

19 6 4 Patrick J. Hogan (B.S.) of Crownsville, 
Md., was named Assistant Director of 
United States Peace Corps Security. 

19 6 5 William F. Bryan III (B.S.) of Convent 
Station, N.J., retired from Hartford Financial 
Services after 38 years. 

Domenick D'Orazio (B.A.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
was elevated to second-degree black belt in 
the art of Kempo Karate. 

196 7 Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D. (B.A.) 

accepted the Philadelphia Association of 
Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Award on 
behalf of the Phoenixville Community Health 

Anthony LeStorti (B.A.) is the Executive 
Consultant for Ideatects, Inc. in Doylestown, 
Pa. He recently published When You're 
Asked to Do the Impossible: Principles of 
Business Teamwork and Leadership from the 
U.S. Army's Elite Rangers (Lyons Press, 
2003). The book synthesizes lessons from 

SUMMER 2004 


his background as an airborne ranger, 
college professor, and management 

19 6 8 Dr. James J. Clarke (B.A.) of 

Villanova, Pa., was appointed to the Board 
of Directors for Chester Valley Bancorp, Inc. 

Paul Vignone (B.A.) of Allenhurst, N.J., is one 
of two general agents responsible for 
combining two top New York agencies of 
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company to be 
a "full service" financial services firm that 
provides on-site support for its insurance 
and financial professionals. The new 
combined agency is known as Vignone- 
Grossman PCP, The Planning Center for 
Professionals, Inc. 

1 9 B 9 George J. Edwards, Esq. (B.S.) of 

Katy, Texas, co-founded Osyka Corporation, 
an exploration and production company 
producing assets in Mass., La., and Texas. 
He and his wife Tonye recently had a son, 
George Nathan. They also have a 3-year-old 
daughter, Gladys Emmanuella. 

John Gartland (B.A.) is putting the skills he 
acquired during 31 years with the Drug 
Enforcement Agency to use as he oversees 
security at Charlotte/Douglas International 
Airport. He is the Federal Security Director 
for the Transportation Security 

Robert Walker, R.N. (B.A.) of Cherry Hill, N.J., 
received Episcopal Hospital Nursing 
Excellence Award and Nurse of the Year 
Award for 2004. 

19 7 1 David M. Gillece (B.A.), Executive 
Vice President of Colliers Pmkard, 
Baltimore, Md., was inducted into the 
Calvert Hall Alumni Hall of Fame. He was 
recognized for his commitment to Lasallian 
ideals, leadership, and professional 

Geroge W. Kletzel Jr. (B.A.) was ordained a 
permanent deacon for the Archdiocese of 
Philadelphia by Cardinal Justin Rigali on 
June 6, 2004. 

Vincent A. Lofink (B.S.) of Bear, Del., was 
honored at the 50th anniversary of the 
University of Delaware's M.B.A Program as a 
member of "The Lerner Fabulous 50," a 
prestigious group of M.B.A. alumni. State 

Representative Lofink was selected for his 
contributions to the organization and the 
community in which he lives. 

George Tomezsko (B.A.) of Hollywood, Pa., 
wrote and self-published Civil War 
Fragments (Southern Heritage Publishing, 
Inc.). The book discusses three little-known 
battles and incidents from the Civil War. 
The highlight of the book is a detailed 
account of the heroism of the Corps of 
Cadets (mostly teenagers) from the Virginia 
Military Institute during the Battle of New 

19 7 2 Br. John McDonnell, F.S.C. (B.A.), a 

missionary in Ethiopia, returned to the U.S. 
to assume the position of District 
Development Director for the Brothers' 
Baltimore Province. He succeeds Br. Patrick 
Ellis, F.S.C, former La Salle president. 

James Fenerty (B.A.) of Warrington, Pa., was 
presented the John J. McMenamin Memorial 
Award by the Philadelphia Basketball Old 
Timers Association. His career win total at 
Germantown Academy, Philadelphia, Pa., is 
now 350. Many of his players are now in 
Division I college ranks and the N.B.A. 

John E. Tomaszewski (B.A.) of 

Abmgton, Pa., was honored in the "Top 
Doctors" issue of Philadelphia Magazine as 
one of the region's best practitioners in the 
specialty of pathology. 

19 7 4 Eugene G. Cattle (B.S.) received the 
Sallie Mae/Nellie Mae Sales and Marketing 
Award for the third time in four years. He is 
a higher education consultant handling 
regional and national accounts in the 
Richmond, Va., area. 

Madeline Janowski, C.P.A. (B.S.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., a director in the tax 
department of Asher & Company, Ltd., is the 
recipient of the 2004 Mordecai Gerson 
Meritorious Service Award. This award is 
presented to a council member with a 
minimum of five years of membership who 
has rendered extraordinary service to further 
the work of the council. 

Anthony B. Quinn, Esq. (B.S.) led a five 
member sweep of the Springfield Township 
School Board elections. He was 
unanimously elected president of the school 
board at the reorganization meeting. 

19 7 5 Michael G. Dell'Orto (B.A.) of Wilton, 
N.H., is co-author of Images of America: 
Wilton, Temple and Lyndeborough (Arcadia 
Publishing Co., 2003), a history-in-pictures 
of three towns in the Monadnock region of 
New Hampshire. 

Robert E. Hanrahan Jr. (B.S.) of West Chester, 
Pa., has been appointed to the Board of 
Directors of the Civil War and Underground 
Railroad Museum of Philadelphia as an ex- 
officio member. 

Rev. Benedict E. Kapa (B.A.) was reassigned 
as pastor of St. James the Apostle Church in 
Clarksburg, W.V. 

Edward J. Mesunas (B.A.) of Lafayette Hill, 
Pa., was appointed Deputy Sheriff of 
Montgomery County, Pa. He received the top 
academic award from the Pennsylvania 
Sheriff Association upon completion of the 
Commission on Crime and Delinquency's 
12th training class, where he also served as 
class president. 

19 7 6 David L. Bader (B.S.) of Burke, Va., 
retired from the Central Intelligence Agency 
after 27 years of employment. He is now an 
expert consultant for Spectal, LLC, a 
national defense contractor. 

Paul Schneider (B.A.) of Langhorne, Pa., was 
named one of the top three public relations 
professionals in the cable communications 
industry by CableFAX Magazine, an industry 

19 7 7 John lannello (B.S., M.B.A. '84) was 

elected Resident Vice President of the 
Harleysvi lie Group Inc. New Jersey office. 
He oversees all property/casualty operations 
throughout the state. 

Rev. Vytautas Volertas (B.S.) of Maspeth, 
N.Y., studied in Rome, Italy, at the Pontifice 
Collegio Beda. 

19 7 9 Br. Thomas Bondra, F.S.C. (B.A.) 

celebrated his 25th anniversary as a De 
La Salle Christian Brother at St. Gabriel's 
Hall, Audubon, Pa. 

Jerry Dawson (B.A.) graduated from the 
University of Southern California with an 
M.F.A. in filmmaking. He is now producing 
and directing documentaries in the Los 
Angeles area. 



Maryclaire (McTamney) Dzik (B.A.) was 

appointed Branch Manager/Broker at 
Weichert Realtors, Fort Washington, Pa., 
office. As a top producer and a recipient of 
numerous awards, she brings with her a 
reputation for providing buyers and sellers a 
superior level of dedicated service. 

19 8 Carol (Louden) Beauchamp (B.S.) of 

Aston, Pa., received the American Red Cross 
Tiffany Award for employee excellence. This 
award is the highest recognition that a staff 
member can receive. The award was for 
employee excellence in the professional/ 
technical service area. 

Br. Richard Herlihy, F.S.C. (B.A.) celebrated 
his 25th anniversary as a De La Salle 
Christian Brother at a Mass at Our Mother of 
Consolation Church in Chestnut Hill, Pa. A 
reception followed at La Salle College High 
School, Wyndmoor, Pa., where he is a 
religion teacher and assistant athletic 

19 81 Br. Kevin Dalmasse, F.S.C. (B.A.), 

former Auxiliary Provincial Director of 
Education, has been appointed Regional 
Director of Education for the Brothers in the 
United States. 

John Persichetti (B.A.) of Thousand Oaks, 
Calif., authored "Calibrate Your Monitor 
Carefully and Often" for the June issue of 
Audio Video Multi Media Producer 
magazine. Formerly with Sony Pictures, he 
is now a colonst for Posty Logic 
Studio/Hollywood. His recent high definition 
projects include Spy Kids 3D: Game Over 
and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. 

Hughes A. Robinson (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., retired as an equal employment 
opportunity investigator. He formed the 
Diversity and Sexual Harassment Group 
(DSH Group) and is conducting seminars. 

Margaret (Wolper) Strouse (B.S.) owns a 
massage practice, Hands-On Health, in 
Collegeville, Pa. 

Carlton A. Payne, Ph.D. (B.A.), Director of 
Behavioral Health for the City of 
Philadelphia and former child psychologist, 
authored Neophyte, short stories about the 
Youth Study Center. The book tells the 
stories of troubled teens who are products of 
the juvenile court system. 

19 8 2 Br. James L Butler, F.S.C. (B.A.), a 

former member of La Salle's Education 
Department and a University Trustee, has 
been appointed Auxiliary Provincial Director 
of Education for the Baltimore District of 
the Christian Brothers. 

19 8 3 John A. Hediger (B.S.) of Warrington, 
Pa., was named General Manager of 
Mercedes-Benz of Wilmington, Del. 

19 8 4 John R. Gimpel, D.O. (M.A. '00) 

received the Golden Apple Teaching Award 
for teacher of the year at Georgetown 
University School of Medicine in 
Washington, D.C. 

Michael Hoffman (B.A.) of Basking Ridge, 
N.J., is president of his computer consulting 
company, ClientXclient LLC. 

John A. McCann (B.S.) opened his second real 
estate/appraisal office in Ocean City, N.J. 

19 8 6 William G. Dotzman, D.O. (B.A.) lives 
and practices osteopathic medicine in the 
Tampa Bay area in Florida. 

19 8 7 Rosemarie Carosella (B.A.) of 

Havertown, Pa., is Director of Corporate 
Communications for Health Partners. 

Joseph J. Forte Jr. (B.A.) of Turnersville, N.J., 
is the Security Director at the Hospital of 
the University of Pennsylvania. 

G. Russell Reiss III, M.D. (B.A.) is a 

cardiothoracic surgeon at Salt Lake City 
Veterans Hospital and the University of 

19 8 8 Terry Jo Ainsentein, R.N. (B.A., M.A. 
'97) of Bensalem, Pa., was selected for 
Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 
2004. Her article, "Developing a Style of 
Interpersonal Supervision," was published in 
the February 23 issue of Nursing Spectrum. 

Paul Krumenacker (B.S.) was appointed to 
the Doylestown Park and Recreation 
Commission. He owns an investment 
company, Wealth Advisory Services, Inc., in 
Doylestown, Pa. 

David P. McShane (B.A.) of Bala Cynwyd, Pa., 
is the mural artist for the Silver Award 
presented to Health Partners for the 
"Respect is Healthy" series at the first 
annual Service Industry Advertising Awards 

19 9 Christopher P. Kops (M.B.A.) of 

Churchville, Pa., was appointed Vice Dean 
for Administration and Finance at the 
University of Pennsylvania School of 

199 1 Eugene J. Halus Jr. (B.A.), an 

assistant professor of political science at 
Ohio University, Lancaster, Pa., teaches in 
three of the university's master's programs — 
public administration, social policy, and a 

SUMMER 2004 


general graduate degree in social science. 
Most of his research focuses on urban 
politics, neighborhoods, and economic 
revitalization in the city of Lancaster itself. 

James J. McBride (B.S.) of Moorestown, N.J.. 
an institutional business development 
director for Turner Investment Partners, has 
been named a principal, which entitles him 
to equity ownership of the firm. 

19 9 2 Suzanne Ely (B.A.) of Santa Monica, 
Calif., resigned her positions at The National 
Enquirer and Star to "enjoy life." Her plans 
include writing about film, music, and 
popular culture for national newspapers and 
journals, and to teach tabloid journalism 
(online) at The New School University. 

19 9 3 Robert Conroy (B.A.) of Drexel Hill, 
Pa., was nominated to a second term on the 
Executive Board of the Middle Atlantic 
College Stores. He is the assistant campus 
store director at Philadelphia University. 

Shannon Conroy (B.A.) of Timonium, Md., 
earned her M.A. in education from Georgian 
Court College in Lakewood, N.J. 

Duane Swierczynski (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., had his most recent books, The 
Encyclopedia of the FBI s Ten Most Wanted 
List and The Big Book 0' Beer, published in 
February 2004 (by Checkmark Books) and 
April 2004 (by Quirk Books), respectively. 

Eric Toppy (B.A.) is the Director of Managed 
Markets Marketing and Planning for Biovail 
Pharmaceuticals. Inc.. in Bridgewater, N.J. 

19 9 4 Howard F. Campbell (B.A.) of 
Gastonia, N.C.. started a consulting firm 
where he consults on matters of physical 
and personal security, as well as a wide 
variety of educational issues, from systems 
review, to headhunting, to testing. 

Seann Hallisky (B.A.) of Seattle. Wash., 
formed the Hallisky Law Group. PLLC. 
providing a full range of legal services. 

Paul Joseph Licata (B.S.) of New Milford, 
N.J.. is a retirement planning specialist with 
Morgan Stanley. 

Christy Marrella-Davis (B.A.) of Marlton, N.J.. 
attended Georgetown University this 
summer, completing the Summer Institute 

on the Constitution for the requirements for 
the James Madison Foundation of which she 
was awarded a fellowship. 

19 9 5 Christina Brennan (B.A.) of New 
Glarus, Wis., is a sales manager with Dean 
Health Systems. She and her husband. Marc 
Ott, are enjoying their 2-year-old daughter, 
Caitlyn Grace. 

Michael D. Donnelly (B.A.) of New Canaan, 
Conn., joined Professional Lines 
Underwriting Specialists Inc. (PLUS) as a 
vice president to assist in the company's 
continued expansion. 

Paul Franco (B.A.) of Long Beach. N.Y.. spent 
seven months in Iraq with a Navy Seabee 
Unit attached to 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine 
Division. USMC. He returned to New York 
City to continue his work as a firefighter. 

Br. Ernest J. Miller, F.S.C. (M.A.), a history 
teacher at Central Catholic High School in 
Pittsburgh. Pa., made his profession of Final 
Vows. The ceremony took place at a 
Eucharistic Liturgy held in the Church of St. 
Augustine. Washington, D.C. 

William J. Ricchini (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., recently had his album, Ordinary Time. 
selected as one of the 10 best albums by 
Village Voice Jazz and Pop Pol Rocco 
DeCicco (B.A.) played bass guitar on at least 
one of the songs. 

1996 Nicholas Bernardo (B.A.) of 
Philadelphia, Pa., started a marketing 
consulting company specializing in helping 
local businesses expand. 

Stephen Mann (B.A., M.B.A. '04) of 
Nornstown. Pa., accepted a research 
assistantship in the Linguistics Program at 
the University of South Carolina in 
Columbia, where he will be working on a 
joint M.A./Ph.D. 

19 9 7 Peter C. Kleponis (M.A.) of Mont 
Clare. Pa., is an associate of Dr. Richard P. 
Fitzgibbons, M.D.. at Comprehensive 
Counseling Services in West Conshohocken. 

Mark J. Pontzer (B.A.) of Downingtown, Pa., 
earned his master's degree in educational 
administration from Temple University. In 

the fall, he will attend Widener University's 
School of Law. 

Michael Sielski (B.A.) won first place for 
sports reporting, daily newspaper, in the 
annual journalism contest of the Keystone 
Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional 
Journalists — a contest open to all 
newspapers in Pennsylvania. His story was a 
three-day series on a tragic accident and 
how it changed forever the life of an in-line 
skater. The award was given at the 
Pennsylvania Newspaper Association's 
annual conference. 

19 9 8 Tierney (McNulty) Kelly (B.A.) of 
Philadelphia, Pa., was promoted to Vice 
President of Regional Publicity. Miramax 
Films. She and her husband, Matthew, 
welcomed a son. Matthew A. Kelly IV, in 

Michael Pelham (B.S.), Chief Strategic 
Planner for International Chemical Company 
in Philadelphia, Pa., awarded monetary 
prizes to students in the Communications 
Program at Holy Family University for 
participating in an editing project for the 

19 9 9 Jeff Bedard (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., will begin the Executive M.B.A. 
Program at the University of Pennsylvania 
Wharton School of Business in the fall. 

Jeffrey J. Chrin, C.P.A. (B.S.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., is a senior tax consultant for Deloitte 
Touche. He recently passed the National 
Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) 63 
and 65 exams. He also received a Master of 
Taxation degree from Villanova University. 

Roger Hoyle (B.A.) is in his second year of 
the Master of Fine Arts Program at the 
College of the Arts in San Francisco. He is 
pursuing his degree in filmmaking. He 
recently produced his first professional film, 
a commercial that promotes a new diner and 
is now airing on the San Francisco Comcast 
cable stations. 

2 Rev. Eric M. Augenstein (B.A.) was 
ordained to the priesthood for service in the 
Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Ind. He 
celebrated his first Mass in his home parish 
of St. Jude in Indianapolis on June 6. 



Breaking Down Barriers: Marie Hicks, '80, and Sons 

Over 30 years ago, Marie Hicks, '80, asked why Girard 
College, a prestigious all-boys academic boarding school, 
was surrounded by a tall, looming wall. She didn't like the 
answer she received. 

"I was told the wall was to keep blacks out," she said. 
"And that made me angry." 

She teamed up with Cecil B. Moore, who led the 
Philadelphia branch of the NAACP, to fight for black 
students to gain admission to the school. 

"I wanted to do something about it, because it wasn't 
right," she said. "Girard College was a really good school, 
and my boys should have the opportunity to go there." 

In 1954, the Supreme Court announced its landmark 
decision in the case of Brown v. Board of Education, 
calling for the desegregation of schools. It was then that 
the fight with Girard College began. The struggle to 
integrate the school resulted in a 14-year lawsuit and 
included two trips to the U.S. Supreme Court, picketing, 
protesting, and a visit by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For 
Hicks and her family, the struggle also included death 
threats and hate mail. 

Hicks' son Theodore entered Girard College in 
September 1968 as one of four black students. Her older 
son Charles was admitted several months later. As 
students, their days were filled with harassment and hatred. 

"It was hard on the boys, especially Charles, who was 
the only black boy in his class," she said. "But I explained 
to them the importance of what they were doing and why 
they needed to be strong." 

In May 2004 — 50 years after the Brown v. Board of 

Education decision — Girard College marked the 30th 
anniversary of its first black graduate, Charles Hicks. The 
entire Hicks family returned to Girard's campus where 
both Charles and his mother spoke of the struggles and 
the triumphs of their fight. Theodore graduated from 
Girard a few years after his brother, and was the first black 

Marie, whom Dominic C. Cermele, Girard College 
President, referred to as "our own Rosa Parks" in a May 
2004 Philadelphia Inquirer interview, says she fought for 
what she believed in and would not back down, because 
she knew that, in the end, her actions would touch the 
lives of many people. 

"I live my life knowing that, if you help someone along 
the way, your living was not in vain," Hicks said. 

Indeed. Today, Girard College welcomes all applicants 
regardless of race or gender. 

David Pepino (B.A.) of Ardmore, Pa., joined 
the faculty of St. Joseph's Preparatory High 
School in Philadelphia teaching 

Kathleen Tanney (B.A.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
was promoted to Assistant Vice President of 
Deposit Support with Beneficial Savings 

Paul Thompson (B.S.) of Wilmington, Del., is 
a portfolio analyst for JP Morgan Private 
Bank Premium Investors Group. 

2 01 Gregory Lyons (B.A.) of Southampton, 
Pa., and his band "Laguardia" were signed 
by Universal. They marked their release of 
its major-label debut with "Welcome to the 
Middle" at the Khyber in Philadelphia. 

P. J. Hakim (B.A.) was named Director of 
Information Systems at J. Goodman & 
Associates, Inc., a food service sales and 
marketing company in Santa Monica, Calif. 

2002 Allison L. Andreno (B.S.N.) of 

Cedarhurst, N.Y., is the 2004 recipient 
of the Center of Nursing Excellence Award. 
She designed an informational brochure 
about cardiac telemetry that is currently 
distributed to all patients upon admission 
at North Shore University Hospital in 
New York. 

Anastasia Joy Brown (B.A.) of Pemberton, 
N.J., is a services coordinator at MTV 
Networks in New York City. 

Edward Persichetti (B.A.) of Bristol, R.I., is a 
studio technician and full-time cameraman 
for Eye-Witness News/FOX Providence. He 
earned his Coast Guard captain's license 
and is presently the captain of the Prudence 
Island Ferry docked in the Newport River, 
R.I. As owner of Persichetti Productions, he 
shoots and produces local merchant 

Justin Peticolas (B.A.) was promoted to Retail 
Training Instructor for Commerce Bank's 
Commerce University. He will be training 
new hires as well as coaching and 
developing current employees at the 
university's Northfield, N.J., campus. 

SUMMER 2004 


2 3 Candice Cleere (B.A.) of Greenville, 
Ohio, is a law student at Catholic University 
of America, Washington, D.C. 

T. J. Hubbard (B.A.) of Orlando, Fla., is a full- 
time production associate for original 
productions working on "What's in the Bag" 
and "Big Break II." He is also freelancing 
with The Golf Channel working in live 


19 9 3 Shannon Conroy (B.A.) to Douglas 

19 9 4 Christy Marrella (B.A.) to Steven 
Davis Jr. 

Heather L. Mirabelli (B.A.) to Scott Phillips. 

19 9 7 Loretta Shirley (B.A.) to Timothy M. 
Esposito (B.A.). 

Kristina Wahl (B.A.) to James Glanzman. 

19 9 8 Shannon Blackburn (B.S.) to Eric 

Brian Mills (B.A.) to Joanne Cislo (B.S.W.). 

Amanda Smith (B.A.) to Peter Fridirici. 

1999 Colin Brennan (B.A.) to Shannon 


20 Danielle Dotsey (B.A.) to Noel 


Mariann Kuttler (B.S.) to Keith Ledwith. 
Patricia Noe (B.S.) to David J. Scheidel. 
Tamika Tubens (B.A.) to Ryan Hines (B.A.). 
Erin S. Smyth (B.S.) to Robert T. Wenzel. 

200 3 Frances Heil (B.S.) to Jason 



1983 A son, Aidan Matthew, to Maryellen 
and Keith R. Ruck (B.S., M.B.A '95). 

19 8 4 A son. Christopher Robert, to 
Yvonne and Robert A. Hopstetter (B.S.). 

1987 Triplets, Audrey, Sawyer, and 
Greyson, to Barbara and Jesse Deane (B.S.). 

19 9 A daughter, Emily Lynn, to James 
and Kelly (Beckner) Hruska (B.A.). 

An adopted son, Jake, to Robert and Maura 
(McMahon) Primus (B.A.). 

1992 A daughter, Hailee, to Renee and 
Scott D. Campbell (B.A.). 

A daughter, Bnanna Beverly, to Monica and 
Brian M. Fish (B.A.). 

A daughter, Katherme Grace, to Thomas J. 
McDermott (B.S.) and Bernadette (Heanegan) 
Mc Dermott (B.S. '93, M.B.A. '99). 

A daughter, Cecilia Marie, to Carroll A. (Lutz) 
Palakow (B.A.) and Gregory J. Palakow (B.A.). 

19 9 3 A son, Louis Arigo, to Beth and 
Anthony R. LaRatta, Esq. (B.A.). 

A son, Christopher Patrick, to Amy and 
David J. Owsik Jr (B.A.). 

19 9 4 A daughter, Lindsay Grace, to Joyce 
(Jellig) Bednarek (B.A.) and Robert Bednarek 

Twin daughters, Madeline and Olivia, to 
Aileen (Ragan) Wanzer and Eric Wanzer (B.S. 

A son, Ryan Michael, to Arthur and Theresa 
(Delaney) Whitchurch (B.A.). 

199 5 A daughter, Anna Maria, to Paul 
Langan (B.A.) and Eliza Comodromos-Langan 
(B.A. '96). 

19 9 6 A son, Jack Christopher, to Rob and 
Denise (Vizza) Brand (B.A.). 

A daughter, Hannah Elizabeth, to Christine 
(Yucis) Schulden (B.A.) and John Schulden 
(B.S. '97, M.B.A. '04). 

A daughter, Rachel Elizabeth, to Chris and 
Carol (Strus) Thornton (B.A.). 

A son, Philip Robert III, to Phil and Melissa 
(Solt) Williams (B.A.). 

199 7 A son, Kadyn A., to Aminah T. 
(Sumner) Finney (M.A.). 

A daughter, Ava Loren, to Herb and Theresa 
Garvin-Keyser (B.A.). 

A son, Andrew, to Maria and Michael 
Hermann (B.S.). 

In Memoriam 

19 3 7 Felix M. Kadel (B.A.) of Harnsburg, 
Pa., on December 7, 2003. 

193 8 Charles A. Reilly Sr. (B.A.) of Indian 
Rocks Beach, Fla., on November 28, 2003. 

194 2 Thomas M. Centanni (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., on April 25, 2004. He 
was a Philadelphia Police officer for 40 

194 8 Charles M. Durning (B.S.) of 

Glenside, Pa., on June 9, 2004. 

19 4 9 Martin W. Gehlhaus (B.S.) of Oreland, 
Pa., on April 9, 2004. He retired from 
PECO after a 45-year career as a manager of 
area development and commercial sales. 

John J. Lawn (B.S.) of Blue Bell, Pa., on 
March 15, 2004. 

Paul G. McGinnis (B.S.) of Newtown Square, 

19 5 James P. Conboy Jr. (B.S.) of Drexel 

Hill, Pa., in January 2004. A decorated 
veteran who lost his leg in World War II, he 
was featured in a 1945 Life magazine issue 
boarding the plane that took him to 
Germany. That photo essay was picked up 
around the world. 

John J. Kelly (B.A.) of Broomall, Pa., on 
October 20, 2003. 

Patrick N. Leto (B.S.) of Highland, Ind., on 
March 26, 2004. 

Thomas J. Shusted, Esq. (B.A.) of 

Haddonfield, N.J., on April 2, 2004. 

19 51 Joseph V. Burns (B.A.) of Glenside, 
Pa., in December 2003. 

19 5 2 Samuel A. McKay (B.S.) of Tampa, 

Fla., on April 13, 2004. 

David W. Rumsey (B.A.) of Warminster, Pa., 
on May 24, 2004. 

John J. Toscano (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
on March 28, 2004. He was a retired 
Philadelphia police officer. 



19 5 4 Joseph G. Bi lie (B.S.) of Momsville, 
Pa., father of Joseph G. Bille (B.A. 78), on 
March 4, 2004. 

Frank T. McGough (B.S.) of Hammonton, N.J. 

Michael J. Reeves (B.S.) of Sinking Spring, 
Pa., on December 10, 2003. He was retired 
from Traveler's Insurance Company. 

Anthony E. Valerio (B.S.) of Trevose, Pa., on 
November 3, 2003. 

19 5 5 Alfred L. Hetrick (B.S.) of Woodbury, 
N.J., on November 21, 2003. 

James J. McKenna Jr., Ph.D. (B.A.) of King of 
Prussia, Pa., on April 18, 2004. He 
founded the Criminal Justice Department at 
Villanova University. He established a 
program at Graterford Prison to allow 
inmates and guards at the maximum- 
security facility to earn college credits from 

19 5 6 Anthony Battaglia, M.D. (B.A.) of 

Gibbstown, N.J., in February 2004. 

Thomas J. Simone (B.A.) on May 6, 2004. 

19 5 7 Robert Reed (B.S.) of Austin, Texas, 
on September 25, 2003. 

19 5 9 Alexander J. Woodley Jr. (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

19 64 Ronald J. Hamill (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., in June 2003. 

Edward A. Mumma (B.A.) of Waynesboro, Pa. 

David A. Partridge (B.S.) of Blue Bell, Pa., on 
May 31, 2004. 

Stanley Rudewicz (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
on March 13, 2004. 

196 9 Ralph V. Caliendo (B.S.) of 

Warminster, Pa. 

Thomas A. Johnson (B.A.) of Springfield, Pa., 
on May 18, 2004. As a member of 
La Salle's swim team, he was inducted into 
La Salle's Hall of Athletes in 1990. He was 
a Sun Oil Company executive and NASCAR 
racing fan. 

Gregg J. McKiernan (B.A.) of Santa Cruz, 
Calif., in October 2003. 

19 7 1 Stanley D. Kolman, D.O. (B.A.) of 

Ventnor City, N.J., on December 11, 2003. 

197 2 Felix Alex Barkowski (B.S.) of 

Cinnaminson, N.J., on February 25, 2004. 

David C. Eisenhart (B.S.) of Fenwick Island, 
Del., on December 21, 2003. 

19 7 4 Joseph C. Anhalt (B.S.) of Fairless 
Hills, Pa. 

James B. Doyle (B.S.) of Bensalem, Pa. 

Charles McDowell (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa. 

19 7 9 Benjamin R. Card (B.S.) of Willow 

Grove, Pa. 

19 8 1 John J. Gillespie (B.S.) of El Toro, 
Calif., on August 29, 2003. 

1984 Bernard Hurley (M. B.A.) of 

Collingswood, N.J., on Tuesday, May 25, 
2004. He had a distinguished career as an 
inventor, engineer, and manager at RCA and 
Lockheed Martin. 

19 8 9 David P. Logan (B.S.) of Philadelphia, 

Lawrence J. Patelunas Jr. (B.S.) of Langhorne, 

19 94 William M. Hamilton (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., on May 17, 2004. 

2 2 Kathleen A. (Cahill) Ruby (B.A.) of 

Horsham, Pa., in January 2004. 


Marijke (van Rossum) Wijsmuller, a retired 
professor of mathematics and mother of 
Maya K. van Rossum (B.S. '89), in March 
2004. She joined La Salle's faculty in 1979 
and remained until her retirement in 1998. 


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1 IMP*' 

For the first time in La Salle's history, the University's 
Commencement ceremony was seen live from coast to 
coast through a Webcast linked from La Salle's Web 
site. According to Biondo Communications, the company 
that provided the Webcast, 149 users logged on to view 
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You are cordially invited to celebrate with 

La Salle University! 

The 13 th Annual 
Charter Dinner 

La Salle University 
Leadership Award to be presented to 

William R. Sasso, Esq^ 

Class of 1969 

Chair and Executive Partner 

Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP 

Presentation, Dinner, Reception, and Dancing 

Half past six in the evening 
Saturday, the nth day of March, 2005 

Normandy Farm 

Blue Bell Pennsylvania 

Invitations to follow in January 2005 

For more information, please contact the Office for University Advancement at 215.991.3595 or hagamin@lasalle.eda. 

The Charter Dinner celebrates the founding ot La Salle College on March 20, 1863. and pays tribute to the generations 
of Christian Brothers, laypersons, and clergy whose dedication has made La Salle University the prominent institution 
that it is today. Each year. La Salle bestows the Leadership Award on an individual who has displayed outstanding 
leadership in the corporate, civic, governmental, or religious communities that shape the quality of life in this region. 

Since its inception, the Charter Dinner and La Salle University Leadership Award Ceremony have raised over S1.7 
million This year's dinner and ceremony will continue to enhance the University's Scholarship Fund, thereby benefiting 
future generations of La Salle students. 

FALL 2004 



Volume 48 ! Number 3 

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Shoulder to Shoulder 
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"From the very start [the Christian Brothers] have understood that. .education must equip youth with a 
genuine and efficient professional training and the means of making a living. And they have understood at the 
same time that the formation of the soul and the intellect, the bringing up of a human being as human, remains 
the highest and indispensable aim of education. " 

[ACQl es Maritan French philosopher. 


launched Shoulder to Shoulder: Securing the Future, the 
most ambitious rundraising effort in the University's 
history. This major gifts initiative is designed to bring 
the La Salle Community together in support of two 
key projects that, once realized, will sustain the 
University - in the new century: funding the 
construction of a new science and technology facility, 
and strengthening the University's endowment. 

The two goals of Shoulder to Shoulder have been 
carefully selected to capitalize on the momentum 
generated by new leadership and new programs at the 
University. They offer new opportunities for 
involvement for the entire La Salle community to help 
secure its future. 

Strengthening La Salle Together. 
Shoulder to Shoulder 

"Shoulder to Shoulder is the way many great things in 
this country have gotten accomplished,'" noted James 
J. Lynch, VI, Chair of the La Salle University Board 
of Trustees. "The theme of this fundraising effort was 
chosen specifically to reinforce the values at the heart 
of what will make this campaign a success: 
hardworking people — working together — to secure the 
future for La Salle." 

Through Shoulder to Shoulder, the University is now 
calling upon those who have benefited from the 
Lasallian educational experience to support La Salle as 
it works toward achieving its goals and creating 
important resources to support future learning. 

1. Hugh Devlin. '64. Chair of Shoulder to Shoulder, and Brother Michael J. 
McGinniss. F.S.C.. Ph.D.. ID 

"I have always admired the Brothers and their 
commitment to providing a Catholic education to 
good students of modest means, so that they can make 
their way in the world and also make the world a 
better place," remarked I. Hugh Devlin, '64, Chair of 
Shoulder to Shoulder. "It is my belief that this 
foundation of Christian Brothers values — rooted in 
connectedness and giving back — will inspire the alumni 
community to stand together to support the mission of 
La Salle through this important initiative." 

"Great universities are great because their alumni 
make them so," added Brother Michael J. McGinniss, 
F.S.C., Ph.D., '70, President of La Salle University. "It 
is impossible for me to express how humbled I am to 
be standing here before vou as President of this 
University and my deep gratitude to all who have given 
so generously to this campaign. 

"I look forward to continuing to extend the 
University's network of association and to successfullv 
completing this campaign, upon which, we — working 
together, Shoulder to Shoulder — will build the future of 
La Salle." 

Providing Innovative Learning 

La Salle's mission aims at preparing students for 
informed service and progressive leadership in their 
communities, and science and technology skills are 
among the most sought after in today's employment 
marketplace. The University's well-earned reputation 
reparing graduates to join the medical, nursing, 

for prepar 





education, science, and business professions will be 
enhanced by building a new science and technology 
facility (see architect's rendering above). 

Today, science and technology touch ma 
disciplines and influence manv kinds of careers. 
Preparing men and women for rewarding professional 
lives demands a new kind of learning environment that 
recognizes this fact. Through this innovative facility, 
La Salle is reaffirming its commitment to addressing 
the new needs of science and technology in all 
academic areas — from the arts and sciences to nursing 
and business. 

This new facility will feature an open floor plan 
designed especially to encourage collaboration and 
cross-disciplinary learning. This is the way modern 
science — and business — gets done, and it's the kind of 
learning environment La Salle students need. Such 
innovative programs as Integrated Science, Business, 
and Technology (ISBT), Digital Arts and Multimedia 
Design (DArt), the E-Commerce Institute, and majors 
in information technology are helping drive 
enrollment. Along with the traditional sciences, 
nursing, and business, such programs will flourish and 
grow in the new science and technologv facility. 

Strengthening the Endowment 

St. La Salle and the Christian Brothers began as 
teachers among the working poor of 17th-century 
France. For some 300 years, a Christian Brothers 
education has meant helping students of ail financial 
means build successful lives on an ethical foundation 
based on faith. 

La Salle continues this tradition, offering education 
that balances a need for both personal and professional 
fulfillment to the widest possible range of students. 

Honor Roll or Donors 2005-2004 

Today, more than 90 percent of students attend the 
University with some form of merit- and need-based 
financial aid. The ability to offer a La Salle education 
to every student of academic merit remains central to 
the University's mission, and serves as both a challenge 
and an opportunity for every member of the La Salle 

La Salle must strengthen its endowment to continue 
to attract the best and brightest students, regardless of 
their financial background. A robust endowment is also 
one of the strongest statements of commitment to the 
value of a Christian Brothers education in the Lasallian 

Together for the Future of La Salle 

As La Salle works to enhance its profile as a great 
University, these strategic goals have been established 
to secure critical resources that will enhance academic 
programs and meet student needs. They present 
opportunities for involvement for the entire La Salle 
community to work together — Shoulder to Shoulder — 
to secure La Salle's future. 

lames 1. Lynch, 71, Chair of La Salle 's Board of Trustees, and Leon E. Ellerson. 
'56, Trustee 

Fundraising Priorities 

To fund a state-of-the-art science and technology facility 

This building will provide a place where the University can continue to fulfill its mission 
of offering an education that prepares students for careers that are in demand today. 

$20 million 

To strengthen and support the endowment 

The ability to offer scholarships to promising students has always been a priority at La Salle. 
Endowment support is key. 

$5 million 

Total $25 million 

Honor Ron of Donors 


President's Report 


Dear Friends of La Salle: 

On behalf of the entire La Salle community, I want 
to express my sincere gratitude to all our benefactors. 
Through this report, I am delighted to recognize your 
generosity and sustained encouragement in fulfillment 
of our mission. 

With your support, the University continues to be a 
dynamic educational community shaped bv traditional 
Catholic and Lasallian values. 

Our identity is firmly rooted in a deep respect for 
each individual, a belief that intellectual and spiritual 
development go hand in hand, a passion for creative 
teaching and learning, and that education should be 
useful — for personal growth, professional advancement, 
and service to others. 

These beliefs have served as guideposts as we 
developed and continue to carry out the University's 
Strategic Plan. What follows are highlights of our 
progress during the past year. 

One such highlight warrants special attention, which 
it has by way of the article that precedes this letter: 
"Shoulder to Shoulder for the Future." I encourage 
you to read this account of this significant fundraising 
initiative, whose goal is to raise S25 million for the 
construction of a new science and technology building 
and the strengthening of the University's endowment. 
To date, the University has raised SIS. 7 million 
towards that goal. We are especially grateful to those 
who already have given their support, and we 
encourage others to join in this worthwhile cause. 

As I look to the future, I see La Salle continuing to 
build on the positive momentum of recent years, 
inspired by the committed leadership of our Board of 
Trustees. We pray that you will remain our partners in 
our endeavors. Thank you again for your generosity to 
La Salle and to our students. 

Sincerely yours, 

Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., '70 

Highlights of the Tear 

Enhancing Our Intellectual and 
Spiritual Life 

The strength of the University's curriculum is 
assured in part by meeting, or exceeding, the rigorous 
standards of accreditation. This year, two of our newer 
programs earned their accreditations: Speech-Language 
Pathology by the American Speech-Language Hearing 
Association, and the doctoral program in Psvchology 
( Psy.D.) by the American Psychological Association. In 
addition, our School of Nursing's baccalaureate and 
master's degree programs were recently reaccredited bv 
the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education for 
10 years, the maximum accreditation allowed for an 

Further, La Salle has embarked on its self-study for 
reaccreditation by the Middle States Association, an 
institution-wide commitment for ongoing assessment 
and improvement. 

The quality of our faculty continues to be one of 
La Salle's greatest assets. Our faculty has a passion for 
teaching and mentoring that touches our students' 
hearts and spirits as well as their minds. Working with 
the Faculty Senate, the Provost's Office has undertaken 
initiatives to provide even greater support to our 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 






L ^%^ 







S in OOO's 

Tuition and fees, net of discount of 532,493 (a) 


Government grants (b) 


Private gifts and grants (c) 


Pledge revenue (d) 


Activities related to academic areas (e) 


Sales and services of auxiliary enterprises (f) 


Interest income (g) 


Endowment payout under spending policy 

Earnings on net investments (h) 


Net realized/unrealized gains/(losses) (i) 


Net assets released from restrictions (j) 
Total Operating Revenue 
















S in OOO's 

Instruction (a) 


Research (b) 


Academic support (c) 


Student services and athletics (d) 


Public service (e) 


Institutional support (f) 


Auxiliary enterprises (g) 


Other (h) 


Total Operating Expense 


valued faculty to carry out the teaching and learning 
mission of the University. 

The experience of learning at La Salle has been 
enhanced bv an increased emphasis on international 
education, with additional Study Abroad programs and 
42 countries represented in the student body. 

On the student side of the equation, the year has 
been marked bv the development of programs to 
strengthen the advising system, including an early alert 
referral system for freshmen; this can only serve to 
improve La Salle's already stellar freshman-to- 
sophomore retention rate, a traditional strength of the 

Students grow intellectually and spiritually beyond 
the curriculum as well, and much of the credit belongs 
to the Division of Student Affairs, which garnered a 
number of national honors for its work this vear. 

The L T niversity has continued its efforts to cultivate 
Catholic and Lasallian values in the curriculum, 
programs, and institutional culture. The faculty and 
administrators who are participating in the Lasallian 
Leadership Institute, a three-year national leadership 
program of the Christian Brothers, are setting the 

Effectively Communicating Our 
Distinct Identity 

Building on the market research commissioned two 
vears ago, which helped to define the University, 
La Salle has focused its efforts to communicate this 
identity. The La Salle community's values and 
approaches form our brand and distinct identity. It is 
the feeling that should come to mind when people 
hear the name of La Salle Universitv. 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

The past year has seen the gradual introduction of 
La Salle's graphic identity. The new University 7 logo 
began to appear on publications, in advertising, on 
banners around the campus, and on University vehicles. 
The new tagline, "Never stop exploring," has been 
introduced in printed materials and in radio 
commercials. The new athletics logo has proven popular 
with students for clothing and accessories. 

While the consistency of our graphic identity is 
important to establishing our brand, communication of 
the essence of La Salle, as described bv our positioning 
statement and key messages and language, is also 
critical. The University incorporates these messages at 
every appropriate opportunity. Moreover, the L 7 niversitv 
is committed to having all in the campus community 
"live" the brand. 

Investing in Our Future 

The University's commitment to making the 
personal, communal, and financial investments needed 
for future success is very evident this year. The S25 
million Shoulder to Shoulder: Security) the Future 
initiative ( see preceding article I is testimony to the kind 
of investment our alumni are willing to make in 
La Salle. On campus, the most visible sign of investment 
is the construction of the new $26 million residence 
and dining facility on South Campus. 

As the Honor Roll section attests, financial support 
for the University continues to grow. Total giving for 
the year approached S9.2 million. The Annual Fund 
increased for the third year in a row, highlighted by a 
nearly nine percent increase in participation in the past 
year. Funding from grants in the 2004 fiscal year — S5.6 
million — was the highest single yearly total for 
La Salle. The National Science Foundation's five-year 
S12.5 million grant to a La Salle-led partnership to 
improve mathematics and science education in the 
region contributed greatly. 

Continued investment in and use of technology 
remains a priority. This vear witnessed the launch of a 
portal within the University's Web site for internal 
communications. Also, the foundation has been laid for 
campus-wide wireless Internet access. 

Enhancing the Quality of Life in Our 

La Salle's commitment to the community may have 
been symbolized by the establishment, last vear, of the 
position of Director of Community and Economic 
Development, but our actions and influences are 



Work is well under way on a new South Campus residence and dining facility, which will 
accommodate more than 430 students (see architectural rendering above). Completion 
of the buildings is slated for Summer 2005. 

longstanding and significant. The University continues 
to be a major economic contributor and a model of 
communitv - outreach and partnering. 

Our Nonprofit Center helps area nonprofit 
organizations govern themselves to fulfill their missions; 
the Neighborhood Nursing Center offers myriad health 
services to local residents; the University provides 
scholarships specifically for students from the 
community; La Salle offers educational programs and 
services for students of area public and private schools; 
University students volunteer more than 100,000 hours 
annually for communin - service projects; University 
facilities are made available and are well utilized bv 
neighbors and local groups. 

Special efforts this year have focused on converting 
20th Street between Olney and Belfield avenues into a 
one-way street, resulting in fewer accidents. Also, La Salle 
representatives met more frequendy with local residents 
to partner in neighborhood quality of life issues. 

Cultivating Partnerships with Alumni 

Major steps have been taken to develop the alumni 
relations program. Five new clubs were added in the 
past year, and 35 events were held in 16 cities 
nationwide. Attendance at alumni events included 
increases of 25 percent at Reunion and 200 percent at 
Homecoming. On-line services on the Web site have 
been expanded, and an alumni portal was launched. The 
alumni e-mail database has been increased to more than 

A new Alumni Careers Committee has been charged 
with enhancing career networking programs. An Alumni 
Student Affairs Committee was created to further develop 
alumni relations with current students, and alumni have 
volunteered for everything from cleaning up nearby 
Fairmount Park to helping recruit prospective students. 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

HONOR ROLL 2003 2004 

Gifts and grants reported in this section of the President's Report reflect 
donations received by the University with postmark dates between June 1, 
2003, and May 31, 2004. (If your gift was postmarked in June 2004, please 
be assured that your gift will be listed in the 2005 President's Report.) 

Contributions are reported in accordance with CASE (Council for Advancement 
and Support of Education) standards. Income during Fiscal Year '04 may include 
any of the following: gifts of cash; gifts of stock; matching gifts; grants; bequests; 
planned gifts; gifts-in-kind; real estate; and gifts of paid-up life insurance. We also 
report government grants for which the University has applied and been funded. 

Everv effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the donor list. If a name has 
been misspelled or omitted, or if a gift has been reported incorrectlv, we appreciate 
your assistance in reporting it to the Office for University Advancement at 

Private Sources 


(Includes both unrestricted and 

restricted gifts and bequests Se*. 

Honor Roll on pages 12 thl 

tor complete listing of contributors ) 

Total Gifts: 

V2 -}». 


(Includes gifts from corporations, 
corporate foundations, and matching 

Total Gifts 
> -S2.881 

President^ Club 

( and above) 

Hansen Properties 
Sallie Mae. Inc. 

Sallie Mae Fund oi the Community 
Foundation ot the National Region 

Charter Club 

Independence Blue 
FncewaterhouseCoopers Foundation 

University Club 

Elliott- Lewis 
Johnson ck Johnson Family of 

Keystone Computer Associau 
Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling 

Sovereign Bank 
Ven:on Foundation 
Wachovia Foundation 

Dr. Flubacher Club 

( - 

Ford MotOt Company Fund 
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation 
H & R Block Mortgage 
JWT Store- I, Inc. 
KPMG Foundation 

. imery, McCracken, Walker ck 
Rhoads. LLP 
PNC Bank 

Reillv Fi>.un C "cry 
SEI Investments 

bild Jesus 
Stradle\ Ronon Stevens 
ex Yuunsc. LLP 

Williams Foundation 
Thomson Financial 
Travelers Lite ck Annuity 

San Miuuel Club 

Accenture Foundation Incorporated 
Amencan Express Foundation 
BankAmerica Foundation 
Barnes- Si Noble College 

Bookstores, Inc. 
Beneficial Savings Bank 
Blank Rome LLP 
Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation 

Che\Ton USA Incorporated 

\ Foundation 
Crown Holdings. Inc. 
Fairway Automotive Group 
Fannie Mae Foundation 

H2L2 Architects/Planners 

Houghton Mifflin Company 
Johnson & Johnson Health Care 

us, Inc. 
key-tone Mercy Health Plan 
Liberty Mutual Group 
Lomax Companies 
Merck Company Foundation 
Merrill Lynch ex Company 

Foundation Incorporated 
I Foundation 
Nason and Cullent, Inc./Artis T. 

Ore. Inc. 

de Foundation 
Neiman Marcus Group 
OneBeacon Charitable Trust 

undation Incorporated 
Price waterhouseCoopers LLP 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Vanguard Group Foundation 
Vernon PA 

\ incent Giordano Corporation 
Zook, Dinon & Roman. PA 

Chairman's Club 
(S1.000 - . 

5M Foundation 
ACE ISA Foundation 
AETNA Foundation 
Amencan Federation of State. 

County, Municipal Employees 
Anexinet Corporation 

Barclay Brand Corporation 
Beacon Commercial Real Estate 
Campbell Soup Foundation 
Chestnut Hill Eternal Group 
Delaware Investments 
Deloitre ex Touche Foundation 
Deloitte ck Touche LLP 
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation 
Direct Solutions Network. Inc. 
Emerpnse Rent-A-Car 
EXXONMobil Foundation 
Fiduciary - Tnist 
GE Fund 
Greater Philadelphia 

Chamber of Commerce 
Guidant Foundation Incorporated 
Haverford Trust Corns 
HealthPoint DPT Laboratones. LTD. 
IKON Office Solutions 

Foundanon Inc. 
Johnson. Kendall ck Johnson, Inc. 
Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Bran:burg 

ck Ellers LLP 
Kleinbard Bell &. Brecker LLP 
Lockheed Martin 
Marino Building Contractors. Inc 
MBNA Amenca Bank NA 
Morgan Stanley 
NR Films 

Nissan North America Incorporated 
Options Clearing Corp. 
Orthopaedic Surgerv ck 

Rehabilitation Associates, P.C. 
Paradise Development Group Inc. 
Paul L Newman, Newman's Own 
PECO Energy- Company 
Pepper Hamilton LLP 
Philadelphia Stock Exchange 
Prudential Foundation 
Darn Rauscher Foundation 

SCT Software &. Resource 

Management Corp. 
Siemens Corporation 
Siemens Medical 

Solutions USA, Inc. 
Sprint Foundation 
UBS Financial Sen. ices, Inc. 
US Fi*\l Services, Inc. 
Unilever United States Foundation 

Ventresca Ltd. 

ia Bank, N.A. 
Weverhaeuser Compam Foundation 
Wilmington Trust Company 

Founder's Club 

(Ssoo S999) 

Aircraft Instruments Company 
American Honda Motor Company 

American International Group 

Andor Capital Management LLC 
Angle Building &. Restoration, Inc. 
Aon Four 

A-tr.Zeneca PharmaceutK 
ATOFTNA Chemicals Incorporated 

Blum Capital Partners, LP 
Buxmont Spons Training, LLC 
Carabello and Mansell Dental Assoc. 
1 Palmolive Company 
Cornerstone Bank 
Dell Corporation 

Diccicco Battista Communications 
FleetBoston Financial Corp. 
FMC Fbun 

H. B. Fra:et Compan\ - PA 
Jim Roese Photography 

John Nuveen &. Compam 

Kent ex McBnde. P.C. 
KYW NewsRadio 1060 
Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, 

Coleman ck Goggin 
Oak Value Capital Management 
Pti:er Incorporated 
ROC Consulting Group Inc. 
Rosnov Jewelers 
Saint Gobain Corporation 

Savin Funeral Home, Inc. 
Schenng Plough Foundation 

Firstrust Bank 

Music Entertainment 

Sovereign Bank Foundation 
Subaru of America Foundation, 

Subaru of America Inc. 
Swift Mailing Services. Inc. 
H\R Block Foundation 
Procter ck Gamble Fund 
WAWA. Inc. 

Ugo Donini Club 


ABN AMRO North Amenca 

Alma Group, Inc. 
American Express 
AmeriHealth Administrators 
Aqua America 
Bagnell ck Co. 
Blooming Affairs Florist 
California Steel Pressure Pipe 

Chubb ck Son Incorporated 


Christian Brothers 
Alumni Spouses 



$2. 496.687 





Foundations and Trusts 



Total Gifts for FY 03-'04 







Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Comcast Corporation 

Congoleum Corporation 

Crossing Financial. LLC 

CYRO Industries 

DMJM Harris 

Drucker &. Scaccetti, P C. 

Frank's Family Deli 

Gannett Foundation, Inc. 

Georgia-Pacific Corporation 

Honeywell Foundation 

IMS Health 

John A. McCann & Assoc. 

Kelb 6l Massa Photography 

Kennedy Culvert ck Supply Co. 

Knight Ridder Incorporated 

Law Offices or Daniel J. Tann 

Mellon Bank Corporation 

Microsoft Corporation 

Northern Telecom Incorporated 

Padova ek Lisi 

Penn Mutual Lite Insurance 

Pennsylvania Power &. Light 

Proctot Silex Corp iratii in 
Rust- Oleum Coproration 
Tapemark Company 
Air Products Foundation 
Connelly Foundation 
Guardian Lite Insurance Company of 

Intellegencer/Reci ird 
Charitable Trusts 
Philadelphia Tribune Co., Inc 
PQ Corporation 
Ventresca Travel, Inc. 
Waters Corporation 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

AMGEN Foundation 
Aventis Pharmaceuticals 
BP Foundation Incorporated 
Comprehensive Information 

Technology Audit Services Inc 
Dow Jones &. Company Incorporated 
Eaton Charitable Fund 
Exelon Corporation 
Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation 
Oracle Corporation 
Praxair Incorporated 
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 
BOC Group Incorporated 
The Glenmede Trust Company 
Harleys\ ille Insurance Companies 
JP- Morgan Morgan Chase 

The Union Central Life Insurance 

United States Steel Foundation 




Abbott Laboratories Fund 

ABC Carpet Service, Inc 

Access Group Incorporated 

AKZO Nobel Incorporated 

American Ret Fuel Company 

Bank One NA 

Bio/Data Corporation 

Boeing Company 

CBX Corporation 

CNA Foundation 

Consolidated Edison Company of 

New York, Incorporated 
Constellation Energy Group, Inc. 
CSX Corporation, Inc. 
Delaware Management 

Company, Inc 

EBSCO Industries, Inc. 

Ecolab Foundation 

Eli Lilly ck Co. Foundation 

Elkton Supply Company, Inc 

First Virginia Banks Incorporated 

FitstEnetgy Foundation 

Fleet Financial Group 

GPU Foundation 

Greco Food Products, Inc 

Hartford Insurance Group 

Hewlett Packatd Compvim 

Hoffman Mailing Solutions 
ITT Industries Incorporated 
LandAmenca Foundation 
Levi Strauss Foundation 
L'Oreal USA, Incorporated 
Marsh ck McLennan Companies 

McGraw Hill Foundation Inc. 
NCR Foundation 
PNC Bank Foundation 
Public Service Electric ex. Gas 

Raytheon Company- 
Science Applications International 

SKF USA Incorporated 
Sony Pictures Entertainment 

Speck Industrial Controls, Inc. 
T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation 

Tenet Healthcare Foundation 
Charles Schwab Corporation 

Gillette Company 
May Department Stores Company 

UPS Foundation Incorporated 
Walt Disney Company Foundation 
TruMark Financial Credit Union 
Tyco Interational Limited 
Westchester Medical Center 

Whirlpool Foundation 
Xerox Foundation 

Foundations and 

Total Gifts: 

S 1.915.126 

President's Club 

($50,000 and above) 

The Annenberg Foundation 

Jake Foundation 

Kean Hartquist Foundation 

Paul E. Kelly Foundation 

Navesink Foundation 

Otto Haas Charitable Trust No. 2 

SEI Giving Fund 

William Penn Foundation- 

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust 

Charter Club 

Leo Niessen Jr., Charitable 

Joseph Schmit: Jr Trusi 
TTS Foundation 

University Club 

( $24,999) 

Claneil Foundation, Inc. 
Patricia Kind Family Foundation 

Patricia Kind Family Foundation 
Christian R. ex Man, F Lindback 

Samuel P. Mandell Foundation 
William G. McGowan Charitable 

Fund, Inc. 
The Charlotte W. Newcombe 

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving 

Dr. Flubacher Club 
($5,000 $9,; ) 


G Fred and Sylvia DiBona Family 

National Philanthropic Trust 
Winchester Foundation 

San Miguel Club 
($2,500 S4.999) 

George J. Bucs Scholarship Fund 
Spencer Educational 

Foundation. Inc. 
Vanguard Charitable Endowment 


Chairman's Club 

Boston Foundation 
Charitable Gift Fund 
Comcast Foundation 
Stanley and Lorraine Goldstein 
Philanthropic Fund 

Founder's Club 
1 551 "' S999) 

AllState Foundation 

lames S. Kemper Foundation 


Total Gifts 
S 150.162 

Charter Club 

Am Assoc of Colleges of 

Nursing/John A Hartford Fdn. 
I V La S.ille Community 

University Club 

La Salle University Alumni 

Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta 

Dr. Flubacher Club 

Christian Brothers Spring Garden 

Christian Brothers - Roncalli 


Saint Munen Hall Community 
Philadelphia General Hospital 
Alumni Association 

San Miguel Club 

La Salle University School of Arts 
and Science 

Chairman's Club 

AFSCME International 

Calvert Hall College 

2004 Senior Night Out 

La Salle University Student Affairs 

Bowman School of Dance. Inc. 

Founder's Club 

Archdiocese of Philadelphia 
First Church of Christ o\ Flemington 
La Salle University Ambassadors 
Open Door Mission True Light 

Chutch, Inc. 
Saint Christopher's Hospital for 

St Patrick Church 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Sigma Theta Tau International, 

Mann Center tor the Performing Arts 

Ugo Donini Club 

La Salle College High School 
Waldron Mercy Academy 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Assumption RYM Church 

Works ol Merc} 
Hudson Catholic High School 
La Salle University 

School of Business 
PA Campus Compact 
Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament 



Catholic Worker Clinic 
Country Day School of the 

Sacred Heart 
De La Salle Christian Brothers 

San Miguel Community 
Douglas S. Fischer Decent Fund 
Holy Trinity Fathers 
Northeast Philadelphia Lions Club 
Till Beta Sigma Fraternity 

Nu Sigma Chapter 
St. Hubert Catholic High School 

For Girls 
Saint Joseph's Pteparatory School 
Saint Mary's Hall 
Union League at Philadelphia 

Zeta Phi Beta Soroit} 

Beta Delta Zeta Chapter 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 

Kappa Omega Zeta Chaptet 


Total Gifts: 
$ 3,820,657 

Commonwealth of 

Department of Education 

Act 101- Academic Discovery 

Act 143 (YMCA of Philadelphia and 

Vicinity); Adult Learning Project 

Department of Environmental 


Environmental Education Program 

Department of Health 

Abstinence Education and Related 
Services (Central Susquehanna 
Intermediate Unit): Reach lor the 

Department of Public Welfare 
Community Connections Initiative 

Federal Government 

Department of Education 

Office of Educational Research and 
Improvement (Temple University 
Center for Research in Human 
Development and Education): 
Laboratory for Student Success 

Child Gate Access Means Parents in 

GEAR-UP (School DistrKi of 

Philadelphia, Temple University) 

Section 231 (YMCA of Philadelphia 
and Vicinity): Adult Learning 

Department of Health and Human 


Abstinence Education and Related 

Sen ices: Reach for the Stars 
Advanced Education Nursing: Nurse 

Anesthesia Program 
Advanced Education Nursing 

Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship 
Scholarships for Disadvantaged 


Honor Roll of Donors 20032004 


La Salle gratefully recognizes individuals 
contributed $50,000 or more to the 
University during FY 2003-2004. 


Mr. Thomas Curlev , 70 

Janet and Charles L. Daley, '57 

Mr. and Mrs. ]. Hugh Devlin, '64 

Mr. Leon Ellerson, '56 

Joan (Mancini, 74) and Thomas j. Fitipatrick Jr., 72 

Estate of Joseph F. Fluhacher, Ed.D., '35 

Rohen E. and Barbara H. Hanrahan, 75 

Mr. Elmer F. Hansen Jr., '58 

Mr. Elmer F. Hansen III, '90 

Mr. 6k Mrs. Thomas J. Kcan Jr., '54 

Kathleen (Gordon, 77) and James J. Lynch, 71 

Mr. John L. McHale, '49 

G.Dennis O'Brien, Ph.D. 

Mr. Leo W.Pierce Jr., *67 

Mr. and Mrs. David Poiesz, '80 

Mr. Carmen V. Romeo, '65 

William R. Sautter, C.P.A., 71 

Mrs. Joseph E. Slawek 

Department of Housing anJ L rban 


Resident Opportunity Support 


National Science Foundation 
Computet Science, Engineering and 

Mathem itii ■■ Sc Ki ilaiships 
Course, Curriculum and Laboi itorj 


■ [i mi. Initiativi i 

Philadelphi.i So 

Mathematics I i 
Math Science Partnership: 

Mathematics and Science 

Partnership ■ il ( ire itei 

Sports Science (Temple University) 

Local Government 

Citv of Philadelphia 
Health Interventii in Pi 
Immunization Program 
Nurse Family Partnership 
School District of Philadelphia 
Title VII, COAST Program 

Other Government 

Children's Aid Society: GLOSSC 
Southeast Pennsylvania AHEC 



Chairman's Club 

( v 

Joseph E ( n'wlo . Esq 


President's Club 

i •■■; io ■ ■ 

losephF Flubacher, Ed.D. 



(lpi.> - 

Mi Joseph A. Rider Sr 



Mrs John s Penrvj 


Founder's ( 

551 >0 S ' 

Re. John A- Guischard, rh D 

Anniversari Club 

Mr Robert | SietS 


|Lpt" - 

William C Howie Jr., M.D 



(Up to S139) 
Mr Jesse I- Stash 


Founder's Club 

MAI | r McAlinn 

I 941 


(Up to S139) 

Mr loseph A. Gidjunis Sr. 
Mr. John J. McHale 
Brother G. John Owen. I S.i 


Chairman's Club 

( 4 

Ludwig M Frank, M D 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S250 >4"" 

Mr Michael A DiFaro 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Canzio E Giuliucci, M D 



Mr. Henn J Baraldi 
Mart J. Ciccantelh. M.D. 


Chairman's Club 
( si 4 > i 

Mr. Theodore H, Mecke Jr, 

Founder's Club 
(s$oo S999) 

Mr Charles E Burke 


(Up WSI39) 

Mr Joseph F, Fraier 

Mr. J. Harold Koob 

Mr. Francis R [gnaszewski 

Mr. Joseph J. McFadden 

Mr. Francis J. McMahon 


Dr. Flubacher Club 

(S!.ooo ~ 

James and Margaret Newell 

San Miguel Club 
(sz.500 S4.999) 

Charles A J Halpin Jr., J.D. 

Chairman's Club 

($1,000*2 499) 

Mr William J. Devlin 
Mr. John F. Flannen 

Founder's Club 
(ssoo sooo) 

A I Chiaiasrri, D.D.S 

Anniversary Club 

Mr John J. Kane 


1 1 p K>S139) 

Francis J. Donahoe, Ph.D. 


Ugo Donini Club 

- 199 ) 

Leo E. Connor. Ph.I ) 
Mr James F. Dever 
Eugene I. Hamburg I M I I 
Mr. James T McMenamin 

($140 SM9) 

Mr William A Geppert |r 
\ ill rio [ Federici, M.D 


(Lp W SIM) 

Mr Mark A Manning Ir 


Founder's Club 

(S5OO sc,o(>) 

Mr. Thomas J. McCann 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr S Thomas Deenev 
|ohn I Rooney,Ph.D. 

Anniversary Club 

Pemiscot 1, \ Spina, C P.A. 



Rev Sidney C Bureovne, rh.P 
Robert J. Carabasi, M.D. 
Paul J Salvo. M.D. 


($] .'.-1- S2.499) 

Mr. William J. Wisniewski 

Ugo Donini Club 


Mr Peter I Sweeney 

Anniversary Club 

Mr Joseph A Wilson 


(Up to S139) 

Mr. lames F. Cannon 
Mr Joseph A McDermoti Sr. 
Mr. Laurence M. Mooney 
Mr. Arthur A. Pern Jr 


San Miguel Club 
Mr. Francis J. Speiser 

Chairman's Club 
(S1.000-S2 499) 

Mr. Harry J. Gibbons 
Thomas B. Harper III, Esq 
Mr. and Mrs John L. McCloskey 
Joseph D McMenamin. D.O 

Founder's Club 

(SsOO S999) 

Mr. Edward G. Dolton Jr. 
Paul W. Mcllvaine. M.D. 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S250 S499) 

Mr. Frederick J. Bernhardt 

Mr. James M. Coyle 

Mr James F, Curran 

Mr Francis T. Foti 

Robert F. Gallagher. D.D.S. 

Howard L. Hannum. Ph.D. 

Anniversary Club 

(ST40S24 l >) 

Joseph R. Guerin, Ph.D. 
Bertram Kreger, D.D.S. 



Mr Edward R. Barber 
Mr Andrew .1 Cahrelli Jr. 
Mr Joseph V. Driscoll 
Mr. Charles M Duming 
Joseph C. Flvnn. M.D. 
Joseph V, Huftnagle, D.O. 
Mr. Leo C. Inglesb) 
Mr. Reginald F. Johnson 
Mr. William G. Kluth 
Mr. Norbert G. Lion 
Mr. Joseph T. Longo 
Mi Si ice, L. McDonnell 
Mr. Robert J- McGranaghan 
Mr. Kenneth R. Pfister 
Mr. Frederick A- Strasser Jr. 


President's Club 

(S50.000 and above) 
Mr. John L. McHale 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

San Miguel Club 

($2500 M I 

Mr Salvatore I Stea 

Chairman's Club 

($1 OOi 1 S2 499) 

Brother Daniel W.Burt. 1 5.1 
Mr. Thomas I N, one 

Founder's Club 

($51 10 S999) 

Mr. Paul R Flack 

Mr Joseph G. Greenberg 

Mr. Harn I Mason lr 

Ugo Donini Club 
[S250 5499) 

Mr Robert I Foster 
Mr lohnL Minoer 
Mr. Thomas J Quinlan 
Mr Richard F. Slrosser 
Mr. Edward G. Titterton Jr. 

Anniversary Club 
CS140 5249) 

Mr Patrick J. Breslin 

Mr. John J Burns 

COL John J Luxemburgei |r . 

Re I ire J 

Mr lames P McCool 
Mr. Robert F. McMackin 
Joseph P. Mooney, Ph.D. 


(Up to 8139) 

Mi James 1- Ban- 
Mr |oseph I. Batcaglini 
Mr Roben E Casitlo 
Mr. Thomas J. Cullen 
Brother J Edward Davis, F.S.G 
Mr Thomas F. Drake 
Mr loseph I I higan Jr 
Mr. Anthom | Durkin 
Mr. Charles V Fagan 
Mr, Thomas W. Fairbrother 
Mr. William J. Finegan Jr. 
Mr. William D. Fletch. 1 
Mr. Paul E. Gillespie 
Mr Carmen F. Guarino 
Mi [ohn M 1 lallorati Si 

1 Quinn Haiti Esq 
Mr. James F kelh 
Mr. Martin L. Leonard 
Mr. Charles E. McShane 
Re\ Joseph J Miele 
Mr Edward I Murphy lr 
Mr Joseph A Plunkerr 
Mr. Walter K Poltorali 
Mr. John C. Rosania Sr. 
Mr. William A Rothwelljr. 
Mi ( ierard 1 Schom 
Mr. William C. Schrandt |r 
Mr. Frank J Walton 
Mi » 1 irence W ebb 
Mr Mitchell I YanakSi 

University Club 

(SlO.OOO s; 4 993 1 

William J Hennch Jr., Esq. 
Mr. Clement W Rowan 

Dr Flubacher Club 
($5,000 S9.999) 

Mr and M t s (oseph A Gallaghei 

William F Grauer, C P.A 

San Miguel Club 


Edward I Stt mmler, M.D 

Chairman's Club 

[Si OOO $2 499) 

Frank Kelly 

Joseph R McDonald, Esq. 
|ohn \ Mclntyte, Ph.D. 
Brother Lewis Mullin, 1 - - 

Mr Joseph I Thomas 

Founders Club 

($500 s ,) 

John Helwig Jr.. M.D. 
Mr Thomas F. Kehoe 
COL. James P. Sheehan, Retired 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S250 5499) 

Joseph H. Foster, F_v| 
Mr |. lines I Gracyaln) 
Estate ot Francis W. |udge 
Mr. Patrick N Leto 
Mr. William I Smith 
Mr Stephen X Trac\ 

Anniversary Club 

(Sr4o S249) 

Daniel J. Allan, Esq. 
Mr. William J. Bree:e 
Mr. John J. Bresnan 

Mr. James P l onbo) |r 

Mr C. ( ius I onstant 
Mr James P ( oyle h 
Mr. George T. Evans 
Mr. Frank W. HauserJr. 
The Hon. William A King |i 
Mr. John W Lyle 
Mr. ! 1 Moll ■■ 
Robert I Sorensen M D 

Mr Thomas I Welsh 
Mr. Louis C. Woy< 1 [1 


(Up to MMI 

Mr. James F Almond |r 

Mi [oseph I Barrhold 
Mr Francis P I ■ 
Mr. Thomas J. Brads 
Mr Frederick ( Brandt 
Alfred P Bukeavich, M I ■ 
Mr loseph M. Connell 
William J. Deery Jr., Ed.D 

Mr Bernard J I V\ lin 

Mr. Get irg< P I t Icen 
Mr. Robert J. Ehlmger 
Mr loseph ( i 1 irael [r. 
Mr. William H. Graham 
Mr Fraiiv. is | ] [orn 
Mr. James | Hynes Jr. 
Mr. Willi, mi R Johnson 
Mr. Joseph 1 \\ |ones 
Mr [ohn I I elh 
Mr Edward F Lindsay 
Mi I imes I McBride 
Mr I harlesM McDonald 

Mr I, imes A. McGovern 
Mr. John T Mulholland 
Mr. Edward T. O'Brien 
Joseph F O'Callaghan, Ph.D. 
Mr. Frederick C. Peech 
lames J Phck, Esq. 
Mr Bruno T. Plizak 
William A. Sheridan, Ed.D. 

Mr, Henn C Taddei 
Mr. C. Steward Tomkins 
Mr JohnP Welsh 
Mr ( Aimer I Za< caria 


University Club 

Mr, Frank Stanton 

San Miguel Club 

(S2.500 M 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Cl n lr 

Chairman's Club 

l.-i OOO 52 I 

Martin J. Bukowski, M.D. 

Mr. James \\ ! ini g in 

Mr Waher | Hynel 

Mr Charles F Kik\ 

Mr. Philip I Lucia 

Brother Gregorian McLaughlin, 

! S I 
Daniel J. Ragone, ( ['.A 
Mr William ( Seiberlich Jr. 

Founder's Club 

Mr and Mrs |ohn B. Cregan 
Mr. Frank J. Ntauer Jr. 
Mr. Thomas | Mollo} 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S2S0 S499) 

Charles !' 1 kigan, I sq 
Eugene P. McLoone, Ph.D. 
Mr. John |. Malone 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Mr Lawrence I Bur Jr. 
Mr Matthew A. Fanning 
Mr Francis J. Hoban 
Mi Robert J. Hunter 
Mr Gennaro C Leone 
Mr. Ham J Mayer |r 
Mr Linus | Phelan 

Mr Louis M Ra| 

Mr Richard A Rothwell Sr 


(Up PO si ;.ii 

Mr |oseph F Armstrong 
Joseph E. Baumgartnerji . Esq 
Mr. Joseph J Boyei 
Mr Mario A Bhcci 
Mi Noberi A Busch 

Ml I' (Ills {. 1 I I. UK J 

Mr Joseph E ( "id\ 

e F. C mlin [r., D.D.S 
Chester T Cyzio, Esq 
Mr Richard I Daislej 
Mr. Francis I ) I lei !i 1 irgi 
Mr Donald D. IVMuro 

Mr. Nicholas J. DiCandilo 
Mr. Philip E Dolan 
Mr. Francis R Donovan 
Mr James E I towne^ Si 
Mr. William F. English 
Mr. James P Ewell 
Mr. Edmund J. Fit:patrick 
Mr ( lharles I 1 !ar\ s) 
Mr. Joseph P t. Irace 
Mr. Joseph A. Granahan lr 
Mr John 1 I laggern. 

Mr.Alben S Harris 

Mr. Charles H. HigginS 

Mi Jeromt P I lofinann 

Mr Paul I Hottir p 1 

Mr. Charles \ Inglesbi 

Mi Francis A Lihotz 

Joseph Y McGinnissSi , D.D.S 

Mr James "[ \Kl ,|\ nM 

Mr. EdH.udW Mikus 
Mr Gregory R. O'Brien 
Mr John \ Pensii n ■ 
Mr. Ham T Rem 
John A Ryan, Es t | 
Mr. John F Schenkel 
Mr H,ir\e\ I Stefenowicz 
Mr. Thomas E Surou ics 
Mr. James F Taddei 

Mr Joseph S. Ti tti 

Mr HughP \\ ilsh 


Chairman's Club 

(Sl.OOO S2 J 

Mr- Henrs A Backe Sr 
Edward I and Ka\ Buchanan 
Mr. Donald J. Burkhimer 
Mr. Joseph H. Tonence 
Mr. James G, McSherrj 

Founder's Club 

Mr. John J. Callan 

John I Dennehy, M D 

Mr C William Kiesei 

Mr John W McMenamin 

Mi Paul M Moset 

The Honorable Joseph T Walsh 

Joseph H Wood Jr., M.D. 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S250 5499) 

Mr. Edward F Bums |r 

Mr. lame- I Gibbons 

Mr. Francis V. Griffin 

Mr Thi mi. is J Lealn 

Robert J. MaroSr.. M.D. 

Dr. Charles W. Reil, COL, USA, 

( Ret) 

Mr Nicholas A Salandria 
Mr. Benjamin Tumolo 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 8249) 

Frank A Barren 

Mr. Francis \ ( !.>nar\ 

Mr. John T. Duffy 

Mr Edward V l iraham 

Mr. John J. Mikus 

Mr Richard W O'Brien 

Mr. Richard K, O'Donnell 

Mr. Samuel E Padgett 

Mr. John S \ ollmei lr 

Mr. Edward I Whelan 


(Up ro 5139) 

Richard A Bedford, M D. 

Mr. Emanuel J. Benhayon 
Mr. Fred \ Boccella 
Mr. James P. Brennan 

Mr, Frank J. Campbell |i 
Francis A I en.,, IH I 
Mr, Albert F. Chehus 
Mr. James R. ( le n\ 
Mr Thomas R C k,n\ 
Mr. James V. Covello 

Mr. John J Elliotl 
Mr Frederic! \ I nc k 
Mr Thomas I Feenc^ 

Mr Joseph M ( la> in 
Mr. William M Gaynoi b 
Mr. Leonard F, Gmeiner 
Mr. George C. 1 lines 
Mr. William F, Slating 
Mr. Edward F Lagan 
Mi [ohn \ Mel iulei 
COL Joseph G. McGlade 
Mr 1 Eerberi [ Mel aughlin 
Mr John A Margraf 
Reuben C Miller, Cl D 
Thomas L Moy, D.0 
Mr. Frank R. Murdock 
Richard L. Raab, D.D.S 
Mr. Edward A Rogart 
Mr. George W Rose- 
Mr David W Rums«n 
Mr. John A Schorr 
Mr i lerberi E St hweizer 
Timothy J. Sheehan, D D S. 
Mi ( arroll E. Shellon 
Mr. James F Shemely 
Mr. Frederick H Wozniak 


University Club 

(Sio OOO S24 999) 

Mr John J French 
Walter P. Lomax [1 , M D 
Mr [acques I Moore 

Chairman's Club 
(S1.000-S2 499) 

Brother Arthur I Bangs, I v < 
Michael F Golden M I 1 
Mr. Edgai M Guertin 
Paul J. McGinn.s, I'h D 

Founder's Club 
($500 S999) 

Rev. Charles J 1 \i\ 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S2S0 S499) 

John T. Greed, Ph.D 

Lawrence | lordan, D.O 
Mr. William! Md o^ 
Mr. Louis P. Masucci 
G. Russell Reiss Jr., M.D. 

Mr James A Riviello 

\\M\tKs.\Ri Club 

(SI40 -249) 

Mr. Eugene J. Brett Sr. 
Joseph F. Freeman, Ph.D, 
Mr. Thomas R Gallagher 
Mr. John J, Gardiner 
John B. Lynch, Esq 
Mr. Paul J. Maci ■ 
Mr Donald F. Sharp 

Ml Thomas \X "sheehan 

Mr. and Mrs Thomas E. Wallace 

Mr Donald W Yurkonis 

Mr. John J Zact iria 


(Up to $139) 

Mr. William P. Best 

Mr. Richard E. Bowers 

Mr Anthony M Cirnc\ Sr 

Mr. Ronald C Deen 
Mi Angela A I turso 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

G I F T S I > 


We gratefully ac 


Mr. James N. Leary 

Finnigan's Wake 

the following individuals, 

Mr. E. Dennis Lehman Jr. 

Frank's Family Deli 

companies, and institutions 

Thomas A. Leonard, C.P.A. 

Garrison Printing Company 

who contributed products, 

Mr. Sidney J. MacLeod Jr. 

Glanzmann Subaru, Inc. 

goods, and services to La Salle 

Robert L. Manieri and 

Holiday Inn-City Line 

in 2003-2004: 

Anne Marie Smith 

Jim Roese Photography 

Edward S. Marks, Ph.D. 

John A. McCann and Associates 


Mr. John A. McCann 

Kelly & Massa Photography 

Barbara Amster, Ph.D., CCC/SLP 

Mr. Joseph E. McCullough 

Krispy Kreme 

Dr. Peter Bogucki 

Mr. Jeffrey P. McFadden 

La Salle University Campus Store 

Jeffrey R. Boyle, C.P.A. 

Ann M. Mickle, Ph.D. 

Lenox Incorporated 

Peter Boyle, D.H.L. 

Mr. James V. Morris 

Magarity Ford & Chevrolet 

Gregory O. and Patricia M. Bruce 

G. Dennis O'Brien, Ph.D. 

Mayfair Jewelers 

Ms. Kathleen M. Burns 

Donna (DiBello) and 

Mercedes Benz of Devon 

James A. Butler, Ph.D. 

Louis A. Petroni, Esq. 

Montgomery, McCracken, 

Mr. Albert A. Cantello 

Mr. Roy M. Philip 

Walker & Rhoads, LLP 

Mr. James L. Cavanaugh 

Mr. Leo W. Pierce Jr. 


John F. Carabello, D.M.D 

Mr. Dennis M. Powell 

PNC Bank 

Robert J. Chapman, Ph.D. 

Mr. Edward J. Reitmeyer 

POMCO Graphic Arts 

Mr. James Coleman 

Mr. Carmen V. Romeo 

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. 

Mr. Lew Cook 

Gregory E. Sciolla, Esq. 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

Mr. Brian Cullen 

Mr. William M. Siegle 

Spaghetti Warehouse 

Ms. Maria (Tucker) Cusick 

Mr. Frank Stanton 

Stutz Candy Company 

Joseph DelRaso, Esq. 

Mr. Timothy R. Tilson 

Talamore Country Club 

Mr. Nick DiCicco 

Dr. Cornelia Tsakiridou 

The Philadelphia Phillies 

Thomas A. and Diane M. Doyle 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Vizza 

The Philadelphia Zoo 

Mr. Francis J. Dunphy Jr. 

Mr. Thomas J . Walsh 

The Union League of Philadelphia 

Thomas J. and Sarah M. Flood 

Mr. James J. Walsh 

Trans Union Credit Information 

Mr. Michael T. Fox 

John D. Zook, C.P.A. 


Mr. William J. Frieljr. 

Ugly Moose 

Mr. Gaetano P. Giordano 

U.S. Airways 

James R. Glanzmann 

Companies & Institutions 

Ventresta Travel 

Mr. John E. Glasei 


Vincent Giordano Corporation 

Mr. Mark G. Gola 

Aehtho Group 

Wilke Chevrolet/Buick/Subaru 

Blair H. Gould, C.P.A. 

Blooming Affairs Florist 

Kevin J. Harry, Ph.D. 

Bonnet Lane Family Restaurant 

John C. Kleis, Ph.D. 

Cleveland Indians 

Mr. James P. Fit:geratd 
Mr Francis X Gavigan 
Mr. James F. Hanahan Sr. 
Mr. Frank A. Harrison 
Mr. John B- McDevitt 
Mr. Charles H. McGettigan 
Mr. Joseph E. McGrath 
John T. Magee, M.D. 
Mr. Thomas J- Mazza Jr. 
Mr. Francis E. Monaghan Jr. 
ArthurS. O'Neill [r.. Esq 
Mr. Guido C. Pacitti 
Mr. Robert V. Quindlen 
Frank Sardina 
Mr. Ray A. Schartner 
Mr. Richard |. Threlt.ill 


President's Club 

( and above) 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I Kean 1 

Dr. FlubacherClub 

CPT Edward F. Bronson, USN, 

James F. McGettigan. Ph.D. 
Mr. Joseph J. Molyneaux 
Mr. Joseph R. Sadowski 

San Miguel Club 
($2,500 m »•>'>) 

Gerald P. Ginley, Esq. 

Chairman's Club 

(SI.OOO-S2 499) 

Ottavio Francis Bu-ndi 

MG William F. Bums, USA, Retired 

Mr, David P. Malone 

Lawrence J. Mellon Jr.. M.D. 

Brother William J. Quaintancc, 

Mr. Joseph J. Sweeney 
Mr. Tarleton D. Williams Sr. 

Founder's Club 

Mr. William B. Fynes Sr. 

Mr. Joseph P. Kearney 
Mr. George L. Mason 111 
Mr. Donald E. Zdanowicz 

Ugo Donini Club 


Mr. Thomas P. Callahan 
Mr. Daniel J. Flannery 
Mr. Francis P. Loeber 
Mr. Robert J. Schaefer 
Mr. Peter F. Shields 

Anniversary Club 

Isi-K' S249) 

Mr. Andrew J. Augustine III 
Mr. Richard J. BlashSr. 
Mr. Robert W. Bonner 
Mr. John F. Bnckley 
Mr Loter R. DeFonso 
Mr. James E. Fleming 
John J. Grauer Sr., Esq. 
Mr- William J. Hildehrand 
Geffrey B. Kelly. S.T.D.. Ph.D., 

Mr. Joseph W. Matthews Sr. 
Mr. Edward V. McGrath 
Mr. Raymond T. Vasoli 
Harry J. White, Ph.D. 


(Up to $139) 

Raymond S. Alexander, M.D. 

Mr. John W. Bimbrauer 

Rev. John F. Bloh 

Mr. John G. Camila 

Mr. Jack F. Daniels 

Mr. Gerald W. Faiss 

Mr. Joseph D. Finn 

Mr. John J. Fossett 

Mr. Joseph P. Heaney 

Mr. Edward F. Heller 

John E. Hughes, Ed.D. 

Mr. Albert J. Koob 

Mr. Francis J. Kushner 

Mr. James F. Martin 

Mr. PauIJ.McAleer 

Mr. Joseph A. McCaffrey 

Mr. Jerome P. McCann 

Mr. John P. McElvenny Jr. 

John Mooney 

Mr. John T. Moore 

Mr. John R. Moosbrugger 


Mr. Thomas J. Padden 

Donald E. Praiss, M.D. 

Mr. Robert E. Querubm 

Mr. Eugene J. Roman 

Francis C. Sarro Jr., D.D.S. 
Mr. John B. Simms Jr. 
Mr. Guy T. Sotnle 


University Club 

(Si 0.000 -S 24.999) 
Mr. Leonard A. Ward 

San Miguel Club 


The Hon. Joseph H. Rodriguez 

Chairman's Club 

Mr. Albert A. Cantello 
Brother Charles E. Gresh, F.S.C. 

Founder's Club 

Mr. James R. Bacon 

Mr. Vincent A. DellaValle 
Mr. Frank J. Noonan 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr. Francis X. Jardel 
James J. McKenna Jr., Ph.D. 
Lee J. and Annette (Kosorog) 

O'Connor, Ph.D. 
Mr. Anthony G. Rampulla 

Anniversary Club 

John F. Dinger, Esq. 
Edward J. Fetter. Ph.D. 
Mr. Charles J. Haag 
Mr. Thomas J. Horan Jr. 
Rev. Mr. Joseph J. Manson 
LouisJ.Stief. Ph.D. 


(Up to SIJ9) 

Mt. Henry J. Campiglia 
Mr. Anthony N. Coyle 
Mr. A. Leo Coyle 
Mr. Conrad M. Cregan 
Mr. Richard T. Dalena 
Mr. Joseph A. DeBarberie 
Mr Anthony J. Dennisonjr. 
Mr. Joseph P. Diviny 
Mr. Thomas E. Dougherty 
Mr. Joseph A. Fanelle 
Mr. Edward J. Fogarty Jr. 
Mr. James F. Garberina 
Mr. John T. Hannas 
Mr. Ralph J. Itri 
Thomas J. Kardish, M.D. 
Mr. Joseph P. Kelly 
Mr. William F. Kelly 
Mr. James B. McGinn 
Mr. William J. McNeill 
The Hon. Edward G- Mekel 
Mr. John J. Patriarca 
Albert C. Price, M.D. 
John J. Schubert. M.D. 
John J. Siliquini, M.D. 
Mr. Robert B. Taylor 
Mr. James A. Totaro Jr. 
Mr. James Warrington Jr. 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 


Presidi NT'S ( LUB 

■ ibove) 

Mr Leon Ellerson 

I \i\ i rsity Club 

(Sii ' ooo $24 999] 

i N .ni.l Mrs. Henr\ G De \ inceni 

Chairman's Club 

Mr Peter J Finnegan 

James A. Gross. Ph.D. 
loseph A Kane,Ph.D. 
Gerald W. McEntee, LH.D- 

Thomas J. Murphj . ( I. I 

Founder's Club 
(S500 ■ 

Charles W. and 

Jane (Gregorio) Greenberg 
Robert W Lynch,! P \ 
Mr Stephen J McLoughlin 

I GO D< >nini Club 
Edward P ( arey, Esq. 
Mr. Peter J Dwyer Sr 
Casimir A lanicki, Ph.D. 

The Hon. John T.J Kelh Jr 
Mr Thomas I Kelh 
Mr. Lawrence L Maguirc 
Mr. Francis j McTague 

Mr. Paul Mi-nr.i 

Mr |i iseph A Quirus 

Mr Edward I Welsh 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Mr. Dewev P. Clark 

Hon. Francis P. C 
Robert T Deck, Ph.D. 
Mr Raymond I Derbyshire 
lose] I, \ Koehler, DO. 
Mr Robert N McNjIK 
Rev. John C. Moore 
Mr James J Pennestri 


(Up to 

Mr David L Andrews 

Mr. John J. Barrett 

Mr William I Brad} |i 

Mr. Erwin A 1 aq 

Mr. Frank R Fighei 1 -1 

Mr. Robert Fischer 

Mr. John Ginyard 

Mr James J. Hatch 

Mr. Raymond G. Huml Jr. 

Mr. Robert F. Jones 

Mr John I Kerstan 

Mr. Thomas I Mi I rowan Jr. 

Mr. F. Paul Mita Jr. 

Mr Stanley L Morton 

Mr. James C O'Brien 

Mr Martin * ! Pendergasi >r 

Mr Joseph M Penrose 

Mr Louis P Reifl 

Mr James D. Ritzheimer 

CAPT |ohn L Sechler, USN, Rei 

Mr Joseph W Suchinsk) 

Mr loseph J. Tagg 

Mr Frank J Trent 

Mr. George J. Wagner Jr. 


President's Club 

(S5C md il 

Janet and Charles L Dale) 

Dr. Flubacher Club 


Mr and Mrs John] Hagan 

San \Iii,i i i C lub 

Joseph J. Mahon Jr., Esq 

Chairman's ( n b 
(S1.000-S2 499) 

John R. Galloway, Esq 
Professor Charles P. Kindre jan, 1 
Mr. Charles W. Kilbride 
Mr. Donald M. Kelh. 
Mr. Donald A- Murray 

Founder's un. b 
(S500 ■■■ 

William J Bam, M D 
Mr. Daniel T. Campbell Jr 
Thomas J. Devlin, PhD 
Mr Alfred J. Giegerich 
Robert W Kraemer, Ph D 
Mr. Frederick J. Leinhauser 
John A Smuh. Ed.D 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr. James J. Broussard 
Mr Edwin R. Corley Jr. 
Mr. John J Devet 
Mr. Gerard |. Lewis 
Mr Thomas A McManui 
Man Lou and 

Richard M Monihan, M 1 1 
Mr. H. Eugene Passmore Jr. 
The Hon. Richard A Powerslll 
Mr Vincent I Szymkowski 

Annia ersari Club 

Mr Theodon I 1 

Mr Francis X Rnegan lr 

Mr Ronald L In 1 

Mr loseph R Kelh, 
Mr Richard F I 1 
Mr Alonzo M Lewis 
Philip J. LoPresti, M 1* 
Mr. John T. O'Brien 

Joseph E. Pappanojr., M.D. 

Mr. Richard J Sexti m |i 
Frank P Silver, M I 1 


(Up to SIJ9) 

Mr BohdanO. Anniuk 
Mr. Anthon) I Barl one 
Rev. David E Beebe 
Mi ( harles A Bein Jr 
Mr Paul E Bisbing 
Mr Paul T. Braceland 
Mr Nuncio N C .1I1 
Mr. John F. Campbell 
Mr. Francis X C assid^ 
Robert L. Cog in, Ml I 
Mr. William R. Culp 
Mr. Alfred O. Deckert 
Mr [ohn L I Vlaney 
Mr John F. Dowling 

Mr. Thomas P. Duffy 
Mi Waller J. Eliason 
Mr Edward J Filliben 
Mr Ernest F. Gash 
CMDR Victor M Gavin, 

l S.N .Retired 
Mr |oseph P Gaynoi 
Mr |ohn I 

William I Hall 111, M.D 
Mr. Thomas A. Halligan 
Alfred S Hoffman, < P A 
Mi James -\ Kean 
harlesF Kelly 
1 Kerlin, Ph D 
Nicholas C Kihm, Esq. 
Mr Richard A Kin- 
Mr Henry J. Koliei 
William T. Lee, CHFC, C.L.U. 
[ohn 1 Mc< .mi Ph.D. 
Mi Francis M. McCloskey 
Mr. John C, McDevict 
Mr |ohn A. McNichol Jr. 
Mr. Frank 1 M( Sotll J Si 

Mr. Roben S Mojica 

Mr Edward J Murphy 
1 ! I Myers 
Mr. Gabriel I Pascuzzi 
Mr. loseph i Pe irson v r. 
Mi I ■■ maid C Robinson 
Mr ( narles F Ru< 
Mi |ohn I Senator* 
Mr Thomas I Shanlev 
[ohn J Snyder, Ph.D 
Mi Michael L Uzm 
Mr. Henr\ W Zakrzewski 

lo S S 

Presiden r's < hi. 

Mr. Elmer F Hansen |r 

Charter Cll b 
00 S49.9 

: Mrs William J. 
Md ■ irmick li 

l niversiti Club 

M 11 I md C Gerard Kramer 

San M 1 1 . 1. 1 1 ( lub 

M I) 

I. ■■ I I isale, M.D. 

■ 'A i bun 

Brother Gerard F Molyneaux, 
F.S.C., Ph D 


Mr Kenneth G. Hager 
Mr John J HaggerEy Jr 
lames I Kuhn Jr , Esq, 
Mi ( lharles I Lamb 
Mr. |ames I McDonald 
Mr. lame- 1 Walsh 
Mr. Milton \ \\ tshington 
Mi Gerald M Wilk 

I o\ nder's Club 

Mr Robert L Bohrei 
Mr Mario N D'Aulerio 
John T. Williams Sr . M D 

Ugo Donini Club 
CS250 S-| 

\nthony I ( lucuzzella, M 1 1 
Mr Thomas F Dudlei 
Mr t lerald T I tofmann 
Mr. Frederick L I iniszf w si 1 
Mr \\ tlliatn I Manning Jr 
Mr Enoi I 

Mr H- Richard Noon 
Mr Thomas( Smith 

Vnnivirsari Club 

Michael E. Bohan, M.D. 
Mr. Lawrence I Borger 
Robert J. Brae h . I | 
Joseph F. Clarke, M.D 
John J. Deady, t P \ 
Mr. John J Gaworski 
Mr. Edward B. t li 
Edw m 1< Malarkey, Ph.D. 
Donald F Mc( joigan I 1 I 1 - 
Alfred T. Pepino, M.D 
Mr. Richard \' Ritchie 
Mr Edmund B Wutzer 


-M. 1 

Re\ Norman \ Bernstein, Ph.D. 
Mr Frank E Bottorfl 

Mr Thomas F Bui 
Re\ loseph W ( .ill 1I1. in 
Mr Michael A Caputo 
Mr. Thomas I C ase^ 
Mi \< seph I Case) 
Mr Roco 1 D. ( ifbne 

Mr. Arthur J Dustman lr 
Mr Richard I Dyei 

■ nthon) A I en u 1 Si 
Mr. William I Flai 
Mi I 'i ni.ird Freiland 
loseph M ( iindhart, Esq 
Mr. Anthony J. Guerrieri 
Mr Adrian O. 1 lawryliw 
I linl. ■ \ Hepford, D.P.M 
Mr. Thomas K Hines St 
Mr Eugene L Kelb 
Mr William P Lamb 
Mi !■■ iben B Lydon 
Mr. Thomas M M idd< n U 
Mr John F Magosin |r 
Mr. lames I Manii m -1 
Mr Don lid A Marrandina 
Mi |oseph \\ McBride 
Mr Thorn is I' Mc( iffh 
Mr |ames I Mc( .nine Jr. 
Mr Edward 1 1 McDermott 
Mr loseph F Mc( luinness 
Mr rhom i- M McLenigan 
Mr |ohn A. Mellon 
Mr Ri .1 en i I Mono 
Mr |ohn 1 Mullin 
[ohn P Rossi, Ph D 
Mr John C Rothwell 
Mr Bernard Stepanski 

Mr lames E Sullh «' li 

Mi William ] Webei 


Dr Fll bachi R( 1 l b 


Ml William I Bork |r 

Mi |ohn I shea 

San Miguel Club 

Lawrence E. McAlee, Esq. 
Thomas F Toomey lr . M.D. 
Mr. Emesi R Vai dli 

Chairman's Club 

52 4s K.I) 

Joseph C. Flanagan, M I 1 

Founder's Club 
(S500 S999) 

Mr. Joseph L. Hanlev 
Mr lame- F SchtOtz 
Francis J. Trzuskowski, Esq. 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S2S0 S499) 

Mr. William F. DeHaven 
Mr. Bernard J. Dillon Jr. 
Mr. John L. Langan 
George P. Liarakos, M I ) 
Mr. John S. Ligenia 
Edvi 11 I Mel Markowski, Ph.D. 
Mr Joseph G. Roddy 
Mr lames F. Stehli 

Anniversary Club 

Mr Elmer Bauer Jr. 

COL John C Farley , U S A., Retired 

i II I. seph T Kennedy, 

I S.N., Retired 
Mr John J Lee 
Mr Roben W. Lowers 
Mr Michael J Magnotra lr 
Mr Francis J. McGroryJr. 
Mr Raymond I Nolen Jr. 
Mr Bernard J. Vaughan Sr 



Mr. William M. Barbour 
Bernhardt G Blumenrbal, Ph.D. 
Mr. Edward V. Byms 
Mr Robert J. Cahitl 
Mr Joseph A Caron 1 
Mr. Raymond T Clothiei 
Mr Donald J Croke 
Mr Albert J. Dorle) lr 
Mr |ohn I Feehan Jr. 

lame- J Feerick |r , Esq. 

Mr. Anthony P Finamore 

Mr lohnM. Flood 
Mr Hugh C Gallagher 
Mr Robert A. Godbe) 

Mr John V. Goldsmith 
Mr. John T. Green Jr. 
Mr Ralph F. Krolikowski 
Mr William A. Lavery 
Mr Louis J Lend\ n 
Mr. lames |. Lynn 
Mr Tacnck J. McFadden 
Mr. Joseph A. McGehrin Sr. 
Mr.ThomasW McGrath 
Mr. William M. Moran 
Mr i lei irge T Murphv 
Mr i. Ilarence I Noh ic b 
Mr IrankJ.ObaraJr. 
Mr. Gerald C. O'Neill s r 
Mr kiseph J. Pello 
Mr. William F. Raichle lr 
Mr. William J. Randall 
John F. Reardon, Ed.D. 
Mr loseph P F 
Robert J . Rowland lr . Ph.D. 
Mr James J. Sproul 
Mr W illiam F Taylor 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 



I V 1 N G 

La Salle congratulates 

all our Reunion classes 

and gratefully acknow 

edges the 


class gifts: 

Class Year 


























Mr. Anrhom A Tutsi 
Mr. Lawrence J Vannozxi 
Mr. William M Wet:let 
Mr. Thomas J. Whelan 


Charter Club 
($25,000 $49,999) 

Estate of Joseph A- Kelbaugh 

University Club 


Mr. J. Russell Cullenjr 

Dr Flubacher Club 

(S5.OOO v. ML,', 

Mr. Frederick C. Mischler Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wright Sr. 

San Miguel Club 

Mr. Peter A. Martosella Jr. 

Chairman s Club 


Mr Philip N |. Rshei 
Kick Marczely 
Mr. Charles J. O'Brien Jr. 
Mr Richard J. Prendergasi 
Brother David Rogers, F 5 I 
L. Dennis Schuler, Esq. 
Thomas R. Swart:, Ph.D. 

Founder'* *. i i r 


Anthony Battagha, Ph.D- 
Samuel P. Cimino, D.D.S. 
Norman H. Coopeismith, M P 
Mr James J. Groome 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr. Anthony M. Alberta 

Mr. Anthony D. Caruso 
Mr. Joseph D'Aulerio Jr. 
Mr Alfred A. Lisiewski Sr. 
Mr. Francis B. McCullough 
Mr. Joseph A. Saiom 
Robert W. Suter, Esq. 

Anniversary Club 

(S140 SM"> 

Brother Edward Conway, F.S.C. 

William J. Gallagher. Esq. 

Mr. Joseph E. Hill 

Mr. Girard D. Kilker 

Mr. Charles F. Scot! It 

Mr Edward J. Werner 

Mr. Roherr C. AUwein 

H.irr, C j Himes. Esq. 

Mr. Jame^ \ M< ' ■ 

Mr Edward A Miller 

Mr. Robert E Pi ml- 1 


(Lpio 5139) 

Mr. Robert T. Alden 

Mr. Joseph M.\ 

Mr. Charles D. Branch |r 

Edmund P Butler. Esq 

Mr. Joseph M. Callahan 

Mr Jame^ 1 Canavan 

Mr. Peter Carides 

Joseph A. Ciconte, D.M.D. 

Mr. Joseph R. Clay 

Mr lohnH. Cobb 

Mr. Alan T. Craig 

Mr. John B. Digan 

Mr. Edward M. Dougheriv Jr 

Mr. Harry G. Fleming 

Mr. Walter J. Griffin 

Mr. Thomas E. Hartberger 

Mr. Frank A. Hemphill 

Mr Thomas J. Flenn, 

Mr H. Javorka 

Mr William! lek->r 

Mr. William F. Keter 

Mr Joseph V Kell> 

Mr Frank P. k'ellv 

Mr. Joseph A. Koch 

Mt. Charles A- kinder 

Mt. Frank A Manfredi 

Mr Paul G. Mattus 

Mr. John M. McCarterty 

Mr. John F. McDonald 

Mr Francis T McGrath 

Mr. Francis A. Miller 

Mr. Joseph M. Murray 

Mr. Francis X. Murray 

Mr. John F. Olszewski 

Mr. William J- O'Neill 

Robert F. Pappano, Esq 

Mr. Anthony J. Parente 

Mr. Robert M. Remhart 

Dr. James T. Richard 

Mr. Joseph J. Sgro 

Mr, Christopher W. Silvotti Jr. 

Mr John V. Snydei Si 

Donald L. Sprague. Esq, 

Brother Kevin M Stanton, F.S.C. 

Mr. John J Stein 

Mr Richard L. Vanderloo 

Mr. Philip A. Vecchione 

Mr. Eugene J. Veneziak 

Mr. William F- Walsh 

Mt. James P. Waters Jr 

H.,m W Woodcock, Ph.D. 

1 96 1 

Dr„ Flubacher Club 

Mt Joseph H. Cloran 
Mr. Robert N. Masucci 
Mr. James F. Mullan 

San Miguel Club 


Mr. James D. McShea 

Chairman's Club 

Paul F. Bet:, Ph.D. 

Mr. Donald J. Brook- 

Mr Nicholas G. Cavatocchi 

Mr. James P. Edward*. 

Joseph P. McFadden '61 

Stanle\ T Prais-, D.D.S., MAGD 

Founder's Club 

Frank and Kathleen Carhn 
Mr. Robert S. Lyons Jr 
James J. Madden, Esq. 
Mr. James T. McLaughlin 

Ugo Donini Club 

Vincent P. Anderson, Esq. 

Mr Laurence T. Crossan Sr. 

COL Gerald T Hipp. USA. Retired 

Mr Sidne\ J Kowalczyk 

Mr lo-eph J. Ruiicka 

Mr. Hugh A. Strehle 

Anniversary Club 

1-14.. 5249) 

Mr. Timothy J. Coonahan 

LTC Richard E. Darcy, Retired 

Mr Raymond F Hagen Sr. 

Mr Eugene R- Hahn 

Mr. Francis J. Helverson 

Mr. David R. Longacre 

LTC James J. McGill. USA. Retired 

Mr. Gerard F. McLaughlin 

Mr. John J. O'Driscoll 


(l p to 5159) 

Mr Paul V. Adams 

Mr. Robert M. Aiken Sr. 

Mr. Ira T. Bellew 

Mr. Edward J. Bemier 

Mr. Adolph P. Birkenberger 

Mr. John L. Burke 

Mr. Daniel Campbell 

Mr John N Carides 

Mr. George A- Carroll 

Mr Thomas J. Casey 

Mr. Joseph A. Centonre 

Mr. Peter A. Ciliberto Sr 

Mr. James J. Connelly 

Mr Teter C. DeFeo 

Mr Peter DeFilippis 

Enrico J. DiRien:o, M-D. 

Mr Robert A. Donovan 111 

Mr. Patrick J. Dooner 

Mr. George F. Eck 

Mr. Joseph P. Egan 

Mr Hilmar P. Hagen 

Mr. William W Haines 

Mr Joseph J. Hallman 

Mr John K. Held 

Mr. George S. Jordan 

Mr. William J Kenr 

Mr. Richard N. Laci n ir 1 

Mr John A. Leporati 

Mr Harold E. Lindenhofen |r 

Mr Thomas F Lynch 

Mr. Vincent I Mascoli 

Joseph S. McAulirfe, Esq. 

Mr. Daniel I Md arch} 

Mr. Martin J. McDonnell 

Mr. John J. McFadden 

Mr Joseph F. McMahon 

Mr. Thomas C. Melley Sr. 

Mr. Howard E. Morgan 

Mr. Robert J. Mulligan 

Mr William J. Neville 

Martin F. Ney. Ed.D. 

Mr. David Norwit: 

Mr. Robert J. Pace 

Mr. Norman J. Pastore 

Mr. John J. Piatkowski 

Mr Thomas J. Rafter 

Mr. Theodore M. Rogers Jr. 

Mr. Robert J. Rush |r 

Mr. Jack T. Savage 

Mr. Thomas M. Scanlon 

Richard M. Schieken, M.D. 

James T Sedlock. Ph.D 

Mr. Raymond C Seiberlich 

Mr Raymond J. Short 

Joseph M Shortall, E^q. 

Mr. Robert P. Strasavich 

Mr. William H Tavlor 

Mr. Donald J- Trappier 

Mr John E. Verhaaten 

Mr Francis J. Weiss 

Mr Milton F. Whitehead 

Mr. Herbert Whitehead 


University Club 

Mr. William A. McShain 

Dr Flubacher Clue 
(S5.000 59 

John F. Carabello, D.M.D 
Mr. John E. Glaser 
Mr. Michael J. Griffin 
Mr. Charles J. ReilK 
Mr. Leo J. Schilling Jr 

Chairman's Club 
(S1.000-S2 499) 

Anthony P. Baratta, Esq. 
John J. Convey. Ph.D. 
Mr Thomas J. Lynch 
Mt. Michael J. McKenna 
Mr. Thomas F. Pyle Jr. 

Founder's Club 

Mr. Walter E. Dunn Jr. 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S2SO S400) 

Mr Joseph Y- Ashman Jr, 

Mr Anthony J. Clark Jr- 

Mr Richard A DiSammartino 

Mr Thomas J. Kirsch 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq. 

Mr. Charles J. Mahon 

Mr. John C. Mitkus 

Mr. Eugene Nines Sr. 

Mr. Charles D. Oettle 

Mr. Francis W. Pfluger 

Mr William R. Regit 

Anniversary Club 

(S140 S249) 

Rev. Robert E. Albright 

Mr. Don R. Alloway 

John D. Caputo, Ph.D. 

Mr. Joseph G. Crosby Jr 

Mr. Charles W. Giannetti 

Mr. Owen L. Green III 

Linda A. and David R- Hepburn 

Brian T. Kildee, Esq. 

Philip C. McGuire, Ph.D. 

Mr. John J. Neuschel 

Mr. John F. Richardson 

Mr. James J. Weir 


(Up to $139) 

Mr James J. Alesi 
Mr Franklin T. Barrett 
Frederick J Ciao, Ph.D. 
Mr. John J- Crewalk 
Mr John J. Cunningham 
Mr. Edward J. Devinnev Jr. 
Mr. Russell T. DiBella 
Mr F lulian diCiurcio 
Mr. William P. Donng Jr 
Mr. Joseph M. Downey 
Rev. Mr William F. Eliason 
Mr. Norman F. Forand 
Anthonv J. Fugaro, D.O. 
Mr. Hugh A. Gilmore 
Mr. John F Hipp 
Mr. Peter J. Keenan 
Mr- John F. Kenney 
James H. Knebel, Esq. 
Mr. Earle C. Landes 
Mr. Vincent L. Leonetti 
Mr. Thomas F. Lindemuth 
Mr. Edward C. Lucas 
Mr. Neal McDonnell Jr- 
Mr. Francis B. McHugh 
Mr. Francis X. McKeffery Sr. 
Mr. Daniel J. McNeff 
Mr. Frederick J. Meyers 
Mr William F. Moore 
Mr Edward T. Moore Jr. 
Mr. Philip A, Murphy 
Mr John J. Murphy Jr. 
Mr. John J O'Neil 
Mr Robert |. Picollo 
Mr. Vincent J. Pinto 
Mr Vincent C. Piselh 
Mr Thomas Ryan 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Mr. Robert C. Schmidt 
Mr. James F. Sherlock 
Mr. Raymond F Snyder 
Mr. James P. Stanton Sr. 
Mr Richard J. Tra valine 
Mr. Joseph G. VanReymersdal 
Mr. Frank J. Varga 
CAPT George P. Vercessi, 

U.S.N., Retired 
Mr. Frederic C. Vincent 
Mr. Glenn V. Wild 
Mr Frank J. Wood Jr. 
Mr. James D- Wuenschel 
Mr Chester A. Zach 
Mr. Joseph S. Zajac-kowski 
Mr Gerald J. Ziccardi 


Dr. Flubacher Club 
(s$.ooo S9.999) 

Terence K. Heaney. Esq. 
Mr Michael G. Mullen 

San Miguel Club 

Mr. Vincent P Bern' 
Mr. Edward J. Fierko 

Chairman's Club 

($j 000 52 499) 

Mr. John B. Beal 
Gerard J. Carpenc\, Esq 
John L. Connell, C.P.A. 
Mr. John M. Costa 
Michael F. Dougherty, Esq. 
Mr. Joseph M. Evancich 
Mr. John W. Harran 
Mr. Fred A. Howell 
Mr. Joseph M. Ridgway 
Mr. John F. Smart Jr. 
Richard M. Snvder, Esq. 

Founder's Club 

Charles M. DeFuccio, Esq. 
Mr. Thomas F- White 
James A. Dalton, Ph.D. 
Mr Thomas A. Kelly 

Ugo Donini Club 


Mr. John M. Bradley 
Mr. Joseph P. Brennan 
Mr. Joseph E. Hanlon 
Mr. Gerald P. Kirsch 
Mr. Nicholas T. Lutsch 
James A. Murphy, M.D. 
Mr. Bernard A. O'Connor 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Mr. Charles R. Adelsherger 
Mr. Victor F. Cantarella 
Mr. John J. Lalterr\ 
Mr Leo J Mansi Jr. 
James and Elizabeth McBrearty 
Mr. William A McDonaldJi 
Mr Malachy D. 0"Neill 
James P. Reich. D.M.D. 
Mr. JohnJ.Robrecht 111 
Mr. Philip A. Sullivan 


(Up 10 SI39) 

Frank J Battaglia, Ph.D. 

Mr. Howard G. Becker 

Mr. Richard D- Breen 

Mr. Robert B. Byrnes Sr 




Mr. Eugene C. Cerceo 

Mr. Peter A. Certo 

W. Gerald Cochran. M.D. 


Individuals 27% 

Mr Eugene M. Conhoy 

James D. Deasy, Esq. 

j ^H 

Mr. Vincent DiPaolo 

Mr. Roberr S. Dunn 


undations & Trusts 21% 

Mr. Daniel G. Gill Jr. 

Mr. Thomas H. Haag 

Mr. Thomas L. Hagenharth 

Mr. Edwin E. Harhaugh 

Jay H. Holt:man, M.D. 

Mr Thomas E. Huggard 
John C. Incarvito Jr., M.D. 

Corporations 8% 

Joseph L. Izzo, M.D. 

Other 2% 

Mr. Richard J. Kawczvnski 
Mr Leroy B. Kemery Jr 

Government 42% 

Mr. Andrew J. Lapps Jr. 

Mr Walter P. Lapusheski 

Mr. Jack M. Lee 

im McGrath 

Mr. John ]. Canney 

Drs. Zane R. and Charles J. Wolf HI 

Mr Alexander I Marek 

Vlr. Mario V Mele 

Mr J.imes K. Conway 

Mr. Samuel J. McCarthy Jr. 

ohn P Penders, Esq. 

Mr. Vincent M. Cooney 

Dr. Flubacher Cll b 

Mr Daniel B. McDyre 
Mr Edward J. McFadden 

vlr. Kenneth Shaw Jr 

Brother Joseph J. Willard, F.S.C. 

Mr. John R. Crawford 
Mr. David P. Cullen 

(S5 c S9.999) 

Mr John J McGinnis 

Mr. William F D'Arq 

Raymond F. Shea Jr., Esq. 

Joseph E. McGrath. Esq. 

Founder's Club 

Mr. Roberr P. Davis 

Mr. Vincent A. Morelli 


Mr. John M. Donnelly 

San Miguel Club 

Mr. James W. Moy 

Mr. James J. Doyle Jr. 

($2,500 54.999) 

Mr. Eugene H. Murphy 

Mr. Richard F. Barry 111 

Mr Robert D. Falkowski 

John W. Becher. D.O. 
Mr. Joseph J. Connelly Jr. 

Mr. Michael W P.rk 
Mr. Eugene J Park 

vlr. Frank C. Corace 
Vlr. Denis B. Cummings 

Mr. Michael F. Gallagher 
Mr. Frank J. Gallo 

Mr. Francis S- Rovelli 
Mr. Alfred B. Ruff 
Mr. Joseph J. Ruggiero 

W.lhamE. Dietrich Jr., Ph.D- 
vlr. Vincent A. Gallagher 

Steven J. Madonna, Esq. 

Mr. Anthony I Gatt 
Mr. Robert L. Giusti 
Mr. Donato Giusti 

Chairman's Club 

(si oi M i S2 499) 

Mr. Louis D. Seymour 

vlr. Joseph J. Schoen Jr. 

Mr Edward J Golden Jr 

Mr. Stephen M. Paiuk 

Mr. Francis M. Smith 

Edward A. Wrohleski, M.D 

Mr Robert F. Guenn 

Mr. Albert W. Davis 

Joseph M. Speakman, Ph.D. 

Donald J. Zeller, Esq. 

Mr. Philip E. Heaney 

The Honorable John J. Donnelly 

Mr. John J. Stevenson Jr. 

Mr lules L. Horvath 

Mr. John D. Leahy 

Mr Myron Suchanick 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr. Paul M Kilbnde 

Mr. Joseph T. S:ul 

(S250 S499) 

Mr. David B. Knies 

Founder's Club 

Mr Louis D. Taddei 

Mr Frmk P. Brennan 

Mr. William J. Lahr III 

($SOO S999) 

Mr. Robert J. Vitahe 

Mr Matthew J. Wachowski Jr 

Mr William E.Wixted 

Mr Edward T Cahill 
Dennis W. Cronin, M.D. 

Mr. Mark J. Malone 

Mr Joseph G. Manfredonia 

Mr. William F.Bryan III 
Mr. Thomas B. DiPaolo 

vlr. Eugene G. Delany 

Mr. John J. McCracken Jr. 

Gerald M. Handley, Esq. 

Vir. Joitph M. Donnelly 

Mr. Charles F. McFadden 

Mr. Arthur S. Mackin 

Vlr. Joseph Guaraldo 

Mr. Thomas H. McGee 

Mr. Joseph T. Makowski 


Mr John (Jack) Hickey-Williams 

John J. McGroarty, Ed.D. 

Mr. Theodore M. Pappas 

V1r. Joseph E. McCullough 

Patrick J. O'Connor, Esq. 

Michael J. Vallillo. D.D.S. 

Vlr John E Politowski 

Mr. Gerard B.O'Donntll 

President's Club 

Mr. Peter A. Seibel 

Mr. Gerald C Plewes 

Ugo Donini Club 

(§50.000 jnd above) 

Mr John D. Snyder 

Mr. James J. Reed 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Hugh Devlin 

Mr Joseph A. Spencer 

Mr. Anthony J. Rokos 

Mr William F. Sproule 

Mr. Arnold D. Samson 

Mr. Joseph B. Bloom 

University Club 

Zachary S, Wochok. Ph.D. 

Mr. Donald P. Savakmas 

Mr John P Dooley 

Mr Frank TV Seidel 

Mr Michael F- Doyle 

($10,000 S24.999) 

Anniversary Club 

Mr. William W Spencer 

Mr. Charles E. Dunleavy Jr. 

Joseph A. Coffey Jr., Esq 

(S*40 S249) 

Mr. Edward F Sutter Jr 

Robert G. Fraser, Esq. 

Mr. William J. Collins Jr 

Mr. Anthom Tosi 

Mr. John L. Garraty 

Mr Michael W. McGuire 

Vlr John C. Altto.j.j, 

Mr. Thomas J Trainer 

Mr. James P. McFadden 

Vlr. J Bruce Bengivenni 

Mr. Robert P. VanderNeut 

John E. McGonigle. C.P.A. 

San Miguel Club 

Mr 1 Michael Davis 

Peter L Viscusi, Ph.D. 

Mr. Matthew L. Mulhn 


Vlr. Howard C. DeMartini 

Donald J. Walheim, Esq 

Lawrence E. Murphy, C.F.P. 

Mr. James L. Cavanaugh 
Mr. Bruce R. Dych 

Vlr Joseph G. Hirschmann 

Mr Vincent W. Walters 

Mr. Ralph S- Palatucci 

Vlr Eugene J. Mather 
Eugene J. McGonigle, Ph.D. 

|ose r hE Wreen, Ph D 

Sigmond S, Rutkowski Jr., D.O. 

Dennis S. Mario. C.P.A. 

Thomas 1' McGonry, M.D 

Anniversary Club 

Mr Joseph J McDonald 

Vfr. Joseph F. Murphy - 

(S14O ^-M<)| 

Evening Division 1964 


Chairman's Club 

Vlr. Carl J. Papenello 

Mr. Joseph J. Boyce 

(SI GOO'S! 499) 

Edie A. and Norkrt F Beker, Ph D 

Mark R. Stein. M.D. 
lames W Ziccardi. DO. 

President's Club 

( and above) 

John F. Brent, D.M.D 
Mr. Michael A. Colucci St. 

Mr. Maurice E. Cox Jr. 

Roger G Bucs, M.D. 
Mr. Joseph W. Donovan 
Mr. Paul J. Gallagher 
Sean Gresh, Ed.D- 
PeterA. Horry, C.P.A. 

(i p •- S139) 

Mr t '.iniKii \ Rom& 1 

University Club 

Mr. Joseph T Cunnane 
Joseph A. Dieterle, D.O- 
COLJohnM. Feret 

Mr James H. Ahele 
Mr. Carl C. Berke 

(SIO.000 S24.999) 

Michael J Ginieciki, M.D. 
Mt.John W. Huss 

Mr Richard F Keevev 

Mr. Bernard J Bieg 

Mr Paul J Gallagher 

Mr. Joseph E. Markert 

Mr. Donald F. McAvoy Jr. 

Mr. Alan L. Brown 

Mr Nicholas A. Giordano 

Mr. Richard P McNamara 

H N 

r Roll of Don 

ORS 2002-2004 


In recognition of their generosity to La Salle University, we gratefully acknowledge the following individuals with cumulative 
donations of 5100,000 or more: 

Lasallian Club 

$2,500,000 and Up 

Named in honor of St. La Salle. 

Ambassador+ and Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg 
The Christian Brothers of La Salle University 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Connelly + 
Nancv and J. Hugh Devlin, '64 
John McShain + 

Brother Teliow Club 

$1,000,000 - $2,499,999 

Named in honor of tlie /bunding President 

of La Salle. 

Dorothy M. and William J. Henrich Jr., '50 

Carmen V. Romeo, '65 

Brother Anselm Club 

$500,000 - $999,999 

Named in honor of Brother Anselm, who, after 

sen rug La Salle College during the Depression 

with his dedication and exceptional development 

acumen, is considered by many to be the second 

founder of La Salle. 

Leon Ellerson, '56 

Jacqueline F. and William J. McCormick Jr., 

Joseph Schmiti Jr., '20 + 
Jay R. Stiefel 

St. Michael Club 

0,000 - 5499,999 
Named in honor of the parish thai uas the 

dation of La Salle High School and 

La Salle College. 

Almira C. Bainhndge + 

Thomas Curley, 70 

Janet and Charles L. Daley, '57 

Henry G. DeVincent, M.D.. '56 
Catherine E. Doran, '73 + 
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G.+ Ecker 
Joan Mancini, '74, and 

Thomas J. Fitrpatrick Jr., '72 
John E. Glaser, '62 
John J. Hagan, '57 

Barbara and Robert E. Hanrahan Jr., '75 
Elmer F. Hansen Jr., '58 

Kathleen Gordon, '77, and James J. Lynch, '71 
Dr. and Mrs. Morton Mandell 
Margaret Webster Plass + 
David T. Poies:, '80 
William R. Sautter, C.P.A., '71 
John J. Shea, '59 
Frank Stanton, '51 

1863 Club 
$100,000 - $249,000 

Named in honor of our founding year. 


Benjamin D. Bernstein + 

William J. Binkowski, '48 

Ted Bronson, '54 

* Kathleen M. Burns, '75, 'SI M.B.A., and 

John Kapusnick 
Barbara and John F. CarabeUo, D.M.D.. '62 
Thomas J. Casey, '52 + 
Joseph A. Coffey Jr., Esq., '64 
Ellen Jane and Robert C. Crosson Jr., '5 1 
J. Russell Cullen Jr., '60 
Walter M. Czarnota, '52 + 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Dunleavy 

* John J. French, '53 

* Joseph A. Gallagher, '50 

* Nicholas A. Giordano, C.P.A., '65 

Elmer F. Hansen 111, '90 
H. Blake Hayman, M.D., '41 + 
Ragan A. Henry, Esq. 
Roland Holroyd, Ph.D., '27 + 
Francis W. Judge, '50 + 

* Janet H. and Thomas J. Kean, '54 

* Christine Kellv and Peter J. + Kiernan, '64 

* La Salle University Alumni Association 

* Walter P. Lomax Jr., M.D., '53 
Joseph G. Markmann, C.P.A., '49 + 
Robert N. Masucci, '61 

John L. McHale, '49 

* John J. McNally, C.P.A., '64 + 

* Frederick C. Mischler Sr., '60 
Daniel R. Mullin, '41 + 
Francis R. O'Hara, '54 + 
Leon J. Perelman, '33 + 

* Leo \V. Tierce Jr., '67 
Richard J. Prendergast, '60 
PTS Foundation 
Charles J. Reilly, '62 
Richard S. Rueda, Esq., '62 
Joseph R. Sadowski, '54 
John O. Saeger + 

Alan H. Silverstein, '70 

* Mr^ Joseph E. Slawek 

Dorothy and John W. Turner Jr., '69 
John H. Veen, '59 + 

* Zane R. Wolf, Ph.D., and Charles J. Wolf III, 

M.D., '65 

: 2004 Inductee 
+ Deceased 

Mi I 'i* id R Murphy 
Mr Joseph L. Rigolizzo 
Richard C- Simmers jr., D.O. 
Mr George C Stewart 


(Up to S139) 

Nicholas F Angerosa, Ph.D. 
William J. and 

Rosemary (Clancy) Baldino 
Mr Joseph F. Burns 
Mr. Patrol I Cerceo 
BG James J. David 
Mr. William F. DiMeo 
Mr Frederick J. Donatucci 
Mr. Joseph F. Donnelly 
John A. Doody, Ph.D. 
Mr James A. Dunn Jr. 
Gregory J. Feldmeier, M.D. 
Mr Richard A. Flanagan III 
Edward J Gallagher. Ph.D. 
Mr. John O. Gardiner Jr. 

rninick D. Garofano 
Mr. Donald J. Gedney 
M: John T. Greene 

Mr. John M Han 
Mr loseph F. Heath 
Mr. Edward W. Hoy 
LT COL Ralph E. Johnson, 

Mr. Charles J. Kane 
Mr. Joseph 1 Karleslc) 
Mr Francis C. Keenan 
Mr Edward I Keenan 
Mr. Paul J. Kems 
Mr. John F. Knight ^r 
Mr Joseph T. Koen 
Mt. Michael P Kratochwill 
Mr Raymond I Lean 
Mr Joseph P Lesniak 
Mr. loseph F. Lynch 
Mr. Edward J. Lynch Jr. 
Mr. Ralph A. Maiolino 

isephj. Mark 
Mt. Geotge J. Matekovic 
Mt. James L. McCorkle 
Mr Wayne G. McKeever 
Mr. John G McNert 
Peter J. Mlynarczyk, Ml 
Mr. Richard G Mohelski 
Mr. Frank j. Pagano 

Mr Thomas J Poltorak 
Mr Roherr H Quinn 
Mr. Richard W Revnaud 
Mr Edward C. Rice 
Mr. Charles A. Rohino Jr. 
Mr Richard P Ryan 
John J. Seydow, Ph.D. 
Mr. William T. Sherlock 
E. F. Joseph Siehold, D.O. 
Mt. William E Smith 
Mr. George J. Sosna III 
Daniel F. Steinmec: Jr., Esq. 
Mr. James H. Stewatt 
Mt. Walt A. Suessenguth 
Mt. Timothy O. Tohin 
Mr. Donald J. Vivian 
Mr A. Eugene Weber 
Mr William V Zelner 

1 060 

University Club 

(SlO.OOO ^I4 l >'-19) 
Mr. James M. Lord 

Dr. Flubacher Club 

Mr. Anthony J. Nocella 

S w Miguel Cll b 

i 999) 

Dr. and Mrs. W. Richard Bukata 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Ferry 
Mr. Harry J. Pearce 

Chairman's Club 

■■ : 499) 

Thomas J. and Sarah M. Flood 
Joseph L. Quinn. C.P.A. 

Founder's Club 
(S501 1 — 1 

Mr. Walter F. Crossley 
Mr. John M. Kramer 
Mary C. and Leo J Mullen Jr. 
Richard C. Ri::o, Esq. 
Jertrev M. Voluck, Esq. 

Ugo Donini Club 

($250 $499) 

Mr Peter M. Poughertv 
Mr Earl R FeltvhcrLier 
Richard P. Hunter Jr., Esq. 
Mr. John I. Kavanagh Sr. 
Mr William B. Miller 
Mr William E. Newbauer Jr. 
EJ^.irJR. r^lsh... Esq 
Mr. Serafin F. Sandella 
Mr- lame- M Savarese 
Joseph F. X Savona, Esq 
\\ Ellis Smith, D.M.D. 
Mr. Frederick M. Westcott 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Vnniversari Club 

! r u 

Nh MbertG Achufi 

Mr. Gerald J. Bennett 
Mr |oseph P. Braceland 
Mr Thomas J Dvorak 
Mr. Philip R. Reno 
lohnS. Follet,M.D. 
Peter J. Garito, Ph.D. 
Mr \ mcenr A. Grimes 

AltrcJS. Halas, D.M D 

Mr. George J. Keane 
Mr. Roger A. Loos 
Mr. Thomas E. McGlinchy 
Mr Richard T. Sands 
Mr. Thomas S. Saquella 
Mr. Paul M. Schugsta Jr. 
Mr Max G. Sewald 
Mr. Frank A. Smigtel 
Mr. Patrick J. Ward 


1 1. pro sijg) 

Mr Michael A. Baum 
Mr William L. Becketr 
Mr. George M. Beschen Sr. 
Mr. Anthonv L. Bralcryk 
Mr Robert L. Browne 
Mr J. Richard Cahill 
Mr. Natal ) Carahello 
Mr Harris A. Can- 
Frank N Clan Jr., Ph.D. 
Mr Louis F Colantuono Jr. 
Mr Edward F Columbia 
Mr Joseph R. Conrov 111 
Charles L. Conway Sr.. C.P.A. 
Mr William C. Deutsch 
Mr. Donald A. Discavag* 
Mr. Gerald M. Dougherty 
Norman A. Ettenger. M.D. 
Mr Herman Farher 
Mr Robert J. Fix 
Mr. Jerome Flomen 
Mr. John H. Forrest 
Mr Francis V. Gentile 
Mr. Vincent J. Geraci 
Mr Cyril .1 Greenya 
Mr Ham B. Haeherle 
Rev. Michael P Hegarq 
Mr Michael F Heron 
Mr John E. Higgins Jr. 
Mr. George L, Hohenleitner 

Mr John A. Juzairis 

Mr. Thorn. i- K kartenherger 

Mr |ohn IKellev 

Mr. Charles W. Kettercr Jr. 

Nicholas C. Kiemieskv, Ph.D. 

Mr Walter 1 karwan 

lames M khek. M D 

Mr Wayne T knapp Sr. 

Mr. Edward T. Malatesta 

Gerald J McConeghv, Esq. 

Mr. Frank |. McCo} 

Mr Thomas W. McGHnn 

Mr. Thomas D. McGovern 

Mr. Francis T. McLaughlin 

Mr. Frank] McNallylr. 

George I Mecherly, Ph.D. 

Rc\ Pa\ id C Menegay 

Mr. Norman E. Morrell 

Mr James F Murphy 

Mr. James J. Murphy 

Rev. Raymond C. O'Brien 

Mr. James C. O'Laughhn 

Mr. William C Ott 

Mr. Philip J. Palmer 

Richard. '66 and David. '00 Pcpii 

Mr Edwin J. rtittner 

Mr Walter I PI a gens Jr. 

Mr losephW.ReblJr. 

Mr. Fredric 1 S intolux it 

Mr Kurt C Schwind 

Mr |ohn M Shaeflfei 

|ames W Sisl K , Esq 

Mr. Edward H . \\ est ermann Si 

Mr. James M, Wilson 

Mr. James R \ i ia 

Mr Bruce E Zehnle 



President's Club 

(S50 000 and abow | 
Mr. Leo W Pierce Ji 

Dr Flubacher Club 


Mr. J. Anthony Hayden 

san Miguei Club 

Mr Michael J. Ragan 

52 499) 

Mr David C Fleming Jr. 

Mr |ohn ) McGrath 
Augustine E Moffitt lr , Sc D 

Mr Roben I O'Brien 
Raymond A and 

Kathryn (Bareis) Ricci 
Mr Petei I- Smith 
1 ei mard B Kn Esq 

1 oi ndi r's Club 

Louis I Beccaria, Ph.D 

Mr Robert A Becker 

\ inc em Butera, M.D. 

Honorable Thomas E 1 tempse^ 

Warren W. Faulk. Esq. 

Mr. Garrett J Girvan 

Mr. Alfred M I iuai ildo 

Mr. Paul 1 1 lenii ■ 

Mr. Robert H. Lemke 111 

Mr Walter W Noci |l 

Ugo Donini Club 
(5250 5499) 

|oe Brisle^ 

Mr Lawrence F Carroll 
Mr James E. ( onnell 
Mr William 1_ Dunn Jr 
Mr. Willi. mi I Mt I aughlin 
Di Michael N Milonejr. 
Timothy E Urbanski, M.D. 
Michael 1 \ ergan 

\nni\ 1 rsari Club 
C$140 5249) 

Arthur J. Askins, < I \ 
Mr. John F Cole 
Mr. Gerald A. Cropp 
Mr Edward K. Forster 
Mr. Martin P. Frain Jr. 
William E. HermnA P A 
Mr. Edward ]. Keppel 
Mr. Charles W Knecht 
David J. Linaugh,( IA 
Mr. Chestei I Mi< hew lcj Jr 
Mi V incent D. Quinn 
Mr William J. Ryan 
Mr James A. LJlnuh Jr. 
Mr George A Vasiliauskas 

Mr Peter 11 Zcieua 


■ SI39) 

1 lannelore T. and 

Francis C. Barbienjr, Esq 
Mr. Frank J. Bar :i\ ick 
Mr. Barry F. Bennett 
Mr. Thomas F. Boland Sr 
Mr Frederick J. Bosrwick 
Mr Joseph E. Botta 
Mr Daniel D. Bums [r. 
1 imes A Butler. Ph.D. 
Mr 1 ierald I C 'oghlan 
Mr Joseph G Colasante 
Mr Harvey A. Druker 

Mr |amesB Duttey 

Mr loseph J. DufFy 
Mr. John N. Flinn 
Mr Edward P. Flood 
Rev. Robert J. Frit: 
Mi Mk hael F. Gallagher 
Mr. John E. Gallagher 
Mr James J. Graham 
Mr Martin H. Horchler 
Mr. Edward F Intravartolo 
Mr William F. Jacovini Jr. 
Mr Andrew M Jurek 
Mr Robert B Kelly 
• ll 1 \v ,r,l kelh 

Mr |ame> E Kennedy 
Mr Randolph K Larsen Jr 
Mr \\ illiam L Leahi 

Lieber Jr.. Esq 
Mr \\ iltei N Loburak 
Mr Leonard I Maciaszek 
Mr Raymond J. Master-, n 
Mr C harles E McKinney 
Mr Walter M Migralajr. 
Mr John J. Moftatt Jr. 
Mr George J. Morrison 
Mi [oseph A. Nickels III 
Mr Reuben I Nyvelt 
Mr Raymond Oczkowski 
Mr Edward A O'Lone 
Thomas F Praiss, C.F P . E A 
Mr Theodore R Quann 
Mr. Martin | Reddington 
Mr RobertW Reichenbach 
The Hon Maurino ) - lr 
Mr. Thomas P Ryan 
Mr Richard C Smith 
Mr Ruben T Testa 
Mr loseph 1 \ arga 
Mr Joseph P Wargo |r 
Mr R.-berr H Wott 
Mr Leonard \ W roblewski 
Mr Richard C Zielinski 



Mr Lawrence A. Grabenstein 

San Miguel Club 
1 999) 

Mr Andre P. Moutenot 
Joseph C. Murphy, C.P.A. 

Chairman's Club 

(si 000 S2 499) 

William G. Brennan, C.P.A. 
Mr. James J. Faulk 
Anthony R Giorgio, M.D. 
Dr. md Mrs. James J. Heger 
Brother Edward J. Sheehy, I 3.( 
James P and 

Marie t Mi" me\ ' Steinitz 

Mi I i \\ illiam Vickers 
I Janiel 1 Whelan Esq 
Thomas P, Witt, Esq 
William M. Wixted, M D 

I oundi r's Club 
($500 S999) 

Mr Thomas 1 And< 1 •■ m 
Mr Harry F Kusickjr. 
Gregory E Sc ii ilia, I sq 
Mr. Robert W, Sykes 

Mr. William J. Warne 

Ugo Donini Club 


lames P Bradley Sr.,J.D 

Andrew | CandelOTC, D.O 

Mr. John P. D'Amato 

Mt Edward I 1 1 « 
Mr loseph E 1 Jaffne^ 
Mr John I ( iibbflns 
Mr. Thomas P. Kelly Jr 
Charles E. Lally, ( P \ 
COL Lawrence G Lupus, Retired 
I T. Robert P O'Halloran, Retired 
i Ri tesser, Ed-D. 

Vnnivers \m Ci in 
(SI40 S249) 

Mr Michael P Mthofl 

Mr Patrick \ Belle 

Mr Hank Bullwinkel 

Michael E I onnaughton, Ph.D 

Mr Eugene I I \ in; |i 

Mi 1 teorge P ( Sraham k 

\ in. nil F (link, Esq, 

Mr Robert \ HodgklSS 

Mr RobertO Horvath 
Mr Robert I lunch 
Mr James M Knepp 
Mi ( ieorge \\ Luther III 
Francis I and 

Miriam (( far) ) Maloni ) 
Mi |oseph 1 M. Hirer 
Brothei John P McErlean, I 5-< 
LeoF MclnemeyJ P.A 
lames M IVnny li , Esq 


' I 

Mr Lawrence 1 i Auerwecl 

Mr Walter F Beard |r 

Mr, Stephen W ( henei 
Mi C harlesS ( ohen 
Mr, Roben L ( ■ »nn ■ 5i 

Mr. John ) t, Yenru |r 
Mr Edmund I C !n ssen 
Mr Gerald E Davis 
Mr Michael I DiFebbo 
I hi -in. i- \ and I 'ianc M I *• >\ le 
Joseph A and 

Kathleen A (O'Neill) I ianstei 
Mr Eugene I Gei 
Mr [1 ihn T t irosso 
Mr. Andrew I ( !ubi( .1 [1 
Mr. William J. 1 lamilton 
Mi I imes P Harper 
Mi loseph T llicke\ 
Mi David I Holland 

Mr Robert M Kuii; 

Mi I dgar I Langdon 

Mr i tifford I Lent: 

P Stephen Lerario, Esq, 

N li 1 lharles V L\ man 

Mr. Michael I Maguire 
Mr. Raymond E Majewski 
Mr George E Matthews 
Mr Francis J McBrideJr. 

Mi |ohn F McClainJr, 

Mr. John F NK 1 1 mnick 

Mr Robert J. McDermott 

Mr Mark G McElwee 

Mr Paul T McGeehan 

Mr. Timothy F McKenna 

Mr Thomas I i McManus 

Mr Gerald I McNeil 

Mr. Peter Mecznik 

Mr Gerald J. Mergen 

Mr Franc 1- J. Messaros 

Mr. Frank J. Milewski 

Mr. Richard J. Monastra 

Mi 1 lennis C. Moore 

Mr Thomas R. Murphy 

Mr Edward JNolft Jr. 

Mr James H. Noon Jr. 

Mr. Richard W. O'Connell 

Brother Richard T. Oliver, O.S.B. 

Mi fames F Politowski 

Mr. Charles 1 Potob 

Mr. Francis W. Reagan 

Mr. Dennis T Re irdon 

Mi GeraldJ.Reid 

I h t V\ illiam J. Rieger 

Mr William E. Ring 

Mi |ohn E Schank 

loseph P Schliep.C P.A 

Mr Lenferd I Seelj 

Mr Philip J Smith III 

Alan M Spagnola, M.D. 

Mi Richard E Stoutzenberger 

Mr William R \ m Buskirk 

Mr |ohnR Vasoli 

Mr |ohn A Whiteside 

Mr. Donald M \\ oods 

Mr Vincent I Zappacosta 


University Club 
S24 999) 

William R Sasso, Esq 

Dorothy and |ohn W. Turner Jr. 

Pr Flubacher Club 


Rudolph H Carrier lr . Ev| 

John M.Daly. M.D. 

San Miguel Club 
(S2 500 S4.999) 

Edw ird M Roberts, ( P.A. 

Mi |nhn I \\ iilm Jr. 

Chairman's Club 

1 homas L Furk >ng Ji . Ph.D. 

Richardl Hill, Esq 

Bob Kerns, Esq. 

Thomas R. McGuigan, Esq. 

James F. and 

Margaret M. McManus, Ph.D. 
Mr. Chester J. Orzechowski Jr. 
Mr. Francis C. Palopoli 
Mr. Frank \ Possingei 
loseph H. Reichman, M.D. 
Ml William M Wartel 

1 01 ndi r's Club 

($SOO ■■ 

Mr. William P. Bamett 
Mr |ohn I. Cahill 

I 1 in< is A and 

Christine M Champine 
Kevin O, Faley, Esq. 
\\ loseph Hetherington, Esq. 

Honor Roll of Donors 20032004 



Planned Gifts and Bequests ensure 

future security to maintain programs 

and facilities at La Salle University 

and provide opportunities for growth 

and expansion. In recognition of our alumni and friends who have 

honored La Salle through their investments in planned giving and 

bequest commitments, the Univers 

ty has established the La Salle Legacy 

Society. This year, we gratefully act 

nowledge the following Society 


Ms. Almira C. Bainbridge 

Mr. Thomas F. Kehoe. '50 

Mr. John S. Baky 

Mr. Joseph Klebaugh, '60 

Mr. John B. Beal, '63 

Mr. Maurice A. Kelley, 39 

Ms. Christina Biehl 

Mr. HarrvF. Kusickjr.. '68 

Mr. John L. Biehl Jr., 73 

Mr. William J. Letmkuhler, '65 

Ms. Kathryn Biehl 

Charles A. Leonard, Ph.D. 

Ms. Rose Mary Biehl 

Ms. Kathleen (Gordon, '77) and 

Mr. Frank S. Blatcher. '56 

Mr. James J. Lynch, '71 

Judge Genevieve Blatt 

Mr. Anthonv M, Marino. '54 

Luther W. Brady, M.D. 

Mr-. Regina McCarren 

Mr. Thomas J. Casey, '52 

Mr. William J. McCormick Jr., '58 

M. Kathryn F. Cocozza, '83 

Mr James J. McDonald, '58 

Mr. John H. Condon Sr. 

JohnJ. McNallv. C.P.A., '64 

Mr. Michael C. Coughlin. '83 

Mr. Joseph D. McNamara, '56 

Mr. Robert C. Crosson Jr., '51 

Mr. John McShatn, '17 

Mr. J. Russell CullenSr '22 

Mr. William McShain, '62 

Mr. J. Russell Cullen Jr., '60 

Mr Michael G. Mullen, '63 

Mr. Walter M. Czamota, '52 

Mr. Daniel R. Mullin. '41 

Mrs. Man- E. Dean 

Helen F. North, Ph.D. 

Henry G. DeVincent, M.D., '56 

Ms. Elsie E. O'Halloran 

Mrs. Catherine E. Doran, '78 

Rev. Martin J. O'Halloran. '40 

David C. Eisenhart Jr.. CT.A . 71 

Francis R. O'Hara, Esq., '54 

Mr. Leon Ellerson, '56 

Ms. Margaret Webster Plass 

Joseph C. Flanagan, Ml 

Mr. Joseph P. Rhein, "38 

Mr. Thomas J. Flood, '66 

Mr. George J. A. Roken Jr. 

Dr. Joseph Flubacher, '35 

Mr. John O. Saeger 

Mr. Everett Frank Jr. 

Mr. Joseph J. Schmit: Jr., '20 

Mr. Joseph A. Gallagher, '50 

Mr. Kenneth Shaw Jr., '64 

Mr. Nicholas A. Giordano, '65 

Mr. Thomas W. Sheehan. '53 

Mr. John E. Glasc: 

Mr. Charles E. Stahlecker 

Mr William 1. Good 

Mr. Arthur C. Stanley 

Charles A. J. Halpin Jr., J.D.. '44 

Mr. Frank Stanton, '51 

Mr. Robert T. Hansen, '64 

Edward J. Stemmler, M.D., '50 

Dr. Roland Holro' 

Mr Isidor P. Stritrmatter II, '56 

Peter A. Horry, C.P.A., '64 

Ms. Mary Tomasco 

Philip E. Hughes Jr., Esq., '71 

Mr. Edward J. Vasoli, '52 

Mr. Francis W. Judge. '50 

Mr. Raymond T. Vasoli, '54 

Kathleen M. Bums. '75, and 

Mr. John H. Veen, '59 

John Kapusnick 

Ms. Beatrice A. Walsh 

Mr. Robert A. K.s 

Mr. Bruce E. Zehnle, '66 

Mr James H.Hughes III 
Mr. Kenneth R. Mancini Jr. 
Mr. Thomas J. McElvogue 
Rosina and Francis J. Rvan. Ed.D. 
Mr. Charles A. Tier 

Uco Donini Club 

James B. Albrechr. M D. 
John C. Becker. Esq. 
Mr. Thomas F. Boyle 
Mr. Robert J. Bugdal 
Mr. Sam C. Chung 
Mr. Robert J. Coylc 
Mane 1 Bruno 1 and Leo r 

I^egnan, Ph.D. 

Denis S. Longo. Ph.D. 
Joseph M. and 

Eileen M (Sweeney) Markmann 
Mr. Rodger J. McLaughlin 
Francis M. Milone, Esq- 
Norman H. Rappaporc. D.D.S.. M.D. 
Mr John T. Reed 


W. Dennis Zerega. Ed.D 

Vnniversaki Club 

Mr. Richard J. Come 

Henn- B. Eastland. Esq 

L- Matthew Frank. M.D 

Joseph A. Goldbeck Jr., Esq. 

Alan J. Jarvis, Esq. 

Mr. Courtney C. Kronk HI 

Mr. Leon F. Machubki 

Mr. Francis M. Moonev 

Bill Reyers 

Mr Dennis J. Rochford 

Ms. Cathenne B- Setwell 

Mr. Anthony L, Voetl 


(Up to $139) 

Mr. John R. Akotjr. 

Mr John F Anthom 
Mi William D. Bradshaw 
Mr Donald J Corcoran 
Mr. Robert I Courtney |r. 
Mr Terence I Darj 
Mr Thomas K ! 
Mr. H. Ken DeDominicis 
John E. DeWald. Esq. 
James J. Doyle. Ph.D. 
Mr Robert A. Fina 
Mr. Stephen C. Rood 
Mr Michael F Flvnn 
Frances M and 

John T Gallagher, Esq. 
Mr j.'hn \ Gambale 
Mr Joseph L. Gardner Jr 
Mr George \ Griffith 
Mr Frederick S Gunther 
I Patrick Henn. Ph.D. 
Mr Francis D. Heron 
Mr. Dennis M Kense\ 
Mr. lames H. Klein 
Mr Richard |. Kochanski 
Mr. Joseph F. Koscinski Jr. 
Mr Peter : 

Mr. Ledell D Lipscomb 
Mr Edward P. Lisiecki Jr. 
Mr. Edward J LoCasale 
Mr Robert D Lowden 
Mr Bernard B- Lowekamp 
Mr Thomas I Mahei 

h M Marquart 

Mr lames P McNalh, 

Mr. Edward Mockapetris 
Mr Charles J. Nemeth 
Mr Edward J. Nolen 
Mr. Robert M. O'Connell 
Mr Edward J Olwell 
Mr Peter I O'Neill 

Mr.! E. Osborne 
Mr Thomas C. Reid 
Stuart S. Sacks. Esq. 
Mr. FrankJ.SchallerJr. 
CarlF. ShulcC.r.A. 
Stephen E. Storms. Ph.D. 
Mr. Theodore W. Wahl 
Mr Anthony M Walmch Jr 
Mr. MamnE W .- 
Mr. James V. Welding Jr. 
Mr William B. Wiegand 
Mr Robert J Zuccanm 


President's Club 

■ and above) 

Mr Thomas Curley 

Universits Club 

Thomas A. Leonard, C.P A 

Dr. Flu bach er Club 

Thomas J. Mahonei . C r A 
Peter M McGonigle, Esq. 

San Miguel Club 

Joseph A. D'Amato. C.P.A 

Mr. Henn. F. Eberhardt 

Mr Gregory LeCerrt 

Margaret M.(BresIin) and William J- 

Markmann. M.D. 
Mr. William D Mullen ^r 
Mr DennisJ.Reid 

Chairman's Club 


Edward K. and 

Janice M. Beit, Ph.D.. R.N 
Brother Patrick A Duffy, F.S.C 

Brother E- Gerald Ficgerald. F.S.C. 

Mr. Thomas J. Hoskins 

Brother Michael J. McGinniss. F.S.C. 

Founders Club 

Judith (Stanton) and 
James J. Ahem Jr. 
Mr Robert L- Bendorovich Jr 
Mr. Charles F Clean- 
Mr Francis J. Dunphy jr. 

ph A F.ckjr. 
Anthonv M Giordano Jr.. M.D. 
Patnck M Gleason. Ph.D. 
Bernard Grossman, M.D. 
Mr. David C. Lancaster 
Mr. Robert F. McAnespey 
Mr. Thomas A. Oravez 
Mr. John T. Osmian 
Mr. Charles J. Reynolds 

Loo Donini Club 

Paul J. Burgoyne, Esq. 

Mr. William Campo 

Mr. Dennis J. Coyle 

Mr Mathew L. Dellarco 

Mr. Nicholas A. DiFranco 

Mr. Bradford P. Eridtson 

Mr. Philip J. Gray 

Mr |ohn J. Higgins Jr. 

Mr. William J. Kelly 

Mr Jerome F. Lombard Jr. 

Charles P. Lutcavage, Ph.D. 

Mr. JohnJ. Maloney 

Kenneth W. Moore. C.P.A. 

GUI M Nardellajr. M.D. 

Mr. Michael G. Neuschel 

Joseph M Owens, Ph.D. 

Thomas C. Ratchrord. Esq. 

Bech A. and Joel C. Rosenteld. M.D. 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 •-_ 

Mr. Nicholas J. Cappello Jr. 
Mr. James M. Carroll 
Mr. Philip C. Oa\ erelli 
Mr Manuel W. Dia: 
Daniel J. Dinardo, C.P.A. 
Mr Walter E- Donovan 
Mr Richard C- Emen 
Mr Harrv Leopold Jr. 
Mr. George H. Levesque Jr. 
Mr. George J. Lordi Jr 
Mr. Martin I- McFadden 
Phillip J. Miraglia. PhD 
Mr Robert J Nolasco 
Mr. Ra\mond J. O'Brien 
Mr Edward C. O'Donnell Jr. 
Mr Robert J. Pannepacker 
Mr Thomas M Yapniarek 
Rev Leonard H. Zeller 



Mr. Dominic Aceto 

G. Michael Bellenghi. CT.A 

Mr. PaulCBiegJr. 

Mr. John J. Bond 

Mr Thomas B. Bowe 

Mr Joseph E- Bulsak 

Francis J. Carbo. D.D.S. 

Mr William D Conrad 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Mr Donald 1 I uva 
CAPT Daniel J. D'AlesioJr., Esq. 
Mr. Michael J DeLoretra Jr 
Mr. Raymond D. DeStephanis Jr 
Mr Ham, J Diamond 
Mr Michael I Dillon 
Mr. Thomas J. Dispenzere 
Mr. George K. Eckenrode 
Timothy J. Erh, M.A. and 
[oann Kelly Erh, Ph.D. 
Anhur R- Ersner, M.D. 
Mr. Robert D Freedman 
Mr Frederick F Galdo 
Francis C. Gatti Jr., Esq. 
Raymond M. Gerepka, Esq. 
Mr. Joseph P. Glennon Jr. 
Walter J. Griffin. C.P.A. 
Mr. Vincent A Guarini 
Mr. Ralph E Hamel 
Mr. Paul T. Hannan 
Mr. James J. Harnett 
Mr. Vincent P. Haugh Ir 
John J. Heck, C.P.A. 
Mr. E. James Henderson Jr. 
Mr. Richard J Jackson 
Mr. Thaddeus A. Jalkiewicz [r 
Mr Joseph P Kane 
Rev. Thomas R. Kennedy, C.M. 
Mr Richard A. LeRrun 
Mr. Edward J. Lehman 
Mr. Edmond F Mac Donald 
Charles R. Maratea, Esq. 
Mr. Thomas W. Maresca 
Mr. Luigi J. Marrafino 
Mr. Gerald T. McAllister 
Mr. John J. McAvoy 
Mr. James P. McCaftertv 
Mr. Daniel J. McCardle 
Mr. Michael P. McElroy 
Edward J. McGlinchey Jr., Esq. 
Mr. John J. McGIynn 
Mr. Michael E. Miskel 
Mr. Joseph W. Mitchell 
Mr. Joseph M. Mottola 
Mr. James F. Naegeli 
Mr. Joseph S. Napterkowski 
Mr. James F. O'Donnell 
Mr. Charles M. Paul 
Mr. H. Randolph Pomeroy 
Mr. Charles J. Quinn Jr. 
Mr. Stephen A. Race 
Mr. William S. Reill\ 
Mr. Charles V. Roche 
Bruce J. Romanc:uk, M.D. 
Mr. Francis A Ronkowski 
Mr Nicholas A. Rudi 
Mr. John J. Saccomandi Jr 
Mr Anthony J Santoro 
Mr. Martin J. Sheeron Sr. 
Mr. Charles M. Sielski 
Mr. Edward C. Smith 
Mr. David B. Smoluer 
Mr. Stanley E. Swalla Jr. 
Mr. William N. Tanner 111 
Ralph J. Ten. Esq. 
Mr. Raymond F Theilacker 
Mr. Walter M. Urban Jr. 
Mr Kenneth S. Verdon 
Mr. Peter L. Veterc 
James C. Walker. Esq. 
Mr. Kenneth M. Walsh 
Mr. William J. Welsh 
Mr. Michael J. Wilkin 
Mr. Michael J. Wilson 
Mr. Frederick A. Zaiss 


President's Club 

($50,000 and above) 

James J. and Kathleen (Gordon) 

William R. Sautter. CTA 

Charter Club 
(S25.000 S49.999) 

Mr Robert J. Christian 

Dr. FlubacherClub 
(S5 S9.999) 

Robert Folberg, M.D. 
Mr. Robert A Jenco 
Christopher and Sandra Koch 
Patrick J. O'Leary, C.P.A. 

San Miguel Club 
($2,500 ^4 999) 

Michael J. and 

Frances (Jacob) Diccicco 
Mr. Thomas J. Shaw 111 
Mr. William M. Siegle 
Dr. and Mrs.. John Sweeder 
William A. Wachter. Ph.D. 

Chairman's Club 
($1,000 S2.499) 

Brother Francis B Danielski, F.S.C. 
Mr James M. Mack 
Brother John J. McGoldrick, F.S.C 
Mr. Dennis M. Powell 

Founder's Club 
(S500 (999) 

Mr Samuel J Farru£gio Jr 
Thomas J. Feenck, Esq. 
Mr John J. Ganano 
Philip E Hughes Ir , Esq 
Mr. Kenneth J Kempt 
Richard E. Kreipe. M.D. 
Mr. Pasquale C. Marchese 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S2so $499) 

David J. Badolato, M.D 
William A. Biermann, M.D. 
James M Conic. Esq 
Mr. James F Connoi 
Mr. D. Michael Fre\ 
Mr. David M. Gillece 
Thomas J. Haines, Esq. 
Mr. George H. Holder 

Albert G KroU, Esq 

Mr. Gerald R. Petre 

Thomas J. Pierce, Th D 

Michael J Reinking, C.P.A., CSMC 

Edward V. Schulgen, Esq. 

Mr. James A. Slinkman 

Mr. Gary R. Walsh 

Mr. Thoma-, F Wojciechowski 

Anniversary Club 

($140 s^'it 

Laurence V Ashbacher, M.D. 
Gerald R. Bodisch. Ph.D. 
Mr. Richard G. Bohs 
Loudon L. Campbell, Esq. 
Mr. Jeffrey E. Chnstides 
Mr. Gary L. Crawford 
Mr. James J. Cronin 
Robert F. Cunningham, Ed.D 
Dennis P. and 

Margaret E. (Funk) Dailey 

( hades E. and lane B. 
Mr James M Diamond 
Mr. Michael R. Hogan 
Edward J. Hughes, Esq 
Mr. Thomas M. Jamrogowicz 
Mr. Perer J. Matje Jr 
Patrick J. McHugh, Ph.D. 
Mr. Richard J. O'Donnell 
Mr. Joseph L. Ramsay Jr. 
Mr. Harry B. Sauers 
Mr. Robert G. Sneath li 
John Wiley Jr., Esq. 
Mr. Joseph M. Wilson 


1 1. p to SIM) 

Mr. David L. Abruzzi 

Mr. Francis G. Amorosi 

Mr Edward C. Anastasi 

Mr. Richard A. Avicolli ^r 

Thomas J. Saldino, Th D 

Mr. Bernard E. Beck 

Mr. Thomas A. Bielecki 

Mr. Daniel P. Biko 

Mr. Bernard J. Black 

Brian J. Byrne, PhD 

Mr Thilip A Canal 

Mr. John J. Cantwell 

Joseph F. Capodanno Jr., Esq. 

Mr. John V Cofet 

Mr. Robert J. Colton 

Mr Vincent R 1 onnot 

Mr. James H Convery 

Mr Thoma- L Corcoran 

Mr. Charles M. ( ostelli 

John P. Cotter, Esq. 

Mr Thomas J. Coyne 

Karen Q. and Bruce K. EViman. Esq 

Mr Laurence | I hlSG ill 

Mr. Michael J. Dunn 

Mr David H Duryea h 

Mr Charles F Fastiggi 
Mr. James J. Feeley Jr. 
Mr John J Ficzgibbons Jr. 
Mi Kevin P FUnn 
Michael [ Franczak, Ph.D. 
Mr. Michael A. Gephart 
Mr Richard A Giantisco 
Mr. William J. Graham 
Mr. Roger A. GreL!" 
Mr Michael J. Higgins 
Rev Martin R Hohlfeld 
Eugene P. Hughes Jr , M.D. 
Mr. Richard M. [ovine 
Mr. Richard D K.czinarski 
Mr. John R. Kenny- 
Mr. George E. Kientzy Jr 
Mr. James R Klaghob 
Mr. Roman 1 Leszcrv-zvn 
Mr Louis R. Libeno 
Mr Thomas J. Londergan 
Mr. Robert P. Malachowski 
Mr. Carl P Malitsky 
Rev. Nicholas F Martorano, O.S.A. 
Mr. Charles D. Marvii Jr. 
Mr James P McCafferty 
Mr. Joseph J. McCallJr. 
Mr. FrankJ.McCall 
John M McGuwan, M.D 
Mr James F. McGowan |r 
Mr. James J. McKeogh 
Mr. Richard A. McNally 
Mr. Dennis M- McNulry 
Robert J. Miller, EJ D 
Mr. Robert A. Monagan 
Mr Anthony J. Morhno 
Mr. Dominic J. Motta Jr. 
Mr. John P. Nolan 
Mr. Connell P. O'Brien 
Mr. JamesJ. O'Neill 
Mr. James M. Par.idi- 

Mr. Frank J. Peditto 

Mr. Michael A. Pernck Jr. 

Mr. Edwin S. Pikalow 

Mr. Robert I Seitert 
Mr John J. Sramerro 
Mr. Edward J. Tiemcv 
Mr \ incent M Tomo 
Mr Erich L. Uhlenhrock 
Mr. Leroy G. Walker 
Mr. Thomas J. Wolf 


President's Club 

(SSO.OOOand above) 

Joan iMancini) and 

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick Ir 

Universiti Club 
(Sio 000 £24,999) 

Mr. Vincent P. Walls 

Dr. Flubacher Club 

Thomas Capizzi, Th D 
Michael L. Duffy, J. D 
Mr. William S Hough 
John F. Kent, Esq. 

San Miguel Club 

(S2sOO (4,999] 

Mr. Mark D. Baldino 
I ISrry T Chugani, M.D. 
Daniel A. Giannini, C.P.A. 
Thomas S. Kilcheski, M D 
Marilyn (Davis) and 

Charles J. Quattronc Jr. 

Chairman's Club 

iv, 0O0 S3 499) 

David and Brenda Beavers 
Eugene V Gallagher, PhD. 
Robin F. Gallagher, D M.D. 
Mr Srephen L McGonigle 
Mr. Thomas S. Rittenhouse 
Anthony C. Santopolo, M.D. 
Mr. Elmer J. Shamwell 
J M.chael Wh.taker, M.D. 

Founder's Club 
(S500 S999) 

Robert E. Bonner, M.D. 
Mr. Louis D. Figan 
Mr Raymond C. Freisheim 
Mr. Stephen M Hottman Jr. 
Mr Edward T. Kane Jr. 
Mr. William G.Mullen 
Francis P. Sutter, DO. 

Ugo Donini Club 
($250 S499) 

Mr. John L. Austin 
Margaret R. Connors, Esq. 
Mr Donald J. Courtney 
Mr William J. Hamilton 
Walter J and Mary V. Heyse 
Mr. John P. Kelly 
John F. Mclnemey, Ph.D. 
Mr Michael G. McMenamin 
Mr. Roberr W. Schwaneberg 
Mr. Daniel E. Thomas 
Mr. Charles J. Walsh Jr. 
Mr. Henry M Woernet 

\\N!\ ERSAR1 LlA'IJ 
($1 10 S240I 

Robert P. Argentine jr., M.D. 
Mr. Ralph Batman 
Kathleen M. (Tulb | and 

Joseph V. Bnggman, Ph.D. 
Francis \ Dillon, Esq 
Mr. William M. Drajgon 
Mr. Weam D. Heinz 
Brother Thomas H. McPhillips, 

Mr Michael I O'Brien 
Mr. Vincent J. O'Donnell 
Mr. Joseph A. O'Neill Jr. 
Raymond I Porreca |r , Esq. 
Mr Vincent M. Putin 
Mr. John P. Quinn 
Charles A. Roop, C P A. 
Mr. Michael T Ruio 
Mr Theodore J Vanderslice 
Mr Henry J. Zentner 



Mr Frank P. Ali::i 

Joann (Yanak) and Joseph ] Baillie 

Mr. John J. Bellus 

Mr. Thomas W Biester 

Mr. Ronald R. Boyle 

Mr. Kurt R. Bruhn 

Mr James C. Buck 

Mr Edward P. Ceresmi 

Robert Cohen, C.P.A, CFE. 

Mr. Kevin J. Connor 

Mr. James P. Connor 

James A. and 

Mary E. (Gerrow) Costanro 
Mr. Marshall Daly 
Mr. Vincent M. Donnelly 
Concetta M. and William I Doyle ir 
Mr. Joseph O. Dunn 
Mr. George C. Ehrmann 
John C. Fenningham, Esq 
Mr. Olafe Gaihisehs 
William and Denise Galvin 
Mr Henry W Goldberg 
Mr. John H. Griesemer Jr. 
Ms. Kathleen M. (Grady) Grogan 
Mr. James B. Gross 
Mr. Edward F. Gutekunst 
Mr. Christian E. Henningsen Sr. 
Charles R. and Loretta J Heyduk 
Mi Donald E. Hilbert 
Mr Ralph E Horky 
Mr. William R. Johnson 
Mr. Robert A. Kramer 
Mr. James A- Kukltnski 
Mr John M. Lawfer Jr. 
CAPT William E. Lehner, 

MC. USN. Retired 
Vincent J. Lynch, PhD 
Ms. Regina A. Maginnis 
Ms. Elizabeth (Washofsky) Mann 
Mr. Charles F. Marshall III 
Mr Raymond A. Mattem Jr. 
Mr. James V. McDonald 
Mr. Douglas S McFarlane 
Mr. Joseph A. McGunman 
Mr. Edward R. Merkle 
Mr. Lawrence J. Nedzbala 
Mr. John W. Neichercoti 
Mr Michael D Nolan 
Roman O. and 

Olha (Mychajhw) Nowakiwsky 
Mr. Michael A. Nuccio 
Mr. Gerald P. Oeste 
Mr. Robert A. O'Hara 
Mr. Mark C. Olkowski 
Mr. Paul J. Pantano 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

The followinq endowed and/or restricted 

scholarships have been generously funded to 

support students enrolled at La Salle: 

American Association of Colleges of 

Brother Patrick Ellis Alumni Scholarship 

Pennsylvania Higher Education 

Nursingflohn A. Hartford Foundation 

Dr. Joseph F. Flubacher Scholarship 

Foundation/Independence Blue Cross Nurse 


John S. Grady Honors Program Scholarship 

Scholars Grants and Nursing Education 

Annenberg-Henrich Scholarship 

James Guo Scholarship 


Gregg Argenziano Scholarship 

Heck Memorial Scholarship 

Pfizer Scholarship 

Lester Barenbaum Scholarship 

LT. John Henry Scholarship 

PGH Alumni Association Scholarship 

BergerA\'°allace Scholarship 

David 1. Hagan Scholarship 

Sallie Mae Fund BUSCA Scholarship 

William J. Binkowski Scholarship 

The J. Anthony Hayden Scholarship Fund 

Joseph Lawrence Scheiter Memorial 

James J. Binns Scholarship 

Johnson &. Johnson Scholarship 


George J. Bucs Scholarship 

Thomas J. and Janet Kean Scholarship 

Sigma Phi Lamda Scholarship 

Helen Burke Memorial Fund 

Jack Keen Memorial Scholarship 

W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Scholars Grants 

John F. Byrne Memorial Scholarship 

James S. Kemper Foundation Scholarship 

and Scholarship Prizes 

Robert J. Chesco Memorial Scholarship 

Peter J. Kieman Scholarship 

Warren E. Smith, M.D. Scholarship 

Class of 197c Scholarship 

Maureen E. Lodge Scholarship 

Lillian and Ralph Tekel Scholarship 

Lt. John H. Condon Memorial Scholarship 

FrancU X. McErlean University Scholarship 

UPS Scholarship 

Bishop Corngan Memorial Scholarship 

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund 

U.S. Department of Health and Human 

Dr. Robert J. Courtney Scholarship 


Services, Advanced Education Nursing 

J. Russell Cullen St.. Memorial Scholarship 

John (Jack) J. McNally Scholarship 


Josephine Danielski Scholarship 

John McShain Scholarship 

U.S. Department of Health and Human 

Robert L. Dean Writing Scholarship 

Mercedes Benr/Lionel Simmons Scholarship 

Services, Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship 

Michael A. DeAngehs Memorial Scholarship 

Charles E. Merrill Trust Scholarship 

U.S. Department o! Health and Human 

Brother G. Claude Demkras Scholarship 

Lillian Beresnack Miller Scholarship 

Services, Scholarships for Disadvantaged 

St. Francis De Sales Scholarship 

Modern Handling Scholarship 


J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin Scholarship 

Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation 

John H. Veen Memorial Scholarship 

Susan Dietszh Scholarship 


Wachovia Foundation Scholarship 

Anne H. and Harry J. Donaghv Scholarship 

National Science Foundation, Computer 

Thomas A. White Memorial Scholarship 

Dr. Paul R. Doran and Catherine E. Doran 

Science. Engineering and Mathematics 

John D. Zook Scholarship 

Memorial Scholarship 


Leon Ellerson Scholar>hip 

Northeast Catholic High School Scholarship 

fames \\ . Teat-son. Esq. 

Mr. William I. Tese^ 

Mr. John A- Rates 

Mr DawdN Reirt 

Mr. Albert J. Riegerjr 

Mr. Thomas T. Robinson 

Mr. John Y. Rocks 

Mr. Thomas J. Rodders 

Mr. Daniel F. Rul:- 

Mr. Edward F. Ruppel 

Mr. Glenn C. Russell 

Michael J- Saile. Esq. 

Chester]. Sahvach. Ph.D. 

E. Bam Smith. CT A. 

Mr. Francis J. Spiecker 

LTC Thomas \Y. Sprague. Retired 

Mr. Pasquale A. Tursi 

Ms. Celeste M. Yenen 

Mr. Thomas F. Walsh Jr. 

Mr. Norman M. Weiss 

Mr. Francis C. White 

Mr. Richard G.Wdhams 

Mr. lames A. Wright 

Dennis M. Young. CPA. 

Mr. Richard Y. Zetierlr. 


Dr. Flubacher Club 


John J.Gallagher. Esq. 

Mr. Stephen 1. Rauscher 

San Miguel Club 

Mr. Gerard J. Binder 
Blair H. Gould. CP.A. 
Mr E, Dennis Lehman Jr. 
Trevor P. Lvnch, MP 
Mr. PaulG. Schott 
Mr. William L Srulginskv 
Mr. Ronald J. Young 

lh urm aim's Club 


James J. Avery Jr.. FSA. 
AlhertJ. Bellilr, PO. 
William J. Flannerv, Esq. 
Brother Joseph Grabenstein. F S.C 
Mr. Robert J. Kujovskv 
Anthony M. Landis. D.O. 
Mr. Frank X. L\nch 

:ent P. McNichol 

Founder's Club 

Judith (Stanton^ and 

James J. Ahem Jr. 
Mr. Philip J. Brennan 
Joan C. (Thomas) and 

Joseph G. Gallagher jr.. Esq 
Mr. Peter J. Giaccio 
Charles J. Jamison. Esq. 
Mr. Kevin O'Rourke 
Mr. James M. Paulits 
Dr. and Mrs. John A- Pron 
Mr. Robert J. Sestiro Jr. 

Arthur A. Warren, L-q. 
Mr. lohn S. Wvdrtvnski 

Ugo Donini Club 

George S. Costantino, M.D. 
Mr Michael S Hatfield 
Mt. Robert B. Jackson Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas \\ 
Robert 1. Lewis, D.O. 
John F. Mencer. Esq- 
Thomas A. O'Brien. Ph.D. 
James P. Pagli3ro. Esq. 
Mr. Theodore E. Riegert 
Mr, Kevin W. Robinson 
Mr. Frank J. Rodtiers 
Jane (BorscheM and 
John E. Tomasiewsk 1 

Anmvers\ri Club 

Mr. George J. Blair Jr. 
William J. Bonner Jr.. Esq. 
Mr. John M. Bovle 
Kathleen M. (Tully) and 

Joseph Y. Briggman. Ph.D. 
Mr R t en D- Ducken Jr. 
Mt. George J Jakabcin 
Mr. .Arthur A. Kahn 
Terence Knstotak. CP 
Mr. Yincent j. Mancini 
Mr. James T. Martin Jr. 
Catherine A- *McPevitt* and 

George J. Feller 

Mr. Libero Scinicanello 

Mr. Thomas J. Sielski 
Ms. Ponna M. Talis 


( Up to s 

Mr. Rait S. Anoia 
Mr. Alan 1 Ash 
George A Bamert and 

Man- R. Hopper 
Mr. Robert J. Black 
Mr. John H. Bleattlerjr. 
Mr. Wayne P. Braddock 
Johnj. Branigan. Esq. 
Mr. Harvey L. Bunch Jr. 
Mr. Frank A. Bun- 
Mr. Scon F. Campbell 
Mr. Lam- Cardonick 
Mr. John J. Carrozza 
Robert G. Casillo. Ph.D. 
Mr. Paul X. Cook 
Mr. John T. Cooke 
Mr. Edmond P. Costantini 
Man E- (Gerrowl and 

James A. Costanzo 
Mr. Martin I, Costello 
Mr. Francis M Curran 
Ms. Christina T. Curran 
Mr. John G. Dartah 
William R. Deiss. Esq. 
Mr, Michael Pei\^i,- 
Anita L iSmolenskil and 

Francis j. Doyle 
Mr. Mark V. Prewic: 
Mr. John B. Fassnacht 

Mr. John M. Flvnn 
Mr. Daniel F. Rvnn 
Mr. William D. Fox Jt. 
Mr. James T. Fox 
Mr. Wayne D. Gess 
Mr. Stephen G. Glumac 
Mr. Thomas E. Gore Jr. 
Mr. Frank E. Gostomski 
Mr John R. Gyza 
Mr. Francis L. H.nJcn 
Ms. Elizabeth C. Heidak 
Edward B. Horahan III, Esq. 
Mr. Richard Hvmes 
Ms. Elaine (Keating) Irving 
Mr. Stephen P. Kendnck 
Mr. John W Kinee 
Mr. Francis M. King Jr. 
Mr William J. Kuhl 
Mr Stephen I Lomas Sr. 
Richard R. and 

Kathleen (RodiscM Lvnch. PhP- 
Mr John W Maull 
Mr. James L McCmlev 
Mr. Edward P. McGivem 
Mr. Thomas C. Menapace 
Mr. Edmund M Miksit: 
Mr Ponald Miller 
Mr. Charles F Moms 
Mr Thomas E- N^vne 
Mr. Robert T. O'SulUvan Sr 
John D. Prinscott, M.D. 
Mr. James J. Rac: 
Mr Michael F. Raczvnski 
Mr. Ravmond J. Regan 
Ms. Kathleen t.Whalen> Reic: 
Leonard S. Richter. CGFM 

Honor Roll of Donors 2005-2004 

Mr Philip G. Romano 
Mr. Joseph K. Ryan Jr. 
Mr. John M. Scarpelhno 
Mr. Eric O. Scheffler 
Mr Robert L Seiwell 
Ms. Cecilia Sheehan 
Mr Marc S. Silverman 
Mr. Anthony A Sindoni 
Mr. William F. Smith 
Mr. James E. Spicer Sr. 
Henrv W. Supin-ki, Esq 
Michael YanBuskirk, Esq. 
Gret;on | \ invent. MO 
Mr. Kenneth R. Wagner 
Michael L Welsh, CP.A. 


President's Club 

I S51 1 . 100 and above) 

Joan (Mancini) and 

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick Jr. 

University Club 
(sio.000 S14 999) 

William E Kelh, I • , 

Dr. FlubacherClub 


David P. and 

Barbara (Gawinski) Carbern 

San Miguel Club 

(S2.500 S4.999) 

Frances (Jacob) and 

Michael J. Diccicco 
Siegfried I and 

Marianne (Salmon) Gauss 

Chairman's Club 

(Si 1 v ; 199) 

Elizabeth (Rodim) and Paul Kunv 
Mr Dennis R Ruhisch 

Founder's Club 

Mr Mark Adel-berger 
Roseman I (AngemO and 

John E DeSantis S. Ettinger, Esq 
Mr William J Fneljr. 
Joan C. (Thomas) and 

Joseph G. Gallagher Jr., Esq. 
Mr Daniel A. Gallagher Jr. 
Mr James T Muth 
Richard A Rothwell Jr . D.D.S. 

Vco Donini Club 

Mr. Donald F. Ackerman 

Mr. Mark J Connors 

Dennis J. Donohoe, MP 

Mr William T. DuhS 

Madeline (Mallon) Janowski, C.P.A. 

Mr Jerome 1 Ml \vo^ [i 

Mr. Thomas D. McGovem 

Leonard F Milewski, M.D. 

Mr. Franc i> \ Mofratt 

Mr. Joseph T Palm 

Mr Can 1 1 ^moller 

Lyndanne M Whalen, Esq. 


lsi4>' S249) 

Mr. Joseph E. Abbott 

Mr lames J. Beaver 
Mr. Philip E. Cassidv Jr 
Eugene G Cattle 
Mr. Brian C l\il\ 
Joseph M. Huher, ( P A 
Robert H. Lane, Ph D- 
[\imel E. and 

Nanc\ M (Webb) Maguire 
Miriam (Gary) .ind 

Francis E- Maloney 
Mr. Robert J. Polastre 
Mr. Kent M. Sloan 
Herbert E. Taylor, PhD 
James L. Turner, Esq. 
Rev. Fr. Cletus M. S Watson. 

Ms. Carol Williamson 
Vincent D. Zeller. CP.A. 

(Up to 5139) 

Richard J. and 

Joanne M. (Thorn) Alexander 
Catherine (Bradle\ ] and 

Joseph J. Baker Jr. 
Ms. Karen M (Keenan) Bennett 
Mr. Brian T. Byrnes 
Linda A. (Pantano) and 

l^-t-ph F. Canataro, Ed.D. 
Mr. A. Joseph Carusi 
Robert D. Cipko, Ph.D. 
Mr [oseph J. Connelly 
Mr. James F. Corcoran 
Mr Carl J l\i\ 1- 
Mr. Louis A DiCesan 

Mr Dennis D DiDomenico 
Thomas W. DiEnno, CP.A. 
Maria (Birlew) and 

Carlo] DiMarco, D.O. 
Andrew E DiPiero Jr., Esq. 
Mr Nuil ] Dougherty 
Francis J. and 

Anna L. (Smolenski) Doyle 
Mi Dennis M Doyle 
Ms. Kathleen (McCullough) Dyer 
William F and 

Kathleen (Nolen) Edwards, RN 
Mr John G E--poMt.> 

Ms. Ann (Wilsbach) Esposito 
Mr Daniel T. Fit:gerald 
Mr. John J. Foster Jr. 
Ms. Carmela (Melso) Galati 
Kathleen A. (O'Neill) and 

Joseph A. Ganster 
Howard Gershman, Esq. 
Mr Victor A Giardini 
Mr. Corneliu- A ( iibbons 
Mr. Chris C Giles 
Edward I Haaz,M.Ed 

Mr Kenneth D Ha^crman 

Ms Maria (Puhy) Hand 

Mr. Charlie I' Henderson 

Mr. Daniel J. Fliggms 

Mr Edward R. Hitzel 

Mr. James E. Johnston 

Michael J and Elizabeth S. Kaurrman 

Bemadette F. and James J Kenm Jr. 

Michael C and 

Carol Solomon Kieter 
Mr. H. Gordon Kunzman 
Mr. Charles G. Lare 
Mr Lewis M Levinson 
Mr. Edmund F Lewis 
Mr. Louis A Lomhardo III 
Mr. Thomas R Lorandeau 
Mr H Da* id Madonna 

John H McCleary, Ph.D. 

Mr. Joseph L. McPhilhps 
Ms. Kathleen M. Molla 
Mr. John A Moore Jr 
Ms. Alice K Moy 
Mr Paul J. Murph\ 

Mr Michael E O'Donnell 
Ms Jean (Wall) Owens 
Mr. Michael C. Parella 
Mr. Frank A. Pau:a 
Mr. Henry P. Rawls 
Michael I Rosner, M.D. 
Virginia (Muessig) and 

Edward N. Sague, D.D.S. 
Mr. Richard M Scully 
Ms. Joanne (Wachterl Smith 
Mr. Dennis J. Smith 
Mr. Charles Stamm 
Mr. Steven A. Staranowski 
Mr. Joseph P. Stees 
William H. Tennant Jr., Esq. 
Ms Catherine T iCorbett) Tereniak 
Ms. Frances iParrotto) Trees 
Mr. Michael J. Yaupel St- 
LTCJohn S. Wargo. Retired 
Mr. Peter A Weismuller 
Mr. Charles J- Whalen 
Mr. Lee] Wiles 
Rev. Richard C Williams 
Mi [oseph i 1 W ilson 
Mr. Thoma- M \\ i-mewski 


President's Club 

10 and above) 
Robert E. and Barbara H. Hanrahan 

University Club 

(SlO.I v. I 999) 

Ms. K.ithleen M. Bums 

Dr Flubacher Club 

Mr. James R. Guntle Jr. 

S\n Miguel Club 

(S2.500 >-}'>^) 

Roben T. Reichinan, M.D 
Robert A. Shore. M.D. 
Kathryne (McCrarh) and 
Mark D. Speaker, Esq. 

Chairman's Club 

Mr William S. |ohnston 
Paul E Karis, M.D. 
Mr. John E. Kopac: 
Paul and Elizabeth (Rodimt Kunv 
Mr Patrick A. Mc( iinlej 
Ms Kathleen (Scotti) McNichol 
Mane iMoonev) and 
James P. Steinit: 

Founder's Club 

($500 S999) 

Ms. Beverly A. Bacon 
Lawrence T, Bowman, Esq. 
Mane>nv Dolan 
Mr. Gerard A. Plourde 
Mr. John M Smalan 
Mr. Gary C Smith 
Mane (Moone) * and 

James P Sieinit: 
Dr. George J. Zimmerman and 

Paulette Travers Zimmerman 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S25O $499) 

Mr. James F. Bernardo 

Mr. Robert M 1 a •<■■■. 

Ms i Catherine M I lougherty 

Kathleen Mullen. D.M.D 

Ms. Elizabeth (McGinley) Soltan 

Jane (Borschel) and 

John E. Tomaszewski, M D 

Anniversary Club 


Mr. Joseph S. Biondo 

Mr. Paul F. Blinn 

Ms. Michelle (Lamb) Boddorff 

Gerald V. Burke. M.D. 

Mr. Daniel J. DeM isi 

Mr Stephen J Einlev 

Ms. Denise M. Guiniven 

Mr Derek Hopkins 

Nanc} M. (Webb) and 

Daniel E. Maguire 
Patricia M McDermotr, Esq. 
Francis and Teresa O'Kane 
Mr. Michael N. Scavuzzo 
Karen M. (Donchet:) and 

Joseph E. Schurt: 
Mr. David H. Valaro 



Mr. Eugene G Ancharski 
Mr Michael G. Armstrong 
Rosemary (Clancy > and 

William J. 
Mr Edward J Beck 
Ms. Diane M Bones 
J. Greg Brady. D.O. 
Karen (Frauntelter) Burnett. P.G, 
Linda A. (Pantanni and 

Joseph F. Canataro. Ed.D. 
Mr. Donald A. Casolaro 
Mr. Carl G. Castellano 
Edward I Charlton, Esq. 
David E. and Eva Christiansen 
William N Clearfield, D.O. 
Mr. Curtis R. Cockenberg Jr. 
Mr. Thomas F Conn 
John 1 Connor-, E-q 

Ms Man (McGrarh) Coppola 

Mr Robert S Cro-ke\ 

Mr Michael G. Dell'Orto 

Ms. Theresa M. (Wmski) Desmond 

John T. Dewey, Ed.D 

Mr. Thomas A. DiBello 

Richard A. D1D10. Ph D 

Thomas L. Evans, Ph D 

Ms. Theresa (Dempsey) FaiTell 

Mr. Duane M. Fletcher 

Mr. Francis P Flood 

Mr. Kenneth G. Fulmer Jr. 

Mr. John E Funkhouser 

Mr. Eugene M. Glavin Jr. 

Mr William J Hagan 

Ms. Annette L- Halpm 

Mr. James H. Hark ins 

Ronald G. Hull, Esq. 

William K. Istone, Ph.D. 

Mr Richard M. Jacovini 

Mr. Beniamin T Johnson Sr 

Mr. Paul E |uska 

Mr. Joseph P. Kenne\ 

Carol Solomon and 

Michael C Kieter 
Edward J. and 

Maureen J. (McNally) Klenk 
Mt. Alexander C Koniecznv 
Ms. Hannah (Fagat Kramer 
Ms. Geraldme (Twardowski) Lacei 
Mr. James J. Leddy 
Ms. Catherine M. (Rowland) Link 
Anne Mane (McDonnell) and 

Gregg R. Lode-, 1 1 ( 

Ms. Man, Anne S. Lut: 

Ms Man P Mack 

Mr. Ralph W. Ma < e 

Ms. Janice A (Maguire) Malone 

Mr. Thomas A Masterani 

Mr. William W. Matthews Jr 

Mr. James J McKeKe\ 

Mr. Mark H. McLau [hliri 

Mr. Denni- I Melinspn 

Mr. Michael K. Montgomery 

Mr. Charles J. Mullane 

Ms. Terese (Gibhon-1 Murph\ 

Patricia (Donegan) and 

Jerome C O'Connell, Esq. 
Maureen (Lower\ ) and 

Leo Pezzementi, Ph.D. 
Mr. John S Pizzo 
Mr. James G. Plewes 
Mr. Jack W. Pogue 
Parncia V. Radich, Esq. 
Mi William T Rambojr 
Mr. Emest R. Rivard 
Mr. Andrew C Roppoli 
Ms. Anne (Wilson) Sabol 
Alfred D. Saccbetti. M.D. 
Harry S. Shams, PhD 
Ms. Margaret (Sheerin) Shirk 
Robert L. Siegel, PhD 
Ms. Joan A. Smalarr 
Raymond R. Stankiewic:, CP.A. 
Mr. Frederick R. Strathmann 
Ms. Ellen D. Walsh 
M- Phvlhs D. (Atkins) Zebin 


University Club 

(SlO 00O-S24 " 

Mr. Thomas F. McGowan 

Dr Flubacher Club 
(55,000 S9.999) 

Mr. Gaetano P Giordano 

San Miguel Club 

1-; 500 S4.999) 

Mark R. Klingensmith, M.D., FACS 
Mr Steven J. Napiecek 

Chairman's Club 

(Sl.OOO S2 499) 

Anthony W. Bracken, M.D. 

Frank P Buzvdlowski, Esq. 

Mr. Terence J. Connors 

Ms. Lenora M (Spina) Grittin 

Ms. Sallyanne F Harper 

Brother Edward Koronkiewicz, E.S.C 

Kathryn (Moos) and 

John J. Merrick Jr., Ph.D- 

Founder's Club 



Mr. John J. Chapman 

Mi William W Felnv-k. Ill 

Mr. Mark D Grimm 

Mrs. Kathleen ) Mathis 

James P. Murphy, Esq. 

Paul F. and 

Joanne (Collins) Schneider 
Mr. Eugene L. Scotti Jr. 

Ugo Donini Club 

George F. Beppel, CP.A. 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 


In FY 2003-2004, the Brothers contributed a 
total of $53,027 for unrestricted support, 
scholarship aid, and program assistance. This 
year, La Salle gratefully acknowledges the 
following Christian Brothers, who provide 
leadership, direction, and inspiration to the 
entire La Salle community: 

Brother Hugh N. Albright, F.S.C. 
Brother Arthur J. Bangs, F.S.C. 
Brother Daniel W. Burke, F.S.C. 
Brother Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C. 
Brother Edward Conway, F.S.C. 
Brother Francis B. Danielski, F.S.C. 
Brother J. Edward Davis, F.S.C. 
Brother Joseph Dougherty, F.S.C. 
Brother Patrick A. Duffy, F.S.C. 
Brother Charles F. Echelmeier, F.S.C. 
Brother Gabriel A. Fagan, F.S.C. 
Brother E. Gerald Fitzgerald, F.S.C. 
Brother Felician J. Gerry, F.S.C. 
Brother Joseph Grabenstein, F.S.C. 
Brother Charles E. Gresh, F.S.C. 
Brother Richard Herlihy, F.S.C. 
Brother John Kane, F.S.C. 
Brother Robert J. Kinzler, F.S.C. 
Brother Edward Koronkiewtcz, F.S.C. 
Brother Charles A. Lackes, F.S.C. 
Brother Joseph F. Mahon, F.S.C. 
Brother Dennis M. Malloy, F.S.C. 
Brother John P. McErlean, F.S.C. 
Brother Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C. 
Brother John J. McGoldrick, F.S.C. 
Brother Gregorian McLaughlin, F.S.C. 
Brother Thomas H. McPhillips, F.S.C. 
Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer, F.S.C. 
Brother Gerard F. Molyneaux, F.S.C. 
Brother Lewis Mullin, F.S.C. 
Brother John Chung Quoc Nguyen, F.S.C. 
Brother Francis Tri Nguyen, F.S.C. 
Brother G. John Owens, F.S.C. 
Brother William J. Quaintance, F.S.C. 
Brother David Rogers, F.S.C. 
Brother Robert J. Schaefer, F.S.C. 
Brother David Schultz, F.S.C. 
Brother Edward J. Sheehy, F.S.C. 
Brother Kevin M. Stanton, F.S.C. 
Brother Fred Stelmach, F.S.C. 
Brother J. Stephen Sullivan, F.S.C. 
Brother Nicholas Sullivan, F.S.C. 
Brother Joseph J. Willard, F.S.C. 

Kathleen (Guerin) and 

Philip S. Cosentino, Esq. 

Mr. Anthony M. DeAngelis 

Mr. John F. Dreyer 

Phyllis (Wolf) and 

William T. Gallagher 

Philip J. and 

Linda M. (Storz) Grutzmacher 

Mr. Edward j. Hargadon 

Ms. Joan (Chernuka) Lamhorne 

Mr. John H. McDevitt 
Ms. Julia G. (Pollio) Nen 
William J. O'Donnell III, C.P.A. 
Randolph V. Ragsdale, Esq. 
Mr. Charles G. Resch 
Barbara A. Spauldtng, CFRE 
Ms. Mary (Sloss) VanHom 

Anniversary Club 

1^.14.' *-: 4'i| 

Mr. Robert L. Berghauer 
Barbara (Dunn) and 

Frank D. Delaurentis 
Robert E. Desmond, M.D. 
Donald A. Dilenno, M.D. 
Mr. J. Bernard Ellis 
Mr, Francis P. Gannon Jr. 
Mr. Thomas C. Gedman 
Ms. Katharine A. Hammeke 
Ms. Frances (Rumaker) Harrison 
Ms. Harriet C. Herman 
Lawrence R- Hotfman, C.P.A. , Esq. 
Mr. James M. McAneney 
Mary K. McCarthy, M.D. 
Mr. James P. Scanlin 
Thomas P. Sheeran, D.M.D. 
Regina (Cudemo) Smock, M.D. 
Mr. Frank A. Steltz 
Mr. Francis L. Strocen Jr. 
Mr Mike K. Thompson 
Mr [oseph E. Wilson Jr. 



Mr Dennis J. ArTlerbach 
Mr. William Anstock Sr. 
Mr. William R. Behm 
Ralph P Bocchmo, Esq. 
Ms. Denise D. Braden 
Ms. Eileen (McGlone) Bradley 
Ms. Pearl (Frazier) Bullock 
Mr, Joseph J. Buonpastore 
Mr Edward M. Carilli 
Mr. Keith A. Conrad 
Mr. Andrew P. Crane 
Maryann (Pantano) and 

William B. Davis 
Ms. Margaret M. 

(Flanagan) DeLorenzo 
Mr. Michael B. Doherty 
James T. and Mary T. (Rush) Dolan 
Mr. William T. Dougherty 
Mr. Joseph R. Fares 
Mr. James W. Finegan 
Mr. Edward J. Fitzpatrick 
Mr. Ronald M. Fonock 
Mr. John J. Ganister 
Ms. Barbara (Marro) Gillespie 
Mr. Charles W. Glantz 
Mr. Philip J. Guglielmi 
Rosemarie (Newell) and 

Joseph G.Gulla III 
Rev. Neil Gutmaker 
Mr. Anthony J. Hagan 
Mr. Joseph A. Heayn 
Stephen M. Howard, Esq. 
Mr. Martin A. lnfanti 
Mr. Thomas F. Jones Jr. 
Mr Edward F. Kane Jr. 
Ms. Victoria (Clark) Kauffman 
Mr. James P. Kelly 
Mr. Ellis R. Kirbyjr. 
Mr. Jay M. Kleinman 
Maureen J. (McNally) and 

Edward J. Klenk 
Mr. Paul P. Lach 
Mr. Edward A. Letchak 
Mr. Richard B. Lowe 
Richard R. and 

Kathleen (Bodisch) Lynch, Ph.D. 
Mr. Francis T. Mallon 
Ms. Jacquelyn (Harper) Mason 
Ms. Marguerite (Madden) McFadden 
Ms. Rosemarie A. McGinty 
Ms. Elisa (Ziccardi) Minni 
Dorothy M. Moore, M.D. 
Mr. James J. Mulhns III 
Ms. Judith Opatow 

Ms. Sabina R. Otto 
Mr. Joseph V. Otto 
Salvatore A. Paparone Jr., Esq. 
Mr. William T. Piccone 
Mr. Robert D. Poiesi 
Ms. Mane Ellen (Seneff) Poos 
Mr. Nicholas M. Rongione 
Louise (Giannattasio) and 

Michael J. Rupp, M.D. 
Mr. Richard K. Russ 
Mr. Manuel M. Sabato 
Virginia (Muessig) and 

Edward N. Sague, D.D.S. 
Mr. Jerel P. Saltzman 
Mr. Anthony C. Scancella 
Mr. Gerald J. Schlechtet 
James B. and Kathryn (Weckesser) 

Mr. Gregory J. Scirrotto 
Ms. Anne M. Scull 
Mr. Charles G. Sheridan 
Ms. Anne Marie (Shervin) 

John K. Taus, D.O. 
Paul A.Terpeluk, D.O. 
Ms. Judith L. VanBuskirk 
Thomas M. Vollberg, Ph.D. 
Marianne (McGettigan) Walker, Esq. 
Mr. Thomas J. Walsh 
Joseph W. Weikel, Esq. 
Ms. Connie (McGowan) White 
Andrew B. Woldow, M.D. 
Mr. William C Wood 
Mr. Michael C. Wozniak 
Ms. Jeanne Yaecker 
Mr. Paul F. Zakulec 
Ronald W. Zartarian, D.M.D. 


President's Club 

(S50.000 and above) 

Kathleen (Gordon) and 
James J. Lynch 

Charter Club 
($25,000 S49.999) 

Mr. Jonathan J. Palmer 

University Club 
(Jio 000-524.999) 

Russell R. and 

Susan M. (McErlean) Barrett 

Dr. Flubacher Club 
(S5.000 59,999) 

Barbara (Gawinski) and 
David P. Carberry 

San Miguel Club 


Anna (Celenza) and 
Michael J. McAleer 

Mr. Michael P. Rose 

Chairman's Club 

William N. and 

Anna (Melnyk) Allen 
Teresa M. Jackson and 

Lawrence P. Byrnes, Esq. 
Paul M. Coady, M.D. 
Rose (Guerin) and 

Francis P. Day, M.D. 
Richard L. Fagnani, C.P.A. 
Brother Robert J. Kinzler, F.S.C. 

Francis T. McGettigan, C.P.A. 
Ms. Kathleen M. Slomski 

Founder's Club 


Mr. Kenneth B. Hankinson 
Jeffrey P. Hurley. M.D. 
John K.Manani, D.O. 
Mr. Anthony T. Mazzei Sr. 
John E. Mitchell, C.P.A. 
Mr. Joseph M. Montgomery 
Joanne (Collins) and 
Paul F. Schneider 
Mr. Richard C. Stephens 

Ugo Donini Club 


Mr.JohnFanelli III 
Ronald F. Feinberg. M.D., Ph.D. 
Rosemary A. Gallagher, C.P.A. 
Louis G. Hasner, Esq. 
Gordon M. Langston, M.D. 
John F. and Joanne M. 

(Pendergast) McVey, C.P.A. 
Mr. Richard J. Powers 
Lisa (Adams) Stackhouse, D.O. 
John J. Waldton, Esq. 

Anniversary Club 

(S 140 S 240) 

Mr. Leo J. Cimoch 

Mr. Robert J. Cunningham 

Loti A. DePersia, M.D. 

Joseph V. DiCecco, Ph.D. 

Mr. Thomas P. Hanna Jr. 

Mr. Anthony J. Macrina 

Mr. Michael T. Moknski 

Ms. Mary (Decrescente) Murphy 

Mr. Joseph T. Nadolski 

Jerry B. Schwartz, M.D. 

Anne Marie Smith and 

Robert L. Manien 
Ms. Mary K. (Smith) Ruff 
Mr. Carl Wahl 
George L. Weber, D.O. 
Mr. Richard T. Wroblewski 
Stephen A. Wydtzynski, Esq. 

(Up to $139) 

Mr. John P. Bisco 

Mr. Joseph H. Bohr 

Mr. John A. Bolash 

Mr. Thomas F. Bolton 

Mr. Anthony A. Bonanni 

Mr. Michael T. Brady 

Michael R. Buckley, Ph.D. 

Mr. Albert J. Budano 

Claude H. Buehrle, C.P.A 

Mr. Charles F. Cerveny 

Rev. Jeffrey T. Cesarone, O.Praem. 

Mr. Kenneth T. Coppola 

Mr. Larry T. DeAngelo 

Mr. Walter J. Donahue III 

Mr. Edward T. Duffy Jr. 

Mr. David J. Dziena 

Ms. Dianne L. Fabii 

Mr. John R. Fafara 

Mr. Allan N. Fusco 

Ms. Elaine L. Glehocki 

Ms. Diane M. Glendon 

Mr. Raymond P Hill 

Mr. Henry M. Kloczynski 

Mr. Gary M. Knoerlein 

Ms. Nora K. Kramer 

Mr. James W. Lomanno 

Mr. Richard A. Lord Jr. 

Mr. John D. MacLuckie 

Barbara S. Matas 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Faith A- (Maslanka) 

McDennon,( FA 
Daniel J. McDevitt, Esq. 
Mr LouisJ.McGrathlll 
Mr Richard J. McHale 
Dorothy A. McMiiUen, PhD 
Mr Craig A Merit; 
Thomas J. and Kathleen M 

(O'Sulln.m 1 Monaghan 
Mr Stephen M. Naughton 
<■ . ^ 1 1 ui iMvchajliw) and 

Roman O. Nowak in sk \ 
Ms. Catherine T. O'Brien 
Mr. Edward J. O'Hanlon 
me and 

Eiuabeth M (juliano) Olivieri 
Dr and Mrs. James J. Perry 
Maureen (Lowery) and 

Leo Penementi, Ph.D. 
Mr John E. Pooler Jr. 
Robert P. and 

Antoinette (Cavalieri) Pracilio 
Mr. Edward M. Pngge 
Mr. Bernard M. Rayca 
Ms. Kathleen A. Regan 
Ms Elizabeth (Cummings) Reynolds 
Mr. Peter L Sandusl . 
Ms. Carol (Ttessel) Schmeer 
Kathryn (Weckesser) and 

James B- Schoedler 
Ms Rose M Schreiner 
Ms Eugenia M. Sham- 
Mr David J Smith 
Ms. Frances E- Stahlecker 
Mr John G Sruckert 
Ms. Diane F. Sweeney 
Mr Daniel L Sywulak 
Mr Christopher M. S:al 
Mr. William J Thompson 
Richard P. Tonetta. Esq. 
Ms Diane M (Adelizzi) Zapisek 
Mr. Albert J. Zimmerman 


San Miguel Club 

Peter M. DiBamste, M I 1 
Mr. James A Kazmerskie 
Marilyn (Davis) and 

Charles J. Quattrone | r 

Chairman's Club 

I -i 01 IG S2 499) 

Susan (Murphy) and 

Walter W. Dearolflll, MD 
Donald J. DeGraria. C.P.A . A B V 
Mr James E Linus 
Kathryn (Moos) and 

John J. Memck Jr., Ph.D. 

Founder's Club 
(S500 $< 

Francis E. Dehel, Esq. 
Mr Thomas J. Hoban 
Eileen (Kelly) and 

Robert A. Kennedy Jr 
Ms Denise J. (Lamb) McPeters 
Joseph M Phillips Jr., Fh-D. 
Mr. James G. Vendetti 
Mr. Craig M. Waring 

Ugo Donini Club 

Robert J. Blester. M.D. 
Mr Lester H. Cahn 

Kathleen (Guenn) and 

Philip S- Cosentino. Esq. 
Lisa M. Galante, M.D. and 

Thomas A. DeBerardinis, M I I 
Catherine M. Harper. Esq. and 

Paul J. Kelly 111,' I 1 -\ 
Mr. Edward B- Highland Jr. 
Mr. Michael Ledva Jr. 
Mary (Mullin) and 

Robert M, M.D 
Ms. Sharon M. McQuate 
Mary Ann (Walz) and 

Col. Michael H. Schmitt 
Mr. G. Steven Simons 
Lawrence and 

Barbara (Moser) White 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 5249) 

Mr Michael Barmash 

Mr. Joseph F.BI.ckley 111 

Mr. LawTence j BustO Ir 

Bruno C. Fiorenza and Maria Spano 

Ms. Michele T. (Katkocin) Harbison 

Mr. David G. Kelhle 

Mr Bernard J. Siegel 

Louis L. Trovato, D.D S & 

Barbara (Guthrie) Trovato, PhD. 
Mr Ji -eph E. White 
Mr Michael Zeik 


(Up to $139) 

Mr. Carl Alalia 

Joseph A. Baldassarre. C.P.A. 

Catherine (Guanno) and 

John J. Barr, Esq. 
Mr. William J. Beamon 
Mr. Joseph Bille 
Mr. William C. Bradfe) Ji 
Ms Charlene L. Brcnnan 
George S. and 

Joann (Lawler) Brenner 
Ms. Annemane T 

(Lento) Brownmiller 
Mr John T. Burke 
Mr Frederick J. > mi 
Mr. Rodger Caramanica 
Eva and David E. Christiansen 
Camille DiLullo, Ph.D. 
Eugene M. DiMarco, DO. 
Mr Robert J Fanning 
Michael A. Franchetn. M.D. 
Mitchell K. rreedman, D.O 
Ms Donn.i M (Glowacki) Fulton 
Ms Helen (Zygmont) Glmski 
Mr Gerard S- Hampshire 
Frederick J. Harem Jr.. Esq. 
Maryanne (Walsh) ,ind 

Joseph F. Hediger Jr. 
Ms. Mary A. Hennessy 
Mr. James C. Higgins 
Ms. Judith A. James 
Mr. Paul J. Jannelli 
Ms. Carol P. Jones 
Mr Barr, M. Kauttmann 
Mr John W. Lamb 
Mr. Hubert P. Leonard 
Howard B. Levin. D.O. 
Michael G. Malatesta Sr.. C.P.A. 
Ms Diane (Koenig) Manwaring 
Mrs. Mercy A Martin 
Ms Margaret (Grzesiak) McAna 
Jimmy McGinniss 
Mr. Thomas J. McGovem III 
Mr. Paul F. Mesure 
Mr. Louis F Miller 
Ms. Monica M. (Mills) Sommen tile 
Mr. Anthom I Monica 

Joseph F Moonev, PhD 

Mr. Francis M Moser 
Mr. Joseph I Mundy 
Mr John A Murray 
John P. Nolan Jr. MD 
Mr. Edward R Novak 
Ms. Margaret E O'Connor 
Mr. Joseph A Parisi 
Mr James P. Penza Jr 
Mr. Daniel A. Pierro 
Susan (Sajeski) Pitts. M.D. 
Karen R. Pushaw. Esq 
Louise (Giannactasio) and 
Michael J. Rupp. M.D. 
Mr. Robert 1- Senior 
Mr. Michael T E 
Mr Michael A Tarsitana 
Mr. Joseph A- Tortorelli 
Mr. PererJ. Tyler Sr. 
Ms Edna' Vol 
Mr. Noel G \\ 1 .,■. 


University Club 

Mr. James V Morris 

Dr. Flubacher Club 

($5,000 ' 

Mr. Stephen J. Gallagher 

San Miguel Club 

(S2.500 \; 

Michael J. and 

Anna (Celenza) McAleer 

Chairman's Club 


Man Ann (Stefany) and 

Anthony J. Catanzaro 
Mr. Joseph P. Halpin 
Philip J. Horn )r, M D 
Teresa M. Jackson and 

Lawrence P. Byrnes, Esq. 
MaryellenT. Kueny and 

Donald J. Rongione 

Founder's Club 


Patricia A Mellon, Esq 
Kathleen Meriwether, Esq 
Mr. Paul J. Perrello 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S250 54 

Michele M. Anthony. MD- and 

James P. Mc( lain, Esq 
John R. Burns, Esq. 
Joseph J. Cicala, PhD 
Bruce C. Compcon and 

Mary Anne Hines 
Mr. Albert A. DiFalco 
Herben J Lottiet 
Ms. Mary C. Nicolo 
Col Michael H. and 

Mary Ann (Walz) Schmitt 
Brian J. Siegel, Esq. 
Mr. Michael J Weyand 
Barbara (Moser) and 

Lawrence White 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 J249) 

John M. Dragancscu. M.D.. FACP 

Mr. Kevin 1 Fi >ley 
Mr. Ned O Kraft 
Mr. Raymond V Matrone 
Kathleen (Hess) and 

Walter R Wojciechou 4 i 


( Up to S 

Mr. Donald L. Abramowitz 
Joanne M. (Thorn) and 

Richard J. Alexander 
Beverly Bryce Bey 
Mr. Thaddeus F. Bivenour 
Mr Joseph H. Brandon 
Mr. Anthom T Camilli 
Francis G, Celii. Ph.D. 
Eileen M. (Gaddi>) and 

Richard W. Combatti 
Rev. Richard L Davis. T.OJL 
Mark Delowery, D.O 
Mrs. Petnna A. 

(Bisicchia) DePasquale 
Mr. Richard DiGiacomo 
M.irs T iRush) and James T. Dolan 
Ms. Elizabeth (Waier) Doyle 
Concetta M. and William J. Doyle Jr 
Ms. Mary T. Durkm 
Mr Joseph H Eisenhardt Jr. 
Mr. Brian J. Fitzgibbons 
Ms. Linda A F<>\ 
Ms Karen (Kraft) Hoehn 
Mary R. Hopper and 

George A. Barnett 
Ms. Kimberlv A. (Walsh) Home 
Ms. Carol A. Humenick 
Laurie A. (O'Hara) and 

Joseph J. Kalkbrenner Jr., Esq. 
Scott and Michele Krasny 
Ms. Suzanne (Golden) Landis 
Mr. William L. Lewis Ir 
Mr. Michael P. Lonergan 
LTC Julie (Trego) Manta 
Mane (Orfeo) and Joseph W. Matera 
Ms. Julie (Stipidis) Mazza 
Mr. Martin C. McEltO) 
Mr. Joseph T McGee Ir 
Mr. Manus G. McGettigan Ir 
Mr. Bartholomew W. McQuoid 
Mr. William J. McVey jr. 
Ms. Audrey T. Mento 
Mr. Carl F. Michini 
Mr. Brian M. Middleton 
Ms Mar) Ann (Brosmer) Miller 
Mi Stephen ! Morris 
Mr. John F. Morrissey Jr. 
Mr. Francis J. Noonan 
Elizabeth M. (Juliano) and 

Salvatore Olivieri 
Mr Key in I O'Rourke 
Mr Vincent A. Paccapaniccia 
Ms Gnsel R. Palmer 
Ms. Janice M. Pantano 
Ms. Martha Robinson Collier 
Ms. Patricia A. Sandstrom 
Mr. lgnazio Scaglione 
Valerie (Konieczm ' and 

Thomas J. Seminack 
Brother Robert M. Sentman, O.C.D. 
Mr. John P. Seykot 
Ms. Marghente (Dehoratius) Shaefter 
Ms. Sara J. Shaw 
Mr. Ronald F Sliwinski Jr. 
Mr. James P. Spiewak 
Michael T. Steelman. D.O. 
Matthew S. Steinberg, D.M.D 
Mr. John C. Suchy 
Ms. Mary Frances (Whelan) Szpila 
Ms. Man J Taylor 
Ms. Patricia (Gregory) Thoretl 
William 1 Vilko. M.D. 

Mr. Parnck E. Walsh 
Maryanne (Walsh) and 
Joseph F Hedigei Ir 
Ms I ill (Smith) Whitney 
Ms. Marylou (Lazzara) Williams 


President's Club 

(SSO.000 and above) 
Mr. and Mrs. David Poiesz 

San Miguel Club 

Colleen P. Gillespie. Esq. 
Mr- and Mrs. Roger Marchetti 

Chairman's Club 

John T. Capeccu C.P.A. 
Brother John Kane, F.S.C. 
Alfonso M. Salacar, Esq. 
William P. St. Clair IV. C.P.A. 
Mr. John J Walsh 

Founder's Cll b 

(S500 vi "-' 1 

Anna (Melnyk) and 

William N.Allen 
Timothv). Clay. D.M.D. 
Mr Ket in D. Davis 
Mr. Dennis M. Durkin 
Mr. Martin J. Oczki 
Robert T. O'Sullivan Jr.. D.O. 
Ms. Ann E. Seiberlich 
Maureen (Dugan) Serpico, Esq. and 

Christopher J Serpico. Esq 

Ugo Donini Cll b 
(S250 5499) 

Mr. Michael F Burke 
Mr. George F Fulev 
Mr. Michael Hagan 
Mar, (Mullin) and 

Robert M. McNamara, M.D. 
Mr Michael J- Petrocik 
Mr. John P. Pierce 
Samuel W. and 

Regina (Moore) Plummer 
Robert J. Pushaw [r , Esq 
Davd P Smeltzer. C.P.A. 
Mr Russell A. Spruance 

Anniversary Club 
.-it- $249) 

Ms. Eleanor A Allen 

Ms. Leslie L. Branda 

Ms. Elizabeth (Harper) Briglia 

Ms. Nancy M. Burawski 

Ms. Jennifer Donohue 

Mr. James J. Dunk o J 

Ms. Ann (McCulliss) John>on 

Mr. Daniel J. Kelleher 

Ms. Patricia M. Koch 

Ms. Dorothy McBnde 

Manhel W Molvneaux. Ph.D. 

Barbara (Guthrie) Trovato, Ph.D. &. 

Louis L Trovato, D-D.S. 
lame- V Whelan, Ph.D. 


(Up tO MM) 

M- Cheryl A. (Vurkanin) Aycocli 
James T. Basara, D.M.D. 
Ms. Kathenne (O'Brien) Ben in 
Mr. Brian R. Bent: 

Honor Roll of Donors 20032004 


Gifts were made in 2003-2004 honoring the 
following individuals: 

Joseph A. Dieterle, D.O., '65 

Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy, Ph.D. 

Mr. Leon Ellerson, '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A.J. Halpin Jr.. J.D., '44 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Henrich Jr., Esq., '50 

Martha Kutteh, '08 

Br. Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C., Ph.D., 70 

Mr. Thomas M. Ridington 

George B. Stow, Ph.D. 

Ms. Teresa (Murphy! Co^shjll 
Alice B Colon, Ph.D. 
Mr. John M. Conlow Ir. 
Mr Thomas J. Connors 
Stephen C. DeAngelo, C.P.A. 
Ms, Catherine M. DelCiotto 

seph M. Destralo HI 
Ms. B. Joan Dougherty 
lerrre\ W. Erinofl . 
Ms. loan H. Gainer 
Mr. Gerald S. Giardinelli 
Mr. Vincent ]. Giarrocca [t 
Mr. Thomas M. Going 
Ms. Loretta (Zwolak) Greene 
Mrs. Irene P. Hembarskv. R.N. 
Br. Richard D. Herhhv, F.S.C. 
Mr Anrhonv C. Herman 
Mr. Arthur W. Hrcks 
FV>rothv A. Himes, \! D. 
Man Anne Hines and 

Bruce C. Compton 
1 lurie A. (O'Hara) and 

| Kalkbrenner Jr.. Esq. 
Mr. Mitchell E. Kat: 
Joseph W. and Marie (OrTeo> Matera 
Ms. Ann E. Matthews 
Mr.JohnJ.McCarth\ Jr. 
Elizabeth A. (Ra:ler>and 

John S. McEldem, 

ithia (Matcrak* Miller 
Ms. Demse P. Montell 
Mr. Thomas W. Morrison 
Diane M Mover. Ph.D. 
Mr. C. Christopher Mulder 
Mr. Steven C. Olshevski 
Roseman (Robinson* Pall, Esq. 
Ms. Manna A. Pavluk 
Mr. \ ictor M- Petr\'john 
Elizabeth J vMullarke\ * and 

Joseph A. Piccolo 
Mr. Stephen J. Procano 
Ms. Patricia (Dajnowski) Quaile 
Linda (Gauder) and 

Thomas E. Rakszawski 
Mr. lohn A. Rankin Jr. 
Mr. Gregorv J. RUlev 
Mrs. Bemadette M. (Lvnn I 
Ms. Deborah (Jones) Roundtree 
Mr. Ronald B. Sankev 
Mr. William L Smith 
Mr. Frederick W. Smith 
Ms Jane iMcFarlane' Staats 
Ms. Deborah Scofanik-Ferrell 
Mr. Janice R. Snles 
Mr. lames A. Tometta 
Diana (Gilmore* and 

K^eph T. \ anThuvne 
Mr. Timoth\ J. Walters 
Mr. PaulJ.Walush 
Mr Richard C. Watson Jr. 

Mr. Oregon \'. Watson 
Mis. Susan (Chubik) Wing 


San Miguel Club 


Gregorv O. and Patricia M. Bruce 
Mr. Gregorv J. Webster 

Chairman's Club 
( s . 

Mr. kevm R. Aker 

Dr> Mar. Jo (W\s,>ck) and 

Eugene A. Eline Jr. 
M- Judith A. (Polowczuk) Magner 
Mr. Vincent F McGonagle 
Gregory I. Now ak, Esq. 
Mr. Timothy M O'Connor 
Mr. Edward A. Tunanski 

lot NDER*S Club 


Richard J. and Giovanna 

(\ itlahorua* Donnelly 
Mr. James R. Flvnn 
Catherine (Filemvr) Madden, C.P.A. 

ck Kevin E Madden. C.P.A. 
Ms. Eileen (Matthews' Sitarski 
Mary C. O'Brien, M D 
Kevin M. and 

Sandra (Tomkowic:* Roddv 

Ugo Donini Club 

Kathleen M. Chancier, Esq. 

Joseph K. l:es. M.D. 

Ms. Therese Joyce 

Ms. Janine M. Manscotti 

Mr. Wayne D. Menrak 

Robert J. Morle\. M.D. 

Edward M. and 

Kathleen (Golden* Waddington 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 -v 

Ms. Donna M. Genasi 
Ms. Eileen K- Halpin 
Mark T. Kennev. MAI, SRPA 
Ms. Kathleen (McLaughlin* Mellett 
Ellen Meriwether. Esq. 
Mr.WilliamC Morsel! 
Schuvler Newman. M.D. 
Florence M. and 

\\ illiam D. Nievvood 

Mr Robert Rtcks 
Mr. Bruce A- Ruggen 
Ms, Joan M Smallwood 
Mr. Gerard A. Sweeney 
Mr Ralph P. Tann 
Mr. Carl J. Wanjek 


Mr. John R. Ando 
Eileen (McCann) and 

Alfred A. Araco Jr. 
Mr lames F. Barben 
Ms. Pamela J. (Williams) Bems 
Rita A. (Motrin) and 

John S. Bimhak 
Mr. Edward J. FWk 
Mr. John J. Bowes Jr. 
Mr. F. Howard Braithuaire 
Joann (Lawler) and 

George G. Brenner 
Mr. Thomas E. Campbell 
Ms. Ramona M. Cannon 
Joseph A and Tatncia A. Chelius 
Ms. Geraldine (Shields* Cromlev 
Man A. E. Curran. D.H.M 
Mr. John W. Dornisch 
Mr John R. Fenton Jr. 
Ms. Man, L. Feron 
Mr. Johnnie L. Freeman 
Miroslaw D. Gardvas:. M.D. 
Ms. Marlene M Goebig 
Mr. Gerald J. Greenfield 
Melanie M. (Susiak) and 

Daniel T. Guerin 
Ms. Linda A. Johnson 
Mr Wa\ne S. Johnstone 
Mr Ronald J. Kane 
Ms Barbara Kelly-Greco 
Ms. Helen D. Kromdyk 
Mr. lo-eph R. Lar^e 
Ms. Theresa (Maguire) Leichner 
Mr James L. Love 
Mr. Gerald I. Magid 
Michael B. Magnavita, C.P.A. 
Wend', R Mailman. M.D 
Mr Benjamin J. MashiofT 
Mr. Michael J. McCall 
Ms. Cindy (Ambruoso) McCutcheon 
Mr William P. McDonnell 
John S. and Elizabeth A. 

(Rarler* McEldem- 
Mr Joseph G. McMahon 
George G. and 

Annette M. (Buccil Mick 
Ms. Hamette R. (Dreer) Mishkin 
Ms. Christine iDomineske) Musick 
Man (McGonigle) and 

Kevin M Oleksiak 
Ms. Maureen (McGinn* O'Neill 
Ms. Janet Pellicciotti 
Antoinette (Cavalieril and 

Robert P. Pracilio 
Mr Thomas Quinn 
Thomas E. and 

Linda (Gauder* Rak>:awski 
Mr. Nicholas J. Retina 
Mr. Roberr G. Reynolds 
Ms. E- Jane Ruane 
Kathleen M. Sandman. Ph.D. 
Mr. Richard C. Savers 
Rabbi NealS. Scheindlin 
Mr. Gregorv J. Schmirt 
Ms. Barbara L. Smith 
Joseph R. Solimeo, CPA 
Ms. Barbara A. Steinmec 
Mr. George R. Stevenson Jr. 
Ms. Elaine M. Stoebenau 
Ms. Sharon A 

(Henderson' Stubblefield 
Ms- Laura (Fnere* Swezey 

Ms. Janice M. (Neiman* Vukich 

Mr. Jefiiey Waldman 

Mr. James L. Wein>tein 

Nb. Janise Williams 

Mr. Robert W. Windhaus 

James A. Winn, Esq. 

Rev. Jams D. Wright 


Dr. Flubacher Clcb 

Susan F (Altamore) Carusi. Esq- 
Leslie 3nd Mary Kay 
(Morrow) Farrell 

San Miguel Club 
(S2.500 -. 

George T. Magee, Esq. 

Chairman's Club 


Mr. Jerome S. Leiynski II 

Ms. M. Judith (Torres* Lvnch 

Founder's Club 

Michael F.Bonner. C.P.A. 
Donna (Tait) Diaz, M.D. 

:ina (Villahonta) and 

Richard J. Donnelly 
ria K. Haville 
Martin A. and 

Catherine (Roam) Healev 
Mr. Francis J. Molettien Jr. 
Mr. Michael A. Mosley 
Ms. Lvnn M. Mueller 
Sandra (Tomkowic:) and 

Kevin M. Roddv 
Ellen (Resinski) Rosen, Esq. 
Daniel J. Tann, Esq. 

Ugo Donini Club 

Elliott J. Bilofsky. D.O., FAOCO 
Thomas C- Breslm and 

Man M. Trautwein 
Susan O'Connor- Dane 11a and 

John F. Danella, M D 
James J DeMarco,M.D. 
Mr. Anthom J. Falzarano 
Michele (Kaurfman) and 

Hal M. Hirsch. D.M D 
Ms. Lisa C. Makosewski 
Ms. Diane (Bahereit) Melley 
Mr. Eric M. Retsenwit: 
Barbara A. Sharkey and 

Thomas C. Voigl 

Anniversary Club 

Ms. rVnna (Mallov) Branca 
Ms. Chenl (Seeds) Brotman 
Mr. John P. Dougherty 
Ms. lean M. Francois 
Man E (Hemande:* and 

Michael G. Gilbert 
Dorothy F. Jannelli, M.D 
Patricia A. Kling 
Mr. John C. Lancaster 
Mr Francis J McGrath 
John F. and Joanne M. 

(Pendergast* McVey, C.P.A 
Andrew J. and Man Ellen T. Miller. 

MSN. R.N. 
Rosemary (Kashlak* Newman 

Mr. Daniel J. O'Dea 

Mr. Pivush G. Ruparelia 
Thomas D. and 

Diane (Lisiewsk: - 
Ms. Mary M.Winn 



Regina M. (Collins) and 

Gerard H. Ahernethy 
ManlFanelli' Avala, Ph.D. 
Craig J. Badolato, M.D. 
Mr. Charles E. Baxter III 
Ms. Donna (Duffy) Bell 
Ms. Deborah E. Bernhardt 
Ms. Carol (Fetterman) Blauth 
Mr James J. Carrigan 
Kenneth F. Cohen, Esq. 
Ms. Margaret W. iLvman) Crawford 
Mr. Joseph B. Dougherty 
Mr. Zonan B- Dubenko 
Mr Michael L. Erlich 
Mr. Robert A. Fabisrewski 
Howard D. Feinstem. C.P.A. 
Ms. Deborah A. Fluehr 
Ms. Cecile (McCarthv) Gantert 
Gintare T. Gecys, D.O. 
Mr. Brian Gemzik 
Mr. Edmund L. Green 
Mr. Scott N. Greenberg 
Demse (Kessler) Grugan, CPA, Esq. 

and Joseph K. Gnigan. CPA 
Mr Mark S. Guemeri 
Mr. Kenneth K. Haas 
Ms. Patricia M. Hallman 
Ms. Karen (Smith) Hawkins 
Ms. Kathvann iCusack* Heilig 
Loretta J. and Charier R He\duk 
Joanne (Swift) Hummel, M.D. 
Mr. James F. Koch 
Ms. Yvonne (Havman) Kraeher 
Ms. Barbara (Meskill) Letnere 
Ms. Manbeth (Paulev* Locke 
Ms. Deborah (Geisler* Lovett 
Mr. Joseph E. Lynch 
Colleen (Wydro* Marano. Ph.D. 
Ms. Lisa (Martosella) May 
Ms. Kathleen (Conklin) McCabe 
Mr Scott D. McCaw 
Mr. Brian T. McGuffin 
Mr. Joseph L. Mellon 
David J. Miller, C FA 
Lori A. (Stieffenhofer) Mills, E~q. 
Ms. Man Ellen (White) Mitchell 
Mr Thomas M. Moore 
Mr. Charles E. O'Connor Jr. 
Mr. Paul J. Poies: 
Mr Harry J. Quinn Jr. 
Mr. Jeffrey K. Randa^o 
Mr Mark S. Robinson 
Ms. Anna P. Russell 
Mr. James P. Ryan 
Mr. John J. Schneider 
Bill Shields 

Ms. Karen A. (Schuck) Stewart 
Mr. John C. Stipa 
Ms. Mary Beth Tecce 
Edward A. and Patrice (Lamb) 

Trauffer, M.D. 
Mr George M. Ulmer jr. 
Mr. Thomas A. Vinciguerra Jr. 
Ms, Monique (Champagne) Yates 
Ms. Elizabeth (Graves) Zaccaria 
Ms Francesca (Serra* Zorzi 


Honor Roll of Donors ;ooj-!oo4 


Dr. Flubacher Club 

(SS.OO0 59.999) 

i burtnej Family 

San Miguel Club 
(S2.500 54.999) 

Linda A. (Schaefet) and 

Diego F. Caldenn 
Estate of Kathryn F Coo isza 

Chairman's Club 

Edward K. and 

Janice M Beitr. Ph.D., R.N. 
Joseph A- Braccia, C.F.A. 
Mr. John J. Ciesla 
Mr. Louis V. Eccleston 
Mary A. (DeGregorio) and 

Paul D. Ehrtichman 
Deborah (Sawyer) and 

Martin B. McCann 111 
Paul H. Young, Esq. 
Carol (O'DriscoIl) and 

Stephen T. Zarrilli 

Founder's Club 


[ \ Scott M. Dorrner 
Donna (Mulloj > and 

Thomas P Forkin. Esq 
Richard and Alice Gaihler 
Joseph G. Gibbons, Esq. 
Mr. Joseph G. O'Neill 
Mr Edward C. Recchiuti 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S2S0 S499) 

Ms. Frances (Wilsbach) Bahn 

Ms. Maria iTuckt-r) Cusick 

Mr Thomas R. Evich 

Ms. Karen M. (Rus:ko\vski) Fedele 

Michele (Kauffman) and 

Hal M. Hirsch, D.M.D. 
Mr Francis X. McGorry Jr. 
Mr Dominic M. Paranzino 
Joseph L. and 

Ellen J (Chester) Pasquale 
Regina (Moore) and 

Samuel W. Plummer 
Man, M. Trautwein and 

Thomas C- Breslm 

Anniversary Club 

Mr Benjamin G Baird (Thomson) and 

Peter J- Brauman 
Mr. Joseph F. Conners 
Jane B. and Charles E. Danihel 
Patricia M. (Pendergast) and 

Kevin G Finlav 
Mr lames J. Fullam 
Mr ml Mr- Sri. phen P. Kennedy 
Ms Man V. Lawton 
James F. Markmann, M.D. 
Ms. Kathleen (Colbert) Ren: 
Karen (Spielberger) Sullivan. M.D 
Ms. Karla M. Sztukowski 
Anne L. (Galasso) and 

James V. Templeton Jr. 
Ms. Frances M. Treishich 


I I p tO S.IJ9) 

Ms. Elaine E (SpaJaccini) A::arano 

Ms. Susan C. (Petrucelli) Baldino 
Rosemary A. Barbera, Ph.D. and 

EduardoA Villegas, M S \\ 
Ms. Harriet M. Beckert 
Mr. Mark L. Bemhauser 
James M. Boligit: Jr.. C.P.A. 
Ms. Catherine 1 St. me < Bn m iks 
Ms. Eileen (Monahan) Chopnick 
Annemane F (Organ) Clarke, Ph.D. 
Ms. Teresa (Gaffne\ ) Curley 
Mr. Richard J. DeCarolis 
Ms. Susan (Conway) Devane 
Mr Richard J. Donaher 
Ms. Lisa (McCarthy* Donnelk 
William F. and 

Kathleen (Nolen) Edwards, R N 
Ms. Beverly A. Edwards 
Rev. Donna M. EI13 
Joann Kelly Erb, Ph.D. and 

Timothy J. Erb, MA 
Joy Faber. Esq. 
John C. Fnskev, C.P.A. 
Ms Susan M. Gallagher 
Mr. Paul E. Gauss 
Ms. Eileen M. Gildea 
John F. Glowacki Jr., Esq. 
Mr. Earl Goldberg 
Ms. Barbara L. Goldstein 
Mr John N. Gregorio 
Thomas M. Hinchey, Esq. 
Ms. Barbara J Hoerst 
Mr. Michael G. Huml Sr 
Ms. Michelle (Phinn) lannucci 
Mr. Joseph J. Invin 
Eileen M. Kelly and 

Gregory J. Geruson 
Mr. Stanley J. Krol Jr. 
Ms. Sandra M. Levit 
Ms EJith (Tamhurro) Lewis 
Ms. Martha H. Lubynsl \ 
Mr. Michael J. Matthews 
Mr William J. McFadden 
Mr. Joseph J- McGrenra 
Roseann (Fisher) and 

James S. Mincer 
Mr Kenneth R. Mitchell Jr. 
Mr. Walter F Moleski Jr 
Jane (Murray) and James G. Munr 1 
Ms. Kathleen (McGauley) Nieman 
Ms Janice Olszewski 
Mary M. (Costello) and 

Leo E. O'Shea 
Elizabeth (Mastropaolo) and 

Jeffrey]. Oulion 
Mr Andrew I Pagano 
Mr Michael A. Papa 
Ms Maryann Pensteto 
Ms. Rosetta Pierce 
Mr. Lubomir B. Pynh 
VI- v lir\ E. Reiss 
M-. Margaret M. Rosenberg 
Scott M. Sadel. M.D. 
Mr Michael J. Sala:ar 
Mr. Gner D. Schaffer 
Ms. Bernadette (Glennon) Schi ch 
Mr Robert E. SchonewoU 
Ms ^rdisE. (Ryder) Shea 
Thomas Snyder and 

Dr. Barbara Snyder 
Mr. Lehman J Snyder Jr. 
Kathleen (Stewart • 

Stoneback, C P.A 
Mr. John P. Tracey Jr 
Mark S. Trachtman. M.D. 
Edward A. and Patrice 

(Lamb) Trauffer, M D 
Paul J. and Joanne M. 

(Saponara) Tyer 
Mr Thomas M Ullmer 
Ms. Kelt) A. Walker 
Ms Maureen (McKeown) Walsh 
Mr. Thomas F Whomsley 

Mr. Thomas J Zamadk 


Chairman s club 
■ _ 499) 

Robert L and Louise P. Harman 

Mr John A, McCann 

Brother John Chung Quoc Nguyen, 

Denisc (Galbraith) and 

John T. Shannon Jr. 

Founders Club 
(S500 ■ 

Mr. Cornelius G. Curran 
Richard and Alice Gaihler 
Tncia (Lenaghan) and 
Edward C Hogan, Esq. 

Roberr A. Hopstetter. Esq. 
Ralph J. Mauro. Esq. 

I go Donini Club 
(S250 S499) 

William J. Kaufmann, Esq. 
Mr James J. McMahon 
Susan O'Connor-Danella and 

John F. Danella. M.D. 
Ellen J. (Chester) and 

Joseph L Pasquale 
Mr Patrick B Shanahan 
Ms Lenore Troyanosky-SH glei 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 5249) 

Kathleen (Dynan) and 

James J. Black, Ph.D. 
Mr Edward W. Cummlngsjr. 
Mr. Gregory Curran 
Ms Kellyann (Franks) Jeletic 
Martin A. and 

Monica (Wiltshire) Lupinc-tn 
Maureen (McGonigal) and 

Frederick C. Mischler Jr. 
Mirek A and Christine R. 

(Musman) Niemynski 
Mr. Dennis T. Owens 
Ms, Cecilia B. (Dolan) Purschke 
Ms Angela Galiano-Roth 
Ms. Helene M. 

(Schwemmer) Genald 
Ms. Lisa (Basile) Shears 
Mr Henry J. Srraub 
Ms. Diane M. Ungvarsk} 

(Lp ro S139) 

Mrs. Lynn M. (Bahmiller) Alexander 
Ms. Maureen (Giglio) AuBuchon 
Deborah A. (Eiser) and 

Jerome J. Azareuic: 
Ms Man A. Bacon 
Ms. Bernadette (Pacini) Baird 
Patricia A. Bennett 
Dehorah (Fay) and 

Joshua Buch, Ph.D- 
Ms. Josiane M. (Bulens) Wunderle 
Mr. Robert J. Caprioglio 
Mr Michael P. Cassidv 
Patricia -\ and Joseph \. Chelius 
Ms. Pamela Z. Clary 
Mr. Brian J- Connollv 
Ms. Patricia (Tavlor) Crowe 
William B. and 

Maryann (Pantano) Davis 
Ms. Mary E (Deissler) Dillon 
Ms. Linda (Diaczynsky) Dopplei 

In 2002-2003, students at La Salle benefited 

from gifts made in loving memory of the 

following individuals: 

Mr. Gregg Matthew Argenziano 

Mr. Dennis A. Asselta, '80 

Br. Edward Bork, F.S.C. 

Mr. Eduardo Gaetano Cangiano 

Br. Lawrence J. Colhocker, F.S.C, Ed.D., '58 

Mr. Dennis]. Collins, 74 

Robert J. Courtney, Ph.D., '41 

Mr. Brian P. Damiani, '64 

Mr. William ]. Diamond, '41 

Br. John P. Dondero, F.S.C. Ph.D, '45 

Mr. Patrick E. Dooley, '34 

Joseph F. Flubacher, Ed.D., '35 

Ms. Tjenny G. Gavriilidou 

Br. Gene Graham, F.S.C, '47 

Mr. Joseph R. Guerrini, '84 

Mr. Felix M. Kadel, '37 

Mr. Francis J. Kehoe, '48 

Mr. Peter J. Kiernan, '64 

Mr. John Charles Manning, '54 

James E. and Margaret F. McGoldrick 

Mr. James A. McGovem, '50 

Mr. Michael J. McGranaghan, '72 

Mr. Charles J. McKeaney 

Br. Jeremv McNamara, F.S.C. 

Lillian B. Miller, Ph.D. 

Ms. Elizabeth C. Moran 

Mr. Theodore Eggleston Morrow- 

John P. Murray Jr., '80 

Marjorie M. and Irwin Nat Pincus 

Leonard Reichman, D.D.S., '38 

Br. G. Augustine Roberts, F.S.C. 

Mr. John W. Schmidt, '52 

Br. E. Patrick Sheekey, F.S.C, 79 

Mr. Hugh Thomas Smith, '52 

Ms. Claire M. Stafford 

Ms. Clairmarie Stafford 

Mr. James T. Sullivan Jr., '51 

Mark D. Williams, D.D.S.. '82 

Alfred J. Dume^ I\ , Esq 

Ms Frances A EVver 

Mi |ohn G. Farrell 

Mr. Thomas M. Flach 

Joan (Orsini) Ford, Esq. 

Ms. Barbara D. (Thorp) Gentry 

Ms loan E. Gibson 

John R. Gimpel, D.O 

Mr. Charles C Hansen 

Mr. Glen C- Hanson 

[eanne (Yuengling) and 

RalphS. H.sle 111 
Mr Michael R. Hoffman 
Ms. Ellen M. Hohmann 
Mr. James P Hopkins Jr. 
Ms. Barrie L 1 t Leasofi ' Hoy is 
Mr. Bernard Hurley 
Mr John X Kearns 
Ms. Linda M (Cobb) Kinrer 
Ms Barbara (Lever) Krauss 
Ms. Julia A (Cotton) Kurd:iel 

Ms. \ irginia D. (Pickup) Listman 
Jane A Lombard, Esq. 
Mr. Charles F. Magee 
Richard F and 

Lynn A. (Provost) Marta 
Susan (Myretus) and 

Michael A. McCann 
Mr. Edward J McDey in 

Ms Helen (McBrv.m) McG,nle\ 

Mr. Robert F Meighan 

Mr Michael M. Mullin 

Mr. Robert A Nyce 

Mr John J O'Neill 

Leo E. and 

MaryM. (Costello) O'Shf i 
Mr Charles V Petosa 
Joseph B. Pino, DM D 
Ms. Danya (Szymanik) Pompeo 
Ms. Gandia K Ragoopath 
Mr Ria: U. Rahman 
Mr. Michael T Reflfher 

Honor Roll of Donors 200J-2004 

Bequests help to safeguard the mission and 
values of the Christian Brothers and the 
University for years to come. We gratefully 
remember the following individuals who have 
passed away, and who continue to provide 
opportunities to La Salle's students through 
their thoughtful planning: 

Judge Genevieve Blatt 
Ms. Kachrvn Cocozj 
Mr. Walter M. Czarnota, '52 
Mr. Joseph Flubacher, '35 
Mr. Everett Frank Jr. 
Mr. William J. Good 
Mr. Francis W. Judge. '50 
Mr. Joseph Kelbaugh. '60 
William McShain, '62 
Elsie E. O'Halloran 
Rev. Martin J. O'Halloran 
Mr. Joseph P. Rhein, '38 
Ms. Mary Tomasco 
i. Beatrice A. Walsh 



Dennis F. and Mana (Cornley) Regan 
Ms. Marguerite H. (Elias) Rice 
Ms. Karen (SmirM Roche 
Ms. Karen A. (Lawlor) Rossi 
Ms Karen L. (Plumer) Ruff 
Ms. Cecilia M. Ruppert 
Mr. Robert A. Salanik 
Janice (Raks:awski) and 

John L. Santangelo Jr. 
Ms. Diane iPandoli) Serena 
Ms. Eileen (McHugh) Silva 
Mr Kenneth J Smith 
Mr Gregory P Smith 
Ms. Bail 3penee 

Ms. Gina M Spencer 

m (Callahan) Stil 
Ms. Joanne M. lYincii Straub 
Mr William R. Strecker 
Joanne M. tSaponara) and 

Paul J. Tver 
LT Neil G. \ an Pumer ' = 
Mr Matthew G. Walsh 

1 98s 

Dr. Fll bacher Club 

Deni>e (D'Antonio) and 
Thomas F- Malecki Jr. 



There^i Andris 
Mr. M.ltonJ. Ball 
Richard L Duszafeji .Ml' 
Kelley A Grady, Esq. an J 

Mr. lohn D. lanJa 

Mr. Michael E. McDevitt 

Ms Nancv (Monenson) Nearv 

Mr. Timothv 0*SI 

Mr Edward J Reirmever 

Christine M (Tanro^h) and 
Peter \V Tun 

Fot nplk s Club 

Barbara L Ackerman, MP 
John K. Dugan, CP.A. 
Jane (Gregono) and 

Charles W. Greenherg 
Gerald C. Grunewald. Ph.D. 
Cathenne (Roam r) and 

Martin A. Healev 
Tricia (Lenaghan) and 

Edward C. Hogan, E-^| 
Mr. Joseph R. Huck Jr. 

Ugo Donini Club 

Renee A. (Rapa) and Jeffrey E. Faller 
Mr. Terrence J. Jacob 
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard F King 
rgj Levick, DO 
Ms. Audrey V. Lombard 
Elaine O. Mshomba and 

Richard E_ Mshomba 
Mrs Lynette tHvmani Nelson 
Beth A. and Joel C. Rosenfeld, M.D. 
Phyllis (Garberman) Schapire I 
Kathleen IGolden) and 

Edward M. Waddington 

Anniversary. Club 

Kathleen (Pynan) and 

' Black. Ph.D. 
Mark DoJel. R N 
Robert L. Manieri and 

Anne Mane Smith 
Manq A. (Brown) Marino. M.D. 
Dan Met. I 

Ms Mar. (Geyer) McLaughlin 
Maureen (McGonigal) and 

Fred C- Mischler Jr. 

Mr Shelby F. Moore 

Alice (Premaza) Mueller. D.O. and 

John J. Mueller Jr.. D.O. 
William D. and 

Florence M. Niewood 
Mr Score Pauli 
Mr Robert Pavone 
Ms Nancy J. Scheut: 

- monson M-l I 
Mana Spano and Bruno I 
Mr. Joshua M. Tamoft 
Mr Michael J. Welsh 


Mr. Douglas Achuff 

Kimberlv A. Atkinson. D.O. 
Jerome J. and 

Deborah A (Eiser) A:.ire\\ic: 
Ms Elizabeth A- Baker 
Ms. Ponna J. Bare^ 
John S. and Rita (Motrin) Bimhak 
Loretra B. and Michael T. BraJv 

Ms. Pehorah t Herman! ( 
Mr. Lee J. Culver 
David P Di Paolo. MP 
\U. Kathrvn M (Dougheity) Lich 
Mr. Eugene J. Dra. 
Ms. Lis,.! (Goldman' Driban 
Ms. N ancv L. Entnken 
Mr. John J. Farris 
Ms Michele F Flukev 
Denise A. Franchetti. C F A 
Ms. Man. E. Gallagher 
Mr |>hn R. Gauntt 
Mr Roben K. Gay- 
Mr. Joseph R. Gei 
Mrs. Jesse M. Gibson 

ila A. Gillespie 
Mr James C Goldsmith 
Ms. Tarncia (Schena* Gruhe 
Arthur J. Hass, C.P.A- 
Mr |ohn D. Heere 
Mr James B. Humphreys 
Mr. Thomas J. Hutchin , son ]r 
Mr. Anthonv C. Isabella 
Kevin V. Jame>. M D 
Cynthia M. (Bartolomeoi and 

Paul M. Keenan 
Ms. Biirbara (Revnolds) Kelly 
Mr Michael F. Kenville 
Ms Kathr\n (Haig 
Mr. Reed C. Liflca 
Ms. Kathleen A. Lindenhoien 
Mr Patnck C. Logan 
tquin P. Lucero 
Ms. Lorerta M. Martin 
Mr William T McCUkey 
Mr. William H. McCormick |r 
Mr Michael Y McDermott 
Ms. Man E. (McGee) Th 
Ms. Man. L. McGinni? 
Mr. Thomas |. McKenna 
Mr Joseph C. McTamnev 
Ms. Margaret A. Morthorst 
Ms. Theresa M. Mulvey 
Ms. Constance M Mumper 
Mr. John B. News>me 
Ms. Margaret (Mortimer) Olkow^ki 
Mr. Francis E- O'Rourke 
Mr. Karl W. Orth 
Ms Diane Orrechowski 
letrrev J- and Eliraheth 

[Mastropaolo] Oulton 

irxicia H 
James H. Pickering Jr.. Esq 

leen E- (Pedicone) Piruka 
Ms Li>a A (Henng) Pratt 
Mr. David NX'. Richard 
Mr James Y Ricigliano 

Ms. Margaret A. Ruane 
Mr. Scott M Schieck 
Charles L. and Mary E. Schuster 
Thomas Snvder and 

Zk- Barbara Snvder 
Ms. Patricia lHanev> Stimson 

Ms. WilU F. Stokes 

Mr. Gregon I. Teithorster 

Ms. Annette tCnstiano) Thompson 

Mr Mark G. Tressel 

M-. Charlene (Fancoa^t i I 

Ms. Laura (Turner) Tvgh 

Ms. Karen B. Weiss 

Mr. Robert D. Williams 

Ms Su^an M (An>e!) Wilmei 

Ms Myrtle \ V. 


San Miguel Club 


[V and Mrs. John Sweeder 

Chairman s Club 

52 499) 

Mr Ralph J Garman 

Ms. Audrev (Nugent) Greenmt; 

John P. Janda and 

Kelle\ A Grad\. Esq 
Deborah (Sawyer) and 

Martin B McCann 111 
Mr Thomas E Nowal 

Ugo Donini Club 


Mr. Greg E. Adams 

Charles F. Barbera, MP 

M- Ellen M Campbell 

Kevin M. Cregan. M.D. 

Daniel K. Ficrpamck. CP.A . OF A. 

Chip Greenberg 

Ms. Michelle A Haitsch 

Mr Pavid T. Kun: 

Mr. Robert WLiptak 11 

Ms. Patricia [Dunne] McNamara 

Mr. Michael J Simmond- 

Thomas C. Voigt and 

Barbara A. Sharkev 
Ms. Man L Wilbv 

\nnt\trs\r-i Club 

Ms. Rosemane Asamura 

. iPeSancti-* DiNardo 
Ms. Julie M. (Doughern 1 Frant: 
Mr. Larr>' R. Han- 
Mr. James H. Jenkin-, Jr 
Mr. Harry G- Kyriakodis 
Ms, Camille tjanicki) Lajaunie 
Monica (Wiltshire) and 
Martin A. Lupinetti 
. incline T McGrath 
Ms Laura A (Peszka) Gibble 
Ms. Corinne Sims 
Mr Edward C- Sweenev 


Gerard H. and Regina Mane 

(Collins) Abernethy 
Ms. Patricia G. (Simmons) Alderter 
Irma R. (Konrad) and 

Gregory Baraniecki 
Ms Cvnthia C. Bayer 
Mr James B Beglev 

Gregory and Judith E. 

(Gallagher) Braun. M.D. 
Ms. Joanne M. (Pilla) Burdulis 
Mr. Frank I Campisi 
Ms. Jane E. (Bates) Cero 
Mr. Roben E Cimorelli 
Mr. James F. Collins 
Mr. Thomas W. Cooper 
Ms. Rose J. Cowhev 
Ms. Jill O. Crandlev 
Ms. Dorothy C. Davis 
Caroline (Kamper) Davis, M.D 
Mr. Michael B. Dickinson 
Mr. John M. Douglass 
Mr. Thomas B. Duncavage 
Ms. Joan R. Eddy 
Ms. Mane (Robinson) Elliott 
Mr, John R Ferraro 
Mr. William M. Finn 
Ms Sylvia Fishbein 
Ms Carol L- Gash 
Annemane (Knox) and 

Terence P Gillespie 
Ms Sheila (Kane) Gorman 
Ms. Janine (Rocco) Greenwood 
Lisa (Marino) and 

Michael M. Hallowell 
Mr. Bruce Hammerman 
Jeanne (Yuengling) and 

Ralph S. Hisle III 
Rosemarie E- (Trotter) and 

David W. Kravnak 

Ms Lisa A Loebei 

Ms Madeline T Madden 

Ms. Concetta Mannello 

Mr. James E. McGee Jr. 
John P. and Rosemary A 

(Brennan) Mc< Sonigle 
Ms. Diane M. McGovem 
Sean X. and Cindy M. 

(VanArsdale) McGrath 

• rt C. McHugh 
Michael J. and Alice 

(Baehr) McLaughlin 
Mr Robert P. Miller 
Ms. Carol A. Miller 
Patrick C. Murphy. Esq 
Mr Michael S. Niemann 
Mr Gerard C. Ordunta 
Ms. Constance D. Rice 
Mr James T. Richard jr. 
\b Lisa G. Rog 
Ms. Loretta M. (Young) S 
Mr Joseph F Sculh Jr 
Ms Ruth K. Seitter 
Mr Brian R Shields 
Ms Susanne M. iPol.m) Slavin 
Ms- Janet E- Smith 
Ms. Theresa A. (Cenk 

SotTJn m it 
Ms. Agatha Stone 
Ms. Margaret M Tieme) 
Gary D. Vogin, M.D, 
Ms. Diane M. Yollberg 
Ms. Kathleen M. (Backaus-.o \\ i ll 
Ms Maria T. (Sheeron) Zoit\ 


Dr. FllbacherCllb 
(S5000 ->■ 

Pauline C. Scalvino. L.q 

sax Miguel Cll b 

Mr James F. Bagnell 

Kn.nne (Grady) ajid Jt'n R. Detewtc: 


Honor Roll of Donors 200)2004 

Chairman's Club 

($I.OOO-$2 4 9 ■■" 

Sr Eileen M. McGowan 
Maureen (Ryan) and 
John D. Rilling, C.P.A. 

Founders Club 

($500 -$999) 

Christine M. and 

Francis A. Champine 
Mr. Srephen K. Degnan 
Mr Mark G Gola 
Man L Goldschmidt, Ph.D. 
Elizabeth R (Leneweaver) and 

Thomas J Lochner 
Mr Patrick M Pendergasi 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr. Matthew]. Flamini 

Mr Timothy F. Collins |r 

Ms. Susan M. Dougherty 

Rebecca A. Efroymson, Ph.D. 

James C. Guanno, M.D. 

Ms Stephanie J. (Gamble) O'Hagan 

Anna M. Pagliaccetti, Esq. 

Ms. Lois E. Potter 

Mr John G. Preston 

Ms. Maureen (Cholewiak) Royds 

Mr. Brian T. Sammond 

Dr. Doree R Sidcofl 

Mane Yakubik, V.M.D. 



Ms. Lisa A Adamovage-Hoback 
Mr. Robert V. Bailee 
Ms. t arol L. (Gerhard) Baquero 
Ms. Eileen (Donaldson) Becker 
Mr Jerome T. Bradley 
Janice A. (Gasho) and 

John A. Brennan Jr. 
Robert T. Brill, Ph.D. 
Ms. Nancy (Lenaghan) Buck 
Ms. Christine (Giegerich) Burton 
Ms. Dolores A- Byrnes 
Ms. Rosemane Carosella 
Ms. Laura J. Cavanaugh 
Mr. Timothy J. Cush 
Ms. Lisa M. Dankanich 
Cynthia DiBuono, V.M.D. 
Mr. Stephen P Dolan Ji 
Mrs. Eileen O- (Sivil) Lbran 
Ms Man J Dress 
Mr. T. Perry Engard 
Mr.NicholasJ Florkowski 
Thomas J. Gorman, CEBS 
Ms Victoria B Grade! 
Angelo and Anita Guzzardi 
Ms Elizabeth S Henry -Williams 
Ms. Marline S. (KmuO Herceg 
Diana Hermann, M.D. 
Paul M. and Cynthu M. 

(Bartolomeo) Keenan 
Mr. Charles N kc.rh 111 
Ms. Cheryl L. Kline 
)ohv and Melissa A Kolsun 
Mr F Neil Lindenfelser 
Ms. Joann M Lytic 
Ms. Stephanie (MscKenzie) 

Ms. Kathleen A Marg i\ 
Ms. Charlene M. (McCoy) Mayer 

Ms. Cathy L. McCullough 
Michael P. and 

Kathleen R. (O'Hara) McGeehan 
Alice (Baehr) and 

Michael J. McLaughlin 

Mr. William R McTigueJi 

Mr Timoth\ I Melro\ 
Bruce Mercogliani i, Ph I 1 
Michele M. Miller, R.N., M.S.N 
Mr. Paul A. Monaco 
Kathleen M. (O'SulUvan) and 

Thomas J. Monaghan 
Ms. Debra (Ricci) Naso 
Ms. Heidi Y iSnmKTLeary 
Mr Mario A Ohveti 
\N Linda A Razler 
Ms. Jane (Kirk) Roberts 
Ms. Annmane P. Ryan 
Mr. Michael A. Saponara 
Ms. Mary (Timmins) Schluth 
Mr Richard C. Shnkard 
Mr. Daniel E. Snowden 
Ms. Thelma E. Sut^s 
Ms. Gerry (Warkins) Sweterlusch 
Ms San (Tran) Tang 
Ms. Carol H. Thim 
Mr. Edward A. Thomas 
Ms Leigh A. (McDonald) Tohm 
Mr Michael I Tumelry 
Ms Man K Yandcgrtrr 
Ms Nancy T Walton 
Mr. Donald D Whitman 


University Club 

(SlO OOO S24 

Jefrrei R Roslc, C.P.A. 



Mr. Michael J. Anions 

San Miguel Club 

($2,500 M 1 

Gretchen A. (Heehner) and 

Wade A. Br.ism. 
». Ihristopher J. Jams, C.P.A and 

Bemadcttt. (Mulligan) Jams. 


Chairman's Club 

(S1.000 ->: 199) 

Louise P and Robert L Harman 
Mr Joseph M. kelh 
Mr Thomas F. McCrea 
Maureen (Ryan) and 

JohnD. Rilhng, C.P.A. 
Mr Matthew I Vhwenderman 
Denise (Galhraiih) and 

John T. Shannon Jr. 

Founder's Club 


Tracev A. Reardon-Rowen and 

I 1 touglas K iwen 
Lisa M (Donnelh > .\nJ 

Jeffrey P. Denton 
Mr Michael B. Farley 
|ohn P. and Kathleen \ 

(Bagnell) Finnegan 
Felice I (Fleisher) Koscinski, M D 
Maureen (Gunpeli Males, Esq 
Mr JohnN. McBryan 
Mr James P Mc( larrhy 
James D. and 

Therese E. (Harcank) McHugh 
Carolyn A Piccone, M.D 
Peter Z. Teluk, Esq 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr John P Campbell 

John M. Cellucci, M.D 

Ms. Adeline L. (Citrano) and 

Ron Mandel 
Anthonv and Karen C. 

(Moones l l"V!\ esc. ■'■■ o 
Susan (Straub) Fuller. Esq. 
Ms. Kathleen (Kuenzel) Gnbb 
Mr. George J. Haitsch 
Mr. Mark A Latond 
Eileen M. (Sweeney) and 

Joseph M. Markmann 
( hristine and 

George A Peifecky, Ph.D. 
Ms. Judi (Walsh) Loughltn 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 ". 

Mr Douglas P. Allen 
Paul L. Boger, D.M D 

Mr. James A. Boyd 

Ms. Janine (Buffone) Niwinski 

Ellen and Joe Diorio 

Mr Stephen P. Friend 

Michael and Man Ellen Gilbert 

Vincenzo V. Giuliano, M D 

Ms. Myrtle R. Green 

Mr. Joseph P. Hiltwine 

Mr Matthew J. McBryan 

Gary and Nancy McMonagle 
Ms. Nancy M- Perl 
Richard D. Quattrone, DO 
Mr. Francis P. Thompson 


ii p to S139) 

Mr. Christopher J. Adams 

Tern J Aisenstein, R.N. 

Ms. Ann M tl.ichtc\ * Avallone 

Mr. Richard J Bailey 

Mr. Michael | Berchick 

Mr- Beniadette M. 

(Bonaduce) Weaver 
Annette M. (Bucci) and 

George G. Mick 
Mr Hugh! Campbell 

Ms. Kathleen A. 1 1 linchey) Cantretl 
Mr Michael A. Cory 
Mr. Henr\' ) Cotton 
Mr Jerry W Crawford 

Mr Darryn R ( Tomwel! 
Michael Im hristofaro, < P \ 
Mr. Robert A. Dieterle 
Ms. Lynn (Woytyei y) Doan 
Michael G. En:. 1. P A 
Mr. Jesse R. Goodrich 
Ms. Lisa (O'Kane) Hesbacher 
Christopher L. Higgins, C.P.A. 
Ms. Margaret (lgoe) Hubert 
Mr. Robert A. Katz 
Paul H and Kelly 

(Mullen) krumenacker 
Ms. Kacherine G Lahman 
Mr. Michael A. Licata 
Ms Sus.inn M Mn^trk 
Ms. Christine (Man* Mazzola 
Ms. Miriam C. (Jawork I McCaule^ 

Ms. Kathleen M McKeever 

Mr. James E Parsons 

Mr. James L Resnick 

Ms. Knstin.i S Roberts 

Ms. Linda K. Robinsi in 

Ms. Michele A. Slavinski-Mehlbaum 

Nancy A. Smith, Esq. 

Ms. Michele A. Staples 

M ir\ lynn (Kearney l and 

Daniel A. Siccher 
Ms. Eileen M. (Carcione) Strulson 

Ms. Barbara (Maier) Thomas 

Mr. Robert S Tokonitz 

Mr Mark A. Tonelli 

Ms Christine (Springer) Vclicer 

Mr. Ronald M. White 

Ms. Holly (Mohr) Whytosek 

Mr. Robert ]. Wilkinson 

Ms Andrea T (Eadeh) Wills 

Ms Man Ann \\ inokur 

Mrs. Linda A. (Martin) Wo j ton 

Michele Tedesehi-Zimmerman, M.D. 

Ms. Nancy E. Zoeltsch 


San Migi n Club 

(S2.500-S4 1 

Bemadette (Mulligan) Jams, Ed.D. 
and Christopher J. Janis. C.P A 

Chairman's Club 
(S1.000-S2 499) 

Brother Joseph Dougherty, F.S.C. 
Mr. Brian J. Murray 
Theresa A ( > and 

Jonathen Bell 
Honora C (Browne) ind 

Thomas M McGinn 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S250, S499) 

Mr John J. Bagnell 

Mr. Kevin J Byme 

Marie 1 Bruno) and Leo F. Craig Jr. 

Ms. Kelly A. Greenberg 

Mr. Michael V. Griffin 

Mr. David P. Horrell 

Mr. Stephen D. Kopec 

Ms. Barbara M. McDonald 

Mr. Joseph G. McGirr 

Mr. Carroll E. Rockey 

Mi Michael £ \ an Thuyne 

\\\i\ i rsak) Club 
($140 i 

Mr. Charles P. Clearyjr. 

Ms. Margaret A.(Bedesseml 1 leu. 

Mr. Michael 1 Dow ling 

Jane E. Nagle, Esq. 

Mr Stephen P O'Donnell 

Judith (Rosboschil) and 

Matthen 1 1 Ramsey 
Roben M Walker, Esq. 
Miriam (Dvorak) and 

Mark A Wennersten 


I Up to Sl39) 

Mr. Henry M Aiken 
Mr. Michael H Arment 
Mr. Christopher T Bent: 
Ms. Andrea Bonaci ■ u >i 

Mr Robert A Butler 

Ms ( >.i\ le A (t iumki iw ski) ( arb me 
Mr Vinceni 1 Cataldi 

Ms. Margaret L (Heard) Catanese 
Mr. Richard J. Clifford 

Ms. Barbara A. (\ 

Ms Hedv Cohen 

Mrs. Kimberly A (Messina) DaCosta 

Mr Steven A DeMasi 

Mr. Dennis M Duhon 

Mr. Daniel J. Egan 

Ms. Joan (Ray< .1 1 Fassara 1 

Ms I lin-niH K (Faust)Garry 

Ms Molly It. iilk-spie) Fiandra 

Mr. Joseph A. Forcing 

Mr. Stephen P. Gessner 
Mr. George W. Glaze 
Ms. Patricia A 

(Mahonej 1 1 Iral ■ iwsl 1 

Mr James K Gulick Jr 

Mr. Thomas G. Haight 

Ms. Diane L. Hamburg 

Ms. Wanda T. Houston 

Mr Mario I loannucci 

Ms Blanche (Palacfo) Kammer 

Dr. Richard V. LollaJr. 

Ms Stephanie J (Rozanski) Lovett 

Mr. Stephen J. McBain 

Mr. Gerald T. McCarry 

Cindy M (VanAisdale) and 

Sean X McGrath 
Mr. Peter A. Mollica 
Ms. Anne Y (Richards) 

Mr Howard M Morgan 
Karen S. Bncker-Moser 
Elizabeth (Doyle) and 

Timothy D. Moxe\ 
Kevin M and Mar) 

(McGonigle) Oleksiak 
Mr. Hermon L. Parker 
Mr Michael A. Peyton 
ErastZ. Pohorylo, Pharm.D 
Mr. Richard J. Schafer 
Ms Melissa (Clark) Scheffey 
Susan J. Scutti, Rph, J D 
Ms. Geraldine M. (Lyons) Sharkey 
Diane (Lisiewskl) and 

Thomas D. Sykes 
Ms Maureen E Tate 
Ms. Janice (Perry) Tnchtinger 
Si MargaretE. Walsh, - - I 
Mr. Gregory G. Whelan 
Dana (Flaherty) Worthington. 

( P -\ 
Mr Mitchell J. Yanak Jr. 
Ms. Janet A (Zatkins) Warner 


President's Cll b 

Mr. Elmer F. Hansen III 

San Mil 11 l Club 

(SJ.500 v t , 

Ms * ..unin\ A Altemus 

Chairman's Club 

(SI OOO •-' 1 

EJie A and Norben F Belter, Ph D 
Ms Livi A (Rusciani) F.iltyn 
Mr Christophei G |ahn 
William W Matthews III, Esq, 

Founder's Club 

Mr Ramzie A Abdinassei,i, ( iM. 1, ,1,, \ ) and 

Anthony 1 Vl\ esci n 1 1 
Mr. William F Donovan III 
Ms. Kelly L (Beckner) Hmska 

Ugo Donini Club 

Joseph 6t Diane Burke 
Mr. Peter J- Frisk,, 
Dana(Hyland) Kade '90 B \ 
Christine and 

George A Perfecky, Ph I 1 
Ms. Ann T Rowland 
Anthony C Tridico, Th D. 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Anniversary Club 

James C. Anagnos. Esq. 
Mr. Josh Dicskv 
David T. and Lis 

(Baum) Espenshade 
Mana 1. (Colsev) and Brian L Heard 
Mr. Lam* D. Holman 
Kathleen (Quiglevl and 

Christopher M. Hudak 
Mr. Nathaniel J. John.- 
Ms. Ellen C- Koicdiiej 

Mr. James J. McCrane III 
Mr. Philip S. Morgan Jr. 
Ms. Anita L Plakans 
Robert B- Rogers. Esq 
Mr. N ; tiara 

Mr. Paul D. Sdi 

I nia M. Wagner 


Ms. Gina R. Amato 

Ms. Denise (Cassidv) Arrigale 

~ E Uo) Bassman 

Ms. Laura C. (Clavinl Blanchrield 
Mr. Ntichael 5. Blash 

- Bracaszevnsi 
Janice A. (Gasho) and 
John A. Brennan Jr. 
Ms. Karen A. (Dougherty* Bura 
inie A. Colello 

ail P. ■Beam* Davis 
Ms- Pauline L (Felter) Devlin 
Ms. Man A. tjannev* DiMarino 

- :anne M. iLardear) Dotson 
Ms. Kathleen E. Duggan 

Ms. Ann Marie J. Eidenshink 

Mr. Brian D. Fancavtc 

Ms. Pamcia C. Farrell 

Mr. Robert F. Finketston 

Mr. Joseph S. Galvano 

Mrs- Christine (Mallo\ 1 Gan* 

Mr. Daniel J. Gi 

Leah (Poole) Greenwood. Ph.D. 

nine iPreisler* Groch 
Ms. Kathleen A- (Ryan) Hackman 
Mr. Timothy R- Hammel 
Ms- Laureen T. (Ctanmni) Haves 

Ms- Carole A. Hevs 
Mr. David B. Homiak 

-^nta M. (Chambers) Jaskolka 
Ms. Maureen M. Kane 
Sr. Patricia Kellv. GNSH 
Mr Matthew M. Killinger 

- .iraB. Kline 
Mr. James A. Kolpack 

Mullen) and 

Paul Krumenacker 
en J. Laderman 
Rev. John J. Large 
nna Leso 
Nfe. Barbara L. LeVan 
Mr Dennis C. Linso 
Mr. Frank R. Longo III 
.Andrea L (Palumbo) and 

Daml L Mack 
Anthonv G- Martillom, C.P.A. 
Mr. John-Claude Martin 
Ms Wanda M. (Daniels) Martorano 
Ms. Man P Mc - 
Mr. William D. McMenamin 
Ms. Jan 
Christine K. (Klasterl Meko, Esq. 

and John J. Meko Jr. 
Mr. Thomas C. Moule 

Mr. Timothv J. \ . 
Elissa (Brodenck) and 

Francis X. Nolan Jr. 
seph J. O-Connor 111 
Man Ellen (Banford) and 

Thomas J. O'Mallev. Esq. 
Mr.MarkW. Pinto 
Ms. France A. (Fav) Pollock 
Ms- Bai+ :e t Pope 

Ms- Alice M-R (WingerO Price 
Janice tRakscawski) and 

John L. Sanur - 
Ms. Marcelb A. (Kuttler* 

Bossow Schanfcweiler 
Ms. Sharon (Sochanchak* Schanr 
Ms. Debra L Scott 
Christopher E Selgrath. D.O. 
Ms. Anna Marie E - 
Mr. Robert S. Shewbrooks 
Mr. R. Matthew Stephenson 
Mr. Michael P. Tedesco 
Mr. Michael C. Thomson 
Ms. Jennifer A. Turner 
Mr. David R. Turtle 
Ms. Knsnn (Gentile* Weneel 
Mr. Kenneth E. West Jr. 
Ms. Karen M. (Kaiser) Woodnng 
Ms- Arpie Zerounian 


S kN Miguel Club 

Mr. Kvle V. Mananski 

Chairman's Club 
($1,000 a 

Ms. .Ann T (McGrath) EUkxt 

Founder's Club 

Edward T. and 

Adnenne M. (Daukaus* Cutter 
Lisa M. Donahue and 

Kenneth I. Rose III 

Ms-Eh-abethJiMcGur - 


Uco Donini Club 


Mr. David S. .Archer 

_v Diane Burke 
Cbllen G. (Laffertv) and 

John F. Fin-patrick Jr. 
Mr. Charles W. GreenK:. 
Judith A. (Drobile) and 

Daniel P. Jovce Jr. 
Mr. Paul T- Stanley 

Anniversary Club 


Scott and Jessica Besler 
Peter J. and Man 

(Thomson) Brauman 
Mr. Craig C. DeFano 
Ms- Bemadette Diugokecki 
Mr. William F. Dougherty Jr. 
David T. and Lisa A. 

(Baum) Espenshade 
Ms. Ellen M. Geisel 
Mrs. Christine A. (Glackin) Hopkins 
Mr Matthew J. Kane 
Patnce McCaulk 

Dominic Esposito 111. Ph.D. 
Mr. James J. Nelson 
Ms. Karen L (Morasco) Sharkev 
-n A. (O'Brien) Sher 

Ms. Kimberlv Toomev 



Mr. John J. Adair 
Mr. Stuart D. Appel 
Eileen (McCann> and 

Alfred A. Aracojr. 
Mr. Chuck M. Ball 
Gregory and Irma R. 

rad) Baraniecki 
Mr. Michael E- BeU 
Mr. Kevin J. Bracken 

M. (DiDomenico) Bruno 
Mr. Vincent J. Bucolo Jr. 
Ms. Diane (LaPorta) Campo 
Ms. Cathvann (Riest Dalaimo 
Christopher Michael Davis 
Ms. Laura A. (Mullan* DeCencio 
Ms. Pamcia DeSanto 
Ms. Enn (Walker) Dickerson 
Mr. Fred J. Domico 
Ms. Lisa V. Emerick 

?n P. Gelovich 
Mr. Christopher J. Gill 

Joseph R. and Man A 

(Buschka) Hainthaler 
Mr. Jason M. Hams 
Ms. Lvdia A. Heise 
Sis. Kathleen E Hohenleimer 
Ms- Catherine L (Frisko) Holsing 
Bemadette F. and James J. Kennv Jr. 
Mr. Kevin M. K.dd 
Melissa .Ann andjobv Kolsun 
Ms. Carla J. Laub 
Mr Walter T. Lomax 
Mr. Gino Lostracco 
Mr Fred L Ludy 
Kelly E(Maher) and 

B arreca 
i ret M. tCardiet Malcv 
Mrs. Clare V. Martin 
Mr. Joseph Massucci 
Ms. Christina (Ma=a> McGamgle 
Ms. Diane M. (Brady) Mercuno 
Deacon Thomas H. Miller 
Ms. Regina M. Muldoon 
Elissa 1. Brodenck ) and 

Francis X. Nolan Jr. 
Joanne M. (Dolack) and 

Joseph A. Quanrone 
Ms. Donna M. (Brady I Raziano 
Marcie L (Colello) and 

Joseph A. Romano 
Lisa J. (Sterling) Share. M.D. 
Sir. Robert T. Slinkard 
Mr. Francis G. Sterner III 

Ms. Denise H. (Bahmiller) Tate 
Ms. Anne Marie lHatst) Thomas 
Ms. Mary FJien C 

iTomaszewski) Thorpe 
Mr. Eric R. Toppy 

?n M. Uholik 
Ms. Jennifer K (Scott) Vinci 
Mr Michael L Viola 
Ms. Carolvn A. \ onMechow 
Mr Gregory J. Vrafa 
Mr. Jason M. Waksman 
Mr. Robert T. Wnght Jr. 
- ca N. Young 


Chairmans Club 
($1,000 -. 

Margaret F«>rrestel. C.P.A. 
Susan M. (Schwab* and 

Jcrseph F. Hohenleimer 
Mr. William F. Mullet 

Founders Club 

Thomas G- and Kathleen N. 

Sovem) Purer 
Mr. Thomas L Markowski 

Uco Donini Club 


Michael A. and Tracy E 

(Malone) Boedewig 
Christopher W. and 

Jeannine M. (Cridge) Calhoun 
Scott and Renee Campbell 

\elis> DeMallie 
Sir. James M. D 
Ms. Linda A. Ewald 
Mr. Jason R. Gilbert 
Ms. Judith A. (Taylor) Goldstein 
Joseph J. McMahon Jr.. E^j 
Ms. Beth (Far-rums* Moreau 
Ms. Janet L Parker 

.n L. Reardon 
Joseph M. Csercsevits and 

Gina M. Russo, CP.A. 
Mr. Fredenck Schwanenbach 
Mr. John T. Williams 
Mr. Michael J. Zitt 

\\ni\ ers\r"» Club 

Ms. Rose M. Davis 

Mr. Charles J. Dinning Jr. 

Mr. Brian M Fish 

Paul M. Hogate, M.A.. LCSW. 

Christopher M. and 

Kathleen (Quigley) Hudak 
Charles P. Keates. Esq. 
Mr. James M. Knepp Jr. 
Tncia A. (Watson) and J. 

Christopher Locate 11 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lutter 
Ms. Laura A. MacPherson 
Ms. Kerr. M. McCortnack 

: C Medurajr.. D.M.D. 
Mr. DamianJ. Mogaveto 
Ms. Mana L (Hams) Morgan 
Mr. Richard E Niwinski Jr. 
Ms. Leslie A. (Blanchard) Stapleford 
Mr. Christopher B. Taulane 



Ms. Allison A. Auld 

Christopher and Jennifer Barbier 

Mr. Michael J. Benrus 

Ms- .Anne K. Bishop 

Ms. Laura J. (Hanson) Brehm 

Ms. Jill S. Caro=a 

Nicholas J. and Si 

iMcKee) Coggins 
Michael A. Consiglio, Esq. 
Gerald Dieckhaus. C.P.A-. C1A. 
Mr. Robert M. Donahue 
Mr. Patnck F. Duffy 
Ms. Kelliann(McGee' F 
Mr. Robert A. Fuller 
Mr- Robert J. Geiss 
Mr. Brian P. Gerrard 
Debra A. Gnes Randall 

Melissa M. Guenther. C.P.A. 
Man A. (Buschka) and 

Joseph R. Hainthaler 
Mr. Stephen A. Hawkins 
Mr. James J. Havbum 
Mr. Joseph J. Hogan 

- Wallitsch) and 

John T Hurd 
Ms Marguerite M. Kane 
Ms Judith B. (Einch) Karas 
Ms. Lois W. Kamicki 
Mr Charles G. Lannutti 
Mr. Victor Leonard 
Kathleen F. (Laiterty ) and 

Martin J. Lewin 
Ms. EUen H. Link 
Ms. Catherine D. 

iMc.Alee^ Lijr-r 
Mr. Mark A. Lunsford 
Mr. Michael T. Lyons 
Ms Kathleen S. MacDonald 
Mr. Arthur G. Marlin Jr. 
Mr. Gregon* S. Maurer 
Ms. Tara A. McCarthy 
Thomas and Bemadette McDennott 
Ms. Pamcia L (Pflegert McGoldnck 
Ms. ManTose P. McGovem 
Michael S. and Lisa M. 

(Giacometri) Minghenelli 
Mr- Robert J. Monk 
Mr. Matthew R. Nunnally 
Mr. Matthew T. O'Bovle 
Mr. Thomas J. O'Farrell 
Ms Denise M. OHara 
Ms. Kimberlee A. 

(Farruggio) Pearson 
Mr. Daniel S. Pelulio 
Mr. Nicholas L Pemajr. 
Jt>seph A. and 

EtnabethJ. (Mullarke-.! Piccolo 
Mrs. Kathleen M- 

(Loughman) Ramsev 
Ms. Elena M. (Snvdet^ Rixlngue: 
Mr. Jonathan D. Roesser 
Mr. Th : 
Tncia L (^chalet) and 

Thomas A. Petrecz Jr. 
Ms. Ltndamane B. (Sands) Schussler 
Patncia K. Dalv and 

Joseph L Simmers 
Mr AlprKTiso Smith 
Ms. Charlene (Dewees) \'aii 
Mr. Jiiseph R. W 
Ms. Jennifer M. (Wucert Wilburn 

Mr Matthew J. Wnght 


San Miguel Club 

Mr. Philip T. Hince 
Mr. Anthom F Verier 

Chairmans Club 

(Sl.OOO -. 

Joseph F. and Susan M. 

- ..uab) Hohenleimer 
Helene T. Gradv and 

Matthew D. Gallagher 
Mr Michael T McLaughlin 

Founders Club 

Richard T. Cadigan. Esq. 
Ms. Jennifer R. (Cole) Davis 
Mr. Daniel L DeStetano 
Theresa K. Travis and John F. Gil! 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr Lawrence C- Berran 
Tracy E. (Malone) and 

Michael A. Boedewig 
Mr. William P. Browne 
Ms. Kathy Brown-Fitzpatrick 
Jeannine M. (Cndge) and 

Christopher W. Calhoun 
Ms Leah M. (Barrett) Finnegan 
Joseph F. and Susan M. 

(Schwab) Hohenleitner 
Ms. Dana Y. King 
Ms Maureen L. McGetrigan 
Ms. Barbara (Lance) Menin 
Mr. Troy H. Pierce 

Annivtrsary Club 

1-14" SZ49) 

Mr. Jeffrey J. Foose 
Dr. Joy M. Gianvittorio and 
Dr. Daniel A. Rakowslci 
Dr. Jennifer M. King 
Mr. Gerald J. Tarantolo Jr. 
Mr Albert T. Venino III 


(Up to Si 

Mr. Daniel J Albrecht 

Andrew R Beck, C V A 

Ms. Bmnella L (Mirarchi) Benales 

Mr. Domtnic P Bonacci Jr. 

Mr. Brian A. Bnider 

Ms. Nancy R. Candito 

Stacey A- (McKee) and 

Nicholas J. Coggins 
Ms. Karen R. (Hagerty) Cohen 
Ms. Barbara A iMurphv) Cristatdi 
Ms. Jennifer E. Curran 
Ms. Kathleen (McCann) DelPtao 
Ms. Linda M. Dix 
Ms. Paget A. Erwin-Donohue 
Mr. Hugh J Fern 
Jenine E. (David) and 

Albert S. Finarelh III 
Mr. Roben E Fischer III 
Ms. Michele A Frislcc 
Ms. Barbara A. Gallen 
Ms. Ann (Brooks) Gavin 
Denise (Maksimow) and 

Steven C. Gingolaski 
Rodger T. and Kristina M 

(Horan) Guerra 
Mr. Thomas R Hall 
Jeffrey W. Hermann, M.D. 
Ms. Lisa(Zacchei) Hill 
Mr. James F. Hoban 
Ms. Lisa A (Hyde) Holloway 
Ms. Christine L Hooper 
Ms. Ardellia T. (McLain) Jones 
Ms. Maryann T. (Fatycz) Juhano 
Ms Angela (Puffy) Kelly 
Ms. Linda Kunka 
Mary Beth (Krauss) and 

Michael I Lee 
Ms. Bernadette (Kummer) 

Martin J. and Kathleen F. 

(Lafferry) Lewin 
Ms Sara D MacNeil 
Mr. Thomas M McCurdy 
Mr. William H McDermott 
Thomas and Bernadette McDermott 
Mr. Peter R. McGahey 
Ms. Kelley A. (O'Malley) McGhee 
Mr. Matthew D. Melinson 
Mr. David C. Mongeluzi 
Mrs. Rosemary R. Morse 
Ms. Bernadette A- (Murray) Nace 
Mrs. Julie A. (Zimmerman) O'Malley 

Mr. David I Owsik |r 

Ms. Christine (Amento) Rath 

Mr. Joseph D Rondinelh 

Ms. Beth A. Ru:icka 

Ms. Kathrvn M t Rudolf) SakauCzki 

John D. Scanish, Psj I 1 

Mary E. and Charles L. Schuster 

Mrs. Maria A. (Sesso) Punzo 

Mr. Terrence J. Shea 

Mr John P. Sheahan 

Mr. David A Spiatt 

Mr. David G. Stasny 

Mr. Jerome J. Steffe 

Ms. Patricia A. Stover 

Mr. Thomas J. Tanttllo 

Ms. Andrea J. (Lapusheski) Vicente 

Mr. Steven K. Weltman 

Mr. Frank M. Wet:ler 

Ms. Irene M [Olkowski) Wick 


University Club 

Susan M. (McErlean) and 
Russell R. Barrett 

Chairman's Club 

(Sl.OOO-52 499) 

Matthew D- Gallagher and 

Helene T Grah, 
Kathryn (Bareis) and 

Raymond A. Ricci 
Mr. Timothy R. Tilson 

Ugo Donini Club 

(S2$0 S499) 

Ms. Cathy J. (Hardman) Bolton 
Ms Deborah I. [Marks] Lake 
CPT Douglas A. LeVien HI 
Kathleen N. (McGovem) and 

Thomas G. Furer 
Heather A. Mclnemey, C.P.A. 
Mr. William P. Mitchell 
Ms. Patricia M. Short 
Stacey M. (Slater) and 

Joseph P. Woratyla 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Ms Dawn E. Cusimano 

Rev. Thomas F. Gardocki, Ps\ i 1 

Karen M. (Liechty) and 

Michael B. Hoban 
Man C. and Leo 1 Mullen Jr. 
Ms. Sharon (Risa) Starr 
Mr \ iktot A Tserkovniouk 

~Young Alumni Club 
($70 S139) 

Mr. Ronald V. DeFeo 111 
Mr. Robert F. Distel 
Kristina M. (Horan) and 

Rodger T. Guerra 
Mr. Anthony J. Kimsal 
Mr. Eric L Kmtschmer 
Ms. Christy E. Marrella-Davis 
Ms. Michelle L. (Fish) McElro\ 
Mr. Patrick J. Moone) 
Mr Edward J Sheed\ |r 
Michael T. Stctliano and 

AmyLynn V. Flood 
Mr. David H. Smith 
James A. and Regina C. 

(Quinn) Sontag 
Ms Audrey J. Tucker 
Ms Catherine Wiley 


(Up to $69) 

Ms. Anne P. Baumher 
Joyce A. (Jelligt and 

Robert J. Bednarek 
Ms Piane M. (Azzolini) Benesi 
Ms. Barbara L. 

(Vandergntt) Bittinger 
Ms Susan L. Burnert 
Mr. John J. Canning 
Mr. Marco D. CaruUi 
Mr Matthew M. Castrina 
Mr. Charlie J. Chants 
Ms Carolyn E- Clear 
Mr. Thomas R. Conway 
Mr Marcanthonj DeLeo 
Ms. Karen M DiStefano-Spring 
Ms. Therese M. (Ungaro) Donahue 
Ms. Ellen I Eidelson 
Ms. Laura E. England 
Sr. Marilyn Foy 

Amy (Lynn) and Daniel S. Fraley 
Ms. Susan M. Gemmell 
Ms. Catherine M ( ieorge 
Steven C and Denise 

(Maksimow) Gingolaski 
Ms. Crystal M Goodrich 
Ms Ann M Graziano 
Colleen A. Gulczynski 

(Kahler] D.O 
Krista M Hirschmann and Kevin F 

Rodowicz, D.O 

Mr Robert P. Hurle\ 

Ms. Amelia K (Horlacher) Jones 

Mr. Timothy R. Kindt 

Mr Steven ] Kobasa 

Ms. Irene J. (Oakley) DiFranco 

Ms. Frances C. McKeown 

Mr. Leo J Mullen III 

Ms. Christine M. (Holier) Mulhn 

Ms. Ava L Norfleet 

Patricia H. and Joseph M Tansi 

Nicole (Shelly) and 

Joseph E.Pilku> III 
Jeanne M. (CumpeD Sandella, D.O. 
Ms Dianna (Arnold) Stderin 
Ms. Lvne^ia A (Crawford) Steward 
Mr. Kurt E Snent: 
Ms. Monica C. Stonone 
Mr. Thomas A. J. Sutton 
Ms I lonna A Tonrev 
Mr. Ronald D. Washington 
Mr William E Waverli 
Roben E. Williams, Esq. 


Dr. Flubacher Club 

Mary Kay (Morrow ) Eind 
Leslie Fan-ell 

San Miguel Club 

($2,500 s , 

Ms Lisa I Cruikshank 

Chairman's Club 

(; 499) 

J. Barry and Carleen D. Dickinson 

Founder's Club 
(S500 S999) 

Ms. Marta V. Alvarez 
Ms. Judith C. Binns 
Mr Lance I Giordano 


Corporate I artners 

Albert Einstein Healthcare Network 
Holiday Inn-City Line 
Independence Blue Cross 
NovaCate Rehabilitation 

Supporting Sponsors 


Beneficial Savings Bank 


Dole Food Packaged Foods 

Finnigan's Wake 

La Salle University Alumni Association 

La Salle University Gtaduate Education 

La Salle University School of Business 

PECO Energy 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

Stout's Chatter Services 

The Ugly Moose 

Wealth Advisory Services 

Gifts in Kind 


Bonnet Lane Family Restaurant 

Finnigan's Wake 

Frank's Family Deli 

Holiday Inn-City Line 

Kirk's Pi::a House 

Krispy Kreme 

La Salle University Campus Store 

Maganty Ford & Chevrolet 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

Spaghetti Warehouse 

The Ugly Moose 

U.S. Airways 

Ugo Donini Club 

Ms. Linda A. (Neu - M irlin 
Adnenne M (Daukaus) and 

Edward T. Cutter 
Ms. Tonya S. (Elln) Harper 
Staci M. (W.lhelm) and 

Derek P. Loranca 

Anniversary Club 

Ms. Diane Bilda 
Ms. Rosalie (Hunter) Ferry 
Ms. Patricia A. Foley 
Mr TlromasJ. France 
Ms. Jennifer A. Hart 
Brian P. and Kristen 

(Dogherty) McVeigh 
Dr Daniel A Rakowslci and 

Dr. Joy M. Gianvittorio 
Mr. Mark A. Rice 1 

Young Alumni Club 

(S70 Sim) 

Ms. Diane M. Heal 

Mr Greg Jacobs 

Mr. Christopher M. Keating 

Bradford C. and 

Stephanie M. (Irvine) Lyons 
Ms. Suzanne L. Moore 
Ms. Marisa P. Pascale 
Ms. Karel L. Pererman 
Ms. Carol L. Ramsey-Smith 
Ms Heather D Smith 
Mi D avid G. Steinbach 


(Up to si... I 

Ms. Kathleen L Bicker 

Ms. Edithann M. Bohh 

Ms. Amans (Rodriguez) Brown 

Mr. Neil Clovei 

Mr. Kevin D. Corr 

Dr. Carol Anne Dillon 

Mr. Richard M Fitzpatrick 

Mr. Jeffrey J. Ganter 

CPT Wayne J. Gavin 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Mr. Jerry S. Gilbert 

Mr Andrew H. Giorgi 

Ms. (Catherine M. Gunn 

Mr Stanley A. Guogas Jr. 

Mr. Renault W. Ham 

Ms. Gale Hewitt 

Mr lames J. Johnston 

Mr. Christopher J. Kane 

Mr. Derek G. Kephart 

Jennifer M. (Pessillo) and Matthew 

S. Klein 
Ms. Maureen (McGeehan) MacNair 
Kathleen R. (O'Hara) and 

Michael P. McGeehan 
KimL. (Dickey) and 

Robert J. Meusel 
Mr. Neerav B. Mull 
Mr Stephen F. Obarski 
Ms. Susan E. (Lindruth) Orehowslo, 
Ms. Dorothy E. Parke 
Ms. Sandra M. Searle 
Ms Yen Tieu 
Mi Carl A- Tori 
Mr. Michael Vardarojr. 
M Regina E. Weber 


Chairman's Club 

Kathleen T. (Brennan) and 
William J. Jones Jr. 

Mr Lawrence J. Logan 

Founder's Club 
(S500 S999) 

Mr. Thomas A. Leonard |r 
Ms Maura E. (Gaffhey) Nash 

Ugo Donini Club 

Mr. Thomas M. Denno 
Derek P. and Staci M. 

(Wilhelm) Loranca 
Ms. [oanne M (ShieffU r) 

Ms. Shamn (Pennington) Speai 

Anniversary Club 

($140 S249) 

1 Patrick and Christine M 

(Donahue) Doogan 
Mr. Peter J. Dougherty lr 
Mr Edward J. Fomias 111 

Kevin S. and 

Jennifer M. (Thomec:ek) Gerry 
Ms Fiona M. Jarvis 
Ms Margaret L. Mitchell 

Young Alumni Club 
(S70 S139) 

Mr Daniel Burke 
Ms. Linda A Calcagni 
Mr. Thomas J. Campbell 
Mr. I Vimel J. Cluna 
M Susan C. Fallon 
Frances M. and 

John P. Gallagher. Esq. 
Mrs. Laura D. (Fyfe)Jaskot 
Rosemar) A. ( Brennan) and 

John P. McGonigle 
Donna Kolodziej Peek 
Ms. M ^usan Tuk 
Mr Robert R. Warner Jr. 
Mr William A. Wilkins It 


(i p cc S69) 

Angela P. and Frank T Alcaraz 
Hannelore T and 

Francis C. Barbien Jr., Esq. 
Mr. John F Brayshaw Si 
Ms. Maria S. Bucco 
Ms. Bemice E (Clark) Bumey 
Ms Melissa A. (Heider) Companicl 
Ms Bethanne M Dadario 
Ms Mayra A. Diaz 
Christine M. Dieckhaus, Ph.D. 
Mr. David M Fiss 
Ms. Anne M. (Sweeney) Foley 
Ms. Kathleen P. Gross 
Mr UttR\ M Harrer 
Ms Betty '\ (Beck) II. 
Ms Luq (Childress) Hufl 
Ms \ alerie D. Ji >hnson 
Eliza A (Cbmodromos) .mA 

Paul A. Langan 
Ms I nthia (Force) Limber! 
Mr Francis L Mangini 1 
Mr. John D. McGinty 
Ms. Colleen M McN.ilK 
Ms. Cynthia (Novak) Narofl 

Ms Kathleen (Taylor) Nolan 
Mr [esse M Ruber 
Mr. Brian F Santangelo 
Ms. Dolores M. Seif 
Ms. Loredana B Sesso 
Ms Kirstm B. Shrom 
Ms, Lori A. (Sihelnik) Stabinski 
Ms. Helene B. Teufel 
Ms. Sara ( > VanSani 
Ms. Diane O Wagner 
Nnnee L. (Wagner) and 
Daniel T. Hohan Jr. 
Mr. Keith R. W.lkerson 


Chairman's Club 

(s s 2 499) 

Mr. Frank T. Crohn 

Mr. Joseph G. Domhrow-ki 

Founder's Club 

(SSOO Smmoi 

Ms. Judith A. Hoffman 
Mr Eric M McNeil 
Mr. Taul M. Walchak 

Ugo Donini Club 
CS250 S4 

Thomas A. and Sarah L. Hopkins 
Mary Lou and 

Richard M. Moniahn. M.D. 
Lisa M. Donahue and 

Kenneth I. Rose 111 

Anniversary Club 
(S140 S249) 

Mi ' 'r.itt.Ti D. Chase lr 

< hrUtine M iLY.nahue) and 

I Patrick Doogan 
Ms. Theresa Bengal 
Jennifer M. (Thomeczek) and 

Kevin S. Gerry 
Mr. MarkG. Haigh 
Mr Joseph W. Markmann 
Patricia ElaineThomas 

Young Alumni Club 
($70 5139) 

Mr Paul J. Benish 

Ms Mary L. Benner 

Kori A Connelh, , Esq 

Ms. Demse (Champagne) Morris 

Regina C (Quinn) and 

James A. Sontag 
Ms Kn-nna L Wahl 


(Up toS69) 

Frank T. and Angela P. Alcara: 

Ms. Rita D. Ballinger 

Mr. Frederick C. Bloesch 

Ms. Deborah A. Boedewig 

Ms. Denise A. Casey 

Ms Deborah A. (Pilla) Castellano 

Ms. Theresa L. t Jooi 

Ms Monica (Pasztalaniec) Dave) 

Ms. Bernadette B. Dice ion 

Ms [eanC S I Settembrino) Dolan 

Mr. Timothy M. EspositO 

Mr Brian \'. Gallagher 

Ann M. (GalLi^lx r) and Eric I Till 

Mi Joel M. Greco 

Mr. John Gnllone 

M- i ileen A. Haneiko 

Ms. Michelle S. (Messina) Henry 

Ms. Shirley E I (owe 

Mr. Ivan Kas;e:ak 

Ms Dorothy A Klunek 

Mr. Jeffrey R LaMonica 

Jennifer L. tRuecer) and 

David C. Lehsk\ 

Ms Mane T. \ Burke) Markuszka 
Mr. Edward T. McFarlane 
Ms. Heather D. Meehan 
Ms. Nicole B. Miller 
Kristin M. (Murray) and 

Timothy J. Nash 
Ms. Catherine A. Pajakinas 
Ms. Kathleen A. Pavalkis 
Mr. Mark J. Pont:er 
Ms MaryannE (CourdufT) Redlingei 
Mr- Marilyn F (Lehlbach) Riley 
Mr Anthony R Russo 111 
Mr. Lucas A. Ryan 
Mr Michael T Schaeler 
Elizabeth J. (Miller) and 

Brian A Schaller 
Mr. Michael C. Si) Isl 1 
Diana A. (Portillo) and 

Trov D. Sisum 
M- Man 1 A. Steit: 
Ms. Joj A r^opmski 
Mr. Michael R. Taylor 
James E. Townst-nd, D O. 
Mr Joseph T. Tresnan 111 
EduardoA VillegSS, M-S.W and 

Rosemary A Barbera, PhD 
Mr. Mark A. WaLh 
Ms Christi A Weston 


San Miguel Club 

Margaret M. (Breshn) and 

William J. Markmann. M.D. 

Chairman's Club 

(Si, 000 >: 4 "■.. 1 
Mr. Robert E. Reidy 

Ugo Donini Club 
(S250-M 1 '") 

Ms Jud\ (Stefanki) Allison 

Matthew and Came Berran 
Mr. Christopher n . Picollo 

Mr. M. Raymond Roscnhluni 

Anniversary Club 


Mr. Troy A. Harry 
Mr. Joseph M. Huber 
Amy (Clark) and Tern Lynch 
Thomas I Sinclair )i , M.D. 

Young Alumni Club 


Ms. Allison S. Adair 

Mary L. (Fromuth) Alford 

Ms. Shannon Blackburn 

Mr. Cesidio V. Colasante 

Mr FduardW. Colferjr. 

Mr. Nicholas L. D'Addezm 

Mr Stephen DeCesare 

Ms. Charlene A. (Grant) Gilmore 

Ms Flirabech A. Griffin 

Mr. Christopher P. Lydon 

Ms. Michelle A. (Priestley) Rathbun 

Ms. Alyson L. Stone 

Ms. Susan (Williams) Byrne 

Ms. Huey-Jen Lin Wu 


(Up to s,,.,| 

Ms. Nicole Ambrosini 

Ms Sandra M Bonazza 

M- Colleen M Bruno 

Ms. Jeanette Danvers 

Ms Julia L. (Stevens) Davis 

Ms. Carol B. (Kinney) Drummond 

Mr Michael J. Gatti 

Ms. Erin M. (Puharic) Giordano 

Mr Paul D. Goldhammei 

Ms. Wendolyn R. Grace 

Ms. Teresa A. Gresko 

Ms. Jill (Fluehr) Gross 

Mr. Andrew Gwiazda 

M.s. Jessica L. (Edelhauser) Hamilton 

Mr Brian M Kenned) 

Ms I /nthia I Long 

Ms. Linda L, (Boflnger) LuD 

Ms. Geraldine J (Craige) McDonnell 

Ms. Robin L. (Koch) McGill 

Timothy J. and 

Kristin M. (Murray) Nash 
Sara J. (Chiappa) O'Brien. C.P.A 
Ms. Catherine Pacrkowski 
Mr Thomas A Peters 
Mr James I Ross 

Ms T hl\ 1 M (Lijewski) Salloom 
Mr Matthew J Santillo 

Ms. Michelle K. Shegda 
Tri i\ 1 >. and 

Diana A (Portillo) Sisuni 
Ms. Mane J. (Benincavil Smolenski 
Ms. Patricia A. Tn mbisl 1 
Ms Erin T. Vi::a 
Ms. Anne (Dickson) Woods 
Ms. Jams (Carhn) Wo:ar 


Chairman's Club 

Jeffrey J. Chrin, C.P.A. 

Founder's Club 

Mr Trey P Ulrich 

Ugo Donini Club 

Ms. Michelle E. Bernsicin 
Matthew and Came Berran 
Mr. Colin C. Dooley 
Mr lohn T Lohnjr. 
Ms. Carolyn M 


Anniversary Club 

(S 140 -S 249) 

Ms. Traci L. Cook 

Mr. Stanley F. Eliasjr. 

Ms. Roxanne M. Hughes 

Mr. Howard S- Kncer 

Ms Knsry L. Kuhn 

Ms. Cheryhn L (Fd^.irds) Rush 

Mr. Dean H. Sciorillo 

Ms Monica Shields 

Ms. Harriet C. Wolff 

Young Alumni Club 
(S70 S139) 

Mr. Brien M. Bell 
Mr. Nicholas S Cavallaro 
Mr. Michael P. Gallagher 
Ms. Jamie Lynn Longo 
Ms. Jane M. (Keller) Mack 
Ms. Deanna E. Monroe 
Mr. Christian J S.ittic 1 
Mr. David I Schalleui 
Linda M. (Stor:) and 

Philip J. Grut:macher 
Ms. Lisa M. Thomer 
Mr. Gregory C. Wagner 
Ms. Marilyn (Bier) Winiecki 
Nancy A. (Haig) and 

John M. Wisniewski 


(Up to S69) 

Ms. Caroline A Brennan 

Ms. Kathenne E Bristei 

Ms Megan J. Carey 

Mr. Gene J. Clean 

Ms. Danielle Cockinj: 

Ms. Wanda Dia: 

Ms. Patricia H. Doyle 

Ms. Wendi T (O'Boyle) Duffy 

Ms. Bonnie L Ernco 

Mrs. Deborah J. (Thomson I 

Fanale.CP \ 
Ms. Nancy L. Fusco 
Ms. Melissa M. Gleason 
Mr. Alexander M Grot! 
Ms. Denise M. Krystopa 
Mr. Thomas Lang 
Ms. Christine M. (White) Leh,sk\ 
Mr. Kenneth R. Liheratore 
Mr. Joseph M. Longo 
Mr. John D. Lottier 
Kristofer S. Matullo, M 1 ) 
Ms. Carletta Mays 
Ms. Maria L McDermott 
Ms. Beth Ann T Moody 
Jennifer Myers 
Ms. Jennifer E- Neill 
Mr. Brian N. O'Grady 
Ms. Erin C. Boyce 
Ms. Stephanie M Tinto 
Ms. Carol S. Ramsey 
Ms. Rebecca M. Ras:ewski 
Ms. Gramatiki Rigas 
Mr. Joseph T. Ryan 
Ms, Maureen E Scollon 
Mr Limes R. Startare 
Ms. Annmane M. Terelle 
Ms. Audrey L. Thompson 
Eric J. and Ann M. (Gallagher) Till 


Honor Roll of Donors 2005-2004 

Mr, Edward Tomassetti 
M- Staca Urie 
Mr. Gabriel P. \ izza 
Ms Agnieszt iO (< laweska 
W ojciehowski 


Founder's Club 

Mr. Paul R. Thompson 

Ugo Donini Club 
[S150 S499) 

Ml eenG. Khalifa 
Mi Frank] MoffalV 

Anniversary Club 

Ms. ( iloria 1 (Grady ) Cissne 

Ms I It rnna M. Mass 

Mr. Thomas V McAndrew 

Mr. Brum P. Pugliese 

Ms, Jane lErvin) Russ 

Mr Robert F. Sautter Jr. 

Young Alumni Club 

S i (9) 

Ms. Karen F (Heisrand) Ambiosine 

Ms Christine (Fieri) Barnhart 
Mr Robert R Buber 
Mr. Raymond I DiLissioJr 
Ms M.m E Ellis 
Mr. Raymond P. Friedman 
Mr. Er.ckS Hyde 
Ms. Melissa Martinez 
Ms. Tern R. McAllister 
Ms. LeighAnne Murphy 
Ms r ira M. Nicolo 
Mr Mark P SchugSta 
Mr Donald M Tuohey 
Mr Charles A. White 
Ms Maria L. Whitman 
|. ihn M and Nancy A. 
(Haig) Wisniewsl > 
Ms ( Catherine A W oods 


(Up to S69) 

Ms, Carolyn C. (Hatch) Brescia 
Mr Todd A. Brinkos 
Ms (adyn C, (Bernard) Carugno 
loanne M 

Mr Mark A ( olliet 

Mr Matthew P. Conville 

Ms Audrey A. 

(Rawlinson) ( j sgr ive 
I Mary T. Crawford 
Ms. Kimberly I 1 kale 
Mr Anthony J. DiMeo 
Mr. Eric G. Dorse) 

Mr Mark I Dorsey 

Ms. Maureen T. Dougherty 

Ms. Zee F. Feinberg 

Mr. Edward V. Ferns 
Mr. Ruben J Gibbons 
Ms Eileen P Golden 
Ms i andace M. Harris 
Ms Stacy E Harris 
Mi Sung Geun |o 
Ms. Lisa Kimelheim 
■ ile M Knox 
Mr. Frans S. ! <■■ 

Mr ke\ in F. Lee 
Ms. Maureen Lichtner 
Ms Tracy L Mann 
Mi Sean F McDevitt 

Ms. Theresa M McMonagle 
Ms. Anne C. Muller 
Mr. Kevin E. Myles 
Mr Michael P. O'Farrell 
Ms. Susan E. Patrick 
Ms Margaret M I 
Ms. Toniann A. Ra::i 
Mr Richard S. Rekos 
Ms Colleen M Smith 
Ms. Erin S. (Smyth) Wcnzel 
Ms Sarom Sok 
Mr. Samuel J. Spoto 
Ms. Jill L. Terch 
Mr William S. Thorp 
Ms. Carolyn S. Truxell 
Ms. Diana L. Wemlein 
Ms. Victoria A Wesi 
Mr. David J.Witulski 
Ms. Karen (Roach' W ynn 
Mr. Thomas G. Yaegel 


Founder's Club 

Kathleen A. (Bagnell) and 
John P. Finn. 

Ugo Donini Club 

: in H. Bamett 
Mr. Gregory F Bl 
Judith A. (Drobile) and 

Daniel P. Joyce Jr 
FrancineJ. iHandrord) Lottier 
Richard E. Mshomha and 

Elaine O- Msh 
Mr Michael \\ I 

Anniversary Club 

Mr. Daniel F. Aquilmo 

Mr. Allen C Becker 

Mr Michael Cavallaro 

Ms. Bemadette M. Ditnch 

Ms. Felicia H- (Gordon) Riehman 

Ms. Helene Holmes 

Ms. Joan E- King 

Mr Brian E Kordeck 

Ms. Alicia Santelli 

Mr. Matthew Topley 

Young Alumni Club 

Mr. Albert Alven Jr. 
Mr. Joseph Biondo 
Mr Timothy Breen 
MeghannM \Keppard)and 

Matthew C. Chiappa 
Mr. Edward J Conway III 
Mr. Christopher M. Cummins 
Ms. Doreen A I V is 
Mr William M RcPatrick _ 
Ms. Karen D, Gaedke 
Mr David G. Greer 
Anita and Angelo Guzzardi 
Ms Meaghan (Cm:) Harris 
Mr, Eric Hoey 
John J. Kelly, M.D. 
Ms. Julie A- Leusner 
Mr. Robert J. Levins 
Ms. Man, K. McGettigan 
Mr Allan J. Medwick 
Mr. Jame- C. Morrow 
Ms. Roseann Silenzio 
Mr. John J. Sullivan Jr. 
Mr Brian C, Turner 


(Up to S69) 

Mr. Christopher S Beadting 
Mr Joseph M Bednarek 
R. hen I and Joyce A. 

(Jellig) Bednarek 
Ms Patricia C Bell 
Ms Marianne Bellesorte 
Ms Christine M. Benincasa 
Ms Roseanne R Capaccio 
Ms, Kane I Crocker 
Ms Kimberly B. Delany 
Mr. Ke* in A. Donnelly 
Ms. Tena M. Emmanuel 
It James 1 Figorski 
Ms. Deborah A (Yakubik) Forgione 
Mr. James O. Greene 
Dt William F. Haynes Jr. 
Ms. Joanne M. Herman 
Mr. David J. Kasievich 
Ms. Erin L. Lenox 
Ms. Courtney L. Liehel 
Mr. Jeffrey I M irkowski 
Ms Lauren A. McDermott 
Ms. Brenna McLaughlin 
Ms. Melissa A. McVey 
Ms RinaR Patel 
Mr. David R. Pomni 
Karen Pourby, O.S.F. 
Joseph A. and loanne M. 

(Dolack) Ouattrone 
Ms Marlene T. Rorke 
Mr lame- M. Townsend Sr. 
Ms Marie A (Wojcik) Wolanin 
Ms Elisabetra M Zodeiko 


Founders Club 

Mi [ohn S T 1 1 

Ugo Donini Club 

tul M. Volosin 

Vnniversaio Club 
(S140 5249) 

Ms Lisa A. Bamelli 
Mr Ph.hp R. Brunozzijr. 
Ms Rosemary A. Fallon 
Mr Andrew P. Meager 
Mr. Paul V Palaruan 
\h laredO. Ridder 
Ml Nicholas J. Speers 
Ms. Esther C. W oolei 

Young Alumni Club 
($70 S139) 

Mr Robert Bell 
Ms. Marilyn A. Bergner 
Mr. [oseph S. Franco 11 
Mr Andrew C. Greth 
Ms. Bethany L Hudak 
Ms Megan E. Kite 
Mr Matthew R Moral e 
Mr Jabari A. O'Garro 
Ms. Kathleen Rupert 
Mr |osephC W ird 


(I ptoS69) 

Ms Fortunata T. Berardi 

Ms Rachael H Bey 

Mr \i ishua L. Bnnklev 

Ms. Tina M. (Nelson 1 C arn m \ 















Ms DoloresM Cassidy 
Ms. Jullian 1- Conochan 
Ms 1. hristina T I 
Mr Stephen W. Crognale (r. 
Ms, M, Leigh Anne Daniels 
Ms. Leigh-Ann Detssroth 
Ms |enna M Dykie 
David P. Gerstman, M.D 
Ms Marguerite A Hall 
Mr [ohn M Manna 
Ms I oleenE Hill 
Ms. Frances L. lannelli 
Ms Mary E Keunecke 
Ms |ennifer * I. Lucas 
Ms \un I Madden 
Ms Mil: m M Mail 'i ino 
Mr 1 harles I Malone 
Ms. Kristin A Mt Menamin 
Mi S onl 

Mr Anthi my I Nanni 
Ms Sua hi M Nespola 
Ms. hll M Nicoletti 
Ms fessica F O'Neill 
Ms. Marilyn S. Orr 
Ms ' ienevra Rossman 
Ms. Kathleen A Ruby 
Christina SadlowskJ 
Mr William P Scheei 
Ms Lenora C Thrower 
Ms. Erica D. Tollini 
Mr. Benjamin M Troisi 
Ms. Carol A I ccell. rn 

Mr. Todd J. Warner 

Ms. Lauren E. \\ 1 bei 
Ms Ri isalind Wilson 


Founder's Club 

Mr. Thorn ts G * ' 11 ■■ l 

Ugo Donini ( lub 

itrickj Feeley 
Ms Margarei A Kane 

Anniversary Club 

Ms Patrit ia \ 1 
Mr. Thom 1 M 1 
Dr. Larry x Scidman 

Young Alumni Club 
($70 5139) 

Mr. Michael A. Benscotet 
Mr. Jason T. Corcoran 
le C. DiGiulio 
Ms. Christiann M. Griffith 
Ms Soloraiya Login 
Mr James H. Ryan 


1 1 p to $69) 

Ms Amy A Baran 

Ms Shannon M. Bauer 

Ms- \ arissa A Bender 

Mr. Colin J. Benner 

Mr Todd J Binkowski 

Ms. Chnstan M. Byrne 

Ms. Ann M. Christian 

Mr. Kevin M. Cole 

Ms. Colleen M. Davin 

Mr. Emir Dedic 

Mr. Thomas J. Driscoll 

Ms. MarybethK. Du Till 

Mr. Anothony L. Gabriele 

Ms. Christa M. Gardner 

Ms. Nancy M. Hughes 

Mr. Christopher M. Kaley 

Ms. Linda M Kasprzak 

Elizabeth S. and Michael I Kaufrman 

Mr. John P. Linden 

Mr. Michael P. Man-en 

Mr. Michael J. Mullen 

Ms, Jane E. (Machowski) Nugent 

Ms. Jennifer C. O'Brien 

Mr Michael F. Pelosi 

Ms. Christine A. Ren:i 

Ms. Jocelyn Camille Savenelli 

Mr. Stephen R. Schayer 

Mr. David M. Smith 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Smith 

Mr. Robert V Stacl 

Ms. Yordanos R. Tela 

Ms. Mar, E Ubbens 




Mr Nicholas Delia Vecchia 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Young Alumni Club 
(s 7G S139) 

Ms. Britney A. Barber 
Mr. Richard M. D'Ulisse Jr. 
Mr. Anthony]. Franchini 
Me. Joseph F. Harrison IV 
Mr. Gregory J. Kaiser Jr. 
Ms. Marjorie C. Springer 


(Up to S69) 

Ms. Alexis R. Abate 
Mr. Jason P- Ager 
Mr. Wilham J. Andreoni 
Mr. Christopher C. Andris 
Ms. Eli:abeth S. Ashton 
Ms. Hope C. Banchi 
Ms. Lauren Barone 
Mr. John D. Bates 
Ms. Yolanda Bauhof 
Ms. Elise A. Behm 
Mr. Darren M. Behuniak 
Ms. Maureen M. Berard 
Ms. Cristin M. Bieretz 
Ms. Jennifer L. Blaney 
Mr. Shawn T. Bleiler 
Ms. Kelly M. Bohrer 
Mr. John Joseph Brady 
Ms. KrystenJ. Brockington 
Ms. Lindsay A. Burke 
Ms. Stephanie L. Buitows 
Mr. Robert J. Bu<h 
Mr. Carmen J. Calvanese 
Mr. Bryan E. Campbell 
Ms. Kate Marie Campbell 
Mr. Patrick James Campbell 
Ms. Catherine (Maloney) Carchidi 
Ms. Kristin J. Cardullo 
Mr. Robert Carrasquillo II 
Mr. Francesco Ciaburri 
Ms. Bemadette M. Ciaravino 
Ms. Alexis (Conty) Ciccimaro 
Ms. Amanda E. Clark 
Ms. Angela C. Colletta 
Mr. Thomas P. Collins 
Ms. Susan E. Connor 
Mr. Matthew A. Coughlan 
Ms. Kimberly Michelle Coughlin 
Mr. Peter D. Daly- 
Ms. Jacqueline L. Damato 
Ms. Renee M. D'Angelo 
Ms. Havlev A. Danser 
Mr. Thomas W. Davis 
Ms. Sarah E. Davis 
Ms. Christine L. Delisi 
Ms. Laurie R. Dely 
Ms. Jacqueline M. DeMedio 
Mr. Matthew A. DeMizio 
Ms. Linsay A. DeMuth 
Mr. Patrick A. DeRespinis 
Ms. Lianne R. Dictor 
Ms. Amanda C. DiGiandumeniLo 
Mr. David G. DiGio\.inni 
Mr. DennisJ.Dilks 
Ms. Jeanette M. Dixon 
Ms. Megan A. Donahue 
Mr. Matthew J. Donnelk 
Ms. X.ualie A. Doron 
Ms. Katie A. Dougherty 
Ms. Colleen M. Dowling 
Mr. Timothy Duffv 
Mr. Thomas P. Dykie 
Ms. Alison B. Eaton 
Ms. Allison M. Eckert 
Mr. Jason R. Eggert 
Mr. Patrick L. Elder 
Mr Matthew C. Elliott 
Ms. Mary K. Erb 
Ms Julie S. Enckson 

Ms. Susan F. Eskate 

Ms. Mary T. Modes 

Mr. Gregory J. Fala 

Mr. John P. Mulrov 

Ms. Alicia J. Falkinburg 

Mr. David A. Murphy- 

Mr. Michael P. Ferenschak 

Ms. Lauren C. Murphy 

Ms. Michelle C. Feriod 

Ms. Caitlin E. Murray 

Ms. Jennifer L. Fiolo 

Ms Stephanie Neri 

Mr. Jeremy R. Fisher 

Mr. Shawn P. Nies 

Ms. Erin K. Fitzpatrick 

Ms. Donna C. Norman 

Mr. Brian O. Flynn 

Mr Richard J. Nulty Jr. 

Ms. Maureen E. Flynn 

Ms. Kristin E. Ochal 

Ms. hllun M. Fomito 

Mr. Grant E. Okagawa 

Ms. Kristi M. Foster 

Ms. Katianne O'Neill 

Ms. Lucia M. Franco 

Mr. Andrew M. Ostaszew^ki 

Ms. Colleen E. Gallagher 

Ms. Kristen M. Overrurt 

Mr. Joseph D. Gallo 

Ms. Paige L. Parad\ 

Mr. Philip A. Gambino 

Mr. Michael J. Pansi 

Ms Reja A. Gamble 

Mr. Kiel B. Parker 

Ms. Shannon M. Garrett 

Mr. Matthew C. Pascucci 

Ms. Michele M. Gentile 

Ms. Katie E. Patterson 

Ms. Bemadette Gillen 

Ms. Jennifer R. Payne 

Ms. Marianne E. Gillespie 

Ms. Marion R. Peachey 

Mr. Neil T. Gilligan 

Ms. Brenda A. Pica 

Mr. Joshua R. Gilmore 

Mr. Rasheed Quadri 

Mr. William N. Gleason 

Ms. Colleen M. Quigley 

Ms. Heather K. Gosciniak 

Ms. Dana L. Quiyltn 

Mr. Edward F- Green 

Mr. Matthew J. Quinn 

Ms. Tracy A. Guenther 

Ms Megan L. Rafferti 

Ms. Xtaoyan Guo 

Mr. Todd A. Reckamp 

Ms. Colleen M. Haig 

Ms. Lauren A. Reilly 

Mr. Brum C. Henry- 

Mr William Reilly 

Ms. Amanda M. Hartman 

Ms. Leila M. Rellini 

Ms. Danielle M. Heenev 

Mr. David C. Roberts 

Mr. Andrew P. Hickev 

Mr. Erie Ross 

Ms. Jennifer Higgins 

Ms. Horentina Ruiz 

Ms krutin Hoffman 

Ms Maryann Russo 

Mr. Matthew M. Hopkins 

Ms. Jennifer Ru::i 

Mr. Andrew J. Hughes 

Ms. Susan M Savidgc 

Mr. Christopher I. Hughes 

Ms. Jennifer M. Scalora 

Mr. Jonathan D. Hunt 

Mr. Craig M. Schiavo 

Mr. Kyle D. Hunt 

Mr. Ryan P. Schrank 

Mr. Matthew A. Isbrecht 

Mr. Bryan E. Screws 

Ms Vmy M. Jacoby 

Mr. Christopher M Seaver 

Ms. Kristin L. Jannelli 

Ms. Kimberly A. Sheridan 

Mr. Miguel A. Jones 

Mr. Keith P. Simons 

Ms. Jennifer M. Kaiser 

Ms. Lon M. Simpson 

Ms. Rachel M. Kendall 

Ms. Colleen M. Slowery 

Ms. Emily B. King 

Ms. Stacey L. Smith 

Mr. Brian P. Knuettel 

Mr. Daniel F. Somavilla 

Mr. Brian A. Koch 

Mr. Marcos Soriano 

Mr Anthony M. Koehl 

Ms. Amanda D. Spalding 

Mr. James E. Kotkiewic: 

Ms. Lynn M. Spiegel 

Ms. Joan M. Kushnerock 

Mr. John D. Sprandio 

Ms. Michelle M. Ladyansky 

Ms Melissa A. Srypulkoski 

Mr Matthew M. Lallv 

Ms. Erin Sullivan 

Ms. Danielle N. Landwher 

Ms. Margaret M. Swart: 

Mr. Jason E. Langsner 

Ms. Rebecca A. Tanghe 

Mr. Evan W. Lane 

Ms. Allison C. (Murphvl Ta\lor 

Ms. Maria C. Lehr 

Mr. Donald A. Thompson 

Mr. Justin J. Leo 

Ms Nimantha N. Thompson 

Ms. Cathy-Jo Mackus 

Ms. Karen M. Toner 

Mr. Ryan D. MacLuckie 

Mr. Michael Trainor 

Mr. Jeffrey R. Madden 

Ms. Gina M. Trasatti 

Mr Michael J. Maier 

Ms. Jamie D. Trinkle 

Ms. Regina M. Marchiondo 

Mr. Matthew R. Ulmer 

Ms. Marielle C. Martino 

Ms. Cecile Van Oppen 

Ms. Teresa McAleese 

Mr. Joseph A. Violi 

Mr. James J. McCafferty |r. 

Mr. Frank A. Vogt 

Mr. Stephen R. McCracken 

Mr. Timothy C- Warner 

Mr. Adam R. McGrath 

Ms Fania A. Waterman 

Ms. Colleen B. McKelvey 

Ms. Jennifer G. Weldon 

Mr. Paris L. McLean 

Ms Theresa Wetherhold 

Ms. Katherine C. McTamany 

Mr. Bret J. White 

Mr 1. Merk III 

Ms. Christina A. White 

Ms. Jennifer A. Messner 

Mr William F. Wiegman 

Mr. Matthew J. Michel 

Ms. Lauren J. Wojcik 

Ms. Jennifer A. Miller 

Ms. Danielle E. Woods 

Mr. Joseph J. Miller 

Mr. Ravmond Yantosh Jr. 

Mr. John K. Mmzhell 

Mr John L Zazworskey 

Mr. Eric MofYett 

Mr. Joseph D. Monforto 

Ms. Eileen M. Morrison 

Ms. Tanisha K. Morton 

Parents, Faculty, 
Staff, and Friends 

President's Club 

(550.000 and above) 

G. Dennis O'Brien, Ph.D. 
Mr- Joseph E Slawek 

University Club 



Mr. and Mrs. G. Fred DiBona Jr. 

Mr. Michael T. Fox 

Morton S. Mandell, M.D. 

Drs. Zane R. and Charles J. Wolf III 

Dr_ Flubacher Club 

Mr. Brian Cullen 
Mr. Sidney J. MacLeod Jr. 
Laura and Marc McKenna 
Patrick J. O'Connor, Esq. 
Estate of Mary V. Tomasco 
JohnD. Zook.C.P.A. 

San Miguel Club 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Brian Elderton 

Br. Gabriel A. Fagan, F.S.C., Th D 

Mr. Peter G. Gould 

Ralph and Cinda Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee M Hymerling 

Mr. James N. Leary 

Mr. Richard D. Lofink 

Mr. Brian McCormick 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McEwen 

Helen F. North, Ph.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wlodarczyk 

Chairman's Club 

(M i.h>o-:>2,499) 

Dr. and Mrs. Albert F. Argenziano 

Mr. William J. Avery 

Lester B. Barenbaum, Ph.D. 

Aleksandar and Bojana Bene 

Mrs. Betty M. Bott 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Boudwin 

Thomas M. Brennan, Ed.D. 

Mr. Kirk Brinton 

Mr. and Mrs. Sal Caimano 

Alan and Debbie Casnoff 

Dr. John F. Connors 3rd 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Cornfeld 

Ms. Sandra L. Curry 

Mrs. Brian P. Damiani 

Mr ind Mrs. Thomas Dolan 

Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy, Ph.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Dunleavy 

Dr. and Mrs. R. Lawrence Dunworth 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Eisele 

Mr Brian Ellerson 

Mr. Edward J. Fnel III 

Mrs. Phyllis CGulick 

Valerie A. Ellerson and 

Patrick E. Hanraty 
Mr. A. Bruce Heck 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jones Sr. 
Thomas A. Keagy. PhD. 
Bruce A. Leaubv, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lee 
Mr. Francis J. McGarveyJr. 
James F. and 

Margaret M. McManus, Ph.D. 
John B. and 

Barbara C. Millard. Ph.D. 
Lynn E. Miller, Ph.D. 
Mr Nathan Miller 

Mr. William H. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Nelson 

Mr. Edward A. Nickerson 

Mr. Philip G.Perry 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Pisch 

Vincenr C- A- Scully Jr., Esq. 

Mr. Bertrand L. Smith 

Mr. Tau! D. Smith 

James A. Talaga, Ph.D. 

YusufJ.Ugras, Ph.D. 

Founders Club 


Dr. and Mrs. Todd J. Albert 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Berenato 
Susan C. Borkowski, Ph.D. 
Ms. Gretchen Burke 
Mr. James Coleman 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Conevs Sr. 
Mr Lew Cook 
Dr. and Mrs. 

Chalmers E. Cornelius III 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Dauwer 
Joseph DelRaso, Esq. 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. DeMuth 
Mr. Nick DiCicco 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dolan 
Fred J. Foley Jr., Ph.D. 
Mr. James C. Ford 
Mr. W. Carson Fullmer 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Graham 
Mr. Thomas Grogan 
Rev. Kenneth P.J. Hallahan 
Mr. Nelson G. Harris 
Mr. John D. Heenan 
Dr. and Mrs. Lance N. Horwitz 
Mr. Alexander L. Hoskins 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Lazor 
Mr. Arnold Leibowit: 
Thomas J. and Elizabeth R. 

(Leneweaver) Lochner 
Paul D. McCann, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. George S. McElhtnney 
The McGowan Family 
Ms. Georgette M. Most 
Mr and Mrs. Edward A. Murphy 
Richard A. Nigro, Ph.D. 
James J. Owens, Esq. 
Mr. and Mr. Ronald M. Raab 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Reed 
Rosina and Francis J. Ryan, Ph.D. 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Scofield 
Joseph Seltzer, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Sheldon 
Ms. Mary Snyder 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Stafford 
Scott E. Stickel, Ph.D. 
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Tekel 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Truitt 
Anne M. Walsh, D.S.W. 
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wolfe 
Tamara L- Zurakowski, Ph.D. 
Patti R. Zuzelo, Ed.D., R.N., C.S. 

Ugo Donini Club 

Ms. Robinette (Ramsey) Barnes 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Bastien 
James A. and 

Maryanne R. Bednar, Ph.D. 
Mrs. Rosemary T. Bender 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Bennett 
Suzanne Boyll, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Brown 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Brown 
Mr. James A. Burke 
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph L- Cahata 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Callaghan 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Calvert Jr. 
Ms. Genevieve M. Carlton 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Creedon Sr 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chromiec Jr. 

Ms. Roberta G. Devries 

Mr. and Mrs C. Clayton Echan 

Mr Michael J. Emnu 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J Fales 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J- Ferenschak 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ginty 

Richard Goedkoop. Ph.D. 

Mr and Mrs Albert D Goldhammer 

Mr .md Mrs. John S. Grady 

Ms. Vera (Duvall) Guttmann 

Mr. William D. Hahn 

Dr. and Mrs Arthur H. Haves Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Heisler 

Ms, Marilyn A. Hill 

Dr. and Mrs. S. Jay Hirsh 

Alice L. Hoersch, Ph.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hogan 

Sarah L. and Thomas A. Hopkins 

Mr. David L. Hyman 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Kaiser Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Kaley 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Kinek 

Karhenne K Kinsey, Ph.D., R.N., 

Mr. Rod Kirkner 
Mr. and Mrs. Justin P Klein 
Mr and Mis, Joseph A Kramer 
Mr. Louis A Lamorte lr 
Mr and Mrs. William M. Lee 
Mr. William L Leonard 
Mr |ohn K Lyons 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mackus Jr. 
Mr. Burton A. MacLean Jr. 
Mr and Mrs, Joseph F. Mair 
Ms. Sharmain Matlock Turner 
Mr and Mrs. LouisJ. McCormick |r 
Mr .md Mrs |ohn W. McDonald 
Mr |effrej P M,Fadden 
Mr. Richard R. Mesirov 
Albert Momjian, Esq. 
Mr Joseph Noonan 
Lee j. and Annette 

(Kosorog) O'Connor, Ph.D. 
Christine and 

George A. Pert'ecky, Ph.D. 
Ms. Maureen A Piche 
Gatl D. Ramshaw, Ph.D. 
Mr. Jack M. Rappaport 
Mr. Brian J. Reagle 
Mr. Joseph B. Rowan 
Mr. Paul F. Royal III 
Rosina and Francis J Ryan. Ph.D. 
Mr Michael C. Sauter 
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore M. Scott 
COL. and Mrs. David H. Souser, 

U.S.A., Retired 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Spalding 
Thomas S. Straub, Ph.D. 
Ms. Margaret M- Taggart 
Dr. Lynne A. Texrer 
The Hon. and Mrs. Arthur R. Tilson 
Mr. and Mrs John M Vincent 
Mr. C. H. Washbum 
Ms DotOthl Williams 
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Wolcott 
Mr. Robert W. Wolcott Jr. 
Bonni H. Zetick, Ph.D. 

Anniversary Club 

(Si.4" >249) 

Ms. Patricia B. Aleksinas 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Arouca 
Mr and Mrs. Danny C. Banes 
Drs. George W. and 

Marilyn (Ross) Bradford 
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bramowski 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony V. Briscella 


Mr. David T. Brooking 

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bucher Sr. 

Mr. Joseph E. Buck 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Campbell 
Mr and Mrs. Eduardo G. Cangiano 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. 

Mr. and Dr. Craig S. Carter 
Mr. and Mrs Philip A. Carrier 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Cholish 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cialina 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph A Citelli 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Collins 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Dam 
Dr. Marianne Dainton 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Delia Vecchia 
Ms. Joanne P. DelPrado 
Mr. and Mrs. Jean C. Dely 
Mr. and Mrs. John K. DeMuna 
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. 

Mr .ind Mrs. Franklin E Dobson lr 
Michael A. Du:v. Ph.D. 
Mr and Mrs John 14 Eisele 
Mr and Mis Leonard C Emnck 
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas j. Farrell 
Mr. Henry T. Farrell 
Preston D- Feden, Ed D 
Mr. William J. Fox 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. France 
Dr and Mrs. John R. Gallaghei 
Mr and Mrs. Kevin F. Gallagher 
Mr .md Mrs. William Gallagher 
Luis A Gome:, Ph.D. 
Mr and Mrs Anthony M. Greaver 
Ms. Corynda L- (Williams) Hagamin 
Mr and Mrs. Dean R. Heller 
Mr. George F. Hess II 
Mr and Mrs. William J. Holmes 
Barbara and Finn Homum 
Mr and Mrs. John D Hospital 
Ms, |oyce Hunley 
Melvin L. Jackson, MD. 
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth G. Jellitt 
Mr and Mrs. Gary C. Kaufman 
Ms. Alexis N. Keegan 
Phil Keegan and Catherine Alexis 
Mr .md Mrs. Michael J Keenan 
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Kirlin 
Jonathan Knappenberger, Ph D 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Krup.i 
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Krupa 
Dr. and Mrs. William R Lake 
Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio Leone 
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Lindsey 
Mr. David E. Loder 
Ms. Barbara D. Long 
Mr- Mane K. Luckman 
Mrs. Kathryn E. MacFarland 
Mr and Mrs David L Malane 
Mr ,ind Mrs Joseph A Mascio 
Mr. and Mr- Christopher P. McGill 
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers 
Ms Helen Montagnaro 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Moose 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph A Murphy 
Mr and Mis. Joseph J, Pawlak 
Ms. Catherine F. Perseghin 
Mr. Thomas R. Phillip- 
Mrs. Lauretta A. Prendergast 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Price 
Mr. Tony Rizto 
David Robison, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Salute 
Mr and Mrs. Philip M. Schenkel 
Mr and Mrs. Carl Schorhng 
Mr. and Mrs James E Siangroom 
Ms. Virginia M. (Tepper) Mehrer 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turchi 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S.Tyrol 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Upbin 
Frederick Van Fleteren, Ph.D. 
Mr and Mrs. Christian Weigcl 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Yantosh 
Deborah (Spillane) Yost, Ph.D. 


(Up tO MM) 

Mr. and Mrs. Perer Ahracnn^ka- 
Ms, Antoinette Abrams 
Mr. and Mrs. Samir AbuAbsi 
Mr. and Mrv Daniel J. Adams 
Mr. and Mrs Is.imuel Adams 
Mr and Mrs. William M. Ager 
Mr. and Mrs Lowell M. Agnew 
Mr. and Mrs. Edyvard Ahem 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Ajaeb 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Aldorasi 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Allen Jr. 
Ms \nya Allen 
Mr. and Mrs- Dennis Allen 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Allen 
Marjone S. Allen, Ph.D. 
Mr and Mrs Corrado C. Amento 
Barbara Amster. Ph.D.. CCC/SLP 
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Anagnos 
Ms. Patricia A. Anderson 
Mr. and Mrs Rick A Anderson 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Angelucci 
Mr. and Mrs Raymond L 

Mr. and Mrs Gene Annacone 
Mr. and Mrs Kurt A. Anspach 
Mr. and Mrs Peter S. Antipas 
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic M. Aquilino 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Armato 
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Arnold 
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Arnold 
Mr. and Mr- Inn.-. M \ros Si 
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Atkinson 
Mr and Mr- A R Auclair 
Dr. Brooks A Aylor 
Mr .ni.l Mr- Michael A Bagni 
Mr md Mrs. Don H. Bakes 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Bambi Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs Edward Rarameyuc; 
Mr and Mrs Joseph Baranoski 
Mrs. Geraldine M. Barclay 
Leonard Barkan, Esq. 
Mr and Mr- Thomas E Bamelli 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Barrett 
Mr ,ind Mrs- Joseph F. Bartley 
Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim R. Bautista 
John E. Beatty, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Beatty 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Beauregard 
Mr. and Mr- t, h.irle- S. Bedard 
Mr. and Mrs. George Beerschank 
Mr and Mrs. Brian Belko 
Ms. Charma C. Bell 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D Bell 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Benner 
Mr George L. Bernstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berry 
Mr and Mrs. [ay F. Bevenoui Si 
Mr ind Mrs William Biello 
Mr. and Mr-. J P Ri^lcv 
Mr. Anthony J Biondo 5r. 
Mr and Mrs Layvrence J Bish 
Ms. Lynda G. Black 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bleiler Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs Frederick B Bloesch 
Dr. Peter Bogucki 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bollerman 
Mr. and Mrs Edward A. Bonanni 
Sylvain Bom, Ph.D. 
Mr. James T. Booth 
Mr. and Mrs A Raymond Bossert II 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Botta 
Mr. Derek A. Bowmer 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph T Boylan 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Boyle 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Brackin 
Mr and Mrs. David J. Bradley 

Mr Shaun M. Brady 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brancaleone 

Ms Ileen R. Branderbit 

Mt .ind Mrs Alan J. Braverman 

Mr, and Mr- William Bra:ill 

Mr and Mr- Michael J Breen 

Mr and Mrs David A I Brennan 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G- Brennan 

Francis G. Breslm and 

Claire K. Hagerty 
Mrs. Dionizia Brochinsky 
Mr and Mrs. Francis Brooks 
Dr. and Mrs. Martin M Brown 
Mr ind Mrs. John V. Brull 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Bruno 
Mr and Mrs. Raymond Buber 
Ms Helen D.Bubka 
I teborah (Fay) and 

Joshua Buch, Ph.D. 
Mr and Mrs. Robert Buck 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Buehler 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph P. Bukis 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Bull 
Mr and Mrs Lee G. Burden 
Ms. Arlene C. Burke 
Mi and Mr- Howard W, Burke Sr 
Mr and Mrs. James D. Burke 
Mrs Linda G Burrows 
Mr md Mrs. John C. Butler 
Mr and Mr-. John T Cabibi 
Mr and Mrs. Dennis L. Caine 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph Camaro 
Ms Carmella M. Campbell 
Mr Robert E. Campbell 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Campione 
Mj and Mrs. Ronald Capaldo 
Ms Cvnthia (Flynn) Capers 
Mr and Mrs. John J. Caputo 
Mr and Mrs. Bruno A. Cardillo 
Ms Irene E Carey 
Mr and Mrs. Nicholas D ( arleton 
Mr and Mrs John L Carroll 
Mr and Mrs. Michael D. Carroll 
Mr and Mrs. Anthony L. Cascio 
Mr and Mr- Denis IV i ase^ 
Mr. and Mrs John F t. last \ 
Mr. and Mrs. James Cassidy 
Mr and Mrs Russell Catenna 

Ms. Sarah H. Catlin 
Ms. Catherine Catlie 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Cecchi 

I 'oim.i (Christ) Celano, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Cellucci 
Mr. and Mrs. Bong H. Chang 
Robert J. Chapman, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Denis J. Chiappa 

Mr and Mrs Frank W. Chillemi 
Ms. M. Ivona Chrzastowska 
Mr. and Mrs. Emesr W. Churchville 
John and Kim ( hwastyl 
Mr and Mrs Peier F. Ciaravino 
DavidJ.Cichowic:, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. David Cituni 
Gary K Clabaugh, Ed.D 
Robert R.Clancy, MD 
Mr and Mrs. James W. Clark Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth R. Clark 
Mr. and Mrs. Randy ( lark 
Dr. Ellen L Clay 
Coates Family 
Ms Shelia E. Coccia 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Coghlan 
Mr and Mrs Burton Cohen 
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Cohn 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Colasante 
Ms. Carole Coleman 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Colwell 
Mr and Mrs. Andreas Comodromos 
Dr and Mrs. Dominick S. Condo 
Mr Eugene Condon 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Conlan 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Conly 
Ms. Patricia A. Connors-Zini 
Ms. Rosemary Convery 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Conway 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Cook 
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Corrado 
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo E. Correal 
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Cosentino 
Ms. Linda Cottrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Council 
Ms. Marian R. Courtney 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Courtney- 
Ms Sandra L Coye 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Coyle 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Coyle 
Mr and Mrs George C. Crane 
Mr. Harry P. Cranmer 
Ms Iva N. Croston 
Mrs. Carmen E. Crow 
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence R- Cushman 
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dale 
Mr. Daniel J. Dalton 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dalton 
Mr inJ Mr- Anthony F. D'Amore 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. D'Angelo 
Mr and Mrs. John L. Daniels Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jose P. DaSilva 
Ms. Ann T. Datte 
Ms Margaret A. Daub 
Mr and Mrs. Henry F. Daum 
Sr Ellen Dauwer 



1996 -2004 

Honor Roll of Donors 20052004 

Mr. Paul D 

Mrs- Dawn Davidson-Walsh 

Ms. Carolyn Davis 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. De Zolt 

Mr- and Mrs. Frank J. CY 

Mr. and Mrs Dennis E. DeAn| 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Deglet 

Mr. and Mrs Paschal j. DeHoratius 

Mr. and Mr*. John L. Dejong 

Mr. and Mrs. David H I 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward DeLuise 
Mr- in DeMarzio Hi 

Mr. anJ Mrs. John R Demever 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Denshuick 
Mr and Mrs. Edward S. DeSalme 
Mr. and Mrs John R. Demit 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. DiCamillo 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I Dieckhau- Sr. 
Mr. and Mr- Joseph F. Diersingjr. 
Ms. Cathenne E. DiGe 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E 1 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthonv P I 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X Pman 

Mr. and Mr- Nich 
Mr. George W. Dolph 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. I ' 
Mr and Mrs. George Donnellv 
Mr. and Mrs- Richard J. Donnelly 
Ms. Elizabeth A Donovan 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Dougherty 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Dowling 
Mr. and Mrs Kenneth O. Doyka 
Nir. and Mrs. Anthonv J. Diagani 
John Drulle and Emilia Eira- 
Mr. Peter F. Dm i 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. DuBan Sr. 
Mrs. Joyce A. Dubon 
Mr and Mrs- E. Richard Dudzic 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Dufrher 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Durtner 
Mr. and Mr- Patrick J. Duttv 
Mr. Richard M. DTJlisse Sr 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Duncheskic 
Mr. Thomas. E. Dunn 
Mr. James Durkin 
Mr. John L. Dwyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dvmow-,ki 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Edd^ 
Anne E. Edhn. Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Can F. EJ 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Edwards 
Mr. and Mrs Richard Eirich 
Mr. and Mrs. James Eisenbarth 
Mr and Mrs Steven A. E :■ 
Mr Sylvan H. Eisman 
Ms, Gale Eisner and 
Mr- Robert Blum 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Elliott 
Ms. Linda J. Elliott 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. El 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Entenman 

Mr. and Mrs Michael J Eskate 
Mr. and Mrs. lame- J. Es] 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J L 
Mr. and Mr- Paul A. Evanko 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis F. Faher 
Mr. and Mrs. William C Fair 
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fala 
Mr. and Mrs. Claude P. Falchier 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Falvo 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fanelie 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Fatrell 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Farrell 
seph W. Feene\ 
Ms. Eva A. Feinherg 

: Mrs. Steven E. Feld 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ferguson 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Femandes 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ferrara 

Mrs. Regina M Fi 
Ms. Lisa A. Fields 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Figura 
Ms. Kathleen Finlav 
Mr and Mrs. James J. Finnegan 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Fischer Jr. 
Mr. James A. Fitzsimmons 
ind Mis. |ohn I. 

Mr. and Mrs. William C Flaherrv 
Mr. and Mrs- Michael C. Flanagan 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Flvnn 
Ms. Robin K. Folkerts 
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio C. Fonseca 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Form 
Mr and Mrs William Ford 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I E 
Mr. and Mrs William J Foscei 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fragnito 
Mr. and Mrs. Dietrich Franc:u-;ki 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W Franklin fr 
Ms. Sharon A. Franklin 
Ms. Mar. Q Franr; 
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig J Fran: 
Mr and Mrs Peter L J - 
Dr. and Mrs. Peter P. Fr 
Mr. and Mrs. Jame* Fnn 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I Frohbergh 
Ms. Evelvn Frolich 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Fulton 
Mrs. Theresa M. Fulton 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Furer 
Mr. Lawrence M. Fure\ 
Marguerite E. Futch. M.N.M. 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthonv Gad 
Mr. and Mrs. jai 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. G.tffnev 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthonv L. Galantc 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Galante 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Gatdien 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gallen 
Mr. John D. Gall 

jeanna Gamble 
Mr and Mrs. Hanshchandra Ganatra 
Mr. and Mrs Nick Gargon 
Mr and Mrs Rodngo O. Gargullo 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Gano 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gaspen 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E- Gaus 
Mr and Mrs. Charles E. Gaus 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Geisc 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L Geisler Jr. 
Mr and Mrs Michael C. Genna 
Mr. and Mrs Michael Genii- 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence George 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. George 
Mr. William J. Gertabek 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Gianvutono Jr. 
Ms. Dorothv Giblin 
Mr. and Mr>. Ernest S. Gildein 
Mr and Mrs. George S. Gile*. 
Mr. Daniel Gillen 
Mr. and Mrs. lames F Gillespie 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Gilligai Si 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Gilson 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gingrich 
Ms. Louise C. Giugliano 
Rob Gocklin and Colleen Redden 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Godard 
Ms. Mar.anne Godleski 
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Golden 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Golla 
Ms. Kathleen A. Goss 
Mr. and Mrs. Wavne R. Grear 
Mr. Stephen C Greb 
Mr and Mrs. Eugene Green 
Dr and Mrs William Fi. Green 
Mr and Mrs. Harvev S. Greenberg 
Mr and Mrs. Dav,d J. Gnftilh 
Mrs. Gerald L. Guckin 

Mr. and Mrs. Garv C- Guendelsberger 
Mrs. Karen A. Guenther 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Guenther 
Ms. Pat M. Guemna 
Ms. Rosemary Guemni 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Guest 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Gwiazda 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Habasc\ ich 
Mr and Mrs. Robert T. Haenn 
Ms. Barbara J. Haight 
Mr Thomas A. Hall 
Ellen Halpem, Ph.D. 
Ms. Alexis C. Hamblet 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C Hamra 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Handv 
Mr. and Mrs. Henrv M. Hanev 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hannan 
Mrs Elizabeth Hams 
Mr. John G. Ham- 
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Hams 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hams 
Mr and Mrs Joseph F Harrison III 
Mr and Mrs Lawrence E Harton 
Kevin J Ham. Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. .Arthur L. Hauck 
Mr. and Mrs. Jay C. Haves 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V. H 
Mr. Kevin D Heard 
Mr and Mrs. Gerald F. Heckler 
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn W. HerYeman 
Ms. Edith C. Heilman 
Ms. Sandra L. Heleniak 
Ms. Martha Hennessv 
Ms. Donna M. Ijacquemotl Henrv 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Hermann 
Mr. Francis L. Herrmann 
Ms. Patncia A. Hershock 
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hickev 
Mr. and Mrs. Billy M. Hicks 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J 1 1 
Ms. Beverly J. Hmdenlang 
Ms. Ann L. Hobday 
Ms. Grace Hogan 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hogan 
Mr. and Mrs Mamn L H 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hudak Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hudock Jr. 
Ms. Connie F. Hushes 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hughe- 
Mr William J. Hughes 
Mr. Joseph T. Humphries 
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H 

Hutchinson Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Charles C. Iannetta Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Biagio Infranco 
Mr and Mrs. Alexander A 

Introcaso Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. William R. Insh 
Ms. Charlotte D. Iszard 
Mrs. Sandra L. Jablonski 
Mrs. Patricia H. Jackson 
Mr and Mrs Vincent T. Jacobv 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Jannetti 
Ms Kara L. Jasman 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald V. Jelhg 
Rev. and Mrs. Hyeong On Jo 
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan E. Johnson 
C. Thomas Jones. CPA 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kac:marcrvk 
Ms. Jane E. Kadel 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kane 
Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Kanvowski 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keetnder 
Ms Kathleen A . Kehoe 
Mt. and Mrs- James M. Kellv 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. KelK 
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kendall 
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kterzek 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Killeen 
Mar.ann and Scon Killinger 
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kilrain 
Mr and Mrs. John J. Kiln lr 

Mr. and Mrs. Yoon S. Kim 

Yun Kim 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. King 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. King Jr. 

Mr and Mrs Robert E. Kinzel III 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Kin:el 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Kirk 

Mr and Mr-. Robert W Kirker 

Mr and Mrs. Charles J. Kleinschmidt 

John C. Kleis. Ph.D 

Mr. and Mrs. .Andrew Klimowic: 

Mr WilhamE Kline 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Knight 

Ms Diane Koguc 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kompauer 

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Komutik 

Mt. and Mrs. Matthew T. Korp 

Mr and Mrs. Konstant;: 

Mr and Mrs. John T. Kostek 

Mr. and Mrs. James Kotkiewic: 

Scott Krady and Carol Gnrtith- 

Ms Kathleen Krai 

Mr and Mrs Michael D Kramer 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph P. Krankemann 

Ms, Rhonda S. Krug 

Ms. Lisa A. Krrvwicki 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Kuchinskv 

Iuona L Kusrtal, Ph.D. 

Mr and Mrs Herbert A. Kuttler 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lacv 

Mr and Mrs. Kenneth J. Lagowski 

Mr. and Mrs. Garv M. Lallv 

Mr and Mrs. Tenence K. Lambert 

Mr and Mrs. Robert M. Larson 

Mr and Mrs. Frank Lato 

Mr and Mrs. Rocco Laudato 

Ms- J. -see K. LaViolette 

Mr and Mrs. David M. Lawrence 

Mr and Mrs. Walter W. Lee Jr. 

Dr. Dolores Lehr 

Mr. and Mrs. Oregon E. Leibel 

Ray and Fran Leichner 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Leo 

Ms Eve H. Levitan 

Mr. and Mrs Pevton G. Lewis 

Mr and Mrs R.'bert J. Lewis 

Lins Liang. Ph.D. 

Mr and Mrs Douglas W. 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel E. Lilly 

Ms Merhanie G, Lim 

Mr and Mrs. Robert W. Limbach 

Mr and Mrs. Ricky L. Linso 

Mis R"bert V. Li>d>rn 
Mr and Mrs Anthony L- LocchettK 
Mr- Andrew |. Lombard 
_ iret A. Loradv 
Mr. and Mrs John M. Lorenzo 
Mr and Mrs Robert Loughne\ Si 
Mr William B Luhera 
Mr and Mrs. David L. Luckenbill 
Mr and Mrs. Carmelo Mabutas 
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Magazu 
Mr and Mrs Thomas J. Maher 
Mr and Mrs Edward Mahon 
Mr and Mrs Mario Maiale 
Mr and Mrs. Michael Malia 
Mrs. Minam M. Mallov 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. 

Mancinelli Jr. 
Mr. James Mancinellt 
Mr and Mrs. Stefan C. Mangel 
Ms Anne M Manning 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Manning 
Mr. and Mrs. Vasiho T. Marchio 
The Mannaro Familv 
Edward S. Marks. Ph.D 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas J. Martin 
Mr and Mrs. William A. Mamn 
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mashner 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Masiak 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J Maslo 
Mr and Mrs Michael A- Massimiani 

Mr. and Mrs Paul Materia III 

Mr. and Mrs Michael W. Mavbaum 

Mr. and Mr- Joseph MazzoU 

Mr. and Mrs. Silvio Ma~ uca Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McAdams 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. McAllister 

Mr. Robert P. McAndrews 

Mr and Mrs. Daniel P. McBnde Sr. 

Mr. and Mr-. MylesJ. McCarthy III 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. McCarthy 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M McClaftem 

Man Ann McConnell 

Ms Susan M McCoog 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. McCormick 

Mr John McCra\ 

Mr- and Mrs- Patrick J. McDevitt 

Mr and Mrs. Charles P. McDonald 

Mr and Mrs Oregon M. 

Mr Lawrence I McElr. a 

Mrs. James J. McFadden 
Ms. Pamela L. McGee 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McGettigan 
Mr. and Mr-. Eugene A. McGonagle 
Mr. Kevin J McGonigle 
Mr Patrick 1- McGovem 
Mr and Mrs. James T. McGowan 
Mr Robert J. McGranaghan and 

Mr. lames M. Beck 
Mr and Mrs John T. McGrath 
Mr. Joseph T. McGrath 
Mr and Mrs. Thomas V. McGrath 
Mr and Mrs. William J. McGrath 
Mr. and Mrs David E. McGuire 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph S. McGunman 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McHale 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. McHugh 
Mr Charles E. McKee 
Mr. and Mr- Mark McKelvey 
Ms GailV. McKenna 
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McKenna 
Mr and Mrs. Nelson A. McLaren 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J McLaughlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G- McMillan 
Mr. and Mrs. James McPhilemv 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Means 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Meehan 
Steven 1 Meisel, Ph.D. 
Mr and Mrs lo^e M- Mende: 
Mr and Mrs. Dennis Mercuno 
Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mesaric 
Mr. and Mr-. John M. Meaner 
Mr and Mrs. James Micek 
Dr and Mrs. Donald J. Michels 
Ann M. Mickle, Ph.D. 
Mr Robert B Miedel 

beth Milcetich 
Ms. Felice Miller 
Mr and Mrs Hollis Miller 
Mr. John T. Miller 
Mr. L Martin Miller 
Mr and Mr-. Jeffrey S. Milne 
Mr and Mrs Andrew j Misuro 
Mr and Mrs- Richard B- Mitchell 
Ms Stephanie Mode-te 
Virginia B. Molda, Ph.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Mortett 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L- Mollitt 
Mr. M.chael S. Molloy 
Ms. Margaret M. Mondelli 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Monech 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Montgomery 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Moore 
IV and Mrs. David H. Moore 
Mr and Mrs. Donald E- Moore 
Ms. Patricia K. Moore 
Mr and Mrs Bnan D. Moran 
Mr- and Mrs. Patrick J. Moran 
Mr. and Mrs Willard L. Moran 
Mr- and Mrs. James F. Moms 
Kevin and Linda Morrissej 
i ne D. Morton 


Honor Ron of Donors 2003-2004 

Ms. Christine Moss 

Mr and Mrs Michael P. Mueller 

Mi and Mrs Leo E. Muldoon 

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Mulholland 

Mr and Mrs. Paul F. Muller 

Ms Joanne T. Mullin 

Mr and Mrs, Joseph V. Mullin 

Mr. and Mr- |ohn F MulrO} |i 

Mr and Mrs. James S. Munizza 

Ml nil Mr. Ruben Y. Muno: 

Mr and Mis. Charles Murphy 

Mi and Mrs. Dermott O. Murphv 

Ms. Georgina M. Murphv 

Mis\ M Murphy 

Mr and Mis Peter J. Murphy 

Mr .hilI Mrs. William T. Murphv 

Mr and Mrs. Joseph Murray 

Mr and Mrs. Edwin F. Mussel 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Myers 

Mr and Mrs, Marc Nadeau 

Ms Regina A. Nagle 

Mr and Mrs. Gerald R Nail 

Mr and Mrs Anthony J. Nanni 

Mr and Mrs Joseph A Narcavage 

Ms Jessica M Naugle 


Mr and Mrs Ronald P. New-master 

Mr. and Mrs. Ky Nguyen 

Mr and Mrs. Quan H Nguyen 

Mr. Val T Noel 

Mr ind Mrs. David C N< iwakowsb i 

Mr. Barbara Ann Nuzzolo 

Mr and Mrs. Eugene T. Obeist 

Mi and Mrs. Patrick O'Brien 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. O'Brien 

Mr and Mrs. David A Occhiolini 

Mr ind Mrs. John M. O'Connor 

Ml and Mrs Richard O'Donnell 

Ms Yvonne A. O'Gano 

Ms Marv Ohagan 

Ms Andrea Z. Okagawa 

Mr. and Mrs. Sunday O- Oladele 

Mr and Mrs. Stephen J Olesik 

Mr in I Mrs Donald R Olsen 

Mr and Mrs. Edmond J O'Neill 

Patrice A Oppligei, Ph.D. 

Mr- Millie Orange 

Ms Bonnie O'Rourke and 

Mr Stanley M Zadroznj 
Mr ind Mr- [oseph R. Ott 
Mr and Mr- Gregory R. Ott 
Ms. Kirnberlv C. Oxholm 
Mr and Sir- |oseph W. Paczkowski 
Mr and Mr- Bennett Pagano 
Mi ind Mrs Francis Palma 
Hon. Paul and Mrs. Nancy Panepinto 
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. 

Pannepacker Sr. 
Deborah Paolini 
Mr, and Mrs. James C. Parham 
Dr. and Mrs Richard A Pascucci 
M- Ann L- Patla 
Mr and Mrs. Raymond A Parti 
Mr. and Mrs. Give C. Paul 
Ms Karen Paulus 
Mr and Mrs. James L Pean 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph C. Pelleme 

V- -■ 'h i [\ I 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Penr fit lr 
Mr and Mrs. Howard Peterman 
Mr. and Mr- Joseph I Petralia 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Petrozzini 
Mi m. I Mr- lames Plarrer 
Mr. and Mrs Garv M Phelan 
Mi Ro, M Philip 
Mr. and Mr- lack M. rhillipsjr. 
Ms Sandra R Pickering 
Mr lohn ] Piersiak 
Mr Robert Piersiak 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Pierrzak 

Mrs Frances A. Pinkerton 

Mi and Mr- Nicholas .1 Pino 

Mr ind Mr- William L. Pinto 

Mr and Mr- fames W Polek 

Mr .ind Mrs. Hu;:h R. Pomerov 

Mr and Mr- Al Pompeo 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Pompizzi 

IH and Mrs Leonard Portnoy 

Mr and Mrs Daniel T. Potts 

Mr .ind Mr- Samuel Pozzessere 

Mi and Mr-. Thomas A Frendergast 

Mi in.i Mi- Robert M Procknow 

Dr. Vincent P. Profy 

Mrs. krilynn A. Prokop 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Proubc 

Mr ind Mrs. Mark E. Pruec 

Mr and Mrs. John A Tnbella 

Mr. and Mrs. Punthur M 

Mr and Mrs. Henr\ P. Quartullo 
Mr Joseph R Quiglei 
Mr and Mrs Thomas J- Quinn 
Mr and Mrs. Timothy S Rakes 
Mr and Mr- Mark H. Ralston 
Mr and Mrs. Peter L. Randall 
Mr and Mrs. Kenneth H Rarig 
Mr and Mrs David M Raucci 
Ani mi mi ius 
Ms Anna M Rauschei 
Mr and Mrs. Robert T. Rauscher 
Mr ( hn-t. iphei R.i\ 
Mr md Mr- Michael C. Ray 
Mr Samuel L. Ray 
Mr- Margaret M. Rayca 
Mr and Mrs Paniel J. Reagoso 
John F. Reardon. Ed.D. 
Michael A Redmond. Ph.D. 
Mr and Mr-. Joseph E. Reichert 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Reilly 
Mr \ incenl F Reilly 
Mr and Mis. James j Rementer 
Mr. and Mr-. Michael J. Ren:i 
Mr and Mr- [oseph 1 Resta 
Mr md Mr-. Da> id L Rhoads Sr 
Mr and Mrs Anthony A. Ricciardi 
Mrs Lisa L Rtdgeway 
Mr and Mr- J Edward Rite 
Ms Suzanne (Moran) Riordan 
Ms. |anei Riser 

M I vl orah A. (Gallen) Roars 
Mr and Mr- Robert A. Robesch Sr. 

Mi ind Mrs Salvador Robles 

Mi ind Mi' lohn H. Roch 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas \V I 

Mr in, I Mrs. David J. Romanek 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Romano 

M- M.irv i. Romano 

Ms i Catherine Romeo 

Ms "sarah J. Rooney 

Mr and Mrs. Donald G. Rowe 

Mr and Mr- William E. Ruff 

Mr John s Rusak 

Mr and Mr- Daniel T. Russell 

Mr and Mr- Louis D. Russo 

Mr and Mr- Robert M. Ruzzi 

Mr and Mr- Michael M Sahara 

Mr and Mr- Joseph A Sabol 

Mr and Mr- T ■ ■ I l e i Sacca 

Mr William L Saffici ^r 

Ms. Maureen Salem 

Mr and Mrs. Richard A Sale 

Mr and Mr- Harold Salmon 

Mr and Mr- Michael Sander 

Mr md Mrs. George R- Sartorio 

Ml I imt i \ Si (Man Jr 

Mr ind Mrs. George T. Schater 

Mi ind Mr- Donald C Schallei 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schalleur 

Mr. and Mrs Mark Schneider 
Mr. and Mr- Edward W 

Sharon (Faith) Schoen, Ed.D. 
Mr and Mrs Altons Schork 
Mr and Mr- Robert Schrank 
Ms ( hristine M Schroeder 
Mr and Mr- James G. Schu 
Mr .md Mr- Arthur W Schuller 
Mr and Mr- Jeffrey W Schwartz 
Mr and Mr-, lames T. Schwender 
Mr John Sebastian 
Mr and Mr--. Randall L. Selah 
l'r Madeline Seiner 
Ms. Joanne M Serpentine 
Mr and Mr- Anthony K. Sestokas 
Mr and Mr- Robert Shaler 
Mr and Mr- Robert L Shatter 
Ms I. Shafi 
Mr- Deborah Sharp 
Mr .ind Mr-. Raymond W Sh i. 
Mr and Mr- Patrick H. Sheeh\ lr 
Mr Petei P Shelinski lr 
Rc\ Allen C Shelton 
1 ti and Mr- [ohn M Sherry 
Ms raeki i Shervin 
Ml Kei in |, thinners 
Mr. and Mr- ScotI A Shollenl 

■ I Shotzbarger 
Mi m. I Mr- Jules Silk 
Mi and Mr- Alan I Silverman 
Mr. and Mrs Steven A Simon 
Mr Sumie A Simon 
Ms. Patricia M Sin* ms 
Mr and Mr- Franl Sipit - 
Mr. and Mrs William J. SI 
Ms uid Mr- Marian Smagac: 
Mr and Mrs. Charles J. Smith 
Mr and Mrs. Dennis B. Smith 
I Mi 1 imes A. Smith 
Mr and Mr-. Keith W. Smith 
Mr- Mary H. Smith 
Mr. Matthew F Smith Sr 
Michael F. Smith, Ph D 
Mi Raymond I Smith 
Mr. and Mr- Timothy J Smith 
Mr. and Mi-. 1 mesl 1 Sobkou 
Mr |ose I. Somavilla 
M P itricia I Sondgeroth 
Mi in.i Mi- Franl S .rochen 
Mi in. I Mr- Theodore ]- Span 
Mr and Mr- Jon K Speare 
Mrs Leonie Spence 

Mi- i urtisW Spiker lr 
Mrs Mi- hael l" 1 Spinelli 
Ms. Chn-tin.i Spociik'r Layer 
Mr and Mrs. Rudolph Springer 
Mi and Mrs Michael R. St. John 
Mr. and Mrs. John F Stack 
Mr. and Mr- R Lero} Stanley 

Mr. and Mr- I laniel Mclanides 

Mi and Mrs George W. Steffens 

Mi in.i Mr- ( i.irv Steidl 

Mr. and Mr- Patrick M Stephan 

Ms, June B Sterling 

Mr- [ '..Ion-- M Stevens 

Mi and Mrs 1. iwrence F So ■ 

Mr, and Mr- Richard A Stewart 

Mr and Mr- Howard Stnckler 

Mi IVrrram L Strieb 

Mr. and Mi- Willard I Mull III 

Mr and Mr-. James M Sullivan 
Mr. and Mr- "-Stephen J. Sulock 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A Sutton Jr 
Paul md I'cnm Swank 
Mr and Mr- Edw ird P Sweeney 
Mr. and Mr-. Robert L Sweeney 
Mr and Mrs Mark S. Swift 
Kathryn A Szabat, Ph.D 

Mr and Mr- William R Szulborski 
Ms. Carol C. Tait 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tarc:vn-ki 
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Taylor 
Ms Flue B Teitelman 

I Mrs J irl J. Tentilucci 
Mi and Mi- 1 \it Thach 
Mr and Mrs. Robert B Thackrav 
Mi ind Mr- lohn P- Thaler 
Ms, Barbara H. Thanki 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Thompson 

Mr Robert W, Thompson 

Mr and Mr-. William S. Thompson 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Timrnes 

Ms. Helen Tinncin 

Mr and Mrs. TerrenceJ. Tinneny 

Mr and Mrs. Euuene Tirada 

Mi in. i Mr- Frank Tischner 

Mr. and Mr- |oseph V. Tomaszewski 

Mr. and Mr- Gtegor} 1 Tomersko 

Mi I 'In c-r B. Tomlin 

Mr. and Mr- Martin B Toner 

Ms "u- in M rracei 

Mr and Mrs Robert Tramaglini 

Mr and Mrs. Richard Travers 

Mr and Mrs Joseph E. Tribhle 

Mr. and Mrs Michael R. Triglia 

Mr ,m\.\ Mrs Lawrence P Tnplcrt Sr 

Mi in,l Mr- Edward J. Troy 

I v i omelia rsakiridou 

Mi and Mrs. Jack A. Tsikira- 

Mr. and Mr- Lime- M Turner 

M- [ennifer Turner 

Mr. and Mrs Jack D. Tvler Jr 

Mi and M,- William C Ubbens 

Mr. and Mrs ( J 

Mi in, I Mi- I. ihn I \ .ilentino 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T Van Thuvne 

Mr. and Mr- Willard E Vandiverji 

Mr and Mr- Leonard Vannicola 

Mr. and Mr-. Charles Veasey 111 

Mi ind Mrs |osi R V ega 

Mr and Mr- Thomas 1 ' Veitz 

Mr. and Mr- Robert \ enann 

Mr. and Mi- 1 rani \ crderber 

Mt ind Mr- |ohn P. Vermitskv 

Mr. and Mr- Edward M. \ emon 

Mi Ri iben M Vetrone 

Mr and Mr- Paul Vianojr. 

Kathleen O Vito, DN St 
Robert M Vogel, Ed.D 

M.- William E Vogel 

M; in ! Mi ■ i ius \ okolos 
Mr and Mrs Michael | Volz 

Mi md Mr- lames Wagnei 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Wagner 

Ms. Kathryn F. Watdron 
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Walker 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P, Wallace Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim S. Walters Jr. 
Mr and Mr- Robert E Ward 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T \\ aid 
Mr and Mr- Timothy F W ird 
Mr and Mr- |ames W.i-vlvk 
Mr. and Mr- Robert L Watkins 
Margarei 1 1 Watson, Ph.D 
Mi ind Mrs I. iseph I. Wawrzynelt 
Mr. Christophei 1 1 W i\ 
Mr. and Mrs Marvin R Vt eavei 
Ms Shawn Weavei 
Mi-., loan A Wem 
Mr and Mr- fames R Weldon Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J Well- 
Mr. and Mrs, John Wendling 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P 

Wendow 4. i 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael I Werdmann 
Mr. and Mrs Thomas C Wermuth 
Mr. and Mrs Mirk West 
Mr. and Mr- William A. West 
Mr and Mrs. Francis Wetherhold 

m m Whelan 
Mr auA Mr- Colin P. Whipkes 

Ms, Janei A Whyte 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Wiegman Jr. 
Mi .in,! Mrs. James T. Wilczynski 
Mr and Mr- Edward H Wiley 

Mr and Mrs. Kn mt md W ilex 
Samuel J Wiley, Ph.D 
Ms Shirlej E Williams 

Mr and Mr-. William P. Williams 

Ms Susan H W ,1 

Mr and Mr- William I W ilson 

Ms Patricia \ Winchell 

Mr William I' Win, 

Mr and Mr- Monza W ii 

Mr .md Mrs. Martin Wi-meski 

Mi - [.me 1 W i-.iii, wski 

Ms Caroline V Wistar 

Mr and Mrs I )a\ id D. Witulski 

Mi and Mrs. Thaddeus 1 Wojnar 

Mr. and Mr-. Mark I Woll 

Mr. Richard 1* W I |r 

Mr. Kenneth L. Woodson 
Ms. - hristine Worthington 
Mi in. I Mrs. Hollis W o-ek\ 
Ms ludithA Wren 
Mi and Mrs [amesR Yetman 

Mi ind Mrs lohn Zaventnik 

Pr Anne E. Zayaitz 

Ms Elaine D. Zelley 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zingle 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 


19 4 5 Lawrence F. Balestra (B.S.) says he is 
now "living the dream" in Ponce Inlet, Fla. 

194 9 Phil Kelly (B.S.) of Ferrandina 
Beach, Fla., has been named Neographics 
Person of the Year by the Graphic Arts 
Association for his 50 years at the helm of 
the New Jersey-based Strathmore Press. 

19 5 2 Robert F. Jones (B.A.) of Englewood, 
N.J., retired as Professor Emeritus from the 
history department at Fordham University. 

19 5 6 Robert M. Rogers, M.D. (B.A.) of 

Pittsburgh, Pa., was honored by the 
American Lung Association of Pennsylvania 
for his achievements in the medical 

19 6 3 Edward M. Slavish (B.S.) of Kaneohe, 
Hawaii, was appointed by the Governor of 
Hawaii to a four-year term as a member of 
the State Parole Board. 

19 6 4 Br. Phillip R. DePorter, F.S.C. (B.A., 
M.A. 77) is the Director of Cardinal 
Gibbons Middle School, Baltimore, Md. 

Joseph G. O'Donnell (B.A.) of Caswell Beach, 
N.C., retired from Level3 Communications, 
Inc. as Director of Defense Programs. He 
previously served 22 years as an Air Force 
officer, aviator (Air Force 2), and command 
and control communications officer with 
the 89th MAW Presidential Support unit at 
Andrews Air Force Base, Md. 

196 5 Edmond J. Doran, Ph.D. (B.A.) of 

Conshohocken, Pa., retired after 39 years 
as an educator at Plymouth-Whitemarsh 
High School in the Colonial School District, 
located in Montgomery County, Pa. 

Bill Mealey (B.S.) of North Wales, Pa., 
retired from the Philadelphia School 
District after 39 years of teaching at Girls 
High School and Masterman High School. 

1966 James P. Gillece Jr., 
Esq. (B.A.) was appointed to 
the Washington, D.C., 
Board of Justice for 
Children, a national non- 
profit organization of 
citizens concerned about 

children's rights and their protection from 

Paul V. Sipala Jr. (B.A.) of Fort Myers, Fla., 
was named Full Partner in Florida Gulf Tax 
Advisors, LLC. He specializes in tax and 
financial planning for clients in southwest 

19 6 7 Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D. (B.A.) of 

Phoenixville, Pa., was appointed to the 
National Board of Directors of the 2,900- 
member Association of Small Foundations 
and was honored by the Chester County 
Community Foundation on its 10th 
anniversary, as one of its six original 

Gerald Page (B.A.) of Gambrills, Md., is the 
Vice President of Computer Sciences 

19 6 8 Joseph Belinsky (B.A.) of North 
Canton, Ohio, was inducted into Beta 
Gamma Sigma National Honor Society for 
business schools by Kent State University. 
He also received the university's Chapter 
Honoree of the Year Award for Beta Gamma 

Lawrence Grabenstein (B.A.) of Silver Spring, 
Md., was inducted as the new President of 
the Terrapin Club at the University of 
Maryland. A long-standing member of this 
organization that supports the Terps' 
athletic teams, he will be serving a two-year 
term as its leader. 

Robert Walker, R.N. (B.A.) of Cherry Hill, 
N.J., received Episcopal Hospital's Nursing 
Excellence Award and Nurse of the Year 
Award for 2004. 

197 Edward H. Morris Jr. (B.S.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., was awarded the Award 
of Excellence by the Thurgood Marshall 
Scholarship Fund. He was honored for his 
outstanding contributions in the field of 
finance for non-profit and for-profit 
organizations, as well as his community 
service efforts. He is Vice President of 
Investments at Independence Blue Cross. 

William J. Winning, Esq. (B.A.) of Malvern, 
Pa., was named a Pennsylvania Super 

Lawyer. He is the chair of Cozen O'Connor 
law firm's White Collar Crime & Complex 
Criminal Defense practice groups. This 
honor is the result of an independent 
balloting survey sent to lawyers across the 

19 71 Br. Francis Danielski, F.S.C. (B.A.) 

received a Master of Arts in Pastoral 
Ministry from St. Charles Seminary, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

19 7 2 George F. Hayhoe (B.A.) has 

accepted a position as Associate Professor 
of Technical and Professional 
Communication in the Department of 
English at East Carolina University in 
Greenville, N.C. 

Norman Johnson (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
participated in the University of 
Pennsylvania/Institute of Contemporary 
Art's open video call. His video, Flash 
McCool: Imagination is being viewed at the 
ICA's video viewing station. 

Thomas S. Kilcheski, M.D. (B.S.) was 

inducted as a Fellow in the American 
College of Radiology. He is affiliated with 
Grassmont Hospital in La Mesa, Calif., and 
is active in medical societies, having served 
as president of both the California 
Radiological Society in Sacramento, and 
the San Diego Radiological Society in 
Santee, Calif. 

Jack Lund (B.A.) was appointed President 
and C.E.O. of the YMCA of Greater New 
York. The YMCA of Greater New York is the 
largest YMCA in the U.S. 

1973 Eugene D. McGurk (B.A.) of 

Cinnaminson, N.J., was named Chairman of 
the Board of Overseers of Widener 
University School of Law. He also serves as 
secretary on the Board of Trustees at 

Albert Riviezzo, Esq. (B.A.) of Downingtown, 
Pa., was elected to serve on the Executive 
Committee of Fox Rothschild LLP for a 
three-year term. The executive committee 
directs policy decisions and provides 
guidance and leadership for the strategic 
operation and growth of the firm. 


Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 

Robert Welsh (B.A.) of Holland, Pa., retired 
after 21 years teaching physics, 
electronics, and astronomy at the 
Philadelphia School District's magnet 
school, Carver High School of Engineering 
and Science. He is now spending his time 
hiking, camping, operating amateur radio, 
teaching college, and enjoying his 
grandchildren — all of whom, he hopes, will 
be La Salle grads. 

19 7 4 Andrew E. DiPiero Jr., Esq. (B.A.) of 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa., has joined the law 
firm of Stampone D'Angelo & Renzi, PC. 
The firm has since changed its name to 
Stampone D'Angelo Renzi DiPiero. He will 
continue to focus on complex civil 
litigation, including catastrophic injuries 
from motor vehicle accidents. 

Edward J. Mesunas (B.A.) of 

Lafayette Hill, Pa., was appointed a deputy 
sheriff of the Montgomery County, Pa., 
Sheriff's Department. He received the top 
academic award from the Pennsylvania 
Sheriff Association upon completion of the 
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and 
Delinquency's 12th training class, where he 
also served as Class President. 

BG John C. Woods (B.S., M.B.A. '87) of 

Laurel, Md., was assigned Deputy 
Commanding General, Combined Arms 
Center for Training, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. 

19 7 6 Paul Zakulec, A.R.M., A.U. (B.S., 
M.B.A. '87) of Bensalem, Pa., was 
recognized as an Outstanding Course 
Leader by the American Institute for 
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters 
and the Insurance Institute of America. 

19 7 7 Larry S. Tuliszewski (B.A.) of East 
Nornton, Pa., was appointed Senior Vice 
President-Commercial Services/Northeast 
Region of LandAmerica Financial Group, 
Inc. Previously, he served as vice president 
and Philadelphia branch manager for 
commercial services. 

George L. Weber, D.O. (B.A.) was re-elected 
to serve on the Board of Trustees of the 
Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical 
Association, a statewide organization for 
physicians holding the Doctor of 
Osteopathic Medicine degree. 

19 7 9 Rev. Richard L. Davis, T.O.R. (M.A.) of 

Steubenville, Ohio, was elected to the 
board of trustees as Vice President for 
Community Relations at Franciscan 
University of Steubenville. 

19 8 Joseph R. Baxter (B.S.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., was promoted to Senior 
Vice President, Head of Municipal Bond 
Development for Delaware Investments. He 
will provide strategic direction for bond 
investments, as well as oversee the 
department's portfolio managers, research 
analysts, and traders. 

19 81 Br. Brian Henderson, F.S.C. (M.A. '92) 

was elected Chairman of the Board of St. 
Frances Academy, Baltimore, Md. 

198 2 Mary Fanelli, Ph.D. (B.A.) of 

Portales, N.M., was named Dean of the 
School of Arts and Sciences at Eastern 
New Mexico University. 

William D. Shields (B.S.) of Wilmington, 
Del., is the National Business Development 
Manager for Thyssen Krupp AIN Plastics 
and will expand the company into Canada 
in 2005. He also worked on Republican 
campaigns for the 2004 elections. 

198 3 Anthony E. 
DiMarco, D.O. (B.A.) of 

Kennett Square, Pa., was 

re-elected to serve on the 

Board of Trustees of the 

Pennsylvania Osteopathic 

Medical Association, a 

statewide organization for 

physicians who hold the Doctor of 

Osteopathic Medicine degree. 

Robert C. Lucia (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
was promoted to Assistant Vice President, 
Retail Financial Services for Citizens Bank. 

Joseph J. McGrenra, CFCM 
(B.A.) of Virginia Beach, 
Va., was elected to serve 
on the Board of Directors 
of the National Contract 
Management Association 
for the 2004-2005 

program year. 

19 8 4 Theodore F. Doberstein (M.B.A.) 

received certification as a Certified 
Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor. He is 

the Senior Manager with The Hermes Group 
LLP in Princeton, N.J. 

Yvonne S. (Oberdick) Hoffman (B.S.N.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., volunteers at Jeanes 
Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. At 65 years of 
age, she and her husband built a deck on 
the back of their house. 

Maryann (Pietrosk) Salsburg (B.A., M.A. '91) 
and her husband, Jerry Salsburg (M.A. '91) 

have two daughters from China: Rachel Yi, 
who is 2 years old, and Rebeka Lin, who is 
5 years old. 

Gina M. Spencer (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
received a Master of Arts in Organizational 
Management from the University of 

Annette M. Szygiel (B.S.) of Chalfont, Pa., 
was appointed Senior Vice President and 
Director of Marketing for the Univest 
Corporation. She is responsible for 
providing leadership and strategic direction 
for marketing, advertising, corporate 
communications, and market and 
competitive research. 

19 8 7 T. Perry Engard (B.S.) of 

Quakertown, Pa., was recently named Boys 
Head Basketball Coach at Souderton High 

Mark Gola (B.S.) of Chester Springs, Pa., 
was highlighted as "Dealmaker" in the 
Philadelphia Business Journal, June 18-24, 
2004, issue. 

Martin E. Schmieg (B.S.) of Boulder, Colo., 
has been appointed Senior Vice President 
and Chief Financial Officer of Sirna 
Therapeutics, Inc. He will direct and 
oversee Sirna's financial management, 
accounting activities, and investor and 
public relations. 

19 89 Rick Clifford (B.S.) of Marlton, N.J., 
was recently promoted to Senior Vice 
President at Delaware Valley Financial 

Cyd L Gaskins (B.S., M.B.A. '94) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., was promoted to Senior 
Director, Professional Network Operations 
at Independence Blue Cross. In her new 
position, she will oversee physician 
credentialing support services, model 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 


credential ing rosters, and claims support 
for several large health systems. 

MAJ Christopher Roth (B.A.) of Charlotte, 
N.C., is serving as Chief of the Architecture 
Branch, Architecture and Interoperability 
Division of the J6 for the U.S. Forces Korea 
in Seoul, Korea. 

Melissa (Clark) Scheffey (B.A.) of Bolton, 
Conn., is publishing a novel, Find Courtney 
[Melissa Clark]. It is a recommended title 
by, AOL, and Pfizer book 
clubs. The novel is scheduled to be 
released by Bridge Publications this fall. 

1990 Maria T. Finizio, Ph.D. (M.S.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., earned her Doctorate in 
English Linguistics from Temple University. 
Her poetry has been published in an 
anthology and various literary publications. 
Her most recent work will appear in the 
January issue of Poetry Explosion. 

Arthur I. Keegan Jr. (B.A.) of Haddonfield, 
N.J., is the Vice President of Business 
Development for Fidelity National Title 
Insurance Co. in Philadelphia, Pa. 

1991 Christopher J. Becker (B.S.) of 

Hempstead, N.Y., is the Vice President of 
Becker & Associates Planning Services. 

19 9 2 Heather (Striet) Gervais (B.S.) of 

Yardley, Pa., was promoted to Director of 
Project Management for Cadient Group. 

Justin Johnson (B.S.) of New Rochelle, N.Y., 
accepted a position at NASCAR as 
Managing Director of Corporate Sales and 
Marketing, leaving major league baseball 
after a six-year tenure. 

Heather Johnson-Mullisky (B.A.) of Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa., and her husband, John Mullisky, 
announce the adoption of their daughter 
Caitrin Jin from Maashan, China. Caitrin 
joins her sister, Ruth Elizabeth. 

Scott Malack (B.S.) has been named 
President of Coach's Corner Sports 
Auctions LLC, a sports celebrity auction 
house based in Souderton, Pa. 

19 9 3 Matthew Fee (B.A.) of Syracuse, 
N.Y., was appointed Director of the Park 
Scholar Program in the Roy H. Park School 
of Communications at Ithaca College. He is 

also completing his dissertation on Irish 
film for his doctoral degree at NYU. 

Richard J. Nocella, Esq. (B.S.) of Mt. Laurel, 
N.J., has established his law practice in 
Marlton, N.J. 

19 9 4 Br. Daniel Gardner, F.S.C. (B.A., M.A. 
'96) was named Principal of the 
Resurrection School in Harlem, N.Y. 

Donna Tonrey (M.A., Psy.D. '02) of North 
Wales, Pa., was appointed by Pennsylvania 
Gov. Ed Rendell to the State Board of 
Social Workers, Marriage and Family 
Therapists, and Professional Counselors, 
which oversees licensing for those 

Margaret Uhrich (B.A.) of Maple Glen, Pa., 
has been elected to a three-year term on 
the Board of Directors of Philadelphia's 
most comprehensive human services 
agency, Caring People Alliance. 

19 9 5 Andrew Pack (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., was honored as one of the winners for 
this year's 40 under 40 Award presented by 
the Philadelphia Business Journal. 

John F. O'Farrell (B.A.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
accepted a position as a Survey Statistician 
at the U.S. Census Bureau. 

19 9 7 Carla Reinas (B.A.) joined the Mt. 
Laurel, N.J. -based public relations firm, 
Thomas/Boyd Communications, as Account 
Coordinator. She will develop and 
implement public relations programs 
designed to promote awareness and 
marketplace branding for the firm's diverse 
client base. 

199 8 William M. Bosch (M. B.A.) of 

Glenolden, Pa., and his wife, Nancy 
(Emmi) Bosch, have two sons, Francis 
William and Thomas Michael. 

Rita Milburn-Dobson (B.S.N.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., was elected to the Board of the 
Association of Death Education and 
Counseling and appointed to the Board of 
the Funeral Alliance. 

19 9 9 Darren M. Atlee (B.A.) of Jersey City, 
N.J., has moved up from Production 
Assistant to Associate Producer for Valley 
Crest Productions and is currently working 

on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for ABC 

CPT John R. Cholewin (B.A.) of Wayne, N.J., 
of the U.S. Marine Corps, flies EA-6B 
attack jets and is currently deployed 
overseas with VMAQ-1, flying in support of 
continuing operations. 

Rochelle D. Coles (B.A.) earned her Master's 
of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological 
Seminary in Philadelphia. She is now 
serving as Military Chaplain in the U.S. 
Air Force. 

Marc A. Holbert (B.S.) of Philadelphia, Pa., 
is a doctoral student at the University of 
Pennsylvania Wister Institute. 

Jeff Poppel (M.B.A.) of Ambler, Pa., is Chief 
Financial Officer with Schiffrin & Barroway 

2 Christine (Pieri) Barnhart (B.A.) of 

Ellicott City, Md., joined Magellan Health 
Services as Senior Communications 
Generalist. She is also serving as Secretary 
on the Board of Directors of the Public 
Relations Society of America's Maryland 

Michael A. Davis, D.V.M. (B.A.) of Los 

Angeles, Calif., earned his Doctorate in 
Veterinary Medicine from the University of 
Georgia. He is currently doing an internship 
at the California Animal Hospital in Los 

Joseph J. DeFelice (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., received a Juris Doctorate from 
Widener University School of Law. 

Cheryl (Giannattasio) Knauer (B.A.) has been 
named Vice President of Public Relations 
for the Maryland Chapter of RESOLVE, a 
non-profit organization that provides 
support for people who are suffering from 
infertility. She will remain Treasurer of the 
Baltimore Public Relations Council and is 
the Media Relations Manager at Maryland 
Institute College of Art. 

Nicole M. Lanzalotti, Esq. (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., graduated cum laude 
from Widener University School of Law. She 
is licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania 
and New Jersey, and is an associate at 



Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP in 

Laurie Parks, R.N. (B.S.N.) of Bryn Mawr, 
Pa., was honored as Nurse of the Year by 
Temple University Children Medical Center 
and Hospital. 

2001 Peter Laub (B.A.) is a Graphic 
Design Specialist with Corporate Executive 
Board, a for-profit think tank in 
Washington, D.C. 

2 2 Jaime Delisio (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., left his position with WB17 as a 
broadcast newswriter and is now an 
advertising copywriter at D.M.W. Worldwide. 
He writes television commercials and direct 
mail campaigns for companies around the 

Jessica Fauser (B.S.N.) announces her 
engagement to Michael Bayer (B.S. '03). 

Jonathan S. Miller (B.S.) of Washington, 
D.C, graduated with an M.I.S. in 
biochemistry/molecular biology from 
Georgetown University and is currently 
pursuing a Ph.D. 

2 3 Linda M. Kasprzak (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., accepted a new position 
in the tax department of KPMG LLP as Tax 
Control Administrator. 


198 7 A son, Thomas Michael, to Yvonne 
and T. Perry Engard (B.S.). 

19 8 8 A daughter, Molly Maguire, to Mike 
and Maureen (Maguire) Stephenson (B.S.). 

1989 A son, Wellington MarkLee, to 
Steven and Tonya C. (Lombardo) Bergstrom 

19 9 A daughter, Erin Trinity, to Drew 
(B.S. '91) and Eileen (King) Maginnis (B.S.). 

19 91 A son, Liam Robert, to Cara Jean 
and Christopher J. Becker (B.S.). 

A son, Christian Alexander, to Juana 
Alejandra and Brian Charles Bennett (B.A.). 

19 9 2 A son, Mason W., to Barbara and 
Craig W. Brewster (B.S., M.B.A. '99). 

A son, Casey David, to Jackie and Justin 
Johnson (B.S.). 

A daughter, Miranda Elizabeth, to Allison 
and William F.Muller (B.S. ). 

19 9 3 A daughter, Nalam Jeane, to 
Natalie and Derek D. Brown (B.S.). 

A son, Ryan Joseph, to Stacie and James J. 
Gallagher Jr. (B.A., M.B.A. '99). 

A son, Matthew James, to James (B.A.) and 
Patti A. Mattson-Hannigan (B.A. '95) 

A daughter, Lauren Kiley, to Kevin and Julie 
(Zimmerman) O'Malley (B.A., M.A. '97). 

A son, Ryan, to Joe and Kristin (Falcone) 
Visalli (B.A.) 

19 9 4 A son, Nathan Reed, to Jen (Rueter) 
Lebisky (B.A. '97) and Dave Lebisky (B.A.) 

A daugher, Allyson Leigh, to Owen and 
Jacqueline Loker-Galvin (B.A.). 

A daughter, Addison Lynn, to Michael 
Siciliano (B.A.) and AmyLynn Flood (B.S. '95) 

19 9 5 A daughter, Kimberly Grace, to 
Scott and Maria (Kellner) Hergenhan (B.S.). 

A son, Matthew Albert, to Katie and Brian 
Marriott (B.A.) 

Twin sons, Tyler Joseph and Brandon 
Thomas, to Rick and Jean Marie (Latini) 
Marston (B.A., M.B.A. '01) 

A son, Brady Alan, to Kim (Dickey) Meusel 
(B.A.) and Robert Meusel (B.S.) 

A son, James Duncan, to David (B.A.) and 
Janet A. (Stewart) Spaulding (B.A.) 

19 9 6 A daughter, Eloise (Ella) Catherine, 
to Stephan and Kelly (Donnelly) Hagelauer 

A daughter, Katie Patricia, to Brian and 
Kelly (Kane) Letcher (B.A.). 

A son, Aiden, to Matthew and Lorin 
(Sparling) Mauck. 

A daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, to Kevin and 
Patricia (McElroy) Mill (B.S.). 

1997 A daughter, Aurora Flynn, to Nicole 
Wilson and Gerard Beaucheane Jr. (B.S.) 

19 9 9 A daughter, Ryleigh Elizabeth, to 
Courtney May and Tracy Stifrell (B.S.N.). 

Mary B. Burke (B.A. '99. M.A. '031 was married to Nicholas P. Orphanos (B.A. '00) in November 2003. The couple, who 
met at La Salle, had a La Salle-themed blue and gold wedding with 20 La Salle alumni among the guests. Pictured above 
with the newlyweds are: La Salle Bean of Students Joseph Cicala, Ph.D., B.A. 19; La Salle Administrative Assistant Kathy 
Goodwin; Dan Goodwin; Charlie Black. 75; Bill Hyland. '88; Laurie (Fischer) Hyland. '89; Charlotte (O'Brien) Lyons. '99; 
Sean McDevitt, '00: Eric Dorsey, '00; Scott Decker. 'DO; Sharon Wilson, '00; Emily Miedel. '00; Justin Serianni. 'Oh Trey 
Ulrich. '99; and Joe Leonard, '01. 

Honor Roll of Donors 2003-2004 


2 A son, Austen Robert, to Steven 
and Natalie Gustafson (B.A.). 

A son, Lucas Connelly, to Angela Mancuso 
(B.A.) and Albert Alven (B.A. '01) 


19 74 Jeff Piccone (B.S.) to Martha 


19 8 1 Ann Marie Mierzejewski (B.A.) to 
Martin G. Sears. 

1985 Sean D. Duffin (B.A.) to Sheila M. 

198 8 Maureen Maguire (B.S.) to Mike 


19 9 James C. Anagnos, Esq. (B.A.) to 
Jennifer Anne Mahar. 

199 2 Mark T. Gnecco (B.S.) to Hui Ling 

19 9 7 Kori Connelly, Esq. (B.A.) to Marc 

Kathleen DeFonce (B.A.) to James Fagan. 

19 9 8 Cathleen Cleary (B.A.) to Joseph 

2 0" James R. Gallo (B.S.) to Danielle 

2 2 Tracy Reynolds (B.A.) to Keith 
Anderson (B.A.). 

2 4 Stacey M. Coryell (B.A.) to Keith J. 

In M e m o r i a m 

19 4 3 Joseph F. Frazer (B.A.) of Lower 
Makefield Township, Pa., on Aug. 21, 
2004. A pioneer in TV and radio 
broadcasting, he was once producer at TV 
Channel 12. WPFH, where he produced the 
original Big Five College Basketball 

Raymond J. Perkins (B.A.) on Aug. 14. 2004. 
He served as a lieutenant in the Marine 
Corps during World War II, was the 
proprietor of Budd's Decorator Shop in 
Ocean City, N.J.. and was an active sports 
booster and manager of the Atlantic City 
High School basketball team. 

194 8 Edward R. Barber (B.A.) of 
Alberquerque. N.M., on May 16, 2004. 

9 4 9 Rev. Msgr. Glendon E. Robertson 
(B.S.) of Gibbsboro, N.J., on Aug. 14, 
2004. He was a priest in the Camden 
Diocese for 47 years. 

19 5 William J. "Inky" Gallagher (B.S.) of 
Havertown, Pa., on July 28, 2004. 

Stephen J. Ruzicka (B.S.) of Pasadena, 
Texas, on Aug. 14, 2004. 

Br. James M. Donovan, F.S.C. (B.A.) of 
Philadelphia, Pa., on July 12, 2004. 

Assistant Professor Joseph P. Cairo, '60, 
Economics Teacher for 40 Years, Dies at 66 

Joseph P. Cairo, '60, who inspired economics students at 
La Salle for 40 years, died July 11 at his home in Ambler, 
Pa. He had been battling multiple myeloma for several years. 
Cairo was 66. 

A graduate of La Salle College High School and La Salle 
College, Cairo earned a master's in economics from the 
University of Pennsylvania and joined La Salle's economics 
faculty in 1963. In 1967, he received the Lindback 
Distinguished Teaching Award. 

"His whole adult life was dedicated to La Salle," said his 
son, Matthew Cairo. "He loved teaching young students. His 
favorite classes were the introductory classes because he got 
to really teach the students what was most fundamental to 
the study of economics." 

"He was a wonderful guy and a tremendous teacher," said 
Joseph P. Mooney, Ph.D., '49, Professor Emeritus of 
Economics. "His students loved him. He had tremendous 
energy. I don't think anybody had more energy in the 
classroom, and that's what kept him going. It was very 
courageous of him to keep going like that for these past few 

Mooney said 
Cairo would get so 
caught up in his 
teaching that his 
courses would run 
past the allotted 
time, and other 
teachers and 

students would have to stand outside until he had finished. 
"He'd say, 'Just one more thing,' and go on for 10 more 
minutes," Mooney said. 

"My father loved the way the Christian Brothers taught, 
their philosophy about education, and that was what made it 
a natural for him to teach at La Salle," Matthew Cairo said. 
He said his father was also an avid collector of books about 
a wide variety of topics that interested him. "I'd guess there 
are about 10,000 books in his house," he said. Cairo earned 
a second M.A. in English from Temple University. 

Cairo married his wife, Paula, in 1973. In addition to 
Matthew, they have another son, Joseph K. Cairo, and a 
daughter, Julia. 



19 5 3 Robert L. Bolsover (B.A.) of 

Bensalem. Pa., on Aug. 27, 2004. He was 
a teacher, singer, actor, organist, and choir 
director. He was in about 40 musical 
productions at La Salle Music Theater, 
Falmouth Playhouse, Bucks County 
Playhouse, Pocono Playhouse, and the 
Neshaminy Music Theater. At La Salle, he 
was honored with the President's Medal in 
1986 for starring and directing in 32 
productions at the University. 

James J. McGlone (B.A.) of Alexandria, Va. 

Howard W. Spencer (B.A.) of Philadelphia, 
Pa., on May 31, 2004. He was a contract 
administrator for the federal government 
with contract responsibility for many of the 
early NASA communications satellites and 
the Mercury manned space program, 
retiring after 34 years of government 
service. He was a World War II veteran. 

1956 Donald J. Gallagher (B.S.) of 

Chambersburg, Pa. 

19 5 7 Thomas McCoy (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., on June 21, 2004. He 
was a veteran of the Korean War. 

19 6 4 Francis X. laquinto (B.S.) of 

Gwynedd Valley, Pa., on Aug. 23, 2004. 

19 6 8 Patrick Belle (B.S.) of Oradell, N.J., 
June 2004. 

Joseph E. Connery Jr. (B.S.) of 

Conshohocken, Pa., on Sept. 1, 2004. 

19 6 9 Thomas J. Witkowski (B.S.) 

19 7 2 James A. Lynch III, Esq. (B.A.) of 

Havertown, Pa., on Aug. 14, 2004. He 
studied his family's genealogy and traced 
his lineage on his father's side to Thomas 

19 7 8 William A. Donnelly Jr. (B.S.) on July 
20, 2004, in his home in Northeast 
Philadelphia, Pa. He was a retired U.S. 

Postal Service executive and a sports 

19 8 7 John R. Helwig (B.A.) of Glenside, 
Pa., on June 23, 2004. 

1990 Sean M. Halpin, Esq. (B.A.) of 

Philadelphia, Pa., on July 10, 2004. He 
served as class president while at La Salle. 
He was partner at the Law Offices of Reed- 
Smith in Philadelphia. 

1996 Joanne Sonnelitter (M. B.A.) of 

Buckingham, Pa., on Aug. 24, 2004. She 
was a marketing analyst and scout 

2 1 Patricia Sarkis (B.A.) of Chihuahua, 
Mexico, June 2004. 

Annual Alumni Association Awards Bestowed on November 19 

Frank P. Cervone, Esq., 

received La Salle University's 

Signum Fidei Award on Nov. 

19, 2004, in honor of his 

noteworthy contributions to 

the advancement of 

humanitarian principles in 

keeping with Christian-Judeo 

traditions of the University. 

As Executive Director of the 

Support Center for Child 

Advocates, Cervone has been 

working with children and 

public interest issues for much of his professional life. 

Formerly, he was a teacher and counselor at St. Gabriel's 

Hall in Audubon, a Christian Brothers-run facility for 


On the same evening, James J. Lynch, 71, and Charles 
Quattrone, 72, received the John J. Finley, '24, Award, 
given annually to alumni who have exhibited outstanding 
service to the University and the Alumni Association. 

A longtime member and current Chair of the University's 

Frank P. Cervone, Esq. 

Charles Quattrone. 12 

lames I. Lynch, 77 

Board of Trustees, Lynch has been a tireless advocate for 
advancing the University's partnership with its alumni and 
strengthening their relationships with one another. 

As former president of the Alumni Association, 
Quattrone provided the leadership necessary to shepherd 
the reorganization of the Association, which continues to 
develop and provide the programs and services that afford 
alumni the opportunity to connect with one another and the 

Kathleen Burns. '75, M.B.A 


Walter P. Lomax Jr., NED., 'S3 

Chairman. Board of Trustees 

Maj. Gen. William F. Burns, 


Joseph F. Mahon, F.S.C, '62 

James J. Lynch. '71 

lames L. Butler. F.S.C.. '82 

Morton S. Mandell, M.D. 

President of the Corporation 

Jose Cervantes Hernandez. 


Robert N. Masucci, '61 

Michael J. McGinniss, F.S.C, Ph.D., '70 

Robert J. Christian, '71 

Sharmain Matlock-Turner 

). Russell Cullen Jr., '60 

William J. McCormick Jr., '58 

Vice President of the 

Thomas Curley, '70 

Laura Kind McKenna 

Edward Sheehy, F.S.C. Ph.D., '68 

Kevin Dalmasse, F.S.C., '81 

Michael |. McKenna. '62 

Associate Professor 

I lenry G. De Vincent, M.D. 


G. Dennis O'Brien. Ph.D. 

History Department 

Leon E. Ellerson. '56 

David T Poiesz, '80 

Treasurer of the Corporation 

Timothy J. Froehlich, F.S.C. 


The Hon. Joseph Rodriguez. SS 

David C. Fleming. '67 

James Gaffney, F.S.C, D.Min. 

Carmen V. Romeo, '6s 

Vice President for Business Affairs 

Nicholas A. Giordano. '6? 

William R. Sasso, Esq., '69 

Elmer F. (Bud) Hansen Jr.. 


William R. Sautter. C PA.. '71 

Legal Advisor 

Louis A. Petroni, Esq., '77 

J. Anthony Hayden. '67 

Robert Schieler, F.S.C, Ed.D. '72 

William J. Henrich Jr. Esq.. 


Eileen H. Slawek 

John Johnston. F.S.C. 

Kristina L. Wahl. '97 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq., '62 

Joseph J. Willard. ESC. '64 


Philadelphia, PA 19141